Life Ch. 04

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After the party-goers finally woke up and made their way home, I made my brother start cleaning the inside of the house out while I worked on cleaning the pool. I found Danni’s purse in the poolhouse fridge, and decided I might return it to her next time I needed a good blowjob. Joan called me groggily around 3pm and asked me why her shirt was ripped up and Ricky wasn’t answering her calls. After a little explaining, she regained her memory and told me she’d call me later after she got her shit from Ricky’s room. And as much as I wanted and waited, I never found anything of Deedee’s she might come back for, and she didn’t call.

Around five, I decided I deserved a break, and went for a swim. Not long after I dove in, I heard a car door slam, and I looked up to see Linzy, wearing a black mini-skirt and matching corset-like halter top, coming through the back gate. “What are you doing here?” I asked, wiping water and hair from my face.

“What? I can’t come visit my cousins?” she asked. “I mean, I woulda came to the party, but somebody forgot to tell me there was one.” She accused as she sat down on the dividing wall between the concrete around the pool and the grass in the backyard. “Why have you been avoiding me?” she asked after I didn’t respond.

I swam to the shallow end and leaned on the edge of the pool. “Um, because you lied to me and tricked me into committing incest.” I offered sarcastically, then kicked off and started back stroking around the pool. Linzy laughed and leaned over on her knees. “I might’ve lied, but did it really take that much convincing to get you to fuck me?” She stood up, kicked her shoes off, and walked around the pool as I swam. “I mean, honestly Jeremy, you wanted me as much as I wanted you, and you always have.”

“That’s beside the point.” I said and kept swimming. “I’d like a free Corvette too, but I’m not gonna go steal one. I’d like to run over every person that pulls out in front of me, but I don’t.” I stopped to tread water. “And do you know why?” Linzy smirked at me. “Cause it’s wrong, Linzy. Theft, murder, and incest.”

Linzy sighed. “But wasn’t it worth it?”

I shook my head.

“Really?” Linzy asked and started untying the ribbons on her top. “Can you look me in the eye and tell me it wasn’t the best sex you’ve ever had? Or at least in the top ten?” she asked and dropped the corset on the ground, letting her tits fall into open air.

I couldn’t help but look at those gorgeous orbs. “Once again beside the point, Linzy.”

She pulled her skirt off next, leaving her naked body before me. “Jeremy, I lied about being adopted, and for that I’m sorry.” She told me as she sat on the edge of the pool with her feet in the water. “But I wasn’t lying when I told you I loved you, and I don’t mean the way family member’s love each other.” She spread her legs and showed me her shaved snatch. “Just tell me the truth, even though it’s incest, didn’t it feel right to be with me? I mean, Christ, at least give me the satisfaction of knowing I was good!” she begged

I laughed. “You were good, great even.”

She smiled at me. “Top ten?”

I swam closer to her, admiring that pale and soft body of hers. “Top five, maybe even second or third.” I offered putting my hands on her knees.

She put hands over mine. “It really hurt me when you started treating me like you didn’t care about me.”

“I’m really sorry.” I told her. “It’s just hard when spend all of puberty trying to tell yourself that your cousin’s off limits, then this happens.” I said as I pulled myself to her and kissed her.

She smiled wider. “Thank you. And I think as long were careful, there’s nothing wrong with us being together.” She kissed me again and moved my hand up her thigh. “I mean, we can’t keep going and getting morning after pills.”

I pushed her legs open wider and moved my hand to her pussy and started rubbing along her slit. “Agreed, but maybe we’ll havta go get one more.” I said as I spread her lips and pushed two fingers inside her.

Linzy stiffened up and gasped. She scooted closer to the water and clung to the edge of the pool. I leaned closer and sucked her clit between my lips. She cooed and I started pumping my fingers at her pussy. Linzy started pushing her hips at my hand and nearly fell in the pool, so I wrapped my arm around her and held her by the ass while I finger-fucked and sucked on her dripping pussy. She started shaking and spasming, her cunt tightened around my fingers and sprayed juice on my hand.

Linzy knocked my hand away and pushed me back from the edge and fell in the water on top of me. Her tongue was in my mouth, seeking out her own juices, and her hand was pulling my trunks out of the way, fishing for my cock. She jerked my cock under the water for a few short seconds, then wrapped her thick legs around my waist and started humping her cunt against me until she felt my cock pop into her pussy. She froze halfway down the shaft, a groan caught in her throat as another orgasm hit her. Before she çiğli escort could recover, and start moving on her own, I started pushing my cock deeper inside her. I held her by the underarms and worked her body up and down my shaft until I felt the barrier at the back of her vagina.

She grabbed my shoulders and lifted herself almost all the way off of me, but allowed me to pull her back, filling her cunt up again. Gasping for breath, we developed a rhythm of my dick invading her body over and over. “Cum.” She told me after our fucking had pushed us against the edge of the pool. “Cum, Jeremy, fill your cousin’s pussy up again!”

I pulled her head to mine and kissed her, forcing my tongue into her mouth as my cock exploded inside her. Our thrusts got more erratic and my cock slipped out, spilling jizz and pussy juice into the pool. We kept trying to fuck though, and Linzy brought herself to orgasm again by rubbing her clit on my stomach while my cock was rubbing up and down her asscrack. When we finally caught our breath, I kissed Linzy again, then said, “Lets go up to my bed, I wanna try something else.”

Linzy untangled herself from me. “Like what?” she wondered.

“Just hurry up before Robert sees us.” I told her and climbed out of the pool, then turned to help her. On our way inside, I stooped to grab a tube of suntan-lotion someone had dropped the day before. Upstairs in my bed, Linzy and I lay next to on another, kissing and feeling all over our naked bodies.

“So, what did we come up here for?” she asked impatiently and obviously still horny. I just smiled and told her to get on her hands and knees. I got behind her and squeezed a huge dallop of lotion directly onto her asshole. “Christ that’s cold!” she screamed and jumped to wipe it away.

“Relax.” I ordered and started rubbing my hands into the puddle, massaging her crack, hole, and even down to her clit to mix the lotion with her natural lube as I warmed it up. Linzy started moaning as it got warm and pushed her ass back at me. I pushed my middle finger into her pussy and swirled around, pulling it out slowly and dragging it through the lotion on my way to her ass. She groaned as I pushed the tip of my finger past her last piece of virginity, and got louder and louder as I pushed the rest of it into her rectum until my knuckles were on her skin.

“It kinda hurts.” she gasped out.

“Relax.” I repeated, then put my other hand on her pussy, hooking my thumb inside her and groping at her clit with my fingers. “Just loosen up, like you’re trying to fart.” I told her as I started pumping my finger at her back door. Less than ten seconds later, Linzy was moaning and humping my fingers, enjoying having attention at both holes. I pulled my hands away quickly and Linzy started to complain before I shoved my cock back into her snatch, electing a short yelp just before I pushed two fingers up her ass, twisting them as I fucked them into her asshole. I put the head of my cock at her cervix while I continued to work her brown eye with my middle and index fingers.

Linzy screamed into the pillows when she came again, spraying my balls with pussy juice, and I felt her asshole loosen up just enough. I pulled my cock from her cunt, and my fingers from her ass just in time to push my cock in that rapidly closing rear entrance. “Holy Shit!” She screamed as three inches of my dick sank into her and she tightened up to keep me from moving.I tried to push in further but Linzy’s ass wouldn’t let me. “Hold on!” She screamed. “It hurts!”

I held her by the hips, keeping her dimpled ass cheeks spread. “Just relax baby.” I reassured her. “Tell me when you’re ready.”

Linzy sighed, and eased back down on the bed, and I felt her asshole loosen up ever so slightly. “Ok… Fuck me.” she finally cooed. I pulled on her hips and sunk my cock deeper in her, making her moan louder. I squeezed into her until I felt my balls slide up against her pussy lips. “Ohh.. God.” Linzy moaned. “How much of your dick is up my ass?”

I looked down to see her sphincter stretched around the base of my shaft. “The entire thing.” I answered.

“I can feel it in my stomach.” she groaned. As I started to pulled out, I felt her fingers grab for my nutsack, then give up on them and sink into her own pussy. I pulled all but the last inch out of her ass, squirted more lotion up and down the shaft and forced it back into her. Linzy’s masturbating was making her body shake, warping her anal passage as I pushed in for the second time. “I- I’m cumming!” She stammered. “Fuck- Fuck my ass!”

I clenched my hands around her ass and started pounding my cock into her. At first she only screamed as I pushed it further up her rectum, but as her orgasms started rolling over her, her scream became constant. I felt pussy juices spraying out of her around the fingers she had worked up her cunt and told her. “I can’t hold back anymore.”

She thrust her ass back at me, wrenching my cock at oddly up her ass. “Cum inside çiğli escort bayan me!” she squealed less than seconds before my cock swelled up and started pumping cum into her bowels. I pulled out of her ass with an audible pop, and her legs collapsed out from under her as my cum started seeping from her ass.

I told my brother that her boyfriend had cheated on her, so she wanted to stay with us, and would probably sleep in my bed that night. He didn’t suspect anything and went back to the basement to go to sleep. Later, as I was eating Linzy’s pussy again, She told me between gasps that the reason she wanted to talk to me was that when she was 15, I had promised to take her to get her first tattoo when she turned 18. As I fucked her pussy and ass with my fingers, I told her that we’d go tomorrow to get them together. That night, after Linzy rode me until I blasted another load of cum in her pussy, I held her to me and fell asleep with her gorgeous tits pressed against me and my cock still inside her.

I woke up the next morning with Linzy sucking her pussy juice off my cock. She stopped when she saw I was awake. “I woke up cumming on your dick again, and I figured I owed you one.” she said as she jerked my shaft up and down before popping the head back in her mouth. It didn’t take long before I started spurting sperm into her mouth. This time she was able to keep it all in and swallowed my load.

We stopped by her clinic again, this time getting birth-control from a smug looking doctor, before heading downtown to find a tattoo parlor. We finally found a place that suited my cleanliness standards, and had a cute Asian woman covered in tattoos as the only one in the parlor. I let Linzy go first, seeing as she had 3 years to figure out what she wanted inked into her skin, and I had the previous hour or so. Watching the thin, ink-covered woman hunched over Linzy’s shirtless back was interesting, and the fact that I could see up her skirt every time she twisted to get more ink started to turn me on. Linzy called me over to see the finished result. A flaming Celtic knot with the words “Little Miss Hellfire” around it on the base of her neck.

“It’s lovely, and very fitting.” I told her. “I’m having trouble deciding myself.” I admitted when she asked what I was getting.

“Well, it’s simple, get something that you know you’ll always love.” She told me. “Like… say… A picture of your daughter?”

She shocked me there. When I was 14, I got a 23 year old woman pregnant because she said her husband was infertile. Being 14, and horny, coupled with the fact that she was the most beautiful woman I ever laid eyes on at that point, I literally jumped at that opportunity. Erin, the woman, died when our daughter was 3, and after her husband learned the truth from her will, he went more than a little nuts and poisoned Alexis with sleeping pills before swallowing a bullet himself.

I kissed Linzy’s forehead. “You’re a genius, and I love you.” I fished my wallet out of my jeans and took Alexis’s picture from in between my driver’s licence and social security card. The artist, who’s name was Nani, took about half an hour to turn my wallet sized photo into a portrait the size of my palm and pasted the outline on the back of my left shoulder before readying a fresh needle.

“So is Linzy your girl?” Nani asked with an accent I guessed was Polynesian as she tested the needle with water to see how I responded to the pain.

I flinched slightly and winced. “Well, we’ve known each other for a long time, but our families wouldn’t accept it, so we’re just trying to keep it quiet.” I explained as she started putting color in my arm.

“I can get that, my parents freaked when they found I was marrying a white guy, even though my mom’s Samoan, and my dad’s Chinese.” she told us. About halfway through the tattooing, Nani asked again. “Why wouldn’t your families go for it?”

I glanced up at Linzy, who was sitting in a spare chair. “You can tell her, I think she’d understand.” She told me and winked.

I sighed and glanced down at the fingers working on my skin, most of which actually had tattooed rings on them instead of metal. “Well, it’s cause my family and her’s are the same family.” Nani stopped what she was doing and sat back from me. “Linzy’s my cousin, a lil less than a year younger than me.”

Nani looked at Linzy and she nodded. “Whatever, I always knew American’s were nuts.” She said and went back to the tattoo. “Besides good fucking’s good fucking.” she added.

I glanced at Linzy, who seemed to notice the same thing I did before about Nani’s skirt as she was staring at Nani’s crotch. “What about you, Nani?” I asked, “When’s the last time you got good and fucked?”

“I’m married.” She answered holding up her free hand. “See the ring of hearts on my finger? My husband gave me that instead of a real ring, it was my first tattoo.”

Linzy chimed in. “So when’s the last time you got good and fucked?”

Nani sighed escort çiğli as she wiped my shoulder clean. “You’re done. And a long time, Greg, my husband, is in Iraq.” She cleaned up her station and took my picture with a Polaroid for their book and my own keeping. “Really sucks too, because even when he gets back, I still won’t get what I really want.” she said.

“Why’s that?” I asked as I tried to find the bottom of my shirt.

Nani smirked. “Cause Greg refuses to fuck me in the ass.”

“That does suck.” Linzy said. “Jeremy fucked mine for the first time last night, it was pretty damned incredible.”

“Oh, really?” Nani said and stopped adding up prices on the counter. “So you’ll give a girl a sperm enema if she asks for it?”

I looked at Linzy as if to ask permission; she nodded. “Are you asking for one?” I asked.

Nani chewed her lip for a minute, then walked over to the front door and locked it, turning the sign to closed and pulling the blinds close on the parlor. “Only in the butt, okay? My cunt’s his and his alone.” she said as turned around and walked over to me, unbuttoning her halter top. By the time she reached where I sat, her A-cups were fair game for my lips as I pulled her skirt down. She cooed and ran her hands through my hair as got my hand under her thong and slowly pulled it from her crack. “Linzy, be a dear and go behind my register.” She said. When my cousin got there, she added. “There’s a little bottle of oil on the third shelf, bring it here and pour some in your cuz’s hands.”

As I continued to suck and bite Nani’s diamond-hard nipples, Linzy crossed back to us and instead of pouring the oil into my palm, she put the top of the bottle at the top of Nani’s ass and squeezed. Nani squealed as the cold oil was virtually injected between her cheeks and I made quick steps to get my hands covered in it, spreading her ass and working the tip of my finger into her asshole. I kept prepping her pooper for my cock, which by now was raging, and Linzy sat back down, squeezed some oil on her left hand and pushed it down her pants to give her own body some attention.

After I got three fingers into Nani’s ass, and Linzy had worked herself into shaking. Nani nearly fell over and had to hold onto my head and shoulders from the orgasm. “Come over here, I need you in me.” She ordered and pushed away from me and nearly ran to what looked like a massage table for doing large back pieces. She jacked it all the way up in the air and laid on it as I was losing my pants and boxers. She had to straddle the seat so her pussy was splayed and pressed in the studded leather under her, and her ass was pulled apart simply by the position. I took the oil from Linzy while I kissed her and sucked her tongue. I smeared oil on my cock as I walked to Nani and got behind her and aimed my cock at her still stretched out rectum. She moaned around biting her own lip as I pushed my dick in her, not stopping every few inches like with Linzy, but making sure every last inch was inside her ass before I stopped with my balls resting on the seat behind her pussy.

As the last inch was being pushed into her, Nani gasped and said. “Linzy’s a lucky little bitch to have a cock that big to play around with.” I just laughed and grabbed the arms of the table and started going in and out of her butt slowly. “Ohh…” Nani groaned and I felt her pussy juices flooding the seat. “Fuck me like you mean it, Jeremy.” I looked at Linzy to see her with her pants on the floor, legs spread wide, with her thumb on her clit, two fingers in her pussy and another in her ass, and moaning like she had been shot. “Hey, girlie.” Nani shouted as I started shoving my dick in her ass harder. “Com’ere”

Linzy stopped masturbating and sauntered over to us, propping herself up on the tool counter in front of Nani. I pushed on Nani’s back with my dick fully inside her and the table rolled to where she could reach my cousin’s pussy. I watched in slight awe as Nani rolled her pierced tongue onto my cousin’s clit while she was pushing two fingers in her pussy. “Ohhh, my god.” Linzy crooned and started tracing the tattoos on Nani’s back, making her shiver and arch her back at my cock. I started fucking that Asian asshole again just before Linzy hissed “She’s butt-fucking me with her fingers Jeremy, make her scream around that mouth full of pussy.” I looked down at the ass stretched around my throbbing dick and pounded back into her over and over until I saw a flash. I looked up to see Linzy holding the Polaroid camera. “Smile” she moaned and snapped another one. I took the camera from her and aimed it straight down, I took a picture of my cock barely inside Nani’s ass, and then with my balls on her cunt. I took five or six of Linzy’s naked body with Nani’s head in her crotch before handing it back to her.

When Linzy and Nani both started screaming, I felt my balls seize up. “You want my cum in you?” I grunted.

Instead of answering, Nani bit down on Linzy’s clit. “OH GOD!” She howled and started to spasm. “Fill this bitch up!” I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her body back to me, three, maybe four strokes back into her ass and I started pumping cum into her shitter. I kept pulling her body back on me until my cock started to shrink up and my cum was squishing out of her backdoor around me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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