Her Awakening Ch. 02

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All it took was a picture in a magazine and she was reliving that day. The photograph of the pickup truck and the man behind the wheel sent her squirming in her chair. She was remembering that day as if it was yesterday, longing for him again or maybe longing for the experience again. But it was a chance encounter, one that would be with her forever so she reveled in the memories once again.

I drove in stunned silence, following this man I didn’t know but was certain I was about to know him very well indeed. I’d never done anything like this in my life, but that life was over, I had begun a new, exciting and thrilling life. It was time to come into my own. It was time to fulfill my desires and dreams.

I could feel my arousal grow with each roll of my car tires, my head getting that wonderful sensation of floating in a dream. Only this was not a dream, this was real. I pulled my car into the spot next to him; I just sat, almost paralyzed with the thoughts racing through my mind. But it was the feelings that overwhelmed all thoughts, my body had heated up with want and need, this was purely physically. I was startled when my car door opened; he was holding his hand out to me, a gentle gesture. I placed my hand in his, sliding one leg out then the other, as though I needed to think about each movement of my body because my mind was overloaded. I looked up at him, noticing him gaze at my legs, then his eyes followed up my body. He had a smile on his face, not the same smile I’d seen earlier when we were driving side by side; this smile was seductive and alluring.

He was still holding my hand as we stood next to my car, still we didn’t know each other’s name. He greeted me with a soft kiss on my hand; I felt that tingle in my mind again, like a head rush. Holding hands we turned to walk into the small café, stealing glances at each other as we walked. There was something magnetic about this encounter; the stars must be in perfect alignment for this kind of attraction. He held the door open for me, I could feel his eyes on me, watching me walk, I hoped he was enjoying what he saw and I began to give into the sensuality of this meeting. We headed for the back of the café to a small table, he held the chair for me, he is well mannered I was thinking, a gentleman, which seemed contrary to what seemed was about to happen between us.

Still we had not spoken a word to each other since arriving; there was more than enough communication between us, through our eyes and touches. This was real; this was pure lust and attraction. He caressed my hand with his thumb and I squirmed in my chair almost unnoticeably, I was felt each touch throughout my whole being. I wanted him and I wanted him now. We hadn’t ordered coffee yet and when he stood and took my hand, I went willing with him. No words had been spoken, but we both knew what we wanted and when.

He pendik escort placed a tip on the table he took my hand once more, leading me back out of the café, he lead me down the street, hand and hand. I had no idea where I was going, I only wanted to go with him and the destination didn’t seem to matter. The walk was quick and we arrived on the porch of the Old Victorian Inn, a bed and breakfast in the small town. The innkeeper arrived to greet us, yes there was room she told us and booked us into the Garden Suite in the back of the inn. She led us to the suite and inquired about luggage, but he simply replied it was still in the car and they would get it later, after they had time to relax.

The suite was large, overlooking the English Gardens, with a private patio. We were alone now, looking out over the beautiful scene. He turned to me, placing his hands on my cheeks, and softly kissing me, a tender kiss like a whisper. I stirred inside, feeling his breath on my lips, the softness of his touch. It was a kiss that said there would be more to come, very much more.

“Hello again” was all he said to me.

“Hello again to you too.” I was staring into his eyes, deep brown and penetrating. “May I ask your name please? I am Lynn”.

“Hello Lynn, my name is Scott”.

With that he kissed me again, deeper, holding me in his arms, caressing my back, nibbling my neck until I moaned and fell wholly into his embrace. My arms circled his neck, my fingers touching lightly upon his skin. There was passion to our kiss, there was want and need for more. When he broke this kiss he held me at arms length looking at me, drinking me in as if I was liquid, and I felt like I was too. He smiled at me, a grin really, a wanting grin. One hand trailed down my neck to my breast and his fingers traced the curve slowly and deftly along the scallop edge of my dress. Stopping only at the top button of my dress, dallying there, as if he was contemplating just what to do next. My hands answered by reaching up to release that button and the next one too. His fingers joined mine and as each button opened more of me was revealed.

I reached for him, to do the same to him, each button giving way for me to touch his skin, to caress him. Once at the waistband of his jeans, I looked into his eyes as I unbuttoned and unzipped him, his eyes seemed to growl at me to continue. Slowly I slipped his jeans down and off tossing them to the side with his shoes. He pulled his shirt off and tossed it on top of the pile. Now here he was, in front of me, in just his under shorts and I was in my opened dress. Scott slid the dress from my shoulders letting it fall to the floor with our other clothes. His hand cupped my breasts, squeezing them together and moved his head to kiss them and bury his head in my bosom. My hands caressed his head, loving the feeling and I whispered maltepe escort my desires for more as he kissed and licked me with sweet tenderness. My head fell back and I let out a moan.

“Mmmmm, oh Scott that feels so good.” I was barely able to speak but he knew what I wanted.

“Lynn I want you, all of you, now.” His mouth was at the front clasp of my bar and using his teeth opened it, releasing me from what had felt like bondage.

His eyes looked at me as his hands cupped my bare breasts for the first time, sending that stir in me deeper and deeper. I reached to pull his head to me, wanting our lips to meet again. I kissed him hard and deeply, opening my mouth to his, with our tongues touching for the first time our kiss grew passionate and hungry. There was no denying our union now, we moved more quickly, an urgency beginning to take over us.

Scott reached around me scooping me so quickly into his arms that my shoes flew off. He carried me to the bed; it was a four-poster bed with Victorian style linens. The bed had an abundance of pillows and Scott gently placed me down with my head resting upon the soft pillow and stretched out next to me. We stayed face to face on our sides for a few moments just taking this in, wondering just how this all came to be. Our hands joined and then our mouths, Scott moved over me, closer still. He raised my arms over my head holding them there with one hand and settled his weight on me, leaving nothing between us but desire. His free hand traced my body with his fingers, sending goose bumps and tingles through me; I squirmed from his touch. When his fingers arrived at my panties, my hips rose without thought and he removed them, breathing in my scent.

His hands slid up my legs and played at the band of my stockings, as if he was contemplating removing them, he didn’t, the smoothness was a welcome sensation. Those hands, oh my, he continued upward and cupped my mons feeling my heat that had been building within me since I first saw him on the highway, the heat that had been created by him. Scott dipped his head and kissed my wanting womanhood softly, warmly. He was making slow, sweet love to me. Inch by inch he touched me and touch by touch I surrendered to him. Each brush of his fingers sent me into a higher plane of pleasure, bringing me closer to the sweet edge. His fingers slipped within me and curled to massage my g-spot to life and when he did I no longer knew anything but pure pleasure and never wanting it to end. Scott didn’t let it end, he continued as I flowed out, until I was begging for him to stop and I could take no more. As I trembled he huddled me into his arms, holding me against the bed. I relished the safety of his arms as my breath returned and my head cleared to a near normal state.

We kissed in this embrace and my hands and legs wrapped around him, then kartal escort feeling his briefs, my hands slid into the waistband and stroked his hard cock, feeling him harden in my hand. He rolled off me and I scooted down to slide off this last barrier. The sight of him released and erect made me want to touch him over and over. I needed to touch him, to hold him in my hands, caress him as he had caressed me. I leaned over him, taking his hardness in my hands, stroking him gently, sliding my hand down his shaft and cupping his balls in my hand, squeezing so very lightly. Scott’s moans told me I was pleasing him and I did want to so much. I wanted to taste him as he had tasted me, and as I hovered over him I glanced back to him with a smile so he knew just how much I wanted him in my mouth. His look told me everything I needed to know and I took him into my moist mouth, feeling the warmth of him.

My mouth was making love to him; my hands cupped his balls and my fingers slid just behind to gently rub him. His pleasure was so real and wonderful, his words told me what he wanted but it was the way he reacted to my touches that lead me on. My tongue twirled his head and tasted him, savoring him. As I eased down his shaft wetting him with my mouth and sliding back up again, flattening my tongue along the underside of him, I felt him begin to throb in my mouth. I had to move faster, I wanted to, he wanted me too. He was nearing the edge, that sweet place of pleasure. He pulled out of my mouth to my moans for more of him. No, he wanted to be within me now. He reached for my hand and pulled me up along side of him again, touching my face, we needed no words, and our bodies did our talking.

He leaned in to kiss me taking me into an embrace and rolling on top of me once again; there is nothing like that feeling to me. Our kiss was long, deep and full and his cock was teasing my slit, waiting to enter me, waiting for me to beg him, I did beg, I needed him in me. Slowly he entered my warm, wet and wanting pussy, stretching me as he moved, each of us taking it all in. My legs parted more and more to allow him total entry to me, wanting him in me as deep as the ocean. The union was made now; we gazed into each other’s eyes while the sensations enveloped us, kissing softly, feeling the tenderness of the moment. As I felt him move within me I knew the dance would begin and followed him eagerly. The rhythm was slow to start and built just like a symphony building to a crescendo. Each movement brought us higher, closer to the climatic explosion we wanted, trying to delay it but unable to do so. Releasing with each other, cresting this tidal wave of passion with wonder.

As we lay within each other’s arms waiting for our breath to return we touched each other softly, kisses light and airy. For such an unusual meeting we had been tender and loving with our movements and touches. Drifting off to sleep I knew my life was never to be the same again.

Slowly she came out of her memories, needing to shake her head to the present, smiling at the thoughts he stirred in her. Perhaps she thought it was time for a drive.

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