Kerith and Kamilka Ch. 01

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How you feel about yourself, in relation to your size and shape, may have little relation to your actual proportions. I was, for a while, involved with a woman who was six feet two, big breasted and bottomed, but who felt herself to be small, delicate and vulnerable. Though I am much shorter, she wanted me to be protective and commanding. Submissive to the point that when we made love, she could respond only when told what to do, and could only orgasm after repeated pleadings to be allowed to. The relationship ended, in fact, because I was not sufficiently domineering. She found another lover, actually smaller than me, whose orgasms depended on dominating her partner almost to, maybe actually to, the point of humiliation.

This reminiscence prefaces a story designed to include the fantasies of a woman I will call ‘Kerith.’ Another Literotica reader, she is lesbian, ready to enter into loving, monogamous liaisons. She is quite tall, but fancies a taller lover, and she is ready to give herself to the needs and pleasures of a partner. At the same time, she longs for motherhood, which means being impregnated by another woman, and Kerith does not distinguish between women who have penises and those who don’t. I am striving to do justice to her beauty, for the only authentic details of this otherwise fictional piece are those of her appearance.

[Language notes, Polish to English: wlosy pussy=pubic hair (vlossy pussy); piekna dupka=beautiful bottom (pyenkna doopka); lechtaczka=clitoris (wekhtachka); piekna cipa=beautiful cunt (pyenkna cheepa)].

Kerith’s third visit to the store was motivated more by the hope of seeing one of the security staff than by the wish to purchase. She was aware of this prompting, but ready not to take it too seriously. After all, the woman was likely already in a, probably heterosexual, relationship. She would, anyway, not necessarily be drawn towards Kerith.

Kerith was dressed in a blouse and skirt, to look as feminine as possible, and because if she was going to try on clothes, specifically panties, it was easier like that. Which raised the question of what kind of panties to wear, something lacy or her usual sturdy cottons. Silly question, since there was no reason to think her underwear was going to be important today.

To work she wore padded bras to enhance her otherwise smallish breasts, but on this occasion, for some reason, she wanted to present herself as she really was. After all, although not prominent they were shapely, and shown to advantage by the blouse.

The security guard was visible on the first floor, moving about slowly and scrutinising the customers. Kerith’s vivid memory of her was confirmed. The woman was tall, maybe just over six feet, and her crisp blue shirt certainly showed off her breasts to advantage. Though not especially large, perhaps D-cup, they were rounded and covered a lot of chest. It quite surprised Kerith that she was not wearing pants but a knee-length navy-blue skirt. Beneath that there were pantyhose or stay-ups. Her shoes were sturdy black flats. She was not wearing a uniform hat. Instead, her pale blonde hair was gathered at the back by a navy ribbon.

Keri moved closer, pretending to look through the jeans on the rack beside her, hoping that her approach was not obvious while her target continued to move about and keep her attention on the customers. Kerith knew her name already, having on her first visit read the ribbon above her left breast. Kamilka Omelan. Above the right breast was the name of her employers, while the shirt’s epaulettes bore silver numbers, further identification.

While Kerith was covertly admiring this Kamilka, she became aware that she was being studied in her turn.

Although Kamilka was keeping an eye on the shoppers she was also switching her gaze to Kerith every few seconds. And eventually their eyes met, and held, and both women, without thinking, smiled.

After that Kamilka scanned the people again, for perhaps a minute, and Kerith waited for their eyes to lock again. She was confident this would happen, because during that first ocular sharing some sort of intimate communication had been established. Both women had felt it, Kerith was sure, and she moved still closer, only a few feet away.

Sure enough, Kamilka looked into Kerith’s face, smiled and moved her lips in a silent message. Surely a confirmation there was something beyond the immediate. Those lips were like Kerith’s own, delicate, beautifully shaped, a rich pink, promising sweet kissing. Then Kamilka seemed to discover some urgent task elsewhere, but as she brushed past Kerith she said quietly, ‘Break in five minutes. canlı bahis Coffee, top floor?’

Kerith nodded. There was no possibility of failing that appointment, and she was in the coffee shop three minutes later, seated at a table in the quietest corner, heart beating a little faster. Though she was telling herself how unwise this anticipation was, as all that had happened was a shared look, a smile, and a probably merely casual invitation. She also knew, however, thinking of those light greenish-brown eyes, that she was actually being invited into something far from casual.

Punctual to the minute, Kamilka entered, strode over and said, ‘May I join you?’

They both laughed, Kerith took her purse of a chair and Kamilka moved it so that when she sat down they were side by side, backs to the walls in the corner. Then she offered a hand, ‘Kamilka Omelan, as you know from three weeks ago.’ Her voice was pleasantly resonant, with a trace of an accent.

Kerith offered a hand much smaller than Kamilka’s, and gave her name. There was no shake. The hands remained clasped for a short while. The eye-contact was renewed, and through it a series of mutual intuitions passed. Kerith understood that her longing for a stable, loving and passionate liaison had been absorbed. She knew in turn that this strong, confident woman was capable of tenderness, but currently needing some fulfilment which she, Kerith, might be able to provide.

A waitress approached and took their order, and while she was fetching it there was an exchange of information. Kerith was in retail and Kamilka was from a Polish-American family in another state, and bilingual. Her store job was supporting her through a master’s degree. But after the coffee arrived the talk became deeper and more oblique.

‘Kerith, I so like your name. It sounds gentle, like a sigh of satisfaction. And you are gentle, aren’t you? You’re generous, wanting to give pleasure.’

Kerith was a little shocked that the conversation had so quickly progressed, but Kamilka, reading her hesitation, said, ‘We know there’s something between us, for us, don’t we? So, why don’t we just follow where it takes us?’

‘All right. You know I was attracted to you the first time I saw you. You know I came here today hoping to see you again.’

‘You were hoping for more than that.’

‘Yes, I was.’

‘You are even more hopeful now.’

‘Yes, I am.’

‘What are you hoping for, Kerith?’

Kerith was still not quite ready for such directness and hesitated. Kamilka’s hand sought hers under the table. ‘You were hoping for love.’ A statement, not a question.

‘How could I, though? When the odds were that you were in a relationship, and not interested in women, anyway.’

‘Because your instinct told you otherwise.’ Her hand was squeezed.

‘What did your instinct tell you?’ Kerith asked, happy to have her hand held.

‘It told me, the first time you came, to hope you’d come again, and the same the second time. And today it told me we could really meet.’

‘But there’s some problem, isn’t there? You’re anxious, aren’t you, that I’m going to back away?’

‘Kerith, your instinct is working very well!’

‘Kamilka, I’m not going to back away. There’s nothing which would make me, except the involvement of someone else.’

‘Well, let’s not back away but back up a little. Then come forward again. So, obviously you do like women. For friendship, for love, for -?’

‘For everything.’

‘That’s good. Is there anyone else involved for you?’

‘No, Kamilka, there isn’t. Not since she moved to a city too far away.’

‘There’s no-one else in my life, either. Hasn’t been for a long time.’

‘I’m surprised, considering how attractive you are.’

‘Thank you for that, Kerith. But that brings us back to the possible problem.’

‘You’re going to have to tell me.’

Kamilka moved her chair even closer and transferred the joined hands to her thigh and released her own. Kerith realised after a moment that she should move her hand up the leg, and tentatively did so. She reached the top and paused. She looked into Kamilka’s face, to find an eager, anticipatory expression. Behind that the anxiety earlier identified had intensified.

‘Go ahead,’ Kamilka breathed, tensing up, her greeny-brown eyes wide and blazing into Kerith’s. ‘Don’t back away.’

Kerith moved her hand sideways a little into Kamilka’s crotch. ‘Ah!’ she said in a gusty sigh, ‘I see, I see.’ She didn’t move the hand.

Kamilka placed her hand over Kerith’s and pressed it downwards. ‘What do you say now, Kerith, bahis siteleri sweet Kerith. Are you going to back away?’

‘Kamilka,’ said Kerith, ‘A woman is a woman for me, whether or not she has a -‘

Kamilka relaxed and released her held breath. ‘I hoped, too, hoped so much.’

‘I want to feel it properly,’ said Kerith. ‘I’ve never touched one, but if I’ve wanted to so much. Just never had the chance. Can I?’

‘Go ahead. Please. No-one can see under this table. It’s so wonderful you want to.’

Kerith slid her hand back down the thigh and sought the skirt hem. ‘It’s wonderful you want me to. I won’t make you -?’

‘Not if you don’t squeeze or rub too much. I’m so longing for your touch.’

Kerith’s hand glided up the thigh, found the top of the stocking and passed on to the bare flesh above. ‘Good,’ she said, ‘Not pantyhose. Oh, but these panties are quite tight, especially with this extra inside.’

‘They’re cheer-leader’s spanky-pants.’She began to speak quickly while Kerith’s fingers found their way inside them. ‘I like to wear a skirt and stay-ups. I don’t like pantyhose, they’re sweaty, and these pants keep everything hidden if I have to restrain some -. Oh, Kerith, that’s so good. You’re holding me, holding me.’

‘It’s so hard, Kamilka, but it’s warm, flesh and blood, part of you, not some piece of wood or plastic. I know it’s so hard because you need to come. I know you need to come. That’s what you need, isn’t it?’

‘Yes, darling, but not just to come.’

‘Oh, Kamilka, you want, you need to come inside me, don’t you?’

‘Yes, darling. I’ve been desperate to come inside you since I first saw you. It’s got to be you, Kerith. You’re the one.’

‘I want you to come inside me so much. I’m nearly coming myself thinking of it. Feel my panties.’ This was why she was wearing a skirt, wasn’t it?’

Before Kamilka could do that the waitress returned to ask if they wanted anything further. She was a little puzzled when the two women laughed and said No. When she had gone, Kamilka said, ‘But we do want something further, don’t we?’ And she felt sideways and her hand moved up Kerith’s thigh. ‘Lovely and wet,’ she said, ‘I love the slippery feel. I’ve got to go inside those panties…Yes, your wlosy pussy are silky, like your hair. Is it the same lovely ginger-gold colour? I can’t wait to see it.’

‘I don’t know where or when, but you’re going to see it. It’s coarser. Is that Polish for pussy hair?’

‘Yes, and it could be near here and very soon.’

‘It could?’

‘There’s a little closet behind the lingerie department, which no-one goes into between the cleaners leaving in the morning and coming back at night. I’m still off-duty for twenty minutes. Will you go there with me?’

‘Yes, please take me there. And take me in there. Take me. You must promise to come at least once. Inside me, without a condom.’

‘I want nothing else. But it sounds as if it would be your first time.’

‘Yes. There have been fingers and dildoes, and tampons, of course, but never -‘

‘You really are a virgin? And you really want -?’

‘Yes, I want you take my virginity.’

‘Kerith! You want to give me your virginity.’

They took hands from panties and sniffed them. Kamilka smelled the intoxicating scent of excited vagina. She licked her fingers in delight. Kerith smelled a scent new to her, a scent not broadcast by the videos she had watched. A slight cheesy, feral scent, pheromones going straight to the core of her brain, heart and genitalia.

They smoothed down their skirts, rose and moved away, leaving money with the check on the table, resisting the urge to hold hands, skip and run. Separating a little as they left the room and just happened to be going in the same direction. Through the lingerie, where Kerith was reminded it was a good thing she was wearing cotton panties, because they were more absorbent, and into an area between the changing cubicles and the racks of underwear. There was a plain, windowless door, and Kamilka quickly opened it, stepped inside and closed it.

No-one was nearby, so Kerith followed suit, and had hardly got the door closed behind her when she was pulled into Kamilka’s arms, and as she turned her face up Kamilka’s lips clamped onto hers and a long, long kiss began. Lips closed and gently flexing against each other at first, then tongues probed between teeth, and eventually, mouths full open, tongues writhed and pushed into every buccal cavity and sweetness flowed.

Kamilka’s hands stroked up and down Kerith’s back and cupped themselves round her bottom. The kiss bahis şirketleri ended and both drew deep breaths. Kamilka said, ‘I’ve just got to see that lovely ass.’ They parted and Kamilka turned Kerith, raised her skirt and contemplated her pantied bottom. ‘My,’ she said, ‘Those panties are soaking, girl. Let’s take them down.’ and she drew them down below the knees.

There was a long moment when Kerith wondered what was happening, then she heard, ‘That is beautiful, so beautiful, piekna dupka,’ and Kerith felt hands smoothing and patting, before something hot and hard pushed between the cheeks.

‘You are slippy enough, sweetheart,’ Kamilka said, ‘As you can feel, I’m ready. Are you ready for me, darling? Do you want me to come into you?’

‘You know I am. Just do it, do it. Come as quick as you like.’

The closet was small and cluttered with brushes, vacuum cleaners, dustsheets and shelves of cleaning products. Aprons and overalls hung from rows of hooks, but one wall was clear, and Kamilka guided Kerith towards it. ‘Lean yourself against there,’ she said, ‘Reach up your hands and put them against the wall. That’s right. Now push your bottom back a little to let me in. Are you ready? Here I come.’

Kerith felt Kamilka’s cock probing at her inner lips, and Kamilka said, ‘I don’t want to put myself into you. I want to feel for your entrance. Can you feel me between your labia?’

‘Yes, yes, I can. I’ve never felt that before. It’s different. It’s hard but not solid. My pussy is waiting, wanting. Go in now, I’m so ready. I want to feel it filling me.’

‘The end is in. I can just push a little…and, yes! Here I go. Oh, it’s so lovely, I’m sliding into your piekna cipa. You’re taking me into you, Kerith, holding me. Can you feel me all the way inside?’

‘Yes, you’re all inside me. I can feel your pussy hair against my bottom. Are you going to come?’

‘Squeeze me with your vagina muscles. Just a tiny movement and I will come.’

‘Like this?’

‘Oh, yes! That’s perfect. I’m going to come. I’m coming!’

Kerith felt the cock swell and pulse and suddenly slip and slide with Kamilka’s cum, while Kamilka shuddered and gasped and thrust hard again and again against Kerith’s cervix.

They stayed locked in place for several minutes. Cum leaked down Kerith’s legs and soaked into her panties below her knees. She lowered a hand and reached between her legs to touch Kamilka and collect their mixed juices, and smell and taste them. She said, ‘I’m not a virgin now. You’ve blessed me with your cum and made me a complete woman.’

‘It’s heaven inside you, Kerith. You’ve blessed me with your sweet cipa liquor.’

‘You’re not going to just pull out of me and go, are you?’

‘No, no. I’m going to be inside you all the time, even when we’re not together. I’m going to be waiting all the time to go back inside you again when we’re apart. Do you want me to be inside you, again and again?’

‘Yes, I do, I do.’

‘Now I could come again. Can you hold that position a little longer?’

‘Yes. I want you to come again and again.’

Kamilka began to push in and draw out of Kerith’s dripping vagina and at the same time reached round to feel for her clitoris. ‘I want to make love to your lechtaczka,’ she said, ‘Your cleetoris. Does it feel good?’

‘Go harder, harder. It’s getting bigger again. Oh, I’m going to come! A little more. Push harder, all the way in. Yes! Yes! Come now, make me come.’

Great gouts of cum poured into Kerith as her vagina pulsated and ecstasy swept through her whole body. Kamilka gripped Kerith’s bottom with one hand while the other, cupped around her mons, pulled her against Kamilka’s stomach. Time passed and at last Kamilka’s spent cock slid out and a flood of cum and vaginal lubricant poured down Kerith’s legs.

Kamilka reached for a clean overall and began to wipe up the proof of the love-making. Kerith stepped out of her sopping panties and Kamilka crammed them into her spanky pants, between her thighs. ‘I’m going to sniff and lick those till we’re together again, and, please, let it be soon. We have to be together, don’t we?’

She picked up and opened Kerith’s purse from the floor and took out a tampon. ‘This’ll help,’ she said, expertly inserting it. ‘Now stay put a minute while I get you some new panties.’

She was soon back with a pack of three pairs. She tore it open and held a pair while Kerith stepped into them. Kamilka pulled them and patted Kerith’s bottom. ‘All shipshape,’ she said. ‘Now let’s arrange our next meeting.’

The date agreed, it was time for Kamilka to resume work. Reluctantly they separately slipped out of the closet, and as she made her way down the elevator Kerith felt more cum draining into the new panties, and looked forward to much more of it jetting into and oozing out of her.

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