Lunch Buds: All Chapters

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Note from Slick: I added Chapter three to the first two chapters for your ease and enjoyment. All rights reserved.


Lunch Buds Ch. 01

They started on the job on the same day which happened to be on Monday April 1st. Sarah Jenkins had just graduated from small St. Mary’s College whereas Jack Wilson graduated from the much larger University of Illinois. Both were engaged to their high school sweethearts and life for both was as good as it could be.

After the human resources spill on medical benefits they were released for lunch. Both gathered their paperwork and headed for the elevator.

“I saw a small pub a couple of blocks from here,” Jack said to the cute petite blonde girl. “Would you like to join me?”

Sarah was as shy as they came. “I don’t drink.”

He held back his laughter. “They serve Coke. We don’t have much time before we have to be back.”

Sarah thought about it and he had seemed nice all morning. Plus it would give her a chance to meet someone who worked at the office. “OK.”

Lunch was awkward at first but after about ten minutes they loosened up and talked about their fiancées and their upcoming weddings. On the way back to the office they continued talking and laughing.

That afternoon Sarah and Jack were led to their work cubicles which were right across from each other. “I guess we will be seeing and hearing a lot from each other.” Tom grinned.

“I guess so,” she answered. Later that evening she told her live-in fiancé Brad about Jack. “He’s nice and we had a great lunch.”

“Should I be worried?” Brad joked.

“Worried?” She asked not sure at first what he meant. Then it hit her. “Why does everything have to be about sex?”

“Hey, I was joking. You know that I go out to lunch with some of the female grad students.”

“It wasn’t funny,” she sighed.


“I did meet a girl who also started today,” Jack told his live-in fiancée Ashley.

“That’s nice,” Ashley said as she watched the small TV sitting on the kitchen counter.

“Did you hear anything that I just said?”


“Never mind,” he frowned.


For the remainder of the week Jack and Sarah spent most of their time in training sessions. On Friday morning as they stood waiting by the coffee maker Jack said, “How about lunch today?”

“I uh…brought a lunch,” she frowned.

“So you’re going to make me eat alone.”

Sarah smiled. “OK….OK…lunch it is.”

“Around noon by the elevator.”

“Deal,” she smiled.


Sarah was waiting about 10 minutes before Jack finally showed. “I’m so sorry. Mr. Franklin grabbed me and I couldn’t just break away.”

“That’s OK,” she smiled. They moved quickly out of the building to the small pub again. They found the same booth at the rear open. “So what’s new?”

“The job mostly,” Jack answered. He looked into her baby blue eyes trying to figure out what was different.

“Are you staring at me?” She asked.

“Something is different.”

“What is it?” She giggled.

“It’s your hair. You got it cut.”

“I’m glad someone noticed,” she groaned. “Do you like it?”

“Yes.” He said not wanting to get too personal. “So Brad didn’t notice.”

“After living together for two years I think I have to dance on the table to get his attention.”

“It would get mine,” Jack laughed.

“JACK!” She gasped.

“Sorry,” he smiled. “It just slipped out.”

They spent the remainder of their lunch discussing their jobs and found the time went too fast. As they paid their bills Jack asked, “How about we meet every Friday for lunch?”

“Every Friday for how long?” She whispered wondering if such an arrangement was crossing the friendly workers line.

“I guess until we want it to end,” he answered. “I enjoy talking to you.”

She realized that she felt the same. “OK, let’s do it.” She held out her tiny hand and took his larger one. It was a friendly handshake and not one of sexual tension.

Later that night she told Brad about her lunch arrangement. “Now don’t ask me if you should be worried because you don’t.”

“Of course,” he grinned. “Why would you be interested in him when you have me?”

“Get over your self,” Sarah said shaking her head.


It didn’t go over as big with Ashley. “Lunch every week with another woman. Are you for real?”

“She works with me,” Jack said for the third time. “It’s no different than if I went with another guy.”

“That’s not the point,” she sighed. “We are trying to save money for the wedding.”

“$15 a week! You’re joking right? We pay for our own lunch.”

“I don’t go out for lunch,” she threw back.

“Well, yes but you work for your daddy and he has lunch brought in every day.” Jack stood and walked out of the kitchen.


Sarah was in her cube on Monday morning when Jack arrived. “How was your weekend?”

“Not bad,” she answered. “And yours?”

“Mostly wedding stuff.”

“Same here. I’ll be glad when it’s over.”

Jack was standing by her desk when she turned. His pendik escort eyes automatically glanced at her bare legs when the chair turned and he saw a glimpse of her white panties. He looked up quickly.

“Oops, I better be more careful,” she blushed noting where his eyes had been.


“No you’re not,” she giggled as she grabbed her coffee cup. “Do you want to walk to the break room with me?”

“Sure,” he grinned. It was cool being friends with a female.

This relationship went on for the next month and it was a retirement party that broke up the routine.

“Are you going?” Sarah asked Jack at lunch.

“I really don’t know the guy,” Jack answered. “But I guess I should go.”

“Yeah, I feel the same but I’m only going to go if you do.”

“That’s cool,” Jack grinned. “Will Brad let you go?”

“Will Ashley let you?” She smiled.


“Same here,” Sarah said pushing her tiny pink tongue out at him.


“On a Friday night?” Brad repeated. “How late will you be?”

“I’m not sure,” she answered. “Why?” What was pissing her off was that he went out with the grad students at least two Friday’s per month.

“So you won’t be home to make dinner?”

“I wonder why I’m getting married to you,” she whispered not loud enough for him to hear it.


“Pizza….I said you can order yourself a pizza,” she lied.


Jack met Sarah at her car the next morning. “Looks like I’m all set for the retirement party.”

“It’s out on the outskirts of town. Maybe we should drive together?” She asked.

“Sure, I’ll drive and you can leave your car here.”

“OK,” she smiled. They walked into the building and then into the elevator where another man Paul joined them on the trip to their floor. After they left the lift Paul pulled Jack aside. “So are you getting any of that?”

Jack followed Paul’s eyes to Sarah’s cute butt walking away. “We’re just friends.”

“Right,” Paul laughed. “Word around is that you two go to lunch.”

“Jesus,” Jack gasped. “Well tell those who are starting such garbage that we are JUST FRIENDS!”

When he made it to his desk and turned on his computer he saw an email from Sarah.

(What was that all about?) She had heard his raised voice as she exited the lobby area.

He typed back. (I’ll tell you when we are alone).

(Now you have me wondering)

(Pub for lunch?)

Sarah knew that it was Monday but couldn’t wait. (Yes)

(Meet me at the pub)



Jack was sitting in the booth when she walked in. She moved into the seat and asked, “What did he say?”

“Well we should have expected it,” Jack frowned. “He asked me if I was…… know…getting any from you?”

Sarah covered her mouth. “Oh God!”

“He said that the word was that we go to lunch together.”

“Word, like meaning the whole office?”

“Yes, since we go to lunch together then we must be sleeping together.”

“We’re both engaged!” She gasped out loud.

“People like to gossip.”

The waitress came by and they ordered their normal sandwiches and called them by name. “What are we going to do?” She asked.

Jack blew out a burst of air. “Nothing. We are doing nothing but being friends and have nothing to hide.”

“But, I’m the woman,” she whispered. “It’s different.”

Both remained silent as they finished their meals. Finally Sarah spoke after paying her bill. “I think we have to cool it for a while.”

Jack frowned but knew she was right. He didn’t respond. As they walked back she turned. “Maybe I should walk in first.”

He sighed and stopped as she walked ahead of him.

Later that day she sent him another email. (Why are you so quiet).

(I’m disappointed).

(Me too).


For the next three days the two stayed as far away from each other as possible. They smiled and waved but didn’t get too close. Finally Jack sent her an email on Thursday.

(How about the retirement party tomorrow night?).

(I don’t think I’m going). She replied.

(I won’t either).

Jack’s and Sarah’s bosses both stopped by their desks to ask if they were going to the retirement party. They both said they were busy but their bosses told them how important it was to honor those who retire. They both said they would try to work it out.

(I think I’m going to the party) Sarah’s email to him said late on Thursday afternoon.

(Same here) He sent back.

(I don’t want to drive alone)

(Good, you can come with me) he typed. He rolled his chair back and saw her looking over at him. Both smiled.


They didn’t go to lunch together on Friday but met in the parking deck after work. They saw others looking their way as Sarah moved into Jack’s car. “There’s going to be more talking.”

“I don’t care. We have nothing to hide.” She said as she pushed down her skirt.

Thirty minutes later they pulled into the restaurant parking lot and moved into the building. The retirement party was out on a patio and when maltepe escort they made it out there they saw that some employees had left work early and had already had a few drinks.

“There’s Maggie,” Sarah whispered seeing another woman she knew. “I’ll be over there.”

Jack moved to the three guys standing by the bar. One of them was Paul. “I see you have your woman,” Paul smirked.

“My woman friend,” Jack corrected. “We’re both engaged and about to be married in a few months. But NOT to each other.”

“Sure,” Paul grinned as he smacked Jack on his back. Jack thought about decking him but held back.

For the next hour the booze flowed and most were feeling a good buzz. Jack and Sarah kept an eye on each other but did their best to keep apart. But after her third wine she decided she didn’t care.

“Hi,” she smiled as she walked up to him as he looked down over a small garden area and lake. “So are the boys giving you a hard time?”

“A little,” he smiled. She had unbuttoned her top two blouse buttons and he saw the rise of her breasts for the first time. “How are you doing?”

“Good,” she giggled. “I had three glasses.”

They all stopped talking as the Vice President spoke about the man retiring and then heard the man talk about seeing his grandkids more and taking some time to travel. They all applauded and each shook his hand. Afterwards the bar stayed open as some left and some stayed. Jack could see that Sarah was too high to take to her car. “We better take a walk.”

She flashed her eyelids. “Where are you taking me?”

“Down by the lake.” They put their drinks down and walked down a long flight of stairs. At the bottom the path took them through some lovely flowers and trees until they stood by a calm deep blue lake.

“It’s lovely,” she said as she leaned against his arm for support. Her head was slightly spinning but she really felt good.

Jack stared ahead and whispered, “So are you.”

Sarah smiled but didn’t respond. “Let’s walk some more.”

Since they were out of view from the restaurant Sarah took his hand for support. “Don’t get any ideas,” she giggled.

They moved around some small bushes and then heard a woman laughing. “Shhh,” Jack said as he pulled Sarah down behind some shrubs and peeked into a small clearing by the lake.

“You shouldn’t do that,” a woman said. “Paul!”

“Who is it?” Sarah asked as she moved down behind Jack and looked over his shoulder.

“It’s Paul but I don’t recognize the woman. She has her back turned.”

“Just touch it,” Paul said.

“But, I’m a married woman,” the unknown female gasped.

Sarah moved lower but couldn’t see. “What is she doing?”

Jack felt her small breasts pushing into his back but didn’t move away. “I think she is jerking him off.”

“Oh God,” Sarah gasped. She had never seen anyone having sex except in the movies.

“Move in front,” Jack whispered. He shifted to the side to allow her petite body in front of him. He had seen the woman actually stroking Paul’s hard cock and wondered what reaction Sarah would have.

“Oh my,” Sarah gasped when she saw the red crown of Paul’s penis resting on the woman’s closed hand.

“We should go,” Jack whispered while pushing his head and lips closer to Sarah’s ear. His left hand moved down around her thin waist.

“Not yet,” she said breathing rapidly. She watched as the woman’s hand moved away exposing his whole manhood.

“Kiss it,” Paul whispered.

Sarah gasped as the woman moved to Paul’s feet and turned her head to kiss the swollen cock head. “Oh God its Maggie.”

“Really?” Jack asked as he pushed closer. His hip moved into Sarah’s soft buttocks.

“She’s going to……” Sarah whispered as Maggie’s lips opened and engulfed four inches of Paul’s six inch hard-on.

Jack’s head was against the side of hers and his hand was low on the side of her hip. “Jesus she’s sucking his cock.”

Sarah heard the dirty word and turned to look into Jack’s eyes. “Sorry,” he whispered.

“It’s OK, you can say anything you want to me,” she smiled. She turned back and saw her take his whole length inside. “Does Ashley do that to you?”

“No,” Jack answered.

“Do you?” He asked.

“No, I mean I don’t….really suck it..I….,” she stopped. “I…just lick it.”

Jack’s heart was racing. “Does Brad go down on you?”

Sarah’s body was on fire. “Yes, sometimes he kisses my….my..”

“Your pussy.” Jack’s fingers moved over and around her hip feeling the thin bikini panties through the skirt.

“Yes my…..pussy,” she giggled. “Look.”

Jack looked and watched as Maggie pulled up her dress and pushed down her black satin panties. She held the dress high enough for Sarah and Jack to see that her pussy was completely shaven.

“She has no pussy hair,” Jack said getting into the talking dirty mode with her. As Maggie straddled Paul’s hips and lowered her damp hole down onto Paul’s pole Jack whispered, “Do you shave?”


“Well you said I could say anything,” he chuckled.

They watched as Maggie’s kartal escort body rose and fell. Her dress prevented them from seeing his cock entering and exiting her bald pussy.

“Yes,” she whispered. “I shave some. Does Ashley?”

“She shaves it into a thin strip,” Jack answered.

“OH GOD PAUL!” Maggie cried out as she climaxed. She lifted her dress and looked down as his pink tower pumped in and out.

Jack’s hand was now covering Sarah’s whole left buttock. But she reached down and pulled it away. “We better go.”

They moved slowly and quietly backward until they were far enough away and then stood and hurried back towards the restaurant. “We can’t touch,” Sarah said not looking at him as they climbed the stairs.

“I’m sorry,” he said hoping that it would stop them from being close. “I guess I was caught up in the heat of the moment.”

“I know….me too.” She said as she turned and pulled him until they were looking eye to eye. “I really like you but we can’t cross the line.”

“Deal,” he grinned. They hurried up to the top and a few minutes later saw Maggie walk up alone. No one seemed to notice when Paul moved up later.

“They are both married,” Sarah said as she watched Maggie move over and talk to another woman.

“Yes, now I know why he wondered if we were doing it.”

“Because he is,” Sarah ended the thought. “I’m ready to go.”

“Me too.” They said a few goodbyes and headed to his car. After they got to her car in the parking deck she unbuttoned her seatbelt and turned his way.

“Friends hug,” she said holding her arms out.

Jack quickly released his seatbelt and moved their bodies together. Her small titties pressed into his chest as he moved cheek to cheek. They both knew that their friendship had jumped to a different level. What level? They didn’t know.


When Sarah drove down her street towards her house she saw another car backing out of her driveway. She slowed and watched as the car and the driver moved by. It was one of the girls from Brad’s graduated program. She parked on the street as she thought about tonight’s adventure by the lake with Jack as well as the girl leaving her house. Ten minutes later she pulled into the garage and moved into the house finding Brad on the sofa in just his boxers.

“I’m home,” she announced walking into the room. “My, aren’t we casual.”

“Just relaxing,” he smiled as he changed the channel on the TV.

“So what did you do tonight?”

“Nothing really. We all went out for a few drinks and then I came home.”

Sarah didn’t mention seeing the girl leaving. “I’m going to bed. Do you want to come up?”

“Na, I’m really tired,” he answered.

“I bet you are,” Sarah whispered as she moved upstairs.


Ashley was already asleep when Jack made it home. He sat watching ESPN with a beer in hand as he thought about Sarah. He did feel as if she was a good friend but at the same time felt a warmth just thinking about her.

On Monday morning she was waiting in her car when Jack pulled into the parking deck. She hurried and entered his car. “Hi.”

“Hello,” he smiled. “Did you have a nice weekend?”

“Same as always,” she answered. “I just wanted to say that…….that I had too much to drink on Friday night. I uh..don’t want you to get the wrong impression of me……of us.”

“My impression is that we are good friends,” he smiled.

“Good,” she grinned. “I still can’t believe that Maggie and Paul…”

“Me neither,” he said watching a car pull up across from them. “You better duck down.”

Sarah quickly leaned her head over the gear shift lever between their seats. “Are they gone?”

Jack laughed. “Maybe you leaning over like that was not a good idea.”

Sarah’s head lifted showing her red embarrassed face. “I told you that I don’t do that.”

He opened the car door and moved out. “Oh yeah that’s right you only lick it.”

“Hey!” She cried out as she ran after him to lightly smack his arm. “That’s a secret.”

Paul came by later and stood in Jack’s cube area as he peeked across at Sarah. “She really is cute.”

Jack saw where he was looking. “Careful or I’ll have to tell Maggie.”

“What?” Paul asked while moving closer to Jack. “Why did you say that?”

“Nothing,” Jack grinned. “How about I don’t mention her name again and you don’t say anything about Sarah and me anymore?”

Paul grinned. “Deal.”


On Friday Jack met Sarah at the pub for lunch. “So what’s new?”

“When I got home last Friday a girl was leaving my house,” Sarah whispered. “When I asked Brad what he did that night he didn’t mention the girl being there.”

“I doubt if he did anything,” Jack said. “He probably doesn’t want you to think something happened so he didn’t mention it.”

“We’ve always been truthful and told each other everything.”

“Did you tell him that you saw a man and woman having sex by the lake?”

“No…….I guess you’re right.” She smiled and a few minutes later they left.


Another month went by as Jack and Sarah became even friendlier. They talked about the weddings coming up and about their honeymoons. It was a short time later when they were asked to attend a four day trade show in Atlantic City along with two other employees which happened to be Maggie and Paul.

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