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Madeline navigated her way down Cedar rd. Her car swerved from side to side as she tried to handle a turkey sandwich in one hand and a map in the other. The old faded signs posted on the buildings made it almost impossible to read the addresses. Cardboard boxes and broken furniture sat on the edges of the curbs. Madeline kept driving hoping that the address that she was looking for was further away from the trash and debree of her current surroundings.

“Excuse me…” She asked a group of men that were playing basketball in the street. They stopped and eyed the red-haired woman with the southern accent. “Where might I find Elizabeth rd?”

One of the men leaned against her car with his tall, muscular frame. He peered down into the driver seat getting a good view of the peach skirt that barely covered her pantiless body. The man smiled seductively. “I can get you there if I can come along for the ride.” He spoke.

The other men laughed and came over to the car to see what held their teammates attention. Madeline put the map in the passenger seat. If they wanted a look, they were going to get it. At least she was going to get directions out of it. She was not shy about her sexuality and actually, she marveled in the fact that most men found her irresistible. Perspiration made the top of her sun dress stick to her breasts. The absence of a bra made the moment even more revealing. Her faint pink nipples pressed against the thin fabric.

The men all reacted at the same time. Madeline’s pussy became wet at the thought of her body causing such a reaction. A naughty smile curled in the side of her mouth. A piece of lettuce from her sandwich had fallen into her lap earlier. One of the men reached into the car and picked it up. He ran his finger along her thigh. “Can I play connect the dots with these freckles.”

“Well, that depends on if you know what I’m looking for.”

“Yeah, baby. Elizabeth Rd is about 5 miles up on the right. But somehow I know that ain’t all that you’re looking for.”

“Thanks, baby. Maybe some other time.” Madeline pressed on the gas. Her car sped off and she waved a friendly goodbye as the men disappeared in her rear view mirror.

Madeline pulled in front of a brownstone and let out a sigh of relief. 6500 Elizabeth road was distinctly different from the area where she’d stopped. She parked out front and grabbed her duffle bag from the trunk. That was the entire luggage that she’d brought. Madeline was on a traveling nursing assignment and all she really needed were several pairs of scrubs.

Her apartment, 201, was on the second floor. After about 20min of being unsuccessful with trying her key in the door, someone came up the stairs. Madeline smiled at the tall slender man that was coming towards her. He gave her a passive nod and began entering the apartment across from 201.

“I can’t get my key to work. Can you help?” Madeline asked hoping that he would give her the same response that’s she’d gotten from the basketball players. She slung her damp hair back off her shoulders giving him full view of her protruding nipples. He didn’t seem to notice.

“You have to turn the key upside down, and pull the door to you, before you turn it.” He spoke softly and never made eye contact. Madeline noticed that he was not wearing a wedding ring. Good, she thought. There was going to be someone that she could fuck when she got off work. She decided to extend the invitation.

Grabbing a letter out of his hand and looking at the information on it, “John…I’m Madeline. Could you open the door for me?” She put the key in his hand and pulled him towards her. Awkward and shy, John retrieved his letter, opened Madeline’s door, and quickly buried himself inside his apartment.

After work that weekend, Madeline was feeling horny. She knew John was just across the hall but he was too much of a task. She needed instant gratification. Her clit begin to throb as she thought about the muscular black guy that helped her find Elizabeth rd. She quickly made a detour and headed for Cedar rd.

No one was playing basketball but there were plenty of people outside just hanging around. Madeline could not find her chocolate colored fellow in the medley of men that noticed her standing in the street. She sat on the hood of her car and waited for him to find her.

Moments later, he emerged. Wearing a white tank top and red long shorts, he looked even more delicious than before. Madeline walked up to him. She barely measured up to his chest. “Are you ready for that ride now?” She let her eyes shamelessly trail down to his crotch. “Are you ready?” He asked with confidence.

They walked over to a nearby apartment. Inside, more guys were playing cards on a small table. “Damn, Potent!” One of the card players said. “She came back lookin’ for yo’ ass.”

Inside the back bedroom, Potent grabbed Madeline into an aggressive, hungry kiss. She had to stand on her tiptoes just to meet his juicy tongue. Madeline was shocked but intrigued by how different the essence canlı bahis of a black man tasted compared to all the white men she’d dated. It wasn’t better, just different. A welcomed change.

Potent pulled his pants down around his ankles and sat down on a chair. “Come and get what you came here for.” He said taking the base of his dick into his hands. Madeline eyed the thick, dark, limb that stood at attention before her. She likes to give blowjobs and she was curious if she would be able to take it all in. However, she’d come to get her pussy fucked and she didn’t know him well enough to swallow his dick. She then removed her scrubs. She straddled him and Potent positioned his cock beneath her. Madeline raised up and sat down on his massive member.

Potent grabbed Madeline’s ass and slid her up and down on his dick. His girth stretched her pussy out and she moaned with delight. Madeline bucked her pussy against Potent. He watched as her tits jumped up and down on her chest. She pulled the back of his head, lowering his mouth onto her left nipple. His mouth almost covered her entire breast. Potent sucked hard causing the covered area to become red and sore. She held the back of his neck refusing to let him release her nipple. Madeline had a fondness for erotic pain.

With her feet locked onto the sides of the chair, she reached back and massaged Potent balls. His eyes rolled up into his head and he lost his rhythm. His balls were huge and tight. They were ready to explode and Madeline’s delicate hand on them was causing his head to spin.

“Are you on something?” He asked.

“Yeah…don’t stop. Cum inside me”

With that assurance, Potent held onto Madeline’s waist. He hung his head back and pumped her steadily until he shot a massive load of cum into her pussy. Madeline squeezed her muscles around him and continued bouncing until she came as well. She could feel globs of his cum running out of her. The milky white trails coated Potent’s balls and thighs.

Before leaving Potent asked what Madeline’s name was. She advised him that it was not important. When she needed him, she’d find him.

A few days later after emerging from a bath, Madeline wanted to try her quiet neighbor again. She slipped on a tiny tee shirt and a pair of bikini underwear. She turned her air conditioner off and opened the window.

Madeline knocked on John’s door. He answered and still showed no signs of noticing that she was barely dressed. She explained that her air conditioner was broken and that she needed him to fix it. John suggested that she call the on call maintenance staff. As he was closing the door, Madeline blocked it with her foot. “Can I come in and cool off while they fix it?”

“That’s not a good idea, Madeline.” He forced the door closed. Madeline heard it lock. She decided on another plan. Two days later, the smell of fresh baked spaghetti and garlic bread met John at the door. No man can refuse good home cooking. Madeline explained that she’d cooked too much and thought that maybe they could have dinner together. John let out a hesitant sigh and opened the door wider for Madeline to come in.

Over dinner, she tried to make conversation. John responded but he was very elusive to personal questions about himself. She still could not figure him out. There were no framed photos on the walls. No little knickknacks that would suggest that he travels. Nothing.

John cleaned up the dishes while Madeline put a movie into the dvd player. However, she wasn’t interested in anything except getting John to break his reserved exterior and notice that she wanted something from him.

Madeline leaned back on the couch. She placed one leg on the back of the couch and the other flat on the floor. She was in perfect position for John to see that she was a natural red head. She acted like she was fumbling with the remote when John came back into the room. He caught a full glance of Madeline’s exposed pussy. His eyes widened and then he turned away. “I think you should probably leave now.” He said looking at the floor.

Madeline sat up. “What’s with you John?”

He didn’t respond. John walked past the couch and into his bedroom. The door closed behind him. Madeline stood up and contemplated her next move. She was going to figure out who this reclusive man was and why he kept turning her down. She tipped toed over by his window and unlocked it. Then she walked loudly enough for John to hear her leave. The door slammed behind her.

The next day, Madeline climbed up the fire escape and entered John’s apartment. She hurrily looked through his desk by the window. She wanted to find a sign of why he was not attracted to her. Maybe he was gay. He had to be, she thought. There was no other reason as to why he never excepted her advances.

There were a bunch of dark suits in his closet. Nothing there. She rummaged through the nightstand that was by his bed. A dark green scrapbook had pieces of newspapers hanging out of it. Madeline opened it and gasped. The man bahis siteleri in the photos was John. But his name was different. She read over the articles. This can’t be true, she thought. John was mild mannered. Timid, even. He would never do anything like the articles were suggesting. It was all unreal to Madeline but the scrapbook gave her what she needed. She carefully returned the book and left back out the opened window. She purposely left it cracked.

That night, Madeline peered through his window. John was sitting in the dark in front of his television. The light was illuminating his outline. Madeline slowly slid the window open and stepped inside. She walked over to the side of his chair. He was startled to see her. Madeline had her hair in two ponytails. She had on a babydoll dress and white socks that were pulled up to her knees. Bright red patent leather Mary Jane shoes with the strap across the instep completed her outfit. John reached for his glasses. Madeline grabbed them first. “You don’t need these.” She said dropping the glasses on the floor. “You know who I am.”

Madeline sat down on John’s lap. “Is this where you want me to sit? I’ll do whatever you want.” He squirmed and tried to get her to get off of him. Madeline rotated her hips in a circular motion over John’s crotch. He felt fire building up inside of him.

“You don’t know about me, Madeline.” He said with his head down. John squeezed his eyes tight and tried to block out the familiar urges that had ruined his life. Madeline turned around to face him. She held her dress up enough so that he could see her white lace panties, a detail that she’d picked up from the articles. John wrinkled his brow at her. “You can’t do this. You don’t know who I am.” He pleated.

“Yes I do.” Madeline grabbed John’s hand and slid it up her thigh. His hand met with her moistened panties. They let out simultaneous moans. John continued stoking her clit through the fabric. Madeline grabbed the chair over John’s head and leaned into his ear. She whispered, “I know who you are …Father Mitchell.”

John became outraged. He grabbed Madeline by her shoulders and threw her off his lap. “You bitch!” He yelled standing to his feet. He grabbed Madeline by her throat and picked her up off the floor. “How dare you go through my things! I knew it.”

John’s rage was turning Madeline on. Her clit began throbbing at the thought of John fucking her with the anger that he was displaying in his living room. She laughed at him. “You know you want to fuck me” She taunted. “Just like you fucked those women in Boston.”

“Shut up!” He started to shake her.

“Those women trusted you and you made them dress up for you and you fucked them.”

“Shut up you little bitch!” John dragged Madeline over towards his front door. He was going to throw her out. She continued taunting him. “They all liked it except for one of them. She turned you in, didn’t she?”

Madeline freed herself from John’s grasp.

“She said you raped her. Did you, Father Mitchell? ”

Fury entered into John’s eyes. He pushed Madeline back on the couch and before the springs in the couch could propel her back up, John grabbed the front of her dress. It tore like a sheet of paper and John flung it aside. He pulled Madeline up by her hair and forced his tongue into her mouth. She accepted his invasion into her mouth. At last, the passion that she had been waiting for.

John put his hands into her lace panties and palmed her ass. His mouth moved over her breasts. He hungrily lapped at her dark pink nipples, biting them intermittently. Pulling her panties down, John inhaled the sweet feminine aroma that always overpowered him. He opened her pussy lips exposing her clit. John explored her cunt, licking from her pussy opening to her pubic hair. Madeline squirmed listening to the slurping sounds coming from between her legs. At last, she had him right where she wanted him.

“That feels so good, John.”

The dawn-tinted hair covering Madeline’s pussy made John eager to fuck her. He liked when women didn’t shave. The soft hairs tickled the head of his dick adding to his sensations. John raised up and pushed his throbbing cock up into Madeline. He began fucking her violently. He pulled her hair hard enough to immobilize her head. His other hand rested firmly on her throat. He was not squeezing her neck, but the presence of his hand lead Madeline to believe that he could choke her if he wanted to. She tried to get her hair free but he refused to let go.

“I noticed you, you little whore.” John plunged harder into her.

“Wait!” Madeline asked trying to position her body so that she’d absorb less of the pounding. She wanted to feel his dick going in and out but she only felt the sharp pain of her body being pummeled.

“This is what you wanted!” John reminded her. Madeline was not one to be defeated in a fuck. She slapped John’s face as hard as she could. He was thrown off balance. Madeline pushed him the rest of the way to the floor and quickly bahis şirketleri sat on top of him. She pinned his arms above his head and worked her body over his crotch until his dick slid back up into her.

She roughly rocked her hips back and forth, fucking him with as much intensity as he’d fucked her. She spat in his face. “Fuck you, you sick bastard!”

John got one of his hands away. He repeatedly slapped Madeline on the ass leaving red handprints. The sting on her ass turned Madeline on even more. She raised up higher off his dick creating longer strokes. Just as Madeline thought she was in control, John grabbed her hair again and yanked her off of him.

John dragged her down the hall to the bathroom. With his free hand, he continued to spank Madeline on her ass cheeks. “Ow that hurts!” she pleated while grabbing her hair to relieve some of the tension. Once she regained her footing in the bathroom, she spit in his face again. “Fuck you!” She yelled. Her hair was still entangled in his fingers.

John forced her on the floor in front of the toilet. John pressed Madeline’s face onto the seat. “Open up your ass!” He demanded. She was all too eager to feel him inside her tight hole. “Aw, yes, John. Fuck my ass.”

Madeline arched her back and spreaded her ass cheeks with her hands. John took his free hand and rubbed it in the soap dish. He slathered his dick with the slippery substance and placed the head of his cock at Madeline’s asshole. With a firm grip around the head of his dick, John pushed himself deep inside of Madeline. She moaned loudly. She loved the feel of a dick stretching her ass open. She asked him to take it all the way out and reinsert it again. He did several times and Madeline came so hard, her legs vibrated underneath his weight.

Her moans echoed into the porcelain bowl. Her body jerked as John fucked her from behind. With long, banging strokes, he aimed to empty his balls inside her tight ass. John held Madeline’s hair tighter as he felt the tingling sensation rush up his dick. He let go of her hair and grabbed her hips. Anchoring himself onto her ass, John flooded her with three bursts of cum into her intoxicating hole.

Madeline lay exhausted on the cold bathroom tile. John opened her legs and planted his mouth over her swollen pussy lips. Madeline winced. Realizing that she was too sore, John wet a wash cloth with cool water and placed it between her legs. He then lay on top of her and lightly licked around her areolas.

John moved Madeline into the bathtub. He positioned her so that her knees were in her chest and her crotch was under the waterspout. Her bright red shoes were flat against the wall above the faucet. He turned the water on so that the stream would vibrate her clit. This was a new sensation for Madeline. The water ran over her while gently caressing her soreness.

John kneeled above her head and placed his dick into her mouth. The cramped space didn’t allow for much movement. Madeline worked her tongue and mouth around the head of his cock. She grabbed his ass to pull him further into her mouth. He complied.

John moved further over Madeline and lowered his balls onto her waiting tongue. She lapped at his balls, sucking them gently and methodically. While he was squatting and loving the sensation of her warm mouth on his sensitive balls, John began peeing over Madeline’s stomach. She loved the hot liquid running over her abdomen.

Once he finished peeing, John moved back and put his cock back into Madeline’s mouth. He stoked the base of his dick while Madeline worked the head. The water over her clit was sending shock waves through her lower abdomen. She began pumping her hips to meet with the water’s steadfastness.

Shorter quick movements around the base of his cock brought John to climax a second time. His cum exploded into Madeline’s mouth, filling it’s capacity and spilling over the sides. She swallowed as much of it as she could. His cum provided warmth inside of his belly. She loved that.

John got out of the tub and sat on the edge. He reached down and stroked Madeline’s clit through the stream of the water. He wanted to fuck her again but he also wanted to watch her face as she climaxed. He missed the power he felt as he watched a woman contort her face and loss control of herself while cumming.

John’s finger rubbed mercilessly over Madeline’s clit. His thumb held her hood back while he thrashed the sensitive underside of her body with his middle finger. Madeline moaned and rolled her head from side to side. Her wet hair was pasted across her face.

John stared at her intensely waiting for the moment when he knew she had given up reign over her body. He rubbed faster and her body jerked and stiffened. She lifted her hips up and let out a deep wale that echoed against the bathroom walls. Madeline continued panting as John fingered her through her entire orgasm.

Afterward, John disappeared out of the bathroom. Madeline found him sitting in the living room with his head in his hands. She walked over and kneeled before him. Her wet socks and shoes left a trail behind her. Madeline held his face up and kissed his mouth. She tongued him offering understanding of his need to have rough sex.

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