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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: Yes, I need an editor, and no, I do not want an editor. If this bothers you that much, just stop reading now. Yes, it jumps around too much, yes there’s too many people to keep track of, yes it’s too long, yes it’s too short, yes it’s in the wrong category, yes this is stupid shit, and yes I suck.

For those of you that have not hit the backspace key, I hope you enjoy this little tale.


Yvonne Parcells rode her horse along the trail. It was late May, already quite humid in south Louisiana, but she kept the helmet on her head.

Since the trail was level and well-trodden, she was comfortable letting Jackson have his own head. Sensing that the ride was nearly over, Jackson began trotting at an increasing gait until he was nearly trotting along at half-gallop.

“Bring him in there, young lady,” Bartholomew Chastaine hollered as Yvonne neared the stables.

Yvonne did dig her heels in as she pulled lightly on Jackson’s reins. Obediently, the horse did slow and Yvonne guided him into his private stall.

She dismounted, then patted the horse on his shoulder.

“God damn, fat ass can’t even be bothered take her own saddle off?” one of the stable hands muttered as Yvonne walked toward the entrance of the building.

Yvonne flushed, face becoming nearly as read as her ankle length red hair.

“What did you say?” she screamed at the stable hand.

The young man seemed surprised that the nineteen year old girl had heard him. He looked at her flushed face, then at the face of Bartholomew.

“Said need get that saddle off,” he stammered.

“And what was that about ‘fat ass?'” Yvonne demanded to know, pushing her bulk against him.

“Ma’am? Don’t know what you’re talking about,” the young man denied.

“Ma’am, I’ll give him a talking to yeah,” Bartholomew promised.

“Hey, how you doing?” another stable hand asked as Yvonne stomped past.

He was a handsome young man, and he seemed to always greet Yvonne whenever she came to the stables. She ignored the man, though as she waddled toward her BMW

Opening the car door, Yvonne tossed her helmet into the passenger seat of the luxury automobile, then gingerly sat on the quite hot leather upholstery. As Yvonne waited for the car’s air conditioner to start up, she looked at her cell phone.

‘Get home. Now.’ her mother had sent.

That message had come in nearly an hour ago. Yvonne had not realized she’d been out on the trails for that long.

She rapidly texted ‘On my way now.’

She averted her eyes as she put the car in gear. The handsome stable hand was standing in front of the large red building, smiling at her.

He was a handsome young man, but he was an employee. And Yvonne Parcells was a patron.

Maybe he saw the obese young girl as his meal ticket out of the stables and into the Parcells mansion.

“God damn, would love to just…” Ryan Dufour said as he watched the beautiful young woman drive away.

“No shit, put my foot up that fat ass so far…” the other stable hand agreed.

Ryan shook his head and busied himself on shoveling out another patron’s stable.

When she pulled up to her parents’ Hardington Acres home, there were four black SUVs sitting in the driveway, on the curb, on the manicured lawn.

“Ma’am, step out of the car. NOW!” a tall, broad shouldered man barked at her.

“What? How dare…” Yvonne sputtered.

Before she even had time to finish her sentence, she was forcibly hauled out of the car and three men in dark suits were going through the automobile’s interior, trunk, and engine compartment.

Linda Parcells came out of the large home, screaming, “Is that really necessary? Is it?”

“Ma’am, I told you, step back,” a man barked in a harsh voice.

“Mother, what? What’s going on? Hey, that’s my phone! Give me…” Yvonne said.

“Ma’am! Step back,” the man barked, physically shoving the girl back.

An hour later, Yvonne stood, numb with shock as her precious automobile was driven away. The four SUVs were also gone, but there was no comfort in that.

“Embezzlement?” Yvonne repeated the ugly word again.

“I cannot, I just cannot believe,” Linda muttered, beyond shock and now just angry.


The nineteen year old girl cautiously waddled down the hall of Elgee High School in Elgee, Louisiana. She was in the twelfth grade because she’d been held back in the third grade. When they threatened to hold her back for a second year in a row, her parents pulled her out of school and began to home school their only child. Under the tutelage of various teachers her parents had hired, Yvonne Parcells did the barest minimum possible to barely advance to the next level.

But after Daddy’s arrest, the money for private home schooling dried up. After Daddy’s suicide, the house and all assets had been seized.

Now Yvonne and Linda lived with Aunt Elizabeth, Linda’s sister, in Aunt karşıyaka escort bayan Elizabeth’s small home in Elgee, Louisiana. And Yvonne was inching her way along the hall of Elgee High School, looking for Room 331.

“Jesus Christ!” Yvonne heard a girl say.

“No shit! How much you think she is?” another girl asked.

Yvonne found the room and entered. Already, a few students were sitting, chatting with each other. They looked at the newcomer. Many had their lips curled in disgust at the sight of the large girl.

“It’s not my fault,” Yvonne wanted to protest.

But she knew, it was her fault. Years of being a pampered princess, years of sitting around doing absolutely nothing but eat had led to what she was now; a bloated figure.

Aunt Elizabeth had been quite the shock to Yvonne. Aunt Elizabeth was a vegan. Therefore, the only food in her house was vegan. And Aunt Elizabeth fixed a measured portion of food for every meal. In the two and a half months they’d been living with her mother’s sister, Yvonne had dwindled from two hundred and thirty nine pounds to two hundred and six pounds.

Aunt Elizabeth also expected her guests to do housework. Her mother, her own mother seemed to agree with Aunt Elizabeth.

“Wouldn’t kill you run a vacuum cleaner every now and then,” Linda smirked. “It’s actually pretty easy. You plug it in and turn it on, then push it around.”

Yvonne took a seat, wedging her bulk into a desk.

“Shit, bet the fucking thing breaks,” a young man none too quietly whispered to his friend.

Yvonne clutched the papers her mother had given her. They were forms to enable Yvonne to receive the free breakfasts and lunches the school provided.

“Meat, God, I hope they have meat,” Yvonne fervently prayed.

“Ryan! What up Horse Man?” a student loudly called out as another student ambled into the room.

“Moffatt! Dog!” Ryan Dufour called back and the two young men gave each other manly hugs.

Ryan looked around the room, nodding to each student.

“Hi Ryan,” Amber Knowles giggled coquettishly.

“Amber; hey, that a new necklace?” Ryan asked.

Yvonne had turned to look at the friendly young man. Then realized she knew him and turned and looked down at her desktop, face flushed with embarrassment.

It was the handsome stable hand, the one that had always greeted her. She’d not been back to the stables since that dreadful day, the day her pampered existence had crashed and burned. When her father committed suicide, one of the assets seized and sold was her beloved horse.

“Hey! How’s it going? Yvonne, right?” Ryan greeted her.

“Uh, hey, wow, you go here huh?” Yvonne stammered.

“Yeah, haven’t seen you, well, been a while,” Ryan said.

“Yeah, well, you know,” Yvonne stammered.

“Hey, listen, the family bought Jackson? Want you know, they’re real good people,” Ryan said quietly. “He’s in real good hands.”

“Thanks,” Yvonne said, smiling as a tear formed in her eye.

The first week went by slowly, excruciatingly slowly for Yvonne Parcells. The teachers had a class to teach, a schedule to keep, and did not slow down just because Yvonne had never learned to take notes. Homework was given out, and those same teachers expected the homework to be completed. Tests were given and those teachers expected her to know the material. After all, they’d covered that material, and it had been in her homework assignments.

The two highlights of her day were breakfast and lunch. And the other students took much of the joy those two meals might provide. Comments were made, quite loudly, about her weight, her slovenly appearance, her eating habits.

Ryan Dufour talked with her every day. But the handsome young man talked with everyone. He was quite popular as he roamed the halls of the school.

At the end of her second week, Linda was called into the school. Mother and daughter sat in the Vice Principal’s office as the old woman hemmed and hawed, and finally got around to suggesting that perhaps Yvonne wasn’t ready for the twelfth grade just yet.

“She’s nineteen, coming up on her twentieth birthday next month,” Linda pleaded. “There anything we can do?”

“We have some tutoring available; let’s see, her study period is ten ten until eleven. Hmm,” the woman mused, then brightened. “Ah! Mr. Dufour’s available. And, let’s see, oh, hmm, from two forty five until three thirty? Ms. Knowles is available.”

“God, not her,” Yvonne groaned.

Of the ones that taunted and ridiculed her, Amber was one of the cruelest. The pretty blonde did her mocking comments with her pretty little smile on her face.

Ms. Gremillion looked up and Yvonne realized, she’d spoken out loud.

“I uh, I thought she had cheerleading practice after school?” Yvonne offered.

“No, Ms. Knowles isn’t a cheerleader,” the wrinkled woman said.


“All right, Jumbo, I’m not your friend, I’m not your buddy, I’m not your pal,” Amber spat as Yvonne met her after the final buzzer had sounded. “I’m karşıyaka escort not going do your homework for you, I’m not going take your tests for you, I’m not going hold your hand. Got it?”

“Uh huh,” Yvonne meekly agreed.

“So, let’s get busy, Fat Ass,” Amber spat, slapping her Algebra textbook open. “What are you having trouble with?”

After a few minutes, Amber flipped backward through the book. She worked a few of the problems and explained to Yvonne how she’d performed the equations.

By the time three thirty rolled around, Amber’s tone had not softened. She made Yvonne do one more problem, and nodded approval as she gathered up her own books.

“All right, see you tomorrow,” Amber said.

“Thank you,” Yvonne said.

“Whatever, Jumbo,” Amber waved flippantly.

The next day, Ryan smiled a happy smile when Yvonne approached him in the library.

“Ms. Gremillion said you’re having a little trouble with some of the Science stuff,” he said quietly. “Don’t worry; we got this.”

He showed her how to take notes, how to determine what was important, needed to be focused on.

“And tomorrow? We’ll go over History, all right?” he said when the buzzer for the next class sounded.

“Thanks,” Yvonne said, head actually hurting from all the information.

“No problem,” Ryan cheerfully said.

Amber greeted her with a few cutting remarks about her weight, even making up a polynomial equation mocking her weight.

“So, if we substitute, you’re what, about three hundred pounds?” Amber sniped.

Yvonne fought back the tears as she dutifully scribbled 300 for X and 0 for Y.

“And that’s how much weight you’d lose in one month,” Amber laughed when Yvonne showed her the answer was zero.

“I really don’t need this,” Yvonne said bitterly.

“Oh, but obviously you do, Ms. Twenty three on the last test,” Amber said mockingly.

Yvonne listened, watched Amber perform the steps to solve the equations, then followed the examples. She began to see the patterns, began to see how the numbers needed to be applied.

“Not bad,” Amber agreed, almost pleasantly.

“Thanks,” Yvonne said.

“Sure, Fat Ass,” Amber sneered as she gathered up her books.

“Why are you so mean to me? I’ve done nothing to you,” Yvonne choked out.

“Uh, Cowboy’s?” Amber spat.

“Huh?” Yvonne asked.

“I was a waitress, like my second day there, got your order wrong,” Amber spat.

Yvonne remembered the incident, vaguely. She remembered complaining to the hostess about the girl’s incompetence. What had happened after that, Yvonne had given no thought to.

“Fired me right there on the spot,” Amber said bitterly.

“Amber, I’m sorry,” Yvonne said.

“Yeah, well, sorry don’t pay the fucking bills, huh, Jumbo,” Amber said and flounced out of the library.

The next day, they were given a little pop quiz in Algebra and Yvonne smiled as she answered the questions.

And at study period, she and Ryan went over the History material.

“Uh huh, see? You got this,” Ryan encouraged. “Just needed someone show you where you needed be looking.”

Her good mood evaporated the moment they stepped out into the hall. A group of students walked by.

“God damn! Fucking bitch’s got a gravitational pull, huh?” one student laughed.

“Careful, be pulled into orbit around her, huh?” another student agreed.

“Hey!” Ryan barked out, handsome face flushed with anger.

“What, dude? Wasn’t talking you,” one young man protested.

“No? Well, you’re talking shit about my friend, and I don’t fucking like it,” Ryan threatened.

“Shit, dude, be cool, huh?” another young man sneered.

“Know what else has a gravitational pull?” Ryan said. “Huh? Her smile, man. Girl’s got a beautiful smile.”

“You serious? She’s a pig, man,” a student said, walking away.

“Thank you, Ryan, but you don’t need to…” Yvonne snuffled, walking away.

That afternoon, Amber congratulated Yvonne on getting her answers correct on the pop quiz, then the two continued to work on the homework assignment.

“Can I tell Ms. Gremillion we’re done here?” Amber asked at the end of the session.

“Uh, if I uh, I need help, I can ask you?” Yvonne asked, gathering up her books.

“Yeah, I guess, Amber grudgingly agreed.

Ryan likewise said the same thing to Yvonne; she’d made progress and was now up with the classes. But before Yvonne could ask, Ryan put his meaty hand on her leg, on her upper thigh.

“But, unless I get another student, can we just sit here, study together?” he whispered, peering into her eyes.

“We, you, uh, you want to?” Yvonne asked.

“Yeah, I want to,” he smiled and she flamed bright red.

The next day, he smiled as she waddled to his table in the library. Silently, the two sat, actually studying for a few minutes.

“I uh, hey, know what tomorrow is?” Ryan asked.

“Saturday; thank God,” Yvonne said.

“Yeah, and its round up day,” Ryan said.

“Oh yeah,” Yvonne escort karşıyaka said.

She pouted, remembering that the stables used the first Saturday in September to round up the forty or fifty horses that were allowed to free range on the five thousand acre property. They would be inspected, given vaccinations, then the majority would be let back out into the fields. Some would be corralled, some would be moved to the stables, and a few would be removed from the property.

Ryan placed his meaty hand on her thigh and leaned close to her. Her thigh seemed to burn where his hand rested. She could actually feel her pussy get wet at the contact.

“Want to come out?” he asked, voice low.

“I don’t have a horse,” she said.

“Got a few extras; you can use one of them,” Ryan said.

Yvonne could smell his soap, his light tinge of sweat, his breath. She was also sure she could smell her own excitement.

“I uh, yeah, yeah, love to,” Yvonne squeaked.

“Great, I’ll pick you up at six,” Ryan said. “Dress comfortable, hear? We’ll be out there at least five, six hours and we don’t take breaks.”

Her mother and Aunt Elizabeth teased her about having a date. Both also teased her about having to get up so early for this date.

“It’s not a date,” Yvonne protested.

“Hope they’re feeding y’all,” Aunt Elizabeth said.

Yvonne found her boots, found a pair of worn, comfortable jeans, and her helmet. Finding a suitable blouse, though, was a struggle. Finally, she decided on a simple pullover.

Ryan pulled up to the address Yvonne had given him, and smiled when he spotted an almost sleeping Yvonne, leaning heavily against a Toyota Tacoma.

“God damn,” he thought as he helped her up into the cab of his 1991 F250 pickup.

Her jeans were snug, creasing beautifully into her backside, separating the two basketball halves perfectly. When he’d approached, he’d seen how the blouse was stretched taut across her quite substantial chest, showing off her large breasts to perfection. And the blouse had emphasized her adorable paunch as well.

The moment Yvonne had heard his truck rumble to a stop, she’d woken up. Now, she chattered excitedly, nervously. Momma and Aunt Elizabeth teased her about having a date. She had protested that this wasn’t a date. But if it had been a date, this would be the first date she’d ever had.

Pulling up to the large red barn, Ryan again opened her door and helped her down from the large vehicle.

“All right; you’re riding Bitsy,” Ryan said, pointing to a speckled mare.

Yvonne had watched Ryan, Bartholomew, and other stable hands as they’d saddled her Jackson. She prayed fervently that she did it right; Bartholomew and the three other hands were giving her ill-disguised glares of contempt from the moment she’d entered the barn.

She managed a decent job and smiled when Ryan checked her work and nodded approval.

“All right, Ryan, you and Ned and Ms. Parcells here start off in the northwest quadrant, all right?” Bartholomew ordered as he mounted his own horse.

“Ready?” Ryan smiled at her and she excitedly nodded.

“God damn, would love to…” he thought as her ample rear end was millimeters from his face as she swung into her saddle.

They trotted quickly to the northwest quadrant, hugging the fence line. Already, some of the horses were moving away from the fence, sidling toward the south.

“Oh, just great,” Ryan said as he spotted a beautiful mare that was obviously pregnant.

“What?” Yvonne asked.

“That’s Dr. Farbacher’s mare Dee,” Ryan said. “He finds out she’s pregnant, he’s going lose it, hard.”

“Keep telling him, don’t want your horse getting sired, stable her when she’s going,” Ned agreed.

“Free ranging here’s just asking for it,” Ryan agreed.

A few horses tried to put up some resistance, but the three of them managed to get them to join the other horses.

Ryan had not been kidding; they did not take breaks. They herded the horses, then continued to guide them toward the southeast quadrant, Every now and then, one or two would try to break off, and one rider would break off and head the errant beasts off.

“Swear she’s done this before, huh?” Ryan praised when Yvonne took her turn at flanking and did her job well.

“Uh huh,” Ned shrugged.

Yvonne beamed under Ryan’s praise.

The sun was high, beating down hard on them by the time they’d managed to locate all the horses. Then, Yvonne was expected to brush her horse down after such hard work.

“Good girl, Bitsy, good girl,” Yvonne praised as she finished brushing the mare down.

“Good job, Yvonne,” Ryan said. “Hungry?”

“God, I’m starving!” Yvonne admitted, realizing she was truly hungry.

They ate, all seated around a slab of wood. Mrs. Chastaine, Bartholomew’s wife had prepared a simple fare of sandwiches and chips and a cold watermelon.

“Want go riding?” Ryan asked after they’d cleared the table.

“What? My butt’s sore!” Yvonne exclaimed.

“Not a horse,” Ryan smiled, indicating a large ATV.

“I uh, I’ve never, I don’t know how,” Yvonne admitted.

“Come on, easy as pie,” Ryan assured her, straddling the powerful vehicle.

To her surprise, he put her in front of him, trapping her with his long, muscled legs. When he put his hands on the handlebars, his chest pressed against her back.

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