Her Special Day!

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My girlfriend Mia and I had been going out for a few months she was by far the most compatible sex partner I have ever been with. Everything she does just oozes sensuality. When I hug her up to me and kiss her softly, she lets out a little sigh. That little sigh instantly sets me on fire. She is what every man dreams of, an absolute wild child in bed but very shy and conservative in public. She is Bi, and has even brought other girls to her apartment to play with us both. Every single moment we are together she makes me feel like the only man in the world.

Mia is naturally a dirty blonde. Well that’s what I call the color anyway, It’s like a very like a very light brown with highlights. She is adventuresome in her hair coloring and I’ve seen her go from bright red, to dark black hair, to blonde. I honestly can’t decide which I like best.

Like I said above, in the bed Mia is amazing. She is truly an anywhere anytime anyway you want it type of girl. I try to give her the respect she deserves and the adoration that she craves and in return she does the same for me. I’ve never felt that I’ve truly been able to give her in bed the things she gives to me in everyday life though.

You see, I say she is the most compatible partner for me because of her body and her spirit. Her breasts are perfect B cups which I adore. Her nipples are small, rosy red and very sensitive. Her skin is smooth and creamy and I love to lick every inch of her. Her pussy is tight, hot, and she can soak me when she comes. I love feeling her squeeze it tight around me when she comes, and I love making her jump by flexing my cock inside her afterwards while she’s still sensitive. I’ve yet to find a position she is unwilling to try, and unlike most girls when she goes down on you it’s like she is doing it with all of her being. She takes you into her mouth slowly at first while she wraps her fingers around you. Then she takes more of you and at the same time pushes her fingers down lower and strokes them back up as she comes up. I have seriously almost blacked out from one of her blowjobs.

The only problem is I really want to make her feel as good as she makes me feel, and man that’s a lot of pressure. Mia likes to have a guy control her. She likes a little pain and is really into being the submissive one in bed. The problem comes in that I really love her. I have a hard time just rough fucking someone I have feelings for. At the same time, that’s what I know she wants so sometimes I do my best to spoil her. However, I decided that every now and then she would get what she wanted, absolute total domination. But of course because it was me I did tone it down and make her feel special too. It went down like this.

We both had to work the other day and I was held over at work until almost midnight. I had called and told her I would be over and she simply told me to come on in that she would leave the door unlocked and was going to bed. I had gone by the local lingerie and gifts store during my lunch break and got her some toys, then stopped at the grocery store on the way to her apartment to get the rest.

I opened her door slowly and could see she had candles lit in her bedroom and her door slightly cracked. I made my way down the hallway as quiet as I could and eased open her door. She was sleeping on her side turned away from me and I moved over to the opposite side of her bed. I reached under the bed post and tied a scarf I had brought with me to the post then did the same on the other side. I had tied knots in the top of each scarf, and through each of these I placed one cuff of a set of metal handcuffs I had bought. I slowly moved one arm over and placed it in a cuff. She didn’t seem to wake and I didn’t hear her breathing pattern change. Next I placed the other cuff in position and as it clicked closed she started to roll over and awoke with a start as she was realizing her hands were bound. I quickly pushed her head back on the bed and covered her eyes. She was waking up and did not know what was happening. Her breathing increased but I kept her eyes covered. She didn’t cry out but I could tell she was scared. I pulled a sleeping mask out of my pocket (another of my purchases) and slid it down over her eyes. I then covered her mouth and leaned down to her ear. As my breath reached her neck she pulled away and shivered.

Don’t fucking move, I whispered. She recognized my voice and let out one of her trademark sighs. She leaned her head over towards me looking for a kiss but I just moved away. I took another set of long scarves and bound her legs just as I had her hands. With each scarf, before I knotted the end I would pull them tight. I knew the scarves would not cut her skin or leave marks but they were escort ataşehir tight enough to hold her spread eagle on the bed. I turned her stereo on and put the remote into her left hand. I then leaned over and whispered to her that she was to turn the stereo off if I hurt her or she got too scared. I was intent on making her submission dreams come true but just as intent in making sure I didn’t hurt her or ruin our relationship. She whispered a ragged OK, and I moved off the bed to start my teasing.

I turned the corner lamp on so I could check out my prize. She looked like a ripe victim for the taking. She was so helpless, so defenseless, and so completely under my control. She was lying still (not that she had much choice), with her nipples showing through her t shirt. I used my fingers to lightly lift her shirt, so I could see the dark green mesh panties she was wearing. She flinched when she felt the movement, and I could tell the anticipation was warming her up. I reached into my bag and took out a pair of scissors. I ran the cool blades up from the backside of her knee to her inner thigh. A shiver ran through her body and then she froze in place as she felt the cold steel of the blade. I continued running the blades up until they were in the sweet spot at her inner thigh. I opened them and passed the lower blade through to cut one side of her panties. Her body tensed as she heard the fabric being cut, and I slowly moved over and cut the other side. I yanked them out from under her and stared down at her little pussy. She had a dirty blonde patch just above her lips, but the skin below was smooth and moist. I ran my fingertips through the patch and made lazy circles with just one fingertip.

I heard her let out a little sigh over the music on the stereo and she lightly pushed her pussy up begging for it to be touched. Instead I reached down and lightly slapped her clit and smiled as she jumped and moaned louder. I cut a small starter on the bottom of her t-shirt and then after putting the scissors back into my bag I grabbed the shirt on each side and ripped it to the top. She gasped as I did this and the shirt fell to the side in rags.

I moved away from her again and got a cube of ice from my drink. I held it above her and let it drip onto her belly as it melted in my fingers. With each drop she would jump and shiver. Her skin was covered in goose bumps and her nipples looked so hard they could cut through glass. I touched it to her neck and started moving down her slowly. By the time I got to her cleavage she was breathing heavily. I moved it lightly around one nipple and as I pulled it away blew softly across it to give her a chill. I knew this made her nipple ice cold and I moved in with only my tongue touching her and lightly flicked at it. I repeated this several times and then began sucking each nipple deeply. I felt them warm inside my mouth and was taking pleasure in tormenting her. I moved down to her flat little stomach and began the teasing with ice and licks around and inside her belly button. I got a new cube and trailed it down lower going into the valley where leg meets torso. Her skin was soft and smooth. I noticed her pussy had swollen considerably and a drop of her juice was visible just on the outside of her pussy. I moved the ice around her outer lips and she started pushing up against my hand again.

I took the ice away from her pussy and stuck it on her lips. She tried to suck it out of my fingers but I pulled it away in time. I resumed teasing her pussy lips with the ice and moved it all around the outside of her pussy. I blew lightly across her pussy and she began trembling under me. I lapped at the outer lips of her pussy with my tongue and she started bucking towards me. As I lightly licked across her clit I continued to move the ice around her outer lips and then as she bucked once more I thrust the ice cube into her hot wet hole. She gasped and pushed up against my fingers and I pulled the ice cube back out. It was melting quickly and covered in her juices. I placed it onto her mouth and she opened to suck it in again. I gave her the cube to play with and then reached down and twisted first one, and then both nipples in opposite directions. I moved away again and stripped my clothes off leaving her lying in anticipation. I moved back towards her face and reached down to turn it towards my cock. She was expecting a kiss and recoiled slightly as she felt my cockhead against her lips. She stuck her tongue out to lick the tip and I moved it away and instead began lightly smacking her in the cheeks with it. She moved around trying to catch it in her mouth but I wouldn’t let her. My dick was hardening with this assault and I decided she needed to take kadıköy escort care of it for me. With one hand I reached down and wrapped my fingers around her throat. She was startled and opened her mouth to let out a gasp. I thrust my dick right into her mouth and pushed as much as I could inside. She gagged a little and I released the grip around her throat but still held my hand over it. She knew she had no choice but to do what I wanted. I thrust myself in and out of her mouth and enjoyed feeling my cock continue to harden as it scraped across the roof of her mouth. She was under my complete control. I noticed she was lightly humping the air with her pubic mound searching the emptiness above it for pleasure. I reached down and slapped her pussy lightly and she almost convulsed with pleasure. I pulled my dick from her mouth and slapped her pussy again. I used my entire hand to cup her throbbing pussy and I gave it a squeeze. Mia was going nuts and I decided to move on to my next surprise. I pulled from my bag a jelly vibrator. It was not overly long; as a matter of fact it was almost an exact replica of mine except not as big in diameter.

I placed the vibrator to her mouth and she hungrily began licking and sucking on it as I used my free hand to begin rubbing her sweet pussy. I pushed a finger into her and withdrew it, noticing that it came out covered in her nectar. I smeared it around her outer lips and she was panting and still working over the vibrator. I removed the vibrator from her mouth and placed it just above her clit and turned it on medium as it touched her skin. Then, I reached above her pussy and pulled the skin back taut ensuring the vibrations would carry throughout her body. She was openly moaning and begging me to fuck her at this point. I moved the vibrator down and placed it against the opening of her swollen pussy, letting it sit at the entrance for a minute to tease her. Then I crammed it into her and at the same time turned the speed to high. She screamed out and began cumming immediately. She was bucking, pushing, and humping back against the welcome intruder that was giving her so much pleasure.

As her orgasm subsided she began to have another and then another. She started to become overly sensitive, so I pulled the vibrator out and turned it off. Her breathing was returning to normal as I took its tip and once more placed it into her mouth forcing her to clean her own cum off of it. I leaned down and told her she was going to be moved and she had better behave. She whimpered back to me that she would behave and I removed the bindings from her arms and legs. She immediately tried to wrap herself around me but I didn’t let her. I grabbed her arms and forced them behind her back and turned her onto her stomach on the bed. I took one set of handcuffs and cuffed her arms behind her. I made her kneel by shoving her face down into the bed and then guided her in raising her ass in the air near the end of the bed. She was panting again as I moved up between her legs and placed the tip of my hard dick on the entrance to her pussy. She tried to push herself back on it and I gave her a strong smack on the ass with a ping pong paddle. She jumped and tried to turn her head back towards me, but instead I shoved her face back down into the bed.

You’ve been a naughty girl Mia, I said. She didn’t reply so I gave her other cheek a smack. She moaned and shivered and I stepped back looking at her spread open from the rear. I ran my fingertips over her ass cheeks and down her inner thighs. I’ve always enjoyed seeing a woman spread open from behind. The color of a wet pink pussy contrasting with the creamy color of their skin just intrigues me.

Just as she was getting used to the feel of my fingers I started spanking her again, only this time harder, first one cheek then the other. I continued until she was crying out with each smack and I could see her pretty ass starting to glow under my punishment. I moved in close to her and placed my dick in position to enter her pussy. I didn’t give her a chance to push back this time though, and instead just plunged into her roughly. She was soaking wet and swollen so my assault was easy. I held myself as deep as I could inside her and relished her feel. Her pussy was hot, tight, wet, and fit me like a glove. Her ass cheeks felt warm against my legs, and the feeling was amazing. I pulled out of her pussy all the way and she begged for me to put it back inside her as she turned her head back towards me. She had no warning what was going to happened due to the sleep mask she still had on, but I reached up with both hands to control her. With one I lightly slapped her across the face, with the other I grabbed the back of her neck and maltepe escort bayan turned her head back into the bed. I leaned up against her from behind while I did this and with a little work managed to get my cock lined back up to thrust into her. I rammed it into her as hard as I could and she arched her back raising her head off the bed again. I reached around her and squeezed her throat holding her in an arched position as I began ramming her tender pussy from behind and squeezing her throat.

I was intoxicated with the power and realized that I was ready to cum, I began withdrawing my dick almost all the way out and then thrusting back inside her to slow myself down. As I was doing this my dick popped out of he and while trying to line back up , felt my throbbing head touching her tight little asshole. I released her throat and grabbed a handful of her hair instead. She was still panting and begged me not to stop. I pushed my dick against her ass and she pushed back against me. The juices from her wet pussy were lube enough and I pushed half my cock into her ass.

Mia screamed and went rigid. Her tight little ring nearly cut my dick in two as she did and I went still. She relaxed and pushed back against me a little and I got almost three quarters of my dick inside her. I was ready to cum so I began slowly working my way in and out of her ass. Mia was pushing back against me and attempting to milk my dick with her ass. I felt the cum tingling up the inside of my cock and I began thrusting with wild abandon. I shot my load deep inside of her, and she milked what remained out as I started to go soft. I slipped it out of her and sat back leaving her exposed with her ass stuck in the air. Her pussy was gaping from it’s assault, her asshole was leaking my cum, and her cheeks were red from the spanking. I removed her cuffs and mask and noticed her eyes were red from crying. I started to think that I had gone too far until she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a loving kiss. This has been the best day ever, she said. We each made a trip to the bathroom to clean up and then crawled under the covers naked to sleep.

During the night I woke up to find us spooning. My dick was resting in the crack of her ass and was already hard and ready. I reached around in front of her and began to tickle her pussy. Her breathing changed in her sleep and I could only imagine what I was doing to her dreams. Her pussy was soon wet and I rubbed some her lube on the tip of my dick as I moved slightly to get it between her legs. I thrust into her from behind nice and slow. I had to move in and out slowly to let her natural lube catch up but was soon all the way inside her.

I began kissing the back of her neck and thrusting slowly inside her. I felt her ass flex as she began to wake up and push back up against me. I reached around her and cupped her breast and squeezed her nipples as we enjoyed a slow fuck. She ground her ass back up against me and I erupted inside her. She sighed and pushed back up against me and we stayed joined as we went to sleep.

I awoke again sometime late in the morning once again with a hard dick. This time however it was because it was being played with. Mia had turned around and was lightly stroking my cock with one hand and tickling my nipples with her fingernails with the other. My cock was hard, but still sore from the prior night/ morning activities. I wasn’t sure she could get make me cum again, but I was loving the fact that she was trying to please me. She leaned down and began to suck me softly and slowly. I leaned my head back and simply let her pleasure me. I still didn’t think I could cum again so soon, but what she was doing was giving me unbelievable pleasure. I looked down at her I realized she was rubbing her pussy as she sucked and licked on me and that turned me on even more.

Mia let my dick slip from her mouth and then she climbed up and straddled me. She reached under herself and guided my hard dick into her pussy and then sat down on me slowly. She held me still inside her and closed her eyes with a sigh. Ever so slowly she began doing figure eights with her hips sending my dick into all corners of her pussy. She milked me slowly never letting my dick get any further than she wanted it. I let her enjoy a slow fuck as she seemed to enjoy being in charge. She eventually picked up her pace and started fucking me faster. She started pounding down on me and scrubbing her clit across my pubic hair as she hit bottom. I felt myself getting close and as she squeezed her thighs around me and moaned as I emptied what was left of my cum deep inside her. This set her off and she also had a quiet but powerful orgasm clamping her thighs around me as she tensed up. I felt our juices running down from inside her and coating my balls. She soon climbed off of me and went to catch a shower before work and I lay back and smiled thinking I had every intention of giving her a memorable night, but realizing now that she had given me one instead!

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