Katie Takes what She Wants

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I enrolled at the local college after graduating high school to stay close to home and work for the family business. On my first day of college I was a little worried that I wouldn’t know anyone. Thankfully I noticed a beautiful girl I remembered from high school and later discovered she was in three of my classes.

I guess if I have a specific type that I’m attracted to Katie would be the text book example of everything that I fantasize about in one tight little package. She is barely 5′ tall weighs maybe 100 Lbs. She has the cutest smile and an amazing personality that melts my heart and makes me hard just thinking about her.

She has long straight jet black hair and great curves for someone so petite with the most perfect breasts the size of tennis balls with nipples that always seem to be erect. When I see her slim waist and curvy hips I can’t help but fantasize about holding her by the hips as I bury my hard cock to the hilt inside her pressing against her cervix as I spray her fertile pussy with my thick potent sperm inseminating her and marking her as mine.

When I was walking to my car after class, I spotted Katie and asked if she needed a ride home. She thanked me and accepted the offer. As we got in my car she told me her name and that she remembered seeing me around in high school. When she told me how to get to her house I was pleased to find that she lived only a block away from my home and we had a wonderful conversation on the way to her house.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Katie’s skirt had slid up her thighs exposing just a glimpse of her silky neon pink panties. I noticed Katie squirm a little in her seat and when I glanced over I could see her skirt had slid a little higher up her thighs and now I could clearly see her panties stretched tightly over her sweet delicate peach perfectly outlining the puffy lips and tight little slit.

I looked up at Katie’s face and she gave me a shy cute smile knowing I was looking at her sweet little pink flower. When we arrived at her house she reached down to grab her purse, slightly spreading her thighs and giving me a prime view of her panty covered pussy.

Katie pulled a pen from her purse and took my hand in hers placing the palm of my hand directly over her silky soft warm thigh. She wrote her phone number on the back of my hand and when she finished she placed her hand over mine and traced her fingertips slowly and seductively over the back of my hand and down off the tips of my fingers.

It was like slow motion as I watched Katie’s fingers tracing small circles on her inner thigh as her fingers moved closer and closer to her bright pink panties until the back of her hand grazed her puffy cameltoe and she let out a sexy little moan as we made eye contact.

Katie bit her lower lip as our eyes dropped to her middle finger softly massaging the little cleft in her tight little pussy, sliding her finger up and down slowly between her lips before sliding one finger under the edge of her panties and right between her moist labia gathering up her sweet nectar until it glistened on her finger.

We both watch as her fingertip emerged from under the edge of her pink panties wet and glistening with her fertile juices as she lifted her fingers up so we could both see clearly as she moved them closer to my face and brushed the back of her finger against the tip of my nose before slowly tracing her sweet nectar covered fingertip around my lips painting them with her feminine scent as Katie looked directly in my eyes and said.

“I’ll be home tonight if you want to call.”

The rock hard erection Katie gave me the moment she marked me with her scent kept me from thinking about anything except her so of course I called that same evening. I could hear the excitement in her voice when she told me she wanted to do something very special on Valentine’s Day and if I wanted to help her I should come to her house Friday night after everyone else goes to sleep for the night. We talked for most of the night and really got to know a lot about each other and agreed to meet at 10:30 Friday evening.

Since Katie’s house was only a block away from my house I decided to walk and on my way I started thinking about how much I appreciated the smart sexy amazing personality she has and how fortunate I am to get the chance to spend time with her making me smile when I realized my cock was getting hard just from thinking about Katie.

Katie had told me she lives with friends from College but because she had such strict parents she has always had a fantasy of sneaking a guy into her bedroom while everyone was asleep for the night and asked me how I would feel about roleplaying. It sounded way more fun than video games so I figured I would give it a try.

Katie told me that her bedroom has a sliding glass door that leads to the back yard and to just come through the side gate and her door is the first one that I izmir escort bayan come to. I quietly entered through the gate and made my way to her door stopping dead in my tracks when I noticed her through the glass door on her hands and knees facing away from the door.

Katie was ass up and face down looking for something under her bed searching around with one hand while the other was slowly teasing circles around her beautiful little flower. I could feel my shaft thicken as my eyes took in the beautiful spectacle before me in amazing detail as I noted the lack of panties and perfect swollen vaginal lips sparkling with feminine nectar as her fingers continued their hypnotic dance.

I lost all sense of time as I stood watching her and taking in the most beautiful sexy image I had ever seen at the time and was only brought back to reality when I felt a huge drop of precum leak from the tip of my cock and drip down the side of my rock hard shaft. Her short little skirt was pulled up just enough to see most of her perky little butt and all of her exotic pink passion flower.

I was worried for a moment that she would be startled or upset when she turned around and saw me watching her but that thought was quickly forgotten when she gave up searching under her bed and sat up turning her head and looking directly into my eyes with the sexiest smile. The way Katie bit her lower lip as she flasher a coy sexy smile made my cock jerk and thicken in my shorts catching Katie’s attention and drawing her gaze to my growing bulge.

Katie’s smile continued to grow as she bounced up to open the door for me making it obvious she was not wearing a bra as she pressed her erect nipples against the glass and her finger to her lips to let me know to be quiet as she slid the door open wrapped her arms around me and started kissing me before whispering in my ear.

“We have to keep the noises down so we don’t wake everyone up.”

While we continued kissing our hands began to explore each other’s bodies as the excitement grew between us until we were both breathing heavy. While I had my hands under her shirt I lifted it over her head as she quietly and passively lifted her arms to allow me to remove it. I dropped it on her bed and immediately filled my hands with my very first set of naked boobs.

I could feel my cock throb when I lowered my face to kiss her soft breasts. Her perfume smelt so good and her soft breasts and hard nipples tasted wonderful as my tongue explored her amazing breasts. She felt me throb and reached between us to touch my erection. When she touched my cock it jerked again. She jumped a little and giggled softly in my ear saying.

“Can I take it out so I can see it?”

I moaned my consent without losing my lip lock on her stiffening nipple as Katie unbuttoned my pants and pushed both pants and boxers down until they fell around my ankles and I kicked them away. I reached around and grabbed her sweet little ass cheeks pulling her to me again as I slipped my hands into her panties sliding them as far down her legs as possible until gravity took over and they fell landing on her pretty little feet.

She kicked them away and pressed her body against mine. When she felt my hard cock against her stomach she reached down wrapped her soft warm hand around it exploring every inch of my throbbing shaft. She slid her hand slowly from tip to base pausing with her left hand around the base, she took her right hand and wrapped it around my shaft right above her left hand. Then she released her left and started feeling the part of my cock that was still sticking out above her right hand.

I figured out what she was doing. She was measuring me. Katie had both hands wrapped around the shaft of my cock and there was still the head and one more inch remaining. Then she looked into my eyes and told me what she was thinking,

“I don’t think I’m ready for this. There is no way your big hard cock is going to fit in my little pussy.”

She pushed my shaft down as she lifted up on her toes slipping my erection between her soft warm thighs. Katie reached behind her and wrapped her thumb and index finger around my cock just behind the head lifting my rod gently into her hot wet pussy lips. She began to slowly slide her pussy back and forth over the length of my hard shaft.

She got the position just right and with a shudder started rubbing her clit along the top of my shaft. In just a few moments she was panting hard. Suddenly, she stiffened and shook in my arms. She was so horny she had a mini orgasm just from rubbing her hot little pussy against my cock! With a heavy sigh, she hugged me tightly. I felt wet warmth spreading over my cock as she put her lips to my ear and with a moan said.

“Oh my God, that felt so good.”

I picked her up softly laying her on the bed and as she pulled me on top of her I ended up between her legs with my cock resting on her thigh. escort izmir She looked up into my eyes and with a cute little smile she took her hand and moved my cock so the hard throbbing shaft was centered between her tight wet cleft with the base of my shaft rubbing on her swollen clit. She whispered in my ear.

“Please rub your big hard cock on my wet little pussy and make me cum again.”

Before kissing me passionately and sliding her tongue between my lips. It felt so good my cock throbbed and a thick drop of precum oozed from the tip laying down a slippery trail of lube as I slid my hard cock between Katie’s swollen pink lips.

I started picking up the pace and so did Katie’s breathing as I slid back and forth between her hot silky lips. I could tell we were both getting close to orgasm when suddenly I felt her tense up and as she jerked, she pulled back at the same time I was sliding down.

When I pushed forward the slippery precum covered head and another inch of cock catch the slippery opening to her virgin pussy and slide right inside making her pussy clamp down and pulsate tightly around the overexcited head of my cock causing it to jerk and ooze thick precum in the opening to her tight pink tunnel.

She looked up at me and her eyes got really big as her breathing slowed she reached down and grabbed my cock, she slid her hand up to where the head was buried in the opening to her very tight little pussy. She got a serious look and asked me.

“Did you cum in me?”

I shook my head and said “not yet but I was really close.” The cute smile returned and she said.

“Did you bring a condom?”

I told her “I did bring one.” She said.

“Why don’t you put it on and see how much more of that big cock we can squeeze into my tight little pussy?”

I pulled out with a pop and grabbed the condom from my pants pocket, in a second I was back up on the bed trying to get the condom wrapper open. I finally get the condom out and realize it’s the lubricated kind, yuck. I take the thing and slide it on and roll it all the way down the shaft, it seems pretty easy. I lay on top of her again and she kisses me while her hand reaches for my hard cock and guides it to her wet hot pussy. She rubs the head between her wet pussy lips and then lines up the head with her opening.

I look up and she is smiling and waiting for me to make the next move. I slowly push forward burying the condom covered head in the wet opening to her tight pinkness. I pull back and slide forward again burying a little more hard shaft each time I press forward. On the fifth stroke I feel the back of her pussy pressing against the head of my cock and my balls resting on her ass cheeks. She lets out a deep moan of satisfaction as she feels my throbbing shaft filling her tight pussy. We both look down and she says.

“Wow it’s all in me. I can’t believe the whole thing fit in my little pussy. I feel so full and It feels so good.”

I press my lips to her ear and ask her, “Are you ready?” She says.

“Yes be gentile.”

I slowly pull most of the way out and start sliding in and out, she is getting wetter with each stroke and within a few strokes I feel heat and wetness around the base of my cock and it feels really good. With each stroke the heat and wetness slowly work its way up the shaft. What I didn’t realize was due to inexperience I had put the condom on inside out with the lubrication on the inside.

With each stroke I was pushing the condom deeper inside her tight pussy as it was sliding off the shaft of my very hard and leaking cock. Each stroke was exposing more shaft as the condom was sliding off a little with each stroke. It was feeling better for both of us and I remember Katie saying.

“Wow it keeps feeling better and better, your cock feels so hot and hard inside my pussy.”

I can hear her breathing faster and harder and I know I am getting close to the point of no return too. She giggles and whispers in my ear.

“It feels like your cock is getting harder and thicker, its making my pussy feel so good, I think I’m going to cum again, ooh fuck yes, don’t stop.”

I know I am only a couple of strokes away from filling the condom with a huge load of potent sperm and on the next outstroke I suddenly feel incredible wetness and warmth squeezing and caressing the sensitive head of my ready to explode cock.

I push forward to bury my cock again it feels so hot wet tight and silky smooth that I pause with my hard throbbing cock buried balls deep in Katie’s tight sheath. I hear her moan and then the most intense squeezing and pulsing around my hard cock as she succumbs to a powerful orgasm causing me to lose control and the next thing I feel is my cock jerk, expand and then start blasting loads of hot thick cum deep into the back of Katie’s pulsating pussy. She turns her head quickly to look at me, her eyes big with surprise, she said. izmir escort

“Wow I can feel your cock jerking and squirting inside my pussy, I can feel how hot and wet you’re cum is even with a condom on, it feels amazing.”

I was thinking the same thing and then Katie said.

“When it stops throbbing and spewing, pull it out so I can see how much cum is in the condom, it feels like a really big load.”

I kissed her while waiting for my throbbing cock to finish empting my balls and when the pulsing stopped, I looked her in the eyes and said, “It’s a good thing I was wearing a condom that was a huge load.”

I lifted up so we could see and started slowly pulling out, when I got to the half way point and all I could see is wet shiny cock with no condom in sight I got concerned. When I pulled the head out and it was covered in thick white sperm with a big drop of fresh sperm dripping from the tip we both just looked at each other with a puzzled expression. Katie’s expression quickly changed to panic as it started to register what had happened and the possible consequences, she said.

“What happed to the condom?”

I said, “It must have come off.” As I looked down at her swollen pink lips she presses her hand down above her pussy and a flood of thick white sperm comes oozing out followed by the condom rolled neatly into a small round ring. We both stared at it as Katie giggled and said.

“No wonder it felt so good.”

The next day when I noticed her at school she came up and whispered in my ear.

“You pumped so much cum in my little pussy last night sperm is still leaking out of me, it will be a miracle if I’m not knocked up and since the damage is already done I want to feel you’re fat cock throbbing and pumping a hot load of sperm deep inside my little pussy one more time after school today and then you had better keep your fingers crossed that my period shows up on time.”

I was worried about getting Katie pregnant and avoided her after school heading straight home. I changed into my swim suit hoping a swim in the pool would take my mind off the sperm that were swimming in Katie’s fertile womb. I finished swimming and was sitting in the Jacuzzi relaxing when I heard the gate close and looked up to see Katie heading towards me and she looked pissed.

When she got to the edge of the Jacuzzi she stood looking down at me as she gave me shit for avoiding her after school. I was looking up at her and noticed the tight little shorts and bikini top with erect nipples. As I told her I was worried about getting her pregnant I could feel my cock begin to thicken lifting the front of my swim suit in the water.

Katie smiled as she popped the button on her shorts and let them fall down to her pretty feet before kicking them aside. With a sly smile she pulled her bikini bottom to the side exposing her beautiful little peach before squatting down beside me and slipping a finger deep in her pussy, pulling it out covered in thick white goo as she said.

“I think it’s a little late to be worrying about knocking me up.”

As I watched her sexy little body slip into the water beside me I felt my cock reach full erection bobbing in the warm water. Katie slid right into my lap straddling me as she whispered in my ear.

“Don’t worry sweetie a couple more squirts won’t make a difference.”

I felt her pull my cock free of my suit as I pulled her bikini top up and pinched one nipple while sucking the other to full hardness. Just as I switched nipples I felt Katie’s sweet warm silky opening engulf the thick head of my cock.

She looked deep into my eyes and gave me a sexy grin as she slowly slid her tight silky cum slippery pussy down onto my rock hard erection until her thick swollen pussy lips were hugging the base of my throbbing cock. When she hit bottom and heard me moan in pleasure she started kissing me passionately as she ground her clit against the base of my cock and the opening to her cervix against the tip of my ridged cock.

As Katie kissed me I felt her begin to slowly move up and down on my shaft taking longer and longer strokes with each rise and fall of her tight passion flower on my throbbing erection. When Katie felt my cock getting thicker and harder she knew I was getting close and she started squeezing me harder with her slippery pussy as she milked my cock with each stroke hoping to make me to lose control and fill her pussy with a huge load of thick hot potent sperm.

I was getting close and just before she pushed me over the edge I grabbed her hips and held her down on my pulsing cock to keep her from moving as I calmed down fighting off the urge to just let go and fill her womb with another dangerous load of potent sperm.

I knew if I let Katie continue she would get me to eventually fill her with another load of potent sperm and I didn’t want to increase the chances of knocking her up so to buy more time I suggested we finish this in the comfort of my bedroom. She just sat in my lap with my throbbing erection buried deep inside her tight little pussy and stared at me with a sly smile as she milked my cock with her hot slippery pussy.

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