Long Time Dreaming

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His face lit with recognition in a sea of faces. She looked up and their eyes met and they nodded hello. He stopped in front of her. ‘let me buy you a cup of tea and we’ll catch up a bit.’ he suggested. She agreed but this was a crowded shopping centre with bustling coffee shops. Nowhere for a quiet chat. ‘Do you mind if we go elsewhere? I have a couple of hours’ spare.

She agreed easily, and they walked to his car together since she didn’t drive. ‘There’s a quaint and quiet little coffee shop about ten minutes away that I go to regularly,’ he said. For years her eyes roamed his clothed body, whilst her mind imagined what was beneath that material. She would study his hands, all the while imaging them caressing her body. She would look at the shape of his thumb, his fingers and imagine what other parts of his body would look like.

She hoped he was not aware of her lust filled gaze. She could never tell him she wanted him. She was scared not so much of his rejection of her body and of sex, that was a given. He was wholly professional, and would never cross that boundary. What scared her was to be told that he couldn’t be her psychiatrist anymore. That would be more than she could bear. So she let her imagination run wild whilst other men were above or behind her.

Eventually life changed and circumstances meant she could no longer see him. Yet she could not help but imagine a final meeting or two. In real life she knew it would never happen but her imagination played scenes out, though she would never dare to share them. If something could have been I think it would have gone something like what follows.

Whilst he drove, she took the opportunity to run her eyes over his body much the same as she would during her appointments with him. As he stopped his car he caught her looking at him and saw the undisguised hunger in her eyes. Her eyes landed on his face. He held her gaze and smiled. Heat rose to her checks and she had to look away.

‘You don’t need to be ashamed of your desire,’ he said gently. ‘I know you want me, and I know you have feelings for me. I have known for a long time now. It must be one of the worst kept secrets of all time. It’s alright. I will let you in on a little secret of mine, I adore and want you as well.’

She smiled. ‘I won’t tell if you don’t.’

‘You really are an amazing woman. You know, why don’t we have this at my place, if you are willing. I will show you how much I want you too.’

‘Sure.’ And he started up his car. It was barely a moment before he stopped again in the garage of a set of rather upmarket units. He led her inside, and pointed to a luxurious but comfortable lounge suite. She sat while he made her a cup of tea and then joined her. They talked about everything while they sipped their drinks. After a while he moved to sit beside her.

He took her hands in his and looked at her. ‘I want you.’ He stated simply. She wrapped her arms around him and held him close for what seemed like an eternity for both of them. She loosened her arms resting them around his neck and leaned back a little. His arms went from around her to place his hands on her chest. When she nodded, his hands went under the hem of her shirt resting on the lacy cup of her bra.

He felt her short breaths and the warmth of her skin. After a brief second, he could feel her nipples as they hardened beneath his palms. He squeezed ever so gently. She moaned at the increasing sensation. She wanted to feel more. She wanted his hands on her skin. Before she could ask, his hands went under the lace through the top of the bra. His fingers caressed her now hard nipple. Her head tilted up slightly and her soft moans became louder with each touch.

He leaned his head in to nuzzle her neck, his tongue like a serpent’s against the pulse in her throat. ‘I want to see you.’ He whispered.

He dropped his hands and she stood up, standing in front of him. She removed her clothing. He admired her large, pendulous breasts. kartal escort bayan ‘Beautiful,’ he sighed. She smiled. She sat back down. His hands returned to her breasts. He caressed them, he squeezed them. Her moans steadily becoming deeper and louder with each touch as sensation travelled through her spine to between her legs, increasing her desire to have him.

‘Oh’ she cried softly as she felt a little bereft when he removed his hands. One of his arms went around her back to steady her and she leaned into it, whilst he lowered his head to her breast and began to run his tongue over her hard nipple. She sighed. Much better she thought. His tongue felt good but she wanted something more, actually much more. As she thought that, he took the nipple in his mouth and began to suck, softly at first and then much more deeply. She sighed, her eyes closed, her head back.

Her hand though seemed to have a mind of its own as he sucked on breast then the other. Somehow her hand hard began to rest against his trousers, and has her pleasure increased so did him. Through the material of his trousers she felt his cock harden, and as it got harder she began to rub him there. He moaned, the vibration adding to the sensations coming from her breasts.

She opened her eyes and looked down at him. “As loathed as I am to stop you doing what you are doing, it feels so good, there is something I have been told I am very good at doing. I want to do it to you.’

He stopped and asked, ‘what would that be?’

‘Well, do you recall what you once asked me during one of our conversations regarding sex?’

‘Oh, there were lots of things. I know so much about what you want, what you like and what you will do.’

As they were talking she stood up, he followed. She knelt down in front of him, and began rubbing him again across his trousers. He removed his clothes. She saw that he was erect. Still her hand gently caressed his cock. She rubbed her thumb over the round mushroomed shaped head of him. He was a beautiful as she had imagined him to be.

Her guestimates based on his hands were also very accurate. He was average in length and girth and she like that. He was not too small that once inside her pussy she could barely feel him, but not to big that being inside her would cause too much pain. He was long enough though that if he pushed right up inside her it would cause that slight sting that would often bring her to the edge.

She leaned forward, still holding him with her hand and opened her mouth. She began by licking him, first down the shaft of his cock from the very tip to the base jutting up from his balls and back again. When reached the tip, she wrapped her mouth around him and began to suck him, gently at first and then faster and harder as his groans of pleasure grew steadily more audible. She found the hole in the tip of his cock with her tongue and danced it against him.

After a while of playing like this, he took her hand and pulled her to her feet. He began to lead her to his bedroom. She stopped him. ‘I was out shopping, obviously, when you met up with me. I had just been to a little shop just across the road and there’s a little something I would like to see work. Will you use it on me, maybe, or at least bring it in with us and see what happens?’

He smiled. ‘Sure, grab it.’ And she took a vibrator out of her bag and removed it from its packaging. She had also purchased batteries for it. He took her hand again and lead her down the hall and into his bedroom. She removed the remainder of her clothing and he his. They laid upon the bed facing each other. ‘I noticed you liked what I did to your breasts before.’ And began caressing her nipples with the palms of his hands. He lowered his head and sucked her nipples again.

‘Yes I love just about everything you can do to my tits.’ He sucked harder, she moaned louder. He teased her nipple with his teeth, she sighed, ‘yes. Oh God, yes.’ He bit down, escort maltepe ‘Oh!’ she cried, ‘ That’s feels so good.” This continued for some time. With each suck, with each bite, with each touch, a ripple ran over her causing her pussy to moisten and she felt her clit throb with desire.

As he played, she wrapped her hand around his cock and rubbed him. After some time, she rolled onto her back. He rose above her, his cock level with her breasts. His hand squeezed her tits together over his cock. He began to slide his cock up and down between them. On every second stroke she lifted her head and sucked the head of his cock. Their breathing heavy, and the pleasure increasing the whole time.

He stopped and placed his feet on the floor. She opened her legs.

‘There are things I want to do to you but I do not dare. I want so much to taste you but I think that would do more harm than good for a moment’s pleasure. I know that was done to you so long ago, in such a way as to hurt your mind. I will look at you and I want to touch you. Is that okay?’

When she smiled and nodded he rested his hand against the lips of her pussy. He could feel hint of wetness and heat against his hand. He rubbed his finger just instead the slit, up and down, gently inserting a figure inside her entrance. He rubbed his finger over her clit. She sighed, she moaned, ‘yes’ a hiss from her lips.

He increased the pressure slightly on her clit. Her response increased. He rubbed harder. Beneath his finger he felt her pulsate and get even wetter. Her moans increased and soon she cried out. As she cried out he felt the throbbing in her clit increase until her whole body collapsed. ‘I am far from done yet,’ he promised.

‘I know. You haven’t had your pleasure as yet.’ She replied

‘I have had pleasure,’ he said with a laugh.

‘I meant you haven’t…’

‘I know what you meant. It will happen but I can wait. There is so much I want to do you, so much I have dreamt of doing to you. I will tease you some more.’

She stretched out, like a cat after a long nap. He lay back down on his side and pulled her body to his. He held her like that for a long time, his hand holding her across the lower back. ‘There are other things I like to do. I know from your notes and from our discussions that you might enjoy them too.’ He lowered his hand to rub her buttocks. She moaned and lay upon her stomach to relax into his touch more. He continued rubbing her.

‘On your most recent admission I read your file. You know I am a registrar there.’ She nodded her understanding and acceptance. ‘I saw that you regularly wash deep inside you here.’ And leant his hand across her buttocks.

‘At the time I was hoping you would never find that one out, but I guess it’s okay now. You wanted to know if I still do and have done so recently? Yes, I am clean there.’ She smiled as he nodded.

‘I promise that whatever I do you there I will be gentle, unless you tell me otherwise.’

He stopped caressing her and rose up off the bed. After spreading her legs apart, he knelt between them. He placed each hand on a butt cheek and spread them apart to view the cleft and the hole it led to. After wetting his finger in her still moist pussy, he rubbed his lubricated finger against the rose of her arsehole, slowly inserting it inside her.

She moaned and pushed back against his hand, ‘settle.’ He whispered and she relaxed. He knew then that she did indeed enjoy anal play and he continued pushing his finger inside her until his knuckle. She moaned a little loader as he fucked her with his finger.

He pulled his finger out from inside her arsehole whilst keeping the checks spread apart. Lowering his head, he began to lick around the hole. Softly at first and then a little harder he licked and mouth her arse. She moaned at each lick. She felt so good. Actually her moans were more like a kitten’s purr, and at one of them he lifted his head and said, ‘I think pendik escort I might call you my Kitten.’ She laughed.

He returned to tonguing her arsehole, every so often inserting his tongue as far as it could go inside her. After quite some time he lifted his head up again but only so far that she could feel his hot breath on her arse cheeks, and replaced his mouth with his thumb. Gently he rubbed the hole with his thumb and slowly began to insert it inside the hole.

Slowly he pushed it as far as it could inside her arse. With his thumb he fucked her, slowly at first and then with increasing speed as her purrs got loader and he felt the muscles of her anus contract around his thumb. He was pleased that she was enjoying what he was doing so much.

Sometime between rising off the bed and kneeling between her legs he got some lubricant he kept in one of the bedside drawers and her vibrator. Now he poured some lube over the cleft of her arse, placing his hand so the fluid pooled around the anus. She felt the cool fluid and trembled. With the lube covering his finger his pushed it inside her in one movement.

‘Oh, god.’ She purred.

He poured some lube onto the vibrator. It was one of those hard plastic ones about 20cm long and not quite as thick as his cock. It was black and undecorated and he was a little relieved that it was not shaped like a cock. He switched it on and gently began to push it into her anus. The insertion was so slow she pushed her hips back trying to get into her quicker but he held it firm.

‘Relax.’ He told her. ‘I gather you want this inside you but I want you to really enjoy it. Have patience, my Kitten.’ He continued to slowly insert the vibrator into her arse. A little way, then he would stop and let her body adjust, then some more. Small amounts then a moment, until all but the control button of the vibrator was inside her.

‘How’s that?’

‘Good. So. God. Damned. Good.’

As slowly as he inserted the toy he began to pull it out, but without the pauses. When he reached the very tip of the object he pushed it up into her again. Again and again he repeated this action, each time increasing the pace.

‘Oh, my God, that’s so good. Yessssss. Yes. Fuck my arse,’ she begged. He fucked her with the vibrator whirring. She felt every buzz, and her arsehole tightened around the vibrator. ‘Oh,’ she almost screamed, as an orgasm centring on her arse began to overtake her.

He pushed a finger inside her now very wet vagina, almost surprised at how wet this was making her. His thumb rested against her clit which was almost harder than his cock was at that moment, and he was rock solid. How he wanted to fuck her. How he wanted his cock insider her pussy, inside her arse.

He held the vibrator deep in her arse. ‘Kneel up for me,’ he requested. She adjusted her body so she was on all fours. Still holding the vibrator inside her arse, he aimed his cock at her pussy and with one push of his hips he was deep inside her vagina. There was no resistance as she cried out her pleasure now he was filling both her holes. He fucked her, slowly at first and increased the tempo in both holes.

Her body tensed. She screamed, ‘Oh, I’m coming. I’m coming so hard around your cock. Can you feel it?’

‘Yes,’ he said as he felt her pussy squeeze his cock. Suddenly he stopped. She cried out. ‘I am not stopping’ he assured her, ‘but I want your arse around my cock too.’ With that he pulled out of her and removed the vibrator from her arsehole.

Gently he pushed her flat against the bed. His cock in one hand, he rested it against her anal opening. Since he was wider than the vibrator he gently pushed his cock inside. Shaking he stilled and waited for her arse to adjust to his cock. He fucked her. Increasing his thrusts in both rhythm and strength.

She felt him thicken and throb inside her arse a moment before he roared. They orgasmed in unison. ‘Fuck! That’s incredible, sweet Kitten.’ He collapsed on her back wrapping his arms around her. He rolled off her taking her with him. They snuggled like that for some time. It was getting late. ‘Stay, please.’ He asked.

‘Yes.’ The remainder of the evening and then the night was spent cuddling and fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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