Hellie Follows the Rules

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(This story follows “Hellie and the Boss”)

The next day, Hellie arrived at work and went straight to her boss, Nicolai’s office. He gave her a snug, soft, button-down t-shirt to wear with her jeans. The shirt was black and unbuttoned easily.

“Remember,” Nicolai told her. “If you catch someone staring,” he gestured to her cleavage, “unbutton the next button.”

Hellie nodded. “Yes sir.”

“And come to me with any questions.”

“Yes, sir.”

She had been scheduled to work a morning shift in the stockroom, and so she found herself paired with Barry as they unloaded a truck, entered the items into the system, and organized them in the back.

“I would be extra sweet to Barry,” Nicolai had said the day before.

They chatted and Barry seemed to notice that Hellie was especially receptive to everything he said.

“So you got a raise,” he said. News spread quickly in the store.

Hellie nodded. “Yeah, not a huge change I guess but it’ll look good on a resume.”

“Ain’t you in school? I bet your resume looks pretty good.”

“I’m only in school part time,” Hellie said. She noticed Barry’s eyes dip down to her breasts in the partially unbuttoned button-up and then come back up. “So anything helps.”

Hellie quickly unbuttoned the next button on her top.

“Yeah,” he replied, blinking. “Hey, can you hand me that box behind you?”

Hellie turned and was sure to bend over and arch her back as she reached for the box. She squatted to lift it because she’d learned early on at this job that no man was worth hurting your back over.

Still, she was confident that Barry had taken the opportunity to check out her ass in the tight jeans she wore.

“Thanks,” he said, coming close as he took the box. “Part-time school is better ‘n no school.”

Barry was in his mid-30s. Hellie had learned that, while he appeared initially to be white trash with his crappy forearm tattoo that she suspected had come from a party and his missing tooth from a fistfight, Barry was a hard worker and seemed to be a loyal friend, even to his colleagues. He typically had an outdated book on electronics with him and was often called on to fix random things in the store. His brown hair was flecked with gray, and his strong, wiry body indicated that he’d been working hard long before this job.

“Thanks Barry,” Hellie said sincerely.

Barry put the box in the right place, turned back to Hellie, and took another look at her breasts. This time his eyes stayed, brazen and unmoving.

Knowing that there was at least one security camera in the room, Hellie unbuttoned the next button on her shirt as Nicolai had instructed.

Barry looked up at her face in delighted surprised and smiled. “You can’t let people tell you you’re not doing enough. You’re out here on your own, ain’t ya?”

Hellie nodded. “My folks are a few hours away. They help when they can though.”

“That’s good. My folks are in the ground.”

Hellie’s face fell. “I’m real sorry to hear that, Barry.”

“Yeah, you know. The time comes for all of us I guess.”

Hellie nodded. “That’s why we have to make the most of it while we’re here.”

“Yeah.” His eyes dipped back down again. Hellie knew that he could clearly see her red lace bra, which pushed her large breasts together well. She’d known it would be perfect for this job.

She unbuttoned the next button, and looked at him. Expectant. Challenging, even.

Barry came forward and unbuttoned the next button himself, Hellie’s shirt nearly fully open now. He kissed her on the lips and she pulled him closer. He lifted her easily to sit on a pile of the heavy boxes they’d unloaded, and he buried his face in her cleavage.

“Damn,” he muttered. He pushed the flaps of her shirt apart and pushed her bra slightly down and began to suck her nipples, one at a time, firmly and greedily.

“Oooh,” Hellie breathed.

His hands slipped under her shirt to feel her stomach and sides, then grope her breasts through the bra.

“These are fucking nice,” he said, pressing his face into her tits.

“Mmm,” Hellie hummed appreciatively.

He licked her nipples, bit and nibbled her breasts, sucked at each nipple hard until they stung with pain and pleasure.

“Ohh,” Hellie moaned. “That makes me wet,” she whispered.

“Girl,” said Barry, “I swear on my mother, I will fuck you right here.”

Hellie leaned forward. “Barry.”

His head rose from her breasts.

Hellie leaned to whisper in his ear: “Fuck me, right here.”

“Take your pants off,” he whispered.

Hellie hopped off the pile of boxes, turned around and pulled her jeans down just enough. She bent over, pushing her ass back to him.

“God damn,” Barry muttered, fumbling with his pants, taking a second to squeeze her ass, to feel her wet pussy with his thumb and then brush his thumb gently over her asshole. “Just like this?”

“Just like this.”

Barry, perhaps worried that she’d change her mind, slid swiftly into her pussy and Hellie gasped. She hadn’t even seen his cock but it felt big.

“Mmm,” ataşehir escort bayan she hummed. No one else was in the back yet but they’d need to be quick and not too loud.

“Damn,” Barry said again. “Fuck!”

“Cum in my pussy, Barry,” she whispered.

Barry gasped. “What?”

“I want you to cum inside me.”

“Fuck,” he whispered.

“We can’t take long,” she whispered.

“All right,” he said. “But let me return the favor on my break?”

Hellie nodded.

Barry grabbed her ass and fucked her hard until he came inside her.

“Jesus,” he grunted.

When he’d slid out of her, Hellie turned, her jeans still down. She reached between her legs to scoop some cum from her pussy. Looking into Barry’s eyes, she licked and sucked her fingers.

Barry muttered something that sounded like “sweet mother of god” and promised to find her when he went on lunch.

The two of them found each other in the stock room later on, and had just locked eyes when Nicolai emerged from his office hallway.

“Ah, Barry and Hellie, just who I was looking for.”

“Sir?” Barry and Hellie each said this but in pointedly different tones. If Barry noticed, he didn’t look it.

“Can the two of you make a delivery run for me? Barry, if you take your truck I’ll compensate you for gas.” Nicolai dug in his pocket and provided a twenty and a slip of paper. “If you could bring four cases of Dom to this address? Be extra careful. Barry, you take them in, and Hellie, you make sure my buddy Brandoff signs this slip.”

Barry took the money and Hellie took the slip.

“Okay,” said Barry.

“Will do,” said Hellie.

Barry piled three boxes onto a segway and Hellie followed him on to his truck carrying the fourth box. He put everything into the bed and they left for Brandoff’s house.

“So where the fuck is this place? Man thinks I’m his little errand boy,” Barry muttered as they pulled out of the parking lot.

“Oh I think he did this on purpose,” said Hellie.

“I bet he did. Wait, what you mean by that?” Barry glanced at her.

“Well, he told me I should…I guess he wants us to spend time together after what happened.”

Barry frowned “What happened?”

“Yeah, the surveillance camera thing.”

“You mean me fucking you in the stock room today?”

Hellie shook her head. “No, I mean when he was looking at the surveillance cameras yesterday morning.”

“What happened yesterday morning? I didn’t even get in until 5pm yesterday.”

Hellie blinked. “You didn’t go into Nicolai’s office yesterday?”


Hellie sat a moment and then laughed a little. “You know what Barry, I think I’m mixed up.”

“Really? Cause you seemed to know what you’re doing to me.” Barry looked at her and grinned.

Hellie blushed.

So Barry hadn’t seen anything. Why did Nicolai..?

Hellie shook her head. It didn’t matter now. She’d fucked Barry. And she’d liked it.

“Well,” said Hellie, “I do know how to do a few things.” She saw him smile.

They were contentedly quiet, other than discussing the directions to the house. They ended up in a fancier part of town.

“I hate this place,” Barry muttered.

“Maybe they’ll tip us,” said Hellie.

Barry piled all four boxes on the segway and he and Hellie went to the front door. An older lady answered, took them into a large foyer, and immediately led Barry away with the cases.

“Mr. Brandoff will be out to handle the payment,” she told Hellie as they walked off.

After a moment, a tall man with thick white hair appeared.

“You must be Helena,” he said. He reached out and shook Hellie’s hand, looking deeply into her eyes. “I have a check for Nicolai but you’ll have to come to my office, it’ll just take a moment.”

Hellie followed him up a grand staircase and down a hall. “This is a beautiful house,” she said quietly as they entered his office.

“Thank you very much! Marie keeps it tidy. I expect she took the stockboy back to the wine fridge to unload the cases.”

“I think so.” Brandoff sat behind a large desk and took a checkbook out of a drawer. He looked up and his eyes fell on Hellie’s cleavage.

Hellie unbuttoned the first closed button on her top. She wondered if Nicolai had told him.

He looked back up at her and they locked eyes. Then he pointedly looked back at her chest.

Hellie unbuttoned the next button.

Brandoff smiled. “Why don’t you come over here?”

Hellie came around the desk and stood in front of Brandoff. He was so tall that he was nearly the same height sitting that she was standing. He reached forward and unbuttoned the rest of Hellie’s shirt. He pulled it open and smiled. He moved his hands down and unbuttoned her jeans.

“They said you’d be friendly.” He slid his hand into her jeans to feel her pussy through her panties. “Oh that’s good,” he murmured, and Hellie quivered.

He got up and closed his office door. He pulled a cell phone from his pocket.

“Marie?” He said. “Can you have the stock boy take out the escort kadıköy Champagne tower and set the bottles up on that? Yeah he can set it up right in the yard. Tip him well. Yeah, thanks.” He looked at Hellie and smiled.

“Take your clothes off,” he said.

Hellie swallowed and shrugged off her shirt. She undid her bra and tossed it to the floor. She pulled off her jeans and panties together.

Brandoff rubbed the growing bulge in his pants. “That’s good, that’s real good, baby. Daddy’s here to fuck your sweet little pussy now.”

Instinctively Hellie said, “Thank you, Daddy.”

“Oh fuck,” said Brandoff. He came around and sat back in the chair. “C’mere, baby.”

Hellie stood in front of him, and he grabbed her ass with both hands. He leaned forward to lick and suck her tits.

“Mmm,” Hellie moaned as he bit down just a little.

“You like that, baby?” His fingertips teased at the crack of her ass.

“Yesss,” Hellie moaned. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Will you get down on your knees for Daddy?”

Hellie knelt down.

Brandoff undid his pants and took out a very large, hard cock. Hellie’s eyes went wide and he chuckled. “You know what to do, baby,” he said.

Hellie leaned forward and began to suck his cock. She moaned when he tangled his fingers in her hair. He pushed her head down and she felt his cockhead enter her throat. He held it there, and just as Hellie realized she couldn’t breathe, he let her go.

“Can you fit a dick like this in your little pussy, baby?” He asked her.

Hellie stood and leaned forward to wrap her arms around his neck and whisper in his ear. “Make it fit inside me, Daddy.”

Brandoff swallowed and took in a deep breath. “Oh baby,” he said. “Sit on Daddy’s lap.”

Hellie turned around and very carefully, moved her ass down onto him, letting his cock slide into her pussy.

“Oh Jesus,” she cried as it filled her.

“Oh fuck,” he grunted.

For a moment Hellie only shimmied, pressing her ass back toward him to take more cock, shimmying to let it stretch her.

Brandoff leaned forward to kiss her neck and grab her breasts in both hands. “That’s good, baby, I want every inch in that pussy.”

Hellie moved her hips from side to side, twisted them left and right.

Brandoff pulled her hips toward him gently until all of him was inside her.

“Oh fuck,” Hellie whispered. She still moved her hips, feeling his length and girth filling her tight.

Slowly they began to move together. He fucked her carefully, thoroughly, and each time his cock came to press and rub snugly against her cervix, Hellie gasped and moaned in pleasure. He began to rub her clit with one hand, and Hellie struggled to breath, yelping and shaking as he fucked her.

“Cum on Daddy’s dick, sweetheart. That’s it baby, Daddy’s got you. Feel Daddy deep in you, baby? Daddy’s going to give you his sweet cum deep in your pussy, baby.”

“Ah, ahh, ahhh!” Hellie cried. “Oh please, please Daddy, Daddy I can’t be quiet—”

Brandoff covered her mouth. “Cum on Daddy’s dick,” he growled. “Scream into Daddy’s hand.”

Hellie let out several muffled yelps and screams against his large hand, her vision going briefly dark as she came hard, shaking, her pussy squeezing tightly on his cock.

“Oh god,” she panted, “oh god,” and she came again.

“That’s Daddy’s girl,” he whispered. “That’s Daddy’s girl, my baby takes dick so good. Oh!” He came inside her.

By the time Hellie put her clothes back on, Brandoff had the check ready and the slip signed. Hellie met Barry in his truck.

“That fucking lady made me do a whole bunch of shit,” he said.

“The dude talked my ear off,” Hellie said. “But I got a tip.” She held up a fifty. Barry grinned and held up one to match.

Hellie leaned forward and kissed him. Barry’s hands came up to cup her chin. Hellie put her hand on his chest and sides, feeling the muscles there. She realized that every time she had sex, she just wanted to have more of it. Each time she came, she just wanted to come again.

“You must be pretty strong,” she said.

“Strong enough.” His tongue slid into her mouth and she moaned. His hand slid up her shirt. “I wanna see you naked,” he said between kisses.

“Here? Now?” She nibbled his bottom lip.

“In the bed of my truck,” he said.

“With your cock inside me?”

“Fucking fuck,” he muttered. “Yes.”

“I bet we could get away with a few minutes,” said Hellie.

“I want more than a few minutes this time.” Barry pulled away. “Let’s head back, I still need to take my lunch break.”

They drove back toward the store and Barry stopped to fill the truck’s tank. He came out with two slushies and handed one to Hellie.

“Aw thanks,” she said.

As they neared the store, Hellie put her cup down and leaned down toward Barry.

“What are you…”

Hellie leaned all the way down and began to undo his pants.

Barry kept his eyes on the road. “Oh fuck,” he said.

As he parked the truck, Hellie began sucking his dick It was wide and still maltepe escort tasted faintly of her pussy.

“Shit,” Barry muttered. “We…we gotta…oh..”

Hellie giggled, her mouth full with his cock. She bobbed and sucked until he came, and she swallowed all of it quickly.

“Oh fuck! God!” Barry cried. But once Hellie had swallowed and licked up the cum and sat back up, Barry zipped his pants quickly and got out of the care. “We gotta go back in there and then we’re going the fuck on lunch.”

Hellie grinned and nodded.

They brought the Segway back into the store and told one of the other managers they were taking lunch. Hellie followed Barry back to his truck and he drove rapidly out of the lot.

“Where are we going?”

“I was thinking tacos once we’re finished.”

Hellie grinned. “Finished?”

Barry smiled sheepishly, his eyes on the road. “I told you,” he said, “I wanna see you naked.”

“Mmm.” Hellie reached down and rubbed her wet pussy through her jeans. “I wanna show you.” She began to undo her pants.

Barry glanced over. “You don’t have to..”

Hellie pulled her panties down, letting them drop to the floor along with her jeans. Next was her top, and then her bra.

Barry turned out of town onto a country road, and he reached over to put a hand on her thigh.

“Goddam you’re soft,” he murmured.

“I want you bad, Barry,” Hellie whispered, because she did. She’d realized now that Nicolai had manipulated her into this, but she didn’t care. She knew that Barry would fuck her good.

And he did.

Barry pulled the truck off into a field and then under some trees, a farmhouse in the distance. Immediately, he pulled her, naked, onto his lap.

“Goddam,” he muttered, taking in her tits, her tummy, her hips, her thighs. Her pussy.

He reached down and slid a finger into her, and Hellie moaned, looking at him desperately.

“You’re real wet,” he whispered.

“For you,” she said, grinding on his finger. “I’m wet for you.”

Barry sucked and licked on her breasts, nibbling each nipple and sucking them until they were red. The sensation made her even wetter. Hellie whimpered and rolled her hips, and started to beg.

“Please Barry,” she whispered. “Please put it inside me?”

“What’s that?”

“Please Barry, your cock. Please, put your cock in me? Please?”

“Where you want it?”

“Oh Barryyyy.” Hellie whispered in his ear. “Please Barry, my pussy. Please? Please fuck my pussy. I want you inside me, Barry.”

He reached down and undid his pants, slid his finger out of her pussy and replaced it with his cock. Hellie cried out and began to ride him, her hungry body taking over as her ass slid back and forth, her hips moving up and down, taking all of his cock inside and letting almost all of it slide out.

“Oh please,” she moaned, “please.” Soon she began to cum.

“Goddam, baby. You keep riding girl, that’s it,” Barry muttered as he pushed his cock up into her deep. He held onto one tit, thumbing her nipple and closing his eyes in pleasure.

“Barry…Barrryyy…” Hellie came on his cock, her pussy gushing, her body shuddering, and Barry leaned up to suck one nipple while he pinched the other, sending her into a fit as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her. “Fuuuucck!” she cried.

“That’s it baby, you let it out, ain’t nobody hearing us and I wouldn’t fucking care if they did,” said Barry, pumping her steadily with his cock.

Finally Hellie calmed, still fucking him, satisfied and content. “You feel so good,” she told him, still rocking on his dick.

“You feel better.”

“Cum in me, Barry. Cum in my pussy.”

And he did, cumming inside of one of Hellie’s holes for the third time that day.

“Every drop,” Hellie whispered as she moved her hips, stroking his cock with her pussy as he came. “Give me every fucking drop.”

When they finally had both stilled, Hellie lay on top of Barry for several minutes, his cock soft inside her.

“That was good,” Barry whispered.

“Yeah,” said Hellie. “I liked that.”

After some time, they dressed and went to get tacos.

When their shifts were over, Barry drove Hellie home and she sucked his cock one last time in the car. She went into the house happy and collapsed into her bad, where she fell asleep with her fingers in her wet, sticky pussy.

The next day they fucked in the stockroom in the morning, in his truck again on lunch. In the afternoon, they met in the bathroom, and Barry kissed her, hard.

Suddenly, the door opened.

“Oh fuck,” said Barry.

Hellie gasped.

Then she realized it was Nicolai.

“You two, come out of here,” he said quietly. “Come with me.”

“Shit,” Barry whispered. “I’m sorry Hellie.”

Hellie shook her head. “It’s okay Barry, just follow him.”

They followed to Nicolai’s office, Nicolai closed the door.

“Sir,” Barry began. Then he turned to see that Nicolai had left.

“What the fuck?” Barry squinted at the door in confusion.

“Barry,” said Hellie. “Fuck me.”

“What the hell just happened?”

“He wants us to finish. Do you remember what I said yesterday? He wants you to fuck me.” Hellie swallowed. “He…he wants me to…he wants me to fuck anyone I want and anyone who wants me.”

Barry blinked. “Well, I know I want you.”

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