I Finally Got My Lady Boss

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I am working in a software company as an engineer and was sat right adjacent to the office where my lady boss’ room is. I have been watching and drooling about her ever since I joined the company.

She’s about 38 and stands at 5’3″ with long golden hair down her shoulder. She has a habit of wearing those tight silky blouse but would be rather conservative about her skirt, normally wearing knee length type of skirt… but you could see her legs are slender on closer look at the firm outlines of it through her skirt.

I would take my chances to get close to her whenever I can… especially when she goes to the pantry and I would ‘accidentally’ bum into her at a corner. There was a couple of times I would actually kiss her accidentally when we turn the corner, she has got such luscious lips…

I decided to take my action one evening, knowing she always stays at work late. Everyone being away… I took a cup of coffee into her room, spiking it with a colorless powder I bought that would stimulate the sexual desires in a person.

I knocked on her door, and smiled… “hi Mabel, thought you would like a coffee… she smiled and asked me in for a sit… she’s wearing a really tight pink blouse and I could see the buttons of it bursting at the seams… an outline of her black lacy bra visible between it. As she stood up towards me, I could see she is wearing a dark blue long skirt and black female agent porno stockings on her usual black heels.

I hand her the coffee… watching her sip it. I start to chat with her, making sure she finished her cup of coffee, then started to ask about what she does for her social life…

At this time, both of us are sat on her sofa… and I look at her passionately, telling her how beautiful and sexy she is, slowly letting her know how I like the way she dress… she smiled and I could see her cheeks getting warm, I took the opportunity, saying I like the way her fair skin looks, asking if I may touch it for awhile. She gets a little shock but smiled and nods her head… I move in closer towards her and rests my hand gently on her cheeks, noticing that it feels warm… gently caressing it… my lips getting rather close to her… looking into her eyes… telling her she looks so beautiful… suddenly giving her a kiss down her lips… I waited for her to resist but she didn’t, the spiked drink probably taking effect on her and making her feel the desire to be kissed.

I took this as encouragement to kiss her more passionately, my tongue entering into her mouth… my other hand moving down her neck… caressing her neck, touching her… finger feeling down her neck… flipping the buttons on her blouse open… then unclasping the front of her black lacy gizli cekim porno bra…

She suddenly gasped as I cupped her bare breasts which came off after the bra was released. I could tell she was shocked and probably did not know I had worked my way to undress her… she wants to turn me away but I was not going to stop now. I pushed her down on the sofa and lay on top of her, pinning her down… mouth sucking on her tits, rubbing it… kneading it until I hear her moaning softly, yet saying “please, please don’t.”

I pretended not to hear her pleas and went on to push her skirt upwards until it was around her waist… my hand slipping into her panties and rubbing her hairy pussy up and down… all this time my mouth still licking her tits… sucking it… mouthing it… then my tongue licks down her cleavage and licks round her belly button. Licking round and round her belly button, then sucking it… she lets out a soft moan as I suck it.

I stood up and look at her, seeing that she had closed her eyes and was just moaning to herself. I smiled and knew she was enjoying this, prompting unzipping my pants down and flipping out my erect 7-inch cock. She must have heard my zipper and she was shocked to see me caressing it in my hand. She started to want to run away but I pulled her by the hair and carried her up easily… pulling off her skirt next… I lay her glory hole secrets porno flat on her stomach on her desk and stretched her hands over her head with one hand… the other hand pulling down her panties and pushing my erect cock between her legs before she could close them up.

I did not enter her first but instead work on teasing her and getting her more wet. I tore down her panties and tied her hands with it… then with my body on top of her back, I forced her to move to the front of her desk with her boobs falling down the edge of the desk, with her tits pointing downwards… I then work with both hands to rub her tits as it dangle erect downwards… slapping it sideways while my cock starts to rub along her ass. She was moaning all the while and this excites me more as I moved to push my cock into her… gosh she feels so tight and she screamed when I entered her crack… I start to pump into her hard until my full 7-inch was into her. With my hands on her round bum, I slide as far in as I can and started to rock her bum with my movements… pushing in and out of her again and again. Her bum swayed seductively as she tries to struggle in pain and this caused me to grip her bum even tighter and suddenly I felt I needed to explode, and a huge ball of cum exploded inside her ass. She screamed out loud and virtually fainted. I lay her back on the desk and rest back in excitement. I could see her teary eyes sobbing and the whole table was a mess.

I told her not to tell anyone about it as I have taped the whole lovemaking down, telling her I would like her to start dressing up as I told her. I asked her to dress up and follow me out so I could plan her dress for her.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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