Look But Don’t Touch

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To: You
From: Me
Subject: Don’t Freak Out
Don’t freak out but I am in LA on business for the next two days. I wanted you to know since I had told you I’d be alone and available. I don’t expect anything but if you felt comfortable, I’d love to meet. I PROMISE, I’ll be on my best behavior.

20 minutes crawl by…

To: Me
From: You
I can’t be upset since technically, you told me the truth. Honestly, I don’t know about meeting. I can’t answer right now. Why ARE you here?

Waiting an appropriate amount of time to respond so as not to seem anxious. And certainly not wanting to push you….

To: You
From: Me
Conference for work. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want you to think it was just because of you. I am not pressuring you to meet but I have no idea when I’ll be out here again, if ever, so it seemed like a good opportunity. There’s a great bar in my hotel, we could meet for one drink. That’s it. Totally on your terms.

5 minutes creeps along like 50 minutes…

To: Me
From: You
One drink. One hour. That’s it. What hotel? I’ll text when I am close.

I quickly shoot off an email with the name and location of my hotel. We decide to meet at 7 pm in the Culina of the Four Seasons. At 5 my conferences are done and I go to my room to freshen up.

I quickly shower and change into something casual but sexy…a simple short black skirt, purple wrap sweater, multi fence net stockings and my over-the-knee black boots. Underneath is a purple corset and matching boy short but that is how I would dress any day, not just to see you…or so I tell myself.

I leave my hair down so the soft sexy curls frame my face. I take extra care with what little make up I do wear so my eyes look smoky bringing out their deep rich chocolate color. I gloss my lips with my favorite pink…making them look wet. Although nothing will happen, doesn’t mean I won’t look my best.

I get to the bar extra early to make sure I can score the right seats and I am nervous. Desperately, needing a little liquid confidence.

I find two stools off to the side of the bar that is closest to the floor to ceiling windows boasting a spectacular skyline. We’ll have some privacy and not be visible immediately from the entrance. One can never be too careful.

The bartender brings me a Cosmopolitan.

As I sip my favorite connection of cranberry, triple sec and Grey Goose, I realize how excited I am to finally meet you in person. I try to take my mind off how nervous I am by reading FB posts and catching up on the news.

I almost jump out my skin when my phone vibrates indicating a text.

‘I’m just parking in the garage be there soon.’

My heart is racing. You’re early. Hopefully, not because you are just dying to get this encounter over with as quickly as possible.

I respond back to take your time and that I am at the far end of the bar. I contemplated telling you what I was wearing but you had seen photos of me so I figured you could pick me out of the crowd.

At the moment, the bar is filling up with people from the conference. One guy I was in session with comes over and says hello. We start to chat about the day’s events and I am close to finishing my Cosmo and suddenly I feel this pull.

It’s a sexual pull, like when you know there’s another freak in the room.

I look up and my eyes meet with yours. We smile nervously at each other.

I will conference-boy to go away but he’s not taking the hint. I politely decline his offer to buy me another drink as I could already sense where that was going. By the time I tell him I am meeting some one, you are standing right beside me.

“Hey. Hope, I’m not interrupting anything.” You smile.

“No, not at all.” I totally turn my attention to you so conference-boy gets the hint. “Wow, it’s nice to finally meet you.”

I hesitate, touching you, to shake a hand or hug considering our earlier agreement. The moment is awkward until you lean in and hug me, kissing my cheek…very innocent.

I laugh to myself as you take the empty stool next to me.

“What?” Chuckling, you smile again.

“Nothing, I just didn’t want to touch you so I didn’t know the proper greeting for a hands off meeting.”

I smile, so you know I am teasing.

“We can be cordial.”

We both get quiet. “Can I buy you a drink?” I ask.

“Sure, is that a Cosmo?”

“Yes, do you want to taste it?”

I push the martini glass towards you. It’s subtle but I notice you turn the glass to where my lip-gloss has left a print on the rim, to drink. I remind myself that doesn’t mean anything kartal escort bayan but fuck if it doesn’t turn me on.

“Mmm,” I watch you lick your lips, “that’s really good.”

When the bartender comes by, I order another Cosmo and you a Margarita.

We sit and chat for a several minutes. I ask how your day was and you tell me about the city. We both get quiet again.

“Are you hungry?” I ask.

“No, not really, I had a late lunch.”

Things feel awkward and I hate the idea that I am keeping you here and you really don’t want to be so I reached over and place my hand over yours, on the bar.

I lean close and can hear you inhale. I know I smell good wearing Tuscany Per Donna, my favorite sexy fragrance.

“Listen, it’s ok if you want to go. I’m just glad that we had a chance to meet. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.” I move my hand away.

You turn towards me and our gaze collides.

“Wow.” Your voice is low and soft.


“Your eyes. I didn’t expect them to be so…expressively transparent.”

I smile looking down. “Yeah, I get that a lot.”

When I look back up, you can clearly see the lust in my eyes.

“I’m going to regret asking this but what are you thinking about?” Your voice is deeper, sexier.

I hesitate for several seconds contemplating how honest I should be until you whisper, “Tell me.”

“You sure? You may not want to hear it.”

Turning in my seat towards you, I lean my elbow on the bar; the movement causes my skirt to slide up my legs. And you notice.

I lean towards you a little and the view is very enticing from your angle.

My bedroom voice kicks in, “I’m thinking about objectification.”

My spine instantly arches at the sound of that sexy little laugh of yours, “Objectification?” You question.

“Yes, objectification.”

I see you swallow hard.

“It refers to the practice of regarding or treating another person merely as an instrument (object) towards one’s sexual pleasure.”

“Did you just Google that?” Your laughing smile lights up your eyes.

“No.” I giggle. “I just want to be sure I am leading down the right road to Perdition.” I smile at the inside jest.

“So, what is this thought about objectification?”

I lean closer to you so I can whisper in you ear but careful not to touch you.

“Suppose, I let you objectify me?”

“And how would you propose to do that?”

“I was thinking of walking you to your car in the parking garage.” My voice gets quieter.

“And letting you jerk off all over me.”

Your whispered, “FUCK.” Goes straight to my pussy.

“You would do that? Just let me use you like that and no touching?” My breathy, “Yes.” Tells you I am not at all lying.

Leaning back, I drink the rest of the Cosmo. The bartender swings by and asks if I want another. I look at you, an eyebrow raised.

I can see you are unsure so I order another.

Three Cosmos and the right man can get me to do anything he wants. I can see you warring with yourself.

I lean towards you again, “It’s enough for me to know you are watching me.”

You look down, my hand moving on my thigh catching your eye. I slide my hand up between my legs.

“It’s enough to know I get your cock hard.”

My fingers disappear under the edge of my hiked up hem.

You watch my face and you know what I am doing. My fingers are slipping into my pussy right there at the bar, right next to you.

“Fuck, what are you doing? Are you fingering that pussy?”

“Mmmm yes, Daddy, I am.”

“Fuck stop. Don’t call me that.” But your voice as that sexy tone to it, a rough needy edge I know all too well from numerous phone fuck sessions.

I slide my hand out from under my skirt. You watch transfixed as I slowly move them over my martini and dip them into my Cosmo then deliberately bring them to my luscious, glossy pink lips.

You watch as I suck and lick them dry.

I glance at a clock on the wall. “The hour is almost up.”

You, too, look at the time, “Finish your drink and walk me to my car.” I can hear the dominant command in your voice.

I finish quickly before you lose your nerve.

I settle the tab throwing way too much cash on the bar, not caring…after you politely offer to pay. I slide off the barstool and start to walk out the bar. You are slightly behind me watching my ass. Drinking in my long legs in my high heel boots.

We get to the lobby and I then follow you not knowing where the garage or your car is parked. We step into the garage elevator and stand on opposite sides.

Unexpectedly, you tell me to turn around. I do, knowing escort maltepe the floor we need, will be upon us soon.

“Pull up your skirt.”

I drop everything in my hands, not caring what breaks.

I slide the skirt up till my ass is exposed so you can see my garters and boy shorts.


I look back at you and see your hands fisted at your sides.

“Pull the boy shorts down…you know where I want them.”

Immediately, I obey your every word so that my boy shorts are just below my ass.

“Fuck your skin is an amazing color. And purple looks so good on you.”

“Stick that ass out.”

I arch my back, pushing my ass out towards you.

“Is your pussy wet?”

I reach between my legs, so fucking turned on and stroke through my slit.

“Yes, Daddy it’s wet,”

“Show me your fingers, between your legs.”

Getting them good and wet, I lower my hand between my legs so you can see them glistening.

The elevator dings and the doors open.

“Don’t move. Don’t you fucking move.”

You block the doors so they don’t close.

“You dirty fucking cunt. I can’t believe you are standing in a public elevator with your skirt up and your ass exposed for me.”

“It’s all for you Daddy. I’ll do anything for your cum.”

“Pull your skirt down but leave those fucking panties right where they are.”

I pull my short skirt back down and walk out of the elevator just brushing past you.

You grab my dropped cell phone and forgotten room key. I wait a second for you to pass me so I can continue following you to your car.

“Are you hard for me at all?” I query.

“Shut up.”

I’m worried I have disappointed you or pissed you off.

You quickly get to your car and whether consciously or subconsciously you’ve parked so that one side of the car is against a wall so that if a person were in that corner behind the car they’d probably not be seen.

“Go stand in the corner.”

I walk to the front of the car. And stand leaning against the cold cement wall waiting for you.

Remaining at the rear of the car, I hear you make a quick phone call.

When you are done you unlock your car and throw in your car keys, jacket and cell phone. Quietly closing the door, you walk to the front of the car and place my things on the hood.

When you turn back to me, you slide your hand up the front of your cargo pants.

“I’m hard as a fucking rock for you, slut.”

“Isn’t that what you want?” You ask.

“Yes Daddy.” My answer is breathless. My hand goes to my throat, grazing my nails across my skin. You don’t know it but it’s one of my tells, that I am extremely turned on.

“Take off your shirt.”

I untie the knot at the side of my wrap shirt and unwrap the material from around my body. I hold it closed at the front and wait until I know I have your attention. Then I slowly open the shirt and let it slide down my arms.

“Fuck.” You growl.

My sexy corset shows off my tits. I feel your eyes rake down from my breasts to my flat stomach noting the way the corset pulls in my small waist.

“Take off the skirt.”

I reach behind me and unzip my skirt and let it too, fall to the ground. Using one foot, I kick it away from me.

You stand mesmerized that I would do this right here…now before you in nothing but a corset, boy shorts pulled down just below my ass, over-the-knee high heel boots and fence net stockings.

You move towards me, stopping mere inches from me.

I can smell your sexy scent.

“Tell me what you want cunt.”

I groan hearing you call me that degrading name.

“I want you to use me.”

“I want you to make me your dirty fucking worthless parking garage whore.”

“I want you to cover me in your cum and send me back to my hotel room, your cum covered fuck toy.”

“Oh my god.” You grit out.

I hear your pants unzip.

“Squat down slut.”

I slide down the wall.

I watch you take out your cock. For the first time, I get the thrill of seeing it in your hand. I gasp.

“You’ve been wanting to see this haven’t you?”

“Yes, fuck YES.” I look up at you with my big brown eyes.

I can see the pre-cum. You watch me lick my lips.

You wipe the tip with your thumb.

“Don’t fucking move.” You whisper.

I watch as you bring your thumb to my lips and wipe it across my bottom lip. It is the only time you’ve touched me.

The electricity that arches between us could power downtown it feels like to me.

“Taste me.”

You watch as I savor, licking my lip, slowly…never looking away from you watching me. I groan, loving the taste, pendik escort as I knew I would.

“I want to see that pussy. Rip those panties off.”

I grab the lace on one side with both hands and tear. I then do the same to the other and pull the ruined material from my body tossing it somewhere in the distance in the parking garage.

“Put your hands behind your head.”

I quickly comply.

“Fuck look at you. Look at the pretty bald pussy.”

You start stroking your cock.

“Play with that cunt.”

I slide my hand down my body and sink two fingers inside my tight little hole.

“Aww fuck, work that pussy like you think I would.”

I slowly pump my fingers in and out, in and out, over and over again wishing it were you.

“That’s it, you dirty little bitch.”

“Fuck that cunt.”

“Fuck that pink slut hole.”

“Fuck, you filthy fucking whore.”

Your hand is stroking faster.

“I’m going to fucking cum all over you, you cunt.”

“Show me those tits.”

I yank down the front of the corset exposing my tits for you.

I take one in my hand and lift it to my lips so I can lick my nipple while you watch me.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck.”

You can hear the wet sucking sounds of my pussy.

You look down and see me dripping on to the garage floor.

“Beg me, you fucking whore. Beg for my fucking cum.”

“Mmmm, Daddy give me that cum. Cover your whore with your cream. Mark my body as yours.”

“Use me.” I beg.

“Make me your dirty fucking little girl…just an object for your pleasure.”

“I’m so needy for your cum Daddy. Your little girl is so hungry for it.”

“Please Daddy, do it. Fucking do it, cum all over your fucking little cunt.”

I hear you roar, your orgasm takes you. I feel the first spurt of your cum hit my tits.

“Open your fucking mouth.” You grind out.

My mouth immediately opens my pink tongue out and another shot lands on my lips, my tongue, and my cheek.

“Turn around.” Your strained voice growls.

I know what you want and lean against the wall pushing my ass out to you.

“Yes Daddy, cum on my ass. Cum all over my body.”

I am treated to the feel of your hot cream on my ass. My corset is now streaked with cum. A few last jets stripe the backs of my thighs.

“Oh my god.”

“Oh my god, you slut.”

“Turn around and squat down again.”

I position myself where you want me. You are working that gorgeous cock so that one last long string of cum is dripping from the tip.

You move towards me.

I open my mouth and stick out my tongue as you stroke it out…watching it slowly drip on to my pink tongue.

“MMmmm.” You watch as I lap it up. “Fucking swallow my cum you fucking whore.”

I use my fingers to wipe more of your cum already on my face, in my mouth, “MMmm you taste so good, Daddy.”

Only one time did we touch, your thumb on my lip.

You step back, leaning against the front of your car taking one last moment to savor the look of this hot piece of ass covered in your cum, squatting down against the cold grey cement wall of a parking garage.

I only hope it is an image you’ll never forget.

You straighten up putting your cock back in your pants.

“That was…”

“You were…”

“Fuck.” Is all you can manage.

I smile. “Thank you.” My quiet voice sounds seductive…girlish.

“Put your clothes back on but don’t wipe me off you.”

I don’t have much choice since I have nothing to wipe myself off with.

You lay my things from the hood of your car on top of my discarded skirt.

You climb in your car and fire up the engine, turning the headlights on…my body suddenly bathed in bright headlights…still squatting, still half naked, still glistening with your cum.

You pull out your spot and turn to drive off but before you do, you roll down the window and lean out.

The shit-eating grin on your face tells me I have pleased you.

“I’ll email you when I get home. Let me know you got back to your room, ok?”

I am now stepping into my skirt. Sliding my arms into my shirt and re-wrapping it around my body trying to be careful of not getting your cum on the outside of my clothes.

I smile at you…naughty…wicked. “Goodnight.”

“You have no idea, baby.”

With that you pull away and I start walking to the elevator. I can’t see it but you watch me in your rear view mirror.

Your car disappears and the elevator doors open. I step inside and make my way back to my room. As I walk across the lobby still dazed and turned on, certain that everyone knows what I just did, my phone vibrates.

I can’t help but smile when I see it’s from you.

To: Me
From: You
Subject: AMAZING
I have to say, that was fucking amazing. I can’t believe you did that. You are so fucking dirty.

To: You
From: Me
Subject: RE: AMAZING
LOL, told you so. 😉

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