Peggy Sanford Helps Son

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My name is Peggy Sanford. I have had a wonderful, if not bizarre life to date. I got knocked up at the age of 17. But, what appeared to be a travesty, with the father laughing at the news and never looking back, has turned out to be the most wonderful blessing of my life … the birth of my son, Todd. My parents were very supportive, knowing my devastation and guilt, but put their lives on hold to support Todd and I, while I finished high school and throughout the next 5 years to afford me the opportunity to earn a college degree.

While at college I met the most awesome man. Jason swept me off my feet and, being a very caring and driven individual, he also was most impressive to my parents, his future in-laws. Jason loved Todd from the very first moment he met my little guy. Once we were married, Jason told me the right thing to do would be for him to adopt Todd, which he insisted he do. Jason and Todd grew to be very close over the years and Jason was largely responsible for helping to develop Todd into the mature manly man that he is today.

Jason came from a well off, but not rich family from the north shore of Chicago. His father and uncle started, from the ground up, a manufacturing firm, that they nurtured from its inception to having about 500 employees by the time Jason earned his degree and was placed into a position within the firm to be the heir apparent. From the beginning of our marriage, it was never a necessity that I work. So, with Jason’s encouragement, I was able to earn my law degree, with a specialty in tax law. Little did I know that this move would serve me well in the future, when I moved to St Simon’s Island, Georgia, becoming the go to person for taking on the IRS, in the most prestigious law firm in the area. Ahh, but I am getting ahead of myself.

When Todd earned his degree and followed his dad into the family firm, he also was being groomed for the top spot. We didn’t realize it at the time, but while always shadowing Jason, Todd was rapidly developing his knowledge of the business and leadership skills. Only a couple of years after Jason brought Todd into the family business, naming him the VP of Operations, life would take another dramatic turn. While on a ski trip in Breckenridge, Jason, my beloved husband, would be killed in a skiing accident. This propelled the Board of Directors to accelerate Todd’s rise to the top of the family business, spurred on by the “encouragement” of my father-in-law, who just happened to be the Chairman of the Board. While Todd, felt overwhelmed at times, my father-in-law made sure through his mentoring that Todd learned the business well and quickly. So at the ripe old age of 26, Todd, was CEO of this successful manufacturing firm, now employing over 1,500 employees and growing rapidly.

It was during this time, that I received an offer from the law firm on St Simon’s and decided to escape the chaos presented by all of the changes necessitated in the family firm. Also escaping the cold of the Chicago area, along with the despair caused by the tragic death of my prince of a husband were at play in my decision. While Todd, would certainly miss the closeness of our relationship, he encouraged me to accept the generous offer. I think knowing he would always have a refuge in the warm south to escape the cold of Chicago and the pressures of heading up this firm, was another factor.

So, now that you have a little history, perhaps I should describe myself in order to paint a more complete picture. I have been blessed with a metabolism that has render me an always fit body, but more than just fit. I stand 5′ 7″ with what I have always been told to be incredibly toned and well defined legs, an ample chest sporting 36Cs, and, due to a routine that has always been second nature to me, what most men have described as a cute little derriere. I have shoulder length, or perhaps a little longer, black to dark brown hair.

I am now 46 years old, but like to think that I appear to be in my mid to late 30s. I love to be dressed in thigh high stockings, a conservative set of pumps that show off my long legs and a professional appearing dress or suit, which is very effective when dealing with the conniving twerps at the IRS. You would be amazed at the difference in reaction I get, when I walk into a conference or hearing room, as opposed to trying to handle a sticky tax situation over the phone. Perhaps it is the fact that, be the IRS agent a male or female, once I have clicked my heels across their wood or marble floor, and sit in a provocative manner, allowing my hem to always rise just a half inch above the change in color at the top of my stockings, as I cross my legs, I seem to consistently be dealing with an opponent with the deer in the headlights look.

I can’t tell you how many of these twerps I have come across, who thought they had a rock solid case, that would result in my client spending some time behind bars and/or facing a substantial penalty and fine, only to have their smiling escort kartal and well satisfied supervisor, pull them off the suddenly “closed” case. I guess I just have a knack for knowing how to “present my evidence,” if you know what I mean. However, don’t get me wrong. I know the IRS code and law backwards and forward. Whenever I have a case worthy of a court appearance, you can be sure that I can take these government lawyers apart. They always get that “oh shit” feeling about halfway through the trial, knowing that they have just been run over by the Peggy Sanford train. I’m good and I know it; period, end of sentence.

So, one day I received the following text from my son, Todd: “URGENT! Help Mom! I need your help!” I cut the conference I was in short and called my son within minutes. That’s what mothers do. It seems that a tax evasion case was about to blow wide open against the family firm and would hit the front pages of the Chicago papers the next day, with Todd firmly entwined smack dab in the thick of the case!

I called the Chicago headquarters of the IRS and was immediately put through to the manager of the unit responsible for the agent heading up the case, one Joe Morgan. That was my first lucky break on this case, as Joe and I had somewhat of a history, professional and otherwise, prior to my departure from the windy city. Joe said the case was air tight and there wasn’t anything he could do to stop this train wreck from happening to my son. After reminding him of some of the “fringe benefits” that he had enjoyed in working with me on several cases, Joe ended the call by telling me he would try to slow the process down long enough for me to get to Chicago. We could then personally review the case. Joe called back an hour and a half later, telling me that he pulled in a major favor and bought me two days, but oh, I owed him big time. “Joe, have I ever not made your string pulling worthwhile?”

I had my assistant clear my schedule for the next week, book me a flight, arrange a limo to the airport, packed a bag and was off to the Midwest on the next flight out. Texting Todd, we arranged for transportation to his house from O’Hare International. About 6 hours after his initial text, I was in the warm embrace of my handsome son in his entry foyer. We just held each other tight with me providing my motherly assurance and my legal confidence, soothing Todd’s nerves, telling him everything is going to work out. How? I had no clue, but this was the challenge I relished; that of a high profile case, even if it was a case that put my son’s wealth and freedom at peril. We must have stood in this loving embrace for a good 30 seconds, when I noticed my son’s erection becoming more evident against my thigh. I have to admit that I simultaneously felt the heat and moisture rising from the core of my womanhood. What the …?

Todd looked exhausted by the wranglings he was experiencing with both the firm’s legal counsel and chief financial officer. I noticed the tension in his back as we held each other in our close embrace. I also knew that I had a significant amount of tightness in my own body, undoubtedly from the anxiety of abruptly interrupting my day and then traveling half way across the country to rush to the aid of the young man who was the most important person in my life. If various people within the IRS thought I was a tough opponent previously, they had no idea the fury they had kindled within me when they attacked my son; mothers don’t take well to threats made against their young. The IRS unwittingly had unleashed a tiger that would not hesitate to go for the jugular to bring down the inept beast that was now threatening this, the most precious of my clients.

But as we enjoyed this warm embrace, I could also feel tension leave his finely chiseled body. Could this perhaps be due to the comfort of his mother’s body? As my nipples hardened and stabbed into his chest, my mind raced and an internal battle ensued. “Peggy what the fuck are you thinking? This is your son!” my mind screamed. But the internal slut, thus far unrevealed to my son, also released more moisture leaking from my recently ignored cunt. It’s only action lately had been with the toys always on hand and of course my very own hands.

And while providing temporary relief, my self-induced orgasms always left the slut in me with unfulfilled needs. Needs that only a rock hard cock without a conscience knows how to provide. The animal lust within rages on.

While this internal battle had taken my mind and my focus completely off the real purpose of why I had carted my luscious ass back into the griping cold that only Chicago can unleash on a body, Todd broke our embrace and brought me back to reality; the here and now. As he stepped back, he said, “Damn Mom! I swear you get more beautiful every time I see you! And that body; my lord I would swear you must always be taken for a smokin hot 30 something! You know I never get tired of that face … my wonderful maltepe escort angel and as usual, now again in the role of my heroine. Where’s your white horse?” We laughed, as I could feel my face flush, but wasn’t sure if it was caused by the blushing from my son’s compliments or lust raging inside of his undetected slut whore of a mother.

“Well Todd you look damn fine yourself. Why hasn’t some young babe swept you off your feet? You aren’t playing for the other team are you?”

“Hell no Mom! Believe me, if I wanted to hit from that side of the plate, I had numerous opportunities in college and have a number of close friends that are gay. I just have no tendency in that direction whatsoever. You women occupy my mind and libido 24/7, and it seems the only distraction is running the business; except of course now, dealing with this fucking IRS bullshit. Oops sorry Mom, I didn’t mean for my language to get so animated.”

“Oh Todd, my ears are about as close to being virgin as my cunt. You think in my line of work the conversations are all church vetted and approved?” I laughed. “You should know me well enough to realize that we can speak clearly with each other in adult terms. And, now particularly, if you want to bring my representation to bear, in order to blow away these bastards at the IRS, we will definitely not be couching our language or thoughts. We need to communicate in totally unvarnished terms.”

“I know Mom, but you have always been so classy and professional around me. I don’t think I have ever heard you utter the slightest off-color remark … that is, until this conversation.”

“Well baby, get use to the air being rather blue. You have never actually witnessed your dear old Mom putting on her full court press against these jack offs at the IRS. But back to your love life, are the young babes constantly coming onto you? I can’t imagine that you don’t have all the young tight pussies you could ever want.”

“Well, yes, I guess I do get probably more than my share of offers, but you know what really turns me on are mature, professional women. I think you have had more of an effect on the direction of my libido than you may have ever realized. I truly am driven to find a girl like you Mom. Ever since puberty, Mom, you have been my idol; always dressed so classy, with not a stuck up, but definitely a confident, almost unattainable air about you. Oh shit, maybe I should just give up my pursuit in trying to match you and make it my quest to try to get into your panties,” Todd grinned. I would later learn that while he made light of it, that was exactly his goal. What he didn’t pick up on was, if I couldn’t squelch this inner battle of conscience, he would be dealing with a total pushover in trying to get into my panties. I absolutely adored my son and would do “anything” and I mean anything for him.

“If we are going to continue this conversation, and I see no reason why we shouldn’t, how about you pour your dear old Mom a glass of white wine, so we can do so in a relaxed atmosphere?”

“Damn, Mom! Where the hell are my manners? The goddess of my life comes to my home and I am so awestruck, I totally fail to show any consideration for you at all. Let me get you comfortable in the lounge while I break out a great Chardonnay that I ran across in my recent visit to the Napa Valley.”

“My God she is amazing!” Todd thought. “I am amazed at her reaction or lack of same to my confession of wanting to try to get into her pants.”

“My Lord,” I thought, “if he only knew what a sloppy mess my pussy is right now, he would say fuck the wine, right now I want to drink from that flow between your legs! And, the devil within me would block all resistance.”

I always travel in my work clothes and today I had on 3 inch black pumps, a navy business suit slit to mid-thigh, highlighting black sheer thigh high stockings, with a pearl satin blouse sans bra. Satin rubbing against my nipples always makes them rock hard. I had left the top 2 buttons undone to show a hint of cleavage, and my dark brown half dollar size areola were putting on quite the show, when the jacket was remove; but not over the top slut. Tantalize; always, before pouncing on my prey … my modus operenda; and now who was in my sights? My lovely troubled son. “Peggy Sanford could you really cross that incestuous line and bed your very own son? The son borne from your own body? Could you really allow him to gain re-entry to your hot vagina,” my mind raced ahead in turmoil.

When he returned, Todd and I had a brief discussion about the issues involved in the tax case. I assured him that invariably, when a young pup IRS agent thinks they have some really hot issue; we uncover a very simple mistake on their part. Do I inform them to make the case go away? Absolutely not! I love leveling them about three-quarters through the trial, when the case comes all unraveled. Once again, the cowering display of the deer in the headlights look returns pendik escort bayan to their eyes, as they panic and thrash, but know my grasp on their jugular has sealed their fate.

For some odd reason it is at moments like this that the little girl surges through the mind of the successful, professional and sensual woman in me! At that moment I feel almost giddy, drunk with power, but for some reason, oh so sexy.

We made arrangements for me to have a private office available at 5:30 the next morning, at the firm’s headquarters.

With very little sleep, the high anxiety of the case and being the senior partner assigned to the case, I knew I was in for a treat. At least from a manufacturing tax angle, I needed to re-establish my reputation in the Chicago area IRS operation, the hard hitting, no nonsense bitch, that left the opponents in scorched earth mode. I relished such victories.

So after a couple of glasses of this exquisite selection of wine, I stood and announced my departure for the night. To be my best, I needed my rest. Todd escorted me to my quarters that I would be occupying during my stay and carried my luggage like the perfect gentleman that he was. We parted after another warm embrace and light kiss on the lips.

Awaking the next morning promptly at 4 bells, without any alarm, Peggy Sanford was alive, alert and ready to take on the world. The adrenalin rushing through my veins, set my focus and drive that would be needed to secure victory for my son.

When I arrived at my office, I was quickly briefed on what I knew from my conversation with Todd the evening before. The case involved tax evasion based on hiding or transferring assets or income out of the US, a common charge against growing firms. Only one problem: our firm had no presence outside of the US, and to date its operations and customers were largely based in the Midwest section of the country. Further, the case alleged the underpayment of taxes exceeding $2 Million! Todd was targeted due to his youth and the fact that this is common when the income of the person committing tax fraud exceeds $200,000 per year, particularly at his young age.

My two assistants, who had flown in later, were briefed on the particulars, but I also assured them that they would not have any humiliation foisted upon them due to not having a case professionally prepared at my hands, with my eyes gleaning every detail. Along with my two assistants, Bill and Tonya, very capable young single attorneys within a couple of years of passing completion of the bar exam and in their 20s, we began pouring through the boxes of records that had been gathered for our review in the case. I instructed them to think outside the box, but look for the most obvious of inconsistencies or errors in the case. If we could make the IRS look foolish and impetuous in bringing this case, perhaps we could head off the jackals at an early stage.

About 4 hours into this process, Tonya asked what appeared to be the most innocuous question. “What is the name of Todd’s firm?” I answer, “What? It’s Epic Synergistic. I would think you would know that. It is plastered over every record and with all the signage that is obvious everywhere as we entered the headquarters…”

She said, “Yes, but the full legal name.”

“Epic Synergistic Enterprises, Inc. dear, why? Have you found something?”

“Well, do you think this is a typo or is this the obvious fact we are looking for? The complaint says the defendant would be Epic Synergistic Enterprises, Ltd. And, I just Googled them. They are a completely different firm based in Miami with operations throughout Europe and expanding into the Asian markets,” Tonya detailed.

“Oh my lord, Tonya, you are a gem! You may have just found the key to the kingdom and the key to our defense. Let’s check into this other firm in more detail. You may have just bought a nice little Chicago vacation for the rest of the week for you and Bill at company expense. We have your hotel rooms booked for the whole week and I see no need to rush back to Georgia do you?”

They both exclaimed their joy at having the opportunity for some down time with the ability to join the 20s crowds on the Chicago scene, packed with clubs and social events for the rest of the week.

After more digging it became totally obvious that the IRS was targeting the wrong firm and I called the manager in charge of the case, Joe Morgan, requesting a meeting with all of the players involved on his side at the earliest time possible. Joe cracked, “Why, do you think you want to make some kind of deal? I think our case is rock solid Peggy and maybe you want to just meet one on one, so as not to embarrass yourself.”

I retorted, “Joe, let’s just say we have a learning opportunity for your young staff. Further, it is our side that wants to save you and your office from being the butt of the Chicago media if you proceed with this case, before meeting with us.”

“Okay Peggy. I don’t know what kind of magic you intend to pull off, but I think I can get the team assembled by 4:00 PM today, if you think that isn’t pushing you.”

“No, Joe. That would work out fantastic as we are fully prepared. We will be at your office promptly at 4. Toodles.”

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