Party of Five Ch. 05

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Author’s note: Well, a few people are apparently bothered by the fact that nothing has happened yet to justify the story’s inclusion under the Incest/Taboo heading, which leads me to think that perhaps it would have been better under the Novel heading, which is what this story will probably be length-wise. I can only ask you to be patient and assure you that when it happens, it happens. I appreciate all the advice and constructive criticism as well, so keep that coming. And, as of right now, I have written up to chapter 12, so if people are still interested, I’ll keep posting them. I’ll probably slow it down one I get closer to where I’ve written so that the waits aren’t too long. Anyway, enjoy.


Chapter 5

Josh spent an uncharacteristically pleasant Sunday afternoon bonding with Dawn; or, more specifically, teaching her how to play chess. She picked it up easily enough but kept complaining whenever Josh captured one of her pieces. When he captured her queen, for the first time, she told him it wasn’t polite to attack women, and that he should attack the little pawns instead, seeing as he spent enough time around porn anyway. The remark wasn’t as sharpened as Dawn’s insults usually were, and Josh was grateful for her softened humour.

After six rather short games, they packed up the chess set and returned downstairs. Laura was outside pottering around in the garden, as she usually did in her free time; Alice was apparently in the study reading or writing or some such creative thing; and Jacquie was lying on the sofa watching a soap opera. She looked up when they entered the room.

“Where have you two been?”

“Playing chess,” said Dawn, as though the word ‘chess’ was new to her and required perfect pronunciation.

“Chess?” Jacquie asked incredulously.

“Uh huh,” Dawn replied, dropping down on one of the armchairs and swinging her legs over the side. “I won.”

“You did not,” protested Josh.

“Oh, he just says that ‘cause he hates being beaten by a girl,” Dawn explained to Jacquie. “I took all of his prawns.”

Jacquie laughed. “Prawns?”

“What?” said Dawn, genuinely confused.

“Never mind,” said Jacquie. “When did you two become such close friends anyway?”

“About an hour and a half ago,” Dawn replied. “I read Josh’s diary, he read mine…we played chess.” She shrugged elegantly, as though this were a perfectly normal sequence of events.

Jacquie goggled at Dawn. “You read his diary?”

“Yeah,” said Dawn, “but I apologised. So now we’re cool.”

That was Dawn all right, Josh thought, never one to beat around the bush – she said exactly what was on her mind and damned if it sounded odd. Josh had always admired her in that respect; he wished he had enough confidence to say whatever he wanted. Then he might have Valerie.

Jacquie stared at them as though they had both gone quite mad. “Well,” she said, sitting up and then standing, “I’m gonna make lunch.” And with that she vanished into the kitchen.

Josh took Jacquie’s vacated sofa and he and Dawn watched the television in silence. The programme was dull; a soap opera – Josh had no idea which one, but then, weren’t they all the same anyway? He watched as Fabio-look-alike number one pulled his lips off silicone-girl and stared contemplatively into the camera, somehow looking less like he were actually contemplating something and more like he had something pointy stashed up his behind.

“I don’t get these shows,” Josh commented.

Dawn leaned her head back. “He’s upset because she’s not being affectionate with him, which is because she’s actually sleeping with his brother, only he doesn’t know that. And the brother is married, but his wife is pregnant with someone else’s baby and he suspects she’s having an affair with that guy,” she pointed at the Fabio-look-alike again, “which she isn’t, but secretly wants to. Quite simple really.”

“Whatever,” said Josh, “I think it’s bonkers.”

“True,” Dawn replied thoughtfully.

Lunch was ready after another five minutes – ham and cheese sandwiches – and they all five sat around the kitchen table to eat. They were all unusually silent, which Josh attributed to the fact that their mouths were full of ham and cheese.

Josh was happily stuffing sandwich after sandwich into his mouth, whilst Dawn was nibbling on a single triangle and the others were eating at what could be considered a normal pace. Once all the sandwiches had disappeared – most into Josh’s stomach – everyone scattered like billiard balls, back to whatever it was they had been doing. Josh, however, stayed to help Jacquie with the dishes.

He collected them and piled them on the bench as usual, waiting for Jacquie to fill the sink. Josh frequently asked Jacquie why she insisted on washing the dishes after every meal, rather than at the end of the day, but was always given the kartal escort same reply of “I like to be organised.” Josh usually shrugged, realised he had no problem with spending more time with Jacquie, and got on with drying the plates.

They settled into their usual mechanical routine, Jacquie washing and Josh drying. At length, Jacquie spoke.

“So you and Dawn are friends now?” she asked in a casual tone.

“I guess,” Josh replied.

Jacquie grinned. “That’s really weird.”

“It’s not that weird,” Josh responded defensively. He looked sideways at Jacquie, who was wearing an expression of intense amusement. “OK,” Josh conceded, “it is weird. But it’s not bad weird.”

“If you say so,” said Jacquie.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Jacquie said, “I know you guys, and I guarantee you’ll be at each others throats by the end of the day.”

Josh sneered at her and turned back to drying the glass he was holding. He finished it, placed it on the rack and reached for the next glass Jacquie was passing him. He couldn’t help but notice the way her breasts jutted out from her chest so firmly, as if they had no respect for gravity. He remembered – as he did now every time he saw them – how it had felt touching them, the soft flesh creasing and rolling under his fingers. He grew hard immediately, and promptly jammed his crotch up against the bench to hide it.

Jacquie handed him another glass. “Still looking at my breasts, ey?”

“Wh— no…of course not…I—“

Jacquie started to laugh at her brother’s discomfort. “Stay cool, Josh,” she said. “And hold onto that glass,” she added, more firmly, straightening the glass in Josh’s hands, which had been perilously close to falling.

Jacquie turned back to the sink, as did Josh, though with a considerably redder face than before. He kept his gaze down, using the towel on the dishes in a perfunctory manner.

Jacquie, seeing his embarrassment, knocked her hip into his playfully. “Come on,” she said, “I thought you were over this.”

“I am,” replied Josh in a highly unconvincing tone.

Jacquie turned back to the sink, mused for a moment, then turned back to Josh and asked, “Do you want to see them again?”

This time the glass did drop. Luckily, it was in the sink, and not on the floor, which did it no grave harm. Jacquie smiled again, obviously enjoying making her brother squirm. Josh looked up at her face, scanning it for sarcasm. When he was satisfied she was not joking, he too mused for a moment, before speaking.

“Why would you show me them again just because I wanted to see them?” he asked suspiciously.

Jacquie shrugged. “Maybe I want you to see them, too.”

“I knew it,” chirped Josh. “You liked it too.”

“Maybe,” Jacquie replied with a wicked grin. “Come on,” she said, “let’s finish these quickly.”

Josh dried each and every item Jacquie handed him in five seconds flat, which often meant he was standing there waiting for Jacquie to finish washing the next item.

“Hold your horses,” Jacquie said, thoroughly amused.

Josh slowed his pace – by a few seconds – and attempted to assume a casual air of indifference. He suspected he failed miserably, and was, in fact, radiating sexual tension.

At last, Jacquie handed him the last plate and began draining the sink. Josh scrubbed it dry hurriedly before folding the dishtowel up hastily and then leaning nonchalantly against the kitchen counter. In his opinion, Jacquie was taking her sweet time, and though he didn’t think she was doing it purposefully, her breasts and ass seemed to be swishing all over the place as she wiped the sink down and squeezed the sponge dry. Finally, she turned to Josh.

“Ready?” she said simply, which nevertheless struck a chord of taboo excitement inside Josh’s ribcage. It just seemed so strange and so thrilling to hear his sister ask him, in a casual manner no less, if he was ready to feel up her breasts.

Josh nodded and followed Jacquie as she led the way upstairs.

“You haven’t told anyone have you?” she asked him over her shoulder as she mounted the stairs.

“No,” Josh replied.

“Good,” said Jacquie, “we have to keep it that way.”

Did that imply that she was happy to make this a regular thing? Josh certainly hoped so as he gained the upstairs landing. They went to Jacquie’s room this time, which Josh found terribly exciting. Jacquie shut the door behind them, then pulled the curtains and sat down on the bed beside her brother.

She thought Josh looked quite visibly nervous, and not a little eager. She pulled her legs up onto the bed and scooted back until her back was resting against the headboard, her legs bent at the knees. Without preamble, she reached down, took hold of her blouse and pulled it over her head. Again she felt the thrill of being topless in front of maltepe escort bayan her brother. She beckoned him closer, eager for his inexpert touch.

Josh glided towards her as if in a dream. Having seen his sister’s bare breasts once before did little to lessen the impact of seeing them again. If anything, he was more excited this time, no longer caught up in the shock of it all and more intent on fully enjoying the experience, possibly even making her shut her eyes again, or even moan this time.

He wanted to start at her belly, and work his way up; but again he wasn’t sure whether or not Jacquie would tolerate that, so he simply closed his hands over her breasts once more. He shifted his legs slightly, to accommodate his erection, which was pushing up painfully against his underwear. He twisted his hands around, as he would if he were making orange juice, then tweaked the nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, and then ran a single index finger up and down the sexy crevasse between his sister’s breasts.

Jacquie did indeed shut her eyes again this time, though only at the beginning – after that, she kept them wide open and watched her brother with interest. Right away he had tried something new, rather than simply cupping her breasts in his unmoving hands.

She watched his eyes as they roamed over her chest, taking in every intricate detail. She found that she became quite flustered when she did this, and even more so when Josh returned her gaze.

As Josh began repeating some of his routines, Jacquie slid her hand behind his neck and drew his head down to her chest. “Come here,” she said.

Josh shook with excitement, wondering whether his sister had read his thoughts. It mustn’t have been hard, he reasoned, considering he had been mentally chanting “Let me lick them, let me lick them, let me lick them,” over and over. He looked up uncertainly.

“Can I?”

“Of course,” Jacquie replied. “If you want to.”

In response, Josh opened his mouth in a small ‘O’ and closed it over Jacquie’s right nipple. He felt her body jerk beneath him, and smiled against her breast. First, he used his tongue to flick the nipple and lather it with saliva. Then, he tried sucking on it, which didn’t feel very spectacular, he thought. Instead, he tried taking more of Jacquie’s breast into his mouth, so that he was sucking on more than just the nipple. This, he realised, felt much better. He used his tongue again, running it in circles around the nipple.

Satisfied, he lifted his mouth off Jacquie’s right breast and directed it towards the left one. Jacquie, however, caught his head.

“You don’t have to be symmetrical,” she said. “I hate when guys do that.” She saw Josh’s guilty look, then added, “You can suck it if you want, but don’t think you have to do everything you did on the other one.”

Josh left Jacquie’s other breast alone for now and instead used his tongue to probe the crease between both breasts. The skin there, he noticed, was impossibly smooth; it was like licking liquid silk. After he licked the skin up and down a few times, he returned to Jacquie’s left breast, drawing as much of it into his mouth as he could, which wasn’t even half of it. He felt Jacquie take hold of his left hand and place it on her right breast.

“That’s better,” she said.

Josh licked and sucked and slobbered away until his mouth was beginning to feel sore – but still he wanted more. A lot more. He went back to the right breast, but again, Jacquie stopped him. Every time she did, he became increasingly nervous that she was about to stop him and tell him they were making a mistake and to get the hell out of her room. Luckily, she didn’t.

“I think we need to make this a bit more equal,” she said, taking hold of the bottom of Josh’s T-shirt. “I want to see your big muscles.”

“I haven’t got any big muscles,” Josh admitted.

Jacquie smiled. “I still want to see your body.” She lifted the top over his head in one swift motion and threw it to the floor, where it landed atop her own.

Josh now knew what it must be like for Jacquie, exposing herself to him like this, and he felt an immense flood of gratitude towards her for doing it. He felt insecure and worried that she would judge him too harshly. What she did, however, was reach her hand forward and run it over his abdomen. It felt to Josh like her fingers were carving rivers of fire on his skin. He felt now, more than ever, the reality of what they were doing. He was never usually very physical with his sisters, even when they fought (though the previous two days had been an exception). Feeling Jacquie’s hand raking lovingly across his chest like this was driving him mad with forbidden lust.

“What happens when you flex?” Jacquie asked.

Josh tightened his abs, which condensed into a rippled six-pack. He had no idea what escort pendik the use of it was if he could only see it when he flexed. Still, it was better than nothing.

To his surprise, Jacquie actually went “Mmmmm,” as she traced the muscles with her fingertips. Josh exhaled very slowly, savouring the touch that he hoped would last forever. Jacquie took her hand away though, sat up and pushed Josh back into the position she herself had been in, effectively trading their places. Josh looked up at his sister anxiously, wondering what she was going to do, and whether he would like it.

In answer to his question, Jacquie leaned forward over his body, dropped her face down low and resumed the work her fingers had been doing with her tongue. She traced the muscles, then kissed Josh’s torso in random spots, and then snaked her tongue up his midline, which was something of a cup de grace for Josh’s already heated nerves.

Jacquie smiled at him and then lay down beside him. Josh pushed himself up again, emboldened by Jacquie’s erotic display. He knew now that he could explore the rest of her upper body, which he planned to do with acute detail.

Jacquie was lying flat on her back this time, gazing up at her brother with openly loving eyes. Her dark hair was tumbled about her head and spread over the pillow like tendrils of satin. She rested her hands on her chest, above her breasts, and smiled more widely as Josh’s mouth came down on her navel. His tongue prodded inside, which elicited small squeals of delight from his sister. He traced the waistband of her jeans next, stopping at irregular intervals to administer a soft kiss or nibble on her skin with his teeth. He was vastly encouraged when he heard her say, “God, Josh, that’s amazing.”

Jacquie moved her hands to her sides as Josh began licking her collarbones, terminating at her neck where he planted huge wet kisses. Jacquie felt he was perilously close to her face. She wondered whether he would continue his journey up to her lips, then wondered whether she wanted him to.

Josh leaned further forward over his sister’s prone body, placing a hand on her belly to steady himself. This clinched the debate inside Jacquie’s head, and soon she was drawing his face up towards hers and kissing him passionately on the lips.

Josh pulled away instantly, leaving Jacquie feeling cold and foolish. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

He looked at Jacquie as though he had forgotten she was there. The fact that he was doing these things to his sister came bubbling to the surface of his mind.

“Nothing,” he said. “I just…”

“What?” Jacquie asked him in a concerned tone.

“I’ve never kissed anyone before,” he said sheepishly.

“Oh,” said Jacquie, relieved. “Well, I’ll show you. Here.” She held out her hand to him, which he took, and drew him closer to her. Their faces stopped only inches apart, a distance at which Josh had never seen his sister before. He looked for tiny imperfections in her face and found none. She was perfect.

“It’s easy, really,” Jacquie said, as though she were explaining how to ride a bike. “Just press your lips against mine, and then when you’re ready, put your tongue in my mouth and do whatever you want with it.”

Josh looked at her dubiously. “That’s it?” he asked.

“That’s it.”

Nodding, Josh leaned forward and sealed his lips over his sister’s, which were far thicker and softer. This, he thought immediately, is the real taboo. He had never felt anything like this before, as though he was invading some sacred space he was not meant to be inside. He felt too close to his eldest sister, and that sent waves of excitement up and down his body.

She was kissing him back, quite vigorously, twisting her head from side to side and probing his mouth with her tongue. Josh followed her lead and used his tongue to lick the underside of hers. She laughed against his mouth, which sounded strange, but encouraging. Their lips closed, then opened once more and Josh felt their tongues twist together like strands of DNA – an ironic simile, he thought.

They spent several minutes savouring the taste of each other’s mouth, which were the most invigorating minutes of Josh’s life. Touching her breasts, sucking on them, licking her belly – none of that compared to how amazingly wicked this felt.

When they finally stopped, Josh knew he had to cum like a horse, and fast.

“We should probably stop now,” he suggested.

“OK,” Jacquie replied brightly, patting her brother on the head. She stood up slowly and picked up their tops, throwing Josh’s to him and donning her own.

“Was that fun?” she asked as Josh pulled his T-shirt over his head.

“Very,” he replied.

Jacquie chuckled. “You learn fast; I have to say that.”

Josh beamed a pride-filled smile. “Thanks,” he said.

“Don’t mention it,” Jacquie replied, walking over to the door. “I enjoyed it too.” She planted a kiss squarely on his cheek and left the room.

Dazed and a little out of breath, Josh wandered down the hall to his bedroom where he soaked a hand towel only seconds after the door had swung shut.

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