Kidnapped Ch. 05

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Lauren stepped nervously into the club.

She seldom went to clubs, as a rule. The mindless mass of bodies and throbbing music did nothing for her. Still, she was there with her friend Jess, who insisted on bringing her in an attempt to inject normalcy in her life.

Normalcy. Lauren snorted. She took the martini that Jess offered her and leaned against the bar, watching the people milling about. The heavy thud of the music beat incessantly in her head. Jess took her arm.

“Come on Lauren we Have to dance!”

She grimaced.

“You go ahead, I’ll join you later,” she shouted over the din. Jess pursed her mouth then turned to join the heaving crowd.

Lauren let her eyes glaze over as her mind stilled amidst the loudness. Finally she picked up her clutch and made her way to the door.

A strong chest clad in a black long-sleeved shirt blocked her way. Lauren frowned and tried to step around the person blocking her but he mimicked her movements. Frustrated she glared up into his face.

Her mouth went dry.

“Jack? Wha-“

“What’s wrong, Jack,” a sultry voice followed by a dark-haired woman emerged from behind Jack. Lauren stared at her, forgetting to shut her mouth until Jack motioned at her.

“This is Lauren. One of my..acquaintances.” His eyes met Lauren’s and she flushed.

“Oh. Well. Hello.” The woman had full lips, pursed in indignance at the moment, and her brows were beautifully sculpted and arched high on her forehead as she surveyed Lauren. Lauren felt suddenly small in her tight white dress.

“If you’ll excuse us,” Jack said coolly. He stepped past Lauren, leading the woman with him by the hand.

Lauren gaped after them.

She stood at the side watching in a mixture of disbelief and sheer shock as Jack led his partner on the dance floor and began moving to the music. The woman was gorgeous. Her hair was thick and sinful as chocolate, spilling in soft waves down her black. The straps criss-crossing her back brought out the smoothness of her skin as she danced sensually, moving her body against Jack.

Jack. Tall and handsome on the dance floor. Jack. His sleek body concealed under crisp clothes, just a hint of his dark hair peeking out of the vee of his shirt, left casually unbuttoned at the top. His eyes exuding heat in the dark.

Lauren struggled to look away but her eyes were fastened on the couple dancing. Jack turned the brunette around and she pressed her flesh against the front of his body. He leaned in and licked her ear as he slid a hand around to hold her close. Lauren shivered as she remembered how his mouth had felt. When she saw Jack’s hand move up the woman’s thigh she snapped out of her trance and set her mouth in a grim line.

Turning on her heel she walked out of the club.

Jack looked up from his escort’s neck. He took a step away from her.

“That will be all.” He turned and left the brunette standing on the dance floor, smirking.

Lauren went clacking down the street in her high heels. Irked, she paused to slip them off and held them by their straps. She muttered angrily to herself as she walked down the path, the night dark around her, broken only by the faint yellow light of dull street lamps.

Her cellphone vibrated in her bag and she fished for it irritably.

“Hello? Yes, I left. No, I’m not disturbed or anything. I’ll see you tomorrow, Jess,” sighing, Lauren slipped her cell back into her bag.

She turned a corner and a strong arm pulled her into the alley.

“Let go!” Lauren screamed. The fear that had once filled her back in the warehouse with Chuck and Wayne came flooding back and she struggled against her captor’s arm. “Let go of me!!” She canlı bahis reached down and sank her teeth in his arm. His grip loosened and she wriggled out.

“FUCK. What the hell did you do that for?”

Lauren stepped away and stared into the shadows.

“Jack??” His familiar face emerged into the dim light, that lock of hair falling over his eyes, which were edged with fury.

Suddenly irrational anger filled Lauren.

“What in fuck were you doing??” She raised her clutch and smacked at him hard. Shocked, Jack took a step back. “Why did you follow me? Stay there with that skank! I don’t care what you do!” Her face was flushed and her eyes bright with indignation. Jack looked at her. A wry smile spread on his lips and Lauren gasped at him.

“You stupid asshole.” She shot him a chilly look and turned to go. He reached out and grabbed her as he always did.

“Will you fucking stop that!” Lauren yelled into his face. Jack stilled. “What are you doing here? Why are you following me??” Jack cast his eyes down for a minute, then looked back at her. The look in his eyes made her freeze.

“I had to see you. I didn’t know how else to get your attention. You left me. Nobody does that.” Jack tightened his jaw as he spoke. “I just wanted to see you.”

“And the girl?”

“She’s nobody. Just someone I paid.” He ran his hand over his chin. Lauren looked at him incredulously.

“Okay. So what do you want?”

Jack stepped closer to her and took her hands in his. “I want a chance. Just one chance, that you’ll see me as a man and not..not. Anything else.” He leaned down and lowered his head to hers, just looking at her.

Lauren returned his look, with hesitation. She watched him for a long time, trying to read his eyes. Finally she sighed and dropped her hands from his.

“I don’t know what to do. You exasperate me. And yet I keep thinking about you.” She turned away and studied the moths flitting around the street lamp a few paces away.

Jack stepped up behind her and drew her back with him. He pressed her gently against the wall and looked at her.

“Don’t think about anything else,” he said softly. She looked into his dark eyes, and down at his lips. He moved closer and she could feel his clothes shift against her. His thighs, strong against hers and his heart beating slowly. She kept her eyes open as he moved his mouth nearer to hers. He paused, then coaxed her lips open with his tongue. A small shudder ran through her as he swept his tongue inside her mouth slowly. She took his mouth and clutched at his shirt as he pressed his hips against hers. Already she could feel the swell of him against her stomach.

“Jack,” she breathed. Jack tilted his head against hers and she turned as he pressed his mouth to the curve of her neck. The delicious slide of his tongue on her skin had her eyes fluttering shut as his hands moved to the crest of her breasts. They felt heavy and ached in his palm. Lifting his head Jack looked at her. He pulled the fabric of the white cotton tube dress down and watched her as he laved his tongue over her nipple.

“Jack we’re- we’re in public we can’t-“

Jack placed a finger on her lips. He drew her nearer and spread his thighs so that his hardness fit snugly between her legs. She groaned as he started moving his hips against hers. The stroke of his hard member against her quickly-moistening panties fired her blood and she leaned into him when Jack reached down and eased his fingers over her panties. He rubbed her through the cotton and she opened her mouth silently. His mouth tugged on her nipples and she uttered guttural sounds. Jack’s eyes focused on her and he pulled her panties down her legs. Slipping them bahis siteleri off he slid his hand back up her thighs.

“You’ve missed this haven’t you,” he whispered harshly in her ear as his fingers found her aching center and caressed her hard. Lauren gasped and bucked against his hand, reaching in between her legs and moving up and down, fingers sweeping over her clit and dipping into her wet folds.

“Tell me you’ve missed this,” Jack hissed as he inserted a finger, then two into her aching passage. She tightened around him, moaning as he curved his fingers up into her softness and soothed her rising need.

“I have. And I’m sure you have too,” she answered, a wry smile on her face as she smoothed her hands down Jack’s chest and over his hardness, stiff against his pants. He clenched his jaw as she gripped him through the cloth and stroked him hard. She tugged at the zip and buttons, leaning in to his ear to whisper, “Take me now. Take me hard,”

Jack’s eyes flashed and he stepped back to unfasten his pants. He pulled his cock out, hard and thick in his palm, stroking himself as he watched Lauren. She leaned against the wall, her tongue sliding out as she looked at him.

“Take you hard?” Jack pressed back against Lauren’s hips. She could feel his warm cock thick between her slick lips and she sighed choppily. Jack took one of her legs up over his arm and then swept the other up. Holding her up against the wall he watched her with dark eyes as he speared his thick cock into the entrance of her heated pussy. Lauren’s mouth dropped in an “O” as she felt his cock push into her, each inch setting off delicious sensations at her core.

Jack dropped his head in the curve of her neck and thrust into her. Her body shook as he drove deep into her, drawing out her pleasure with each deep, firm move. Lauren held onto him and cried out. “Fuck me Jack, fuck me harder harder please!”

Her words fuelled his passion and Jack began driving his cock fiercely into Lauren. She felt each slide and give, his source of pleasure fused with hers, and her eyes caught tightly on his as her mouth opened and her eyes rolled up — His entire body strained, each muscle tensed to drive that one slick organ into her opening. She shuddered and felt the familiar sharp pleasure start low in her body.

Jack clenched his teeth as the pleasure of Lauren’s pussy, like a wet silk fist around his aching cock filled his senses and he felt her spasming in his arms. He reared back and thrust hard in her, pounding himself to his climax.

He drew out of her and started to stroke himself off when Lauren pushed his hands away and got to her knees, pulling his cock into her mouth and sucking him deep in her throat. He stared down at her, shocked and aroused, watching his cock disappear in her soft mouth. He groaned and tilted his head back as she drew his hardness deeper into her throat and ran her hands around his balls, squeezing gently. He came in deep, strong spurts that Lauren took into her throat.

She stood up and dusted her knees off calmly.

Jack stared at her. His senses started coming back to him and he watched her straighten her clothes, bemused.

“Well that was..different.” He fit himself back into his pants and zipped them. Shucking his shirt he stood next to Lauren and cast a look at her. “Shall we?”

She smiled suddenly, and looked back up at him. Slipping an arm through the one he offered she fell into pace beside him. “Yes, let’s.”

Jack hailed a cab and they got in. On the way Lauren looked out of the window at the rain that had begun to fall.

“You know, I will give you one chance. But when my dad finds out, it won’t be pretty. At all.” She said quietly bahis şirketleri without looking at Jack. He kept silent.

“Come and stay with me. Tell your parents you’re going on a vacation. Or something. Anything. Just stay with me for a month. And then decide if you want to stay longer,” Jack took her hand in his. Lauren looked at the street passing by outside. She thought for a moment, then turned her head to look into his eyes, serious and earnest.

“All right. One month,” she let a small, nervous smile hang at the corner of her lips. The elation in Jack was palpable as he leaned forward and kissed her.

The cabbie looked in the mirror.

“Right here?”

“Yes, yes,” Jack answered.

He paid the fare and they took the steps to his apartment.

“Are you hungry?” Jack asked, smiling. His smile was so real now, there was no hint of the brooding man that had sat in the corner and watched her in the warehouse. Lauren nodded. “Well I could make some pasta if you like. Do you like mushrooms?”

Lauren grinned. “I love mushrooms.”

Jack arched a brow at her tone and laughed. “Okay. I’ll be quick. Just get comfy.” Lauren fell onto the couch and stretched languidly.

Jack opened cupboard doors and removed the utensils required. He cooked the pasta quickly, drained it and placed it in a serving bowl, and was stirring the sauce with a wooden spoon when he felt arms snake around his stomach.

“I’m cooking,” he chuckled. Lauren pressed her nose into his shirt, inhaling his scent.

“I know. But I’m hungry,” she clutched him tighter and he smiled to himself, lifting the spoon to taste it.

He didn’t expect it when he felt her move in front of him and tug at his zip. Startled, Jack looked down, the spoon still raised in the air, as Lauren took his semi-hard cock out of his pants and drew her tongue over him.


“I said I’m hungry, and I can’t wait,” Lauren pouted. Jack raised his eyebrows, watching her suck him. He reached out and turned the fires on the stove off.

“All right..but the pasta’s almost ready, and I- oh..” his eyes half-closed as she took his balls in her mouth, sliding her tongue wetly over the delicate skin. She watched as a fierceness that was by now familiar to her came into his eyes. He reached down and pulled her up. His arms picked her up by her bum and he took her into his room.

She laughed and kicked as she fell on his bed. She quickly stilled, though, when she looked down to see Jack moving up her body, one hand tugging her panties down and tossing them in a corner. She tensed in anticipation as he moved his head in her stomach. He drew his tongue down from the skin of her abdomen, over her clean shaven mons and down in the moist, fleshy slit.

Lauren moaned in her throat and arched her back. His mouth was exquisite on her, his tongue hard and wet on her clit, stroking insistently. The pleasure spread in pulses from between her legs where he had his head burrowed. She placed her hands in his long, dark hair as he pleasured her.

Jack swept his tongue furiously over Lauren’s moist, musky pussy as he felt her tense beneath him. Her fingers clutched at him tightly and he shook his head quickly from side to side as he dragged his tongue over her center. She came in wracking shudders and he slid back up her body to smile gently at her.

Lauren opened her half-closed eyes and touched his face.

“I love you.”

Jack stilled. He looked at her in a mix of shock and another emotion that he couldn’t quite put a finger on- something strange and frightening. He drew back from her.

“The pasta is done now,” he turned and left the room.

Lauren lay between the ruffled sheets. She sighed slowly.


P.S. I take your comments into consideration and I’ve tried to make this longer than it usually is. I appreciate all feedback and I will finish this. 🙂

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