Out of the Whiteness Ch. 03

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The primary inspiration for this story is not Caesar. I do apologize to the author rlfj as this is based on his story “The Power” published in 1999. The author is a member of this site. I have to confess “The Power” is the only story of his that I have read. That will soon change. I think his principal character is far less obnoxious than mine is. LOL

And, this does not subtract any of my comments about Caesar and his works. I heartily recommend you read “The Sweet Smell of Lust” as well as the rest of his stories.

This is a complete fantasy. All participants in the sexual activity are over the age of 18. Since this is my world, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies. All my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers are not usually mentioned unless part of the sex.

Please read, enjoy, and vote. I respond to all comments.



When I was ready, I came. My cocksucker had changed positions and my prick ended up spurting all over her face and tits. My coming had urged the other four women across the line into orgasm as well. Everyone came.

I was completely drained of semen, energy, and strength. I fell asleep. Very fatiguing.

It was mid afternoon the following day and I had spent this day being abused and tortured by people who called themselves physical therapists. There was not a single part of my body that wasn’t in pain as a result.

Well that may have been an exaggeration. I was sitting on the toilet and Becky was watching some nurse sucking on my cock. She was waiting for this nurse to finish me off so the two of them could manoeuver me back into bed. My cock didn’t hurt.

This particular nurse, I hadn’t bothered to find out her name, had been summoned by Becky to help me onto the toilet and back into my bed. She was a fairly good cocksucker. She didn’t have great technique, she just swallowed my dick whole when I indicated what I wanted from her. Of course, Becky was there but just watching.

I didn’t really desire great technique at this time. I just wanted to cum in someone’s mouth and get to bed. This nurse provided just what I wanted. She had one hand cupping my balls and the other stroking my dick. On every downstroke, she would follow her hand down the length of my cock with her mouth sucking hard. Although I was getting used to blowjobs and could generally last longer than on my first days, I was too tired to fight for control today.

Without bothering to warn this nurse, I erupted in her mouth. I had, I guess, a medium sized load stored up but even this, was too much for the cocksucking nurse to handle. My spunk dripped out of her mouth, leaving trails as it fell to her uniform. Looking towards Bex, she knew I wanted back in bed. The two of them lifted me into the wheelchair and into the bed. I immediately fell asleep.

I woke up some time later. Still no clock in the room. Becky, in her bra and panties only, was curled up beside me, an arm across my chest and a leg thrown over me, snoring lightly. Kind of cute, actually.

Recuperating from the day’s torture, I was content to lay still and ponder my powers some more. I needed to control my abilities better, find the volume switch, if you will, as well as the on/off button. I don’t know to what distance my thoughts could travel. Apparently, yesterday, just my feeling of general horniness travelled some fifty feet to the nursing station affecting the women there. Hmmm, I thought, were there any male nurses there and did I affect them? I hoped not.

I wondered if it was only a matter of sexual situations emphasizing the volume or strength of my thoughts. Would enjoying a steak dinner, for instance, cause the same reactions? I’d need to do some experimenting.

Mum entered my room wearing a quite dejected look on her face. She threw herself on to the loveseat beside my bed.

“What’s wrong, Mum?”

“I had to make an appearance at work today. Command performance,” mum answered me.

“What does that mean? ‘Command performance?'”

Mom explained the situation to me. “Since your accident, I have spent a lot of time here in the hospital. I went to work as often as I could. But, I was so exhausted, baby. When I was at work, it was hard to concentrate and focus. My colleagues really came together and covered up for me.

Sometimes, I would nod off at my desk and they would just leave me be. My boss, the sales manager, knew what was going on and tolerated it as much as he could. However, his boss has now come to realize it and he is pushing Andy to fire me.

I’m just so tired, Ricky.”

“Poor, Mom”, I thought. Fortunately it was a reclining love seat and I encouraged Mom to relax and enjoy. “Sleep well, Honey.”

Realizing this was a good opportunity learn more about my abilities, I began to explore Mum’s mind. I was as careful as I thought I could be, not charging in like a herd of elephants, maybe like tiptoeing elephants. I decided, since they had to be at the forefront of her mind, to investigate escort bostancı what was going on at her job.

Mum seemed to have been quite frank with me regarding her work situation. I took a look at the people Mum worked with and what she thought of them. No surprises there, my mother liked most of her colleagues but had a casual dislike of her immediate superior. She didn’t think he did his job very well.

But to my surprise, she really liked her boss’s boss, the owner of the midsized manufacturing facility. When I say really liked, I mean she had a small letch for him. Mum always looked forward to his visits to her department, taking every opportunity to ogle his body. Coincidentally, I’m sure, her boss’s boss liked to wear Hugo Boss custom suits.

Delving a little further, I also saw that Mum didn’t think too highly of the man’s wife. In her opinion, the guy bought himself a trophy wife which Mum thought removed her from the running for wife three. This was entirely new to me who would never have guessed that his mother was jealous of a man’s wife.

Bex stretched and yawned interrupting my search of Mum’s thoughts. My dedicated nurse hugged me while giving me a passionate kiss on the lips.

“I have to go home now, my darling,” she said to me. My darling? What was up with that?

Before I could respond, Bex said, “I need to make supper for my wife and the kids.” Wife? Kids? For the first time, I realized I knew next to nothing about Becky. I made a mental note to investigate her life the next time opportunity arose.

I dozed off before she even finished donning her nursing uniform again and leaving. When I awoke, I saw that Mum was still sleeping on the loveseat, and that Melissa, my sister had also returned and was asleep on the couch.

Without awakening either of them, I decided to explore within myself for a change. The first thing that came to mind was that there was some sort of a I don’t know what to call it. After spending some time peering at it from all sides, I arrived at the conclusion that this was some sort of, maybe, perhaps a battery indicator showing how much strength I had. Right now, it was very low and bright red indicating how weak my physical body was at this time. Not good.

Giving it more consideration, I wondered if my thought abilities had a different gauge. I would like to know if the one gauge wrapped around my body entirely or were there other measurements. Almost as soon as I finished the thought, the gauge shimmied and new indicators were showing.

This time, it indicated in green that my powers, I think it measured my mental abilities was a faded green about three quarters charged. Very interesting.

A new thought occurred to me. Could my powers be used to help me heal? More quickly? More thoroughly? Or were they just there to enhance my sex life?

I decided I wanted my arms to be more usable, more functional than they were now. I concentrated on my arms from my shoulders to my fingertips. I know, I know, I was using the term ‘arms’ quite liberally. After all though, it was more for the better enjoyment of my newfound sexual lifestyle. I had to chuckle.

I didn’t have a clue as how to accomplish my goal. There was no feeling in my arms. Like new feelings, I mean. No tingling or buzzing sounds. Nothing to give me a hint. That being the case, I simply stared at one arm alternating with the other.

For about half an hour, still no frigging clock in the room, I sat entirely still, not allowing my mind to wander. Finally, I couldn’t wait to satisfy my curiosity. I looked at the gauge in my head. I saw some differences. My body measurement showed some improvement almost escaping the red level.

My power measurement was much lower than previously. It had dropped out of the green and was showing the least bright red. I could only hope, at this point, that the power expenditure worked on my arms. A wave of sleepiness came over me, telling me that this was not the time to experiment any further.

I knew it was another day when I opened my eyes next as Mum and Melissa were not evident in the room and Bex was back.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” I said to Becky.

Becky leaned over me to give me a very generous morning kiss. Lifting my arms and embracing her, I lengthened the kiss, adding much more passion to the exchange, now, of kisses. Still holding on to her with one arm, I slid the other down her body until I had Becky’s ass in hand.

As I mentioned earlier, it was a good ass. Not a great ass though. Not like Mum or my sister’s ass. Becky’s was a little more pliable though. I was able to cup her ass cheek, to squeeze it, and even to pinch it. Yeah, my arms and hands were working that well now.

Becky asked me if I wanted to take my first shower in nearly a year. That was a delightful thought. She went off somewhere to make the arrangements, I guessed. Taking advantage of this interlude, I checked my internal gauges. Both were in the ümraniye escort green and I let out a mental sigh of relief. My physical condition was just barely in the green while my mental powers showed about seventy five present.

I reached a new conclusion that would have to be checked out. My powers were recharged just by sleeping. Nothing complicated. My powers had some effect on my own body. In this case, I surmised that sleep, time to heal, and my powers all worked to together to fix me. I could help the process but I didn’t think I could think me all better.

Becky entered the room pushing a commode chair. This could be pushed right into the shower allowing my attendants to wash me pretty thoroughly. Up until now, I had only used it when set up for me to have a dump. Err, bowel movement. Sometimes, I didn’t have the energy to go to the bathroom even with help.

The two nurses, one being the redhead from yesterday, pushed me into the huge walk in shower in the suite. The redhead stood by while Becky turned on the water and made the necessary adjustments to the water temperature.

When satisfied, she undressed me, removing my pajama pants. Next was to get me under the shower. Glorious! It was a definite head rush as my body reacted to my first shower in almost a year. Using my now working arms and hands as well as the handrails on the shower walls, I was able to turn the commode allowing the water to soak my body anywhere I wanted.

At one point, facing the nurses, I noticed Bex had new water stains on her uniform. Knowing the dampness was from her helping in the shower, I said to the nursing duo:

“You should both get undressed so you don’t get your uniforms all wet.”

Bex didn’t hesitate, she just jumped to do what I bid her. I don’t think I expended any power on her, just gave her my verbalized thought. The redhead didn’t react as quickly as Bex. Instead she seemed to be waiting to see how far Becky would go.

When she saw that Becky had, in fact, stripped down completely and stepped into the oversized shower with me, she, I later learned her name was Rhonda, undressed slowly but for me. Like a stripper, she swayed her hips slowly from side to side while running her hands all over her still clothed body.

I had to remind myself that I had not used my powers on either woman this time. The only suggestion I made, I had verbalized. Was this another instance of previous power commands being retained and allowed to grow within the subject? More time for that later.

Becky was standing behind me, rubbing my water drenched skin. After a few moments like this, she angled my head back a little in order for it to rest against her boobs. So very enjoyable.

Nurse Rhonda reached behind her and with some struggling, she was able to lower her zipper enough to slip the dress off. She looked great underneath that baggy old uniform dress she had been wearing.

Still swaying, and now pirouetting as well, she showed off her whole body to me. No doubting it. This redheaded nurse had a generous rack on her with nipples already poking through her bra cups. I was very pleased with them when she threw her bra on top of her discarded uniform. Losing her panties demonstrated the carpet matched the curtains. Her pussy was framed by a bright red, landing strip.

“Get in here, baby, and suck my cock.”

With water streaming down her body, Rhonda fell to her knees in front of me. With the newfound energy in my arms, I wrapped her long hair in my hands and directed her mouth to my dick. Being in the shower on the receiving end of a very good blowjob was another new experience for me.

Becky was using bare hands as well as a hand towel to wash my body. She used the hand held applicator to spray me from various directions while her colleague worked me over with her mouth and hands. I felt terrific. Spurting into Rhonda’s mouth added to my enjoyment.

I was happy to be washed, dried, and helped back into bed. I immediately wanted to sleep so I did. It was all very fatiguing.

Still without a clock, I woke up some time later with Mum laying beside me while watching TV.

“Mum, I need a clock in this room.”

“There is a clock on the TV, you know,” said Mum.

“Mum, please buy me a fucking clock!”

“Okay, Baby, I’ll get you one tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Mum. Where’s Melissa?”

“She went out with some friends for supper. She’ll be here later.”

“What time is it now? And what day is this?”

“It’s 4:53 now and today is Friday.”

I checked my gauges and saw that the shower and sleep had raised my overall health a little bit. It was in the green a little bit more than earlier. My mental abilities seemed to be right at the top of the scale. Good.

“Mum, what do you think of inviting the company owner here for dinner tonight. Let him meet me and see what shape I’m in. I can thank him personally for all the help we have received from the company.”

“I don’t kartal escort bayan know, Rick, it might not be such a great idea.”

I thought to Mom, “Just do it, please.”

“Invite his wife as well,” I said. “He’s more likely to accept the invitation if she is included.”

Mum reached for her cell phone and called him at the office. When she had him on the phone, my mother offered up the invitation to dinner including his wife. Apparently he resisted somewhat and Mum turned to me with a pleading look on her face.

I didn’t know what to suggest. I wished the clown would just accept the invitation and bring his wife. Just this thought brought a smile to Mum’s face. Apparently, he either re-considered at the exact moment in time, I sent out my thought, or he just gave in of his own accord. A coincidence? Maybe.

Hanging up the phone, Mum asked what we should do about food. We needed to offer food since we had invited them to dinner. Chuckling, I remembered that the hospital catered meals for the VIP suites. Mum dialed the operator and was referred to room service. How appropriate! I laughed.

Mum put the room service people on hold to tell me our choices were prime rib of beef or roast chicken. I opted for the prime rib with all the fixings. Then, I had Mum look up the hospital florist and order a dozen orange roses for her and a second dozen for Mrs. Whomever.

During my last exploration of my mother’s mind, I hadn’t bothered to find put the names of the couple. Asking Mum, she told me they were Faye and James Richardson. James was in his late fifties and worked out regularly as indicated by his great, in Mum’s eyes, body.

Faye was younger than he by almost twenty years. She was about the same age as Mum, give or take a year or two. Mum seemed to be jealous of her looks or her body but possibly of the fact that Faye was able to fuck James whenever she wanted. Without bothering to delve any deeper, I just assumed it was the Faye fucking James thing.

This hospital was simply amazing. The maintenance people rolled in a whole bunch of pieces of something on a large cart. They began to assemble the parts into a whole. They adjusted the height of my bed and had me sit up. The piece of furniture they assembled was a picnic table looking thing.

I was at the head of the table at the perfect height for me to eat at the table. The long sides of the table were completed with a well padded bench on either side. There was a single step at the end for the rest of my party to get to their seats. The benches were movable allowing sufficient space to walk before sitting and sliding forward to the table. This was an amazing piece of engineering. To think it was found in a hospital just staggered the imagination.

While the table was being assembled, my mother went to her bedroom to shower and get ready for our dates to arrive. Mum didn’t know it but that was exactly what the Richardsons were, Mum and my dates.

As soon as the maintenance crew departed, housekeeping staff came into the room in order to prepare the table for dining. Table cloth, real silver ware, and all the appropriate utensils, were laid out.

They left and were met at the door by the staff beautician. Taking a step in my direction, she offered a light hair trim. I went just for getting my hair brushed free of all the knots and tangles. Then I sent her and her equipment into the bedroom area to see what Mom needed.

Some time passed and eventually the bedside telephone rang and the operator informed me that Mr. and Mrs. Richardson were there at reception. I told her to send them up and to inform room service we would be ready for dinner in about a half hour. Hanging up, I called out to Mum they were on their way up.

The beautician came out of the room followed closely by my mother. My mouth dropped open and my eyes came close to popping out of my head. I had never in my nineteen years remembered, or the few days of those years that I remembered, my mother looking this gorgeous. This fucking hot! Wow!

Mom was wearing a very satiny looking halter top with no obvious signs of a bra. Her massive tits stood up proudly and swayed slightly with her every step. Her skirt was what I learned they call a pencil skirt. It hung to below her knees and wrapped itself tightly around her lower body, especially her ass. Mum was also wearing stockings, gold in colour to match her top, and four inch stilettos.

This woman was a walking wet dream. And she knew it. Mum looked at me for confirmation, the pure lust written on my face letting her know how I felt.

The door had barely closed behind the beautician when another knock on the door was heard. Upon being told to enter, the hospital maître d’ opened the door motioning to the Richardsons to enter with a grand sweep of his arm.

I could feel the fluttering of my mother’s innards, her vagina in particular, when she first set eyes on James. He was certainly a good looking man, standing about 6’2″ I guessed and weighing about 200 lbs. The cut of his clothing indicated the man worked out on a regular basis. I also recognized that he was extremely attracted to my mother in all her finery and body on display. I sent him a bolt of lust to enhance his feelings for Mum.

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