Pi Sib Pi

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Author’s Note: This story takes place in a universe where STDs do not exist. Comments are greatly appreciated.


“Did you get one of these?” Tara asked her twin brother, Tim, when she saw him after classes one day in their first week at university.

“Yeah, I got one, too,” Tim replied after looking at the email she was showing him on her iPhone. “What is it?”

“Well, from what I’ve heard, it’s the only co-ed Fraternity or Sorority,” Tara replied, giving her head a flick to throw her long, ringletted red hair back over her shoulder.

“That’s different,” Tim said, his brow furrowing as he absorbed what his twin had told him.

“It gets stranger,” Tara said, looking up at her 6’5″ brother and his buzz-cut red hair. “They only invite brother-sister combinations.”

“Must not be a very big Fraternity or Sorority, whatever you’d call it,” Tim said, smiling down at his sister, who even though she was tall for a girl at 5’10”, was still much shorter than him.

“Because it’s so difficult to get in, it’s got a reputation,” Tara explained.

“Then how come I’ve never heard about it before this?” Tim asked.

“You want to go to the meeting?” Tara asked, referring to the invitation they had each received.

“Do you?” Tim asked.

“I’m curious,” Tara admitted. “It might be really weird and not for us. On the other hand, it might be interesting.”

“Well, it won’t cost us anything to go to this meeting,” Tim conceded. “It says there will be snacks and a bar.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“This is sort of nice,” Tara said as she and Tim approached the ivy-covered, 3-story classical home at the end of Fraternity/Sorority Row.

“Pretty classy,” Tim conceded as they rang the doorbell.

“Hello!” a petite blonde barely 5′ tall wearing a tiny miniskirt and tube top said when she opened the door, her blue eyes bright and her smile broad. “You must be Tara and Tim. I’m Clara. Come on in.”

Tara and Tim both noticed the heavy, antique leather furniture as they were led through the house into a library, also furnished in heavy, ornate leather furniture with all of the wall space taken up with a built-in shelving system that was stuffed with books.

“Can I offer you something to drink?” Clara asked, opening a small set of double doors in the shelving to reveal a built-in bar, well stocked with top-shelf brands. “We also have beer and wine, if you’d prefer.”

“I wouldn’t mind a Captain Morgan’s and tonic,” Tara said, noticing her favorite.

“That sounds good to me, too,” Tim agreed.

“Here you are,” Clara said a couple of minutes later, handing them each a tall drink, garnished neatly with a lime wedge. “And here’s Brad,” she announced as a tall, gangly boy came into the room, the same blonde hair and blue eyes as Clara. “My brother,” she announced unnecessarily.

“Brad,” Brad said, holding out his hand to each of them. “Glad you came.”

“Is anyone else coming?” Tara asked.

“No,” Brad replied. “As you’ll understand shortly. We prefer to do our interviews privately.”

“Have you heard anything about Pi Sib Pi?” Clara asked as she handed her brother a drink and sat down with one of her own.

“Almost nothing,” Tara replied, then recounted the little that they had heard.

“That’s accurate as far as it goes,” Brad said, “but it misses a lot. Other than the oddities you’ve just mentioned, a 4.0 GPA is a mandatory requirement, something each of you achieved when you graduated high school and that you must maintain here at college. That must have been fun being dual valedictorians.”

“It was the best!” Tara replied, a huge smile on her face. “I’ve never felt prouder in my life.”

“We also don’t want nerds, if you’ll excuse the term, that are only nerds,” Brad said. “Every Pi Sib Pi also excels in some non-academic area. You both played basketball and tennis in high school. Tim’s got more than a passing interest in photography. Clara’s a gymnast and I race motocross,” he said, smiling when he saw the surprise on their faces.

“The whole brother-sister thing is to set us apart from other excellent fraternities and sororities,” Clara explained. “There are half a dozen others that have the same academic and extra-academic requirements. We add a genetic component that makes us truly unique.”

“Among other things,” Brad added. “Pi Sib Pi has only existed for about 20 years,” he explained. “There are only 8 universities in the whole country who have a chapter. Without exception, all Pi Sib Pi who graduated with a degree have gone on to superior careers in a variety of fields, from politics to science and medicine to business. We are only looking for those people who are also going to be overachievers, the shapers of the future. You fit that profile.”

“That’s pretty heavy,” Tim said, rubbing his head.

“We have private study areas that are tutored as needed,” Clara said. “We have priority seating at all sporting events involving the university. We have a full-time chef in a state-of-the-art kitchen. Our rooms are large with en-suite ataşehir escort bayan bathrooms and king-sized beds. As Freshmen, you’ll be excused from the dormitory living that you’re doing now if you live here.”

“But most importantly, you’ll have access to the Pi Sib Pi network,” Brad explained. “That guarantees you entree at the highest of levels into whatever field you choose after graduation. You’re studying pre-med, right?” Brad asked Tara.

“Yes,” Tara replied. “I’m hoping to become a pediatric surgeon.”

“And you’re studying astrophysics?” Brad asked, looking at Tim.

“Well, yeah,” Tim replied sheepishly.

“May I ask why?” Brad asked.

“I’m hoping it will help me to get off of this rock before mankind manages to kill itself,” Tim replied.

“Now, that’s cool,” Clara sighed, then laughed. “Sign me up.”

“Does what you’ve heard so far interest you?” Brad asked.

“Definitely,” Tara replied.

“Sure,” Tim agreed.

“So far it’s been what most people would refer to as the good stuff,” Brad said. “Nature abhors a vacuum and imbalance, a lack of homeostasis, therefore there are aspects to Pi Sib Pi that provide that balance. If I explain something that you find unacceptable, please let me know and we’ll stop.”

“Unacceptable?” Tara asked, a quizzical expression on her face.

“What if one of the requirements of membership was to go out and murder some person at random?” Brad asked. “Would you consider that unacceptable?”

“Of course,” Tara replied.

“85% of the people that we invite for an interview leave before the end of the interview,” Brad explained. “65% of those that stay through the interview leave before the end of the initiation ceremony. It’s one of the reasons that we have very low membership. We demand incredible uniqueness. We only want a very specific kind of people.”

Tara and Tim exchanged looks.

“I remember how blown away I was when we were told those statistics,” Clara said.

“But you stayed and you’re still here,” Tara observed.

“My second and last year,” Clara said wistfully. “Brad graduates this year and that makes me ineligible because I don’t have a brother in school at the same time that meets the requirements.”

“That seems a bit unfair,” Tara said.

“Yeah, but that’s what makes being Pi Sib Pi so special, even if it’s only for one year,” Clara said. “Twins have the best possible scenario, as they can go through their entire university experience as Pi Sib Pi. There are only a dozen or so Pi Sib Pi who were Pi Sib Pi for their entire four years at school. They’re looked up to by everyone.”

“I guess I’m waiting for the bad news,” Tim said.

“How about a refill first?” Brad suggested, handing his empty glass to his sister. “And please help yourselves to the snacks,” he said, indicating the table with multiple dishes of hors d’oeuvres and a bowl of cut fruit.

“How does Pi Sib Pi afford to exist?” Tim asked as they settled down with fresh drinks.

“95% of Pi Sib Pi alumni are millionaires,” Brad replied. “They generously support Pi Sib Pi so that we can focus on our purpose; producing the future best of the best.”

“Lofty ideals,” Tara said softly.

“And you can be a part of it,” Clara said.

“Okay, you’ve got me on the edge of my seat,” Tim said with a smile. “What’s the bad news?”

“In a word, sex,” Brad replied.

“Sex? Sex?!” Tara exclaimed. “How can sex be bad news and what exactly does sex have to do with anything?”

“Everything started with sex, beginning with Adam and Eve. At its core, Pi Sib Pi is about sex as the foundation stone of life,” Brad replied.

“What exactly does that mean?” Tim asked.

“The first tenet of Pi Sib Pi is that the answer to an offer of sex is always yes between Pi Sib Pi,” Brad replied.

Tara and Tim sat in stunned silence, not moving as Brad’s words sank in.

“Are you serious?” Tara asked softly after a long silence.

“Yes,” Brad replied, nodding.

“Right about now is when most people leave,” Clara said with a sigh.

“I can imagine so,” Tara said. “Why did you stay?”

“Well, I was curious,” Clara replied. “Brad was ready to leave. He only stayed because I wanted to hear more and now we’re still here. Pi Sib Pi is without a doubt the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“I think that’s probably a universal sentiment amongst Pi Sib Pi,” Brad said. “Look, if you’re not going to leave because you’ve already decided this isn’t for you, why don’t we just socialize, talk about anything else for a bit,” Brad suggested. “It will relieve the pressure. Unless you’d like some space to talk together.”

“I think another drink would be helpful,” Tim said, “if I’m not being out of line.”

“Not in the least,” Brad said, smiling. “I’m just remembering being in that seat a year ago myself and how I felt, the turmoil. Now it’s hard to believe.”

“You went to the state finals in tennis, didn’t you?” Clara asked Tara.

“Yes,” Tara replied. “How did you know that?”

“We escort kadıköy don’t invite anyone to an interview without knowing as much about them as possible,” Brad explained. “We don’t want to waste anyone’s time. These interviews are the most important part of being Pi Sib Pi. Some years there are no interviews. We take them very seriously. Finding new Pi Sib Pi is our holy grail.”

“What’s motocross like?” Tim asked.

“The best thing after sex,” Brad replied with a laugh. “And it can be far more brutal.”

“I never thought about sex that way, unless you fall down, of course,” Tim said.

“Basketball can be brutal, can’t it?” Brad asked.

“Definitely,” Tim replied.

“You have no idea,” Tara snorted. “Women’s basketball is far more brutal than men’s.”

“When was the last time you played against men who weren’t holding back?” Tim asked, putting up an arm to block the slap that she directed at him.

“What was it about basketball that interested you to begin with?” Clara asked.

“I was always taller than the other girls my age,” Tara replied, “tall and skinny with no breasts, until they grew. The basketball court was the only place where that was cool. Then I found that I enjoyed the team game. It’s really cool when everyone’s on the same page and it’s working.”

“Gymnastics is so individual,” Clara said. “Even if you’re on a team, it’s still just you. There is no backup, no help. You have to do it yourself, for the team.”

“Motocross is the same,” Brad added. “Sometimes you might get a teammate who will run some interference for you, but that’s very unusual.”

“I always liked doubles in tennis,” Tim said. “It sort of combined the individualism of tennis with the team of basketball.”

“You won the state doubles title together,” Clara said. “First time a brother-sister team had done that.”

“She carried me,” Tim said. “I played terrible in the final. Tara put on a cape and saved the day.”

“You are such a liar,” Tara said with a laugh, her cheeks flushing.

“So, why are you still here?” Brad asked, a smile on his face.

“What exactly did you mean by any Pi Sib Pi can suggest sex and the only possible answer is yes?” Tara asked after a moment.

“Exactly what you think,” Brad replied. “Any Pi Sib Pi, past or present, who suggests or offers a sexual encounter, the only possible answer is yes.”

“What kind of a person do you think I am?” Tara asked in a voice that Tim knew to presage anger.

“We think that you’re the kind of person that we want to be a part of our world and to then help shape the world to come,” Brad replied, some steel in his voice. “We’re not disrespecting you or anyone else, but we are basing everything on our overarching principle that sex is the foundation stone of everything. The first thing that you’re going to need to understand and believe is that there is nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING wrong with any form of consensual sex between individuals.”

“The next thing you need to ask yourselves is if you’re interested in considering this any further,” Brad said. “We’ve all been exactly where you are now and I understand exactly what you’re feeling. What you need to do is to decide if you can take a leap of faith that what I am telling you is true and if you’re willing to pay the price for being a part of that truth. This is not casual or spurious; it is very serious.”

“Man, I’ve heard sales pitches before, but this one has to take the cake,” Tim said, shaking his head. “You’re either crazy or Svengali.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Brad said, laughing. “But consider this; there are currently approximately 800 currently active and previous Pi Sib Pi out there. 5 are senators, 14 house members, 83 judges all the way up to the Federal bench, over 300 doctors and scientists, hundreds of lawyers, several dozen mayors, 2 governors. You get the idea. This is not some pervert’s club. This is about the best of the best fueling each other and helping each other to shape the future of this country and the planet.”

“And you have sex with each other, whenever anyone wants,” Tara said.

“Yeah, and it’s great,” Clara said with a big sigh which broke the ice, everyone laughing. “Seriously, once I got over the bullshit we’re all programmed with about sex, I began to live, to really explore and know myself. You cannot imagine how crushing it is for me to know that this is my last year active in Pi Sib Pi.”

“But if you can…” Tim started to say.

“Yes, I can always find a Pi Sib Pi,” Clara said. “And I’m sure that’s going to be wonderful, too, also being a part of the Pi Sib Pi network. But living here, the day-to-day closeness that you develop, there’s nothing in the world like it.”

“But don’t you feel, well, used, objectified?” Tara asked. “I mean, I like sex, a lot, but I like it to be my choice. I don’t like the whole compunction thing.”

“Yes, and I’m happy to feel that way,” Clara replied with a laugh. “God, it is such a rush to know that someone wants you in that way and that you’re free to enjoy maltepe escort it without judgment. It’s not just some guy coming up to you and asking you to suck his cock, it’s also about you being able to go up to any Pi Sib Pi and ask them to eat your pussy or fuck you in the ass.”

“Well, you certainly don’t mince words, do you?” Tim said, laughing.

“No, and that’s one of the best things,” Clara replied. “I love how fulfilled I feel as a woman and as a person. Life is out there just waiting for me.”

“Do you know what you want to do?” Tara asked, disconcerted by the sureness that Clara displayed.

“I expect to be the coach of the US Olympic gymnastics team one day,” Clara replied.

“Wow, that’s one hell of an ambition,” Tim said, nodding in approval and reevaluating the person he was looking at. Now she was more than just a nice package with blonde hair, blue eyes, a full set of breasts, and a nice, tight ass.

“That’s just it,” Brad said. “We’re looking for people with that same kind of ambition, like the two of you.”

“Look, maybe you want to sleep on it, decide if you want to ask any more questions or move forward,” Clara said. “I’m sure you want to talk to each other, especially being twins. There’s certainly nothing identical about you, that’s for sure.”

“Just the red hair and green eyes,” Tim replied.

“This is a lot to digest,” Tara said. “I think sleeping on it and having a talk is a good idea.”

“That’s great!” Clara said, beaming a smile. “That means that you’re not rejecting the idea out of hand, that you’re considering it.”

“I suppose that that’s true,” Tara said.

“Why don’t you have dinner with us tomorrow,” Brad suggested. “It will only be Clara and me, though. We don’t advertise our members. You won’t know who the other Pi Sib Pi are unless and until you become one yourselves. We can have Chef serve us in here.”

“That sounds great,” Tim said.

“Well, thanks for coming tonight,” Brad said as they all stood up, shaking hands all around. “We look forward to seeing you tomorrow for dinner.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“I still can’t believe what I’ve just heard,” Tara said as she and Tim walked back towards their dorms.

“It’s like science fiction,” Tim agreed. “Yet they seemed so normal.”

“How do you feel about the whole thing?” Tara asked.

“I’m not sure,” Tim replied. “On the one hand, having free access to all the sex that I want…”

“Oh, you pig!” Tara said, laughing as she slapped his shoulder. “When have you ever needed any help?”

“Are you seriously considering it?” Tim asked.

“I don’t know,” Tara replied. “Maybe. I mean, I know that I can get top grades and get into any medical school I want. I don’t think I need anyone’s help to succeed.”

“You’re probably right,” Tim agreed. “Still, it would be nice to have access to a network of such shapers of things. We’d literally be able to pick exactly what and where we’d want to be. Hell, I could end up at NASA or Space-X or something.”

“I wonder if they have any connections with the Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA?” Tara mused. “That’s the top pediatric hospital on the planet.”

“How hard is it to get in?” Tim asked.

“UCLA medical school only accepts 3.9% of all applicants,” Tara told him. “Just about everyone who applies has a 4.0 GPA.”

“Would that be reason enough for you to join Pi Sib Pi?” Tim asked.

“I don’t know, maybe,” Tara replied. “But I’d hate to do it for that reason.”

“Why else would you join a fraternity or sorority,” Tim asked, “other than for the connections and networking that you’d do for the future? I mean, neither of us is the type to join a fraternity or sorority for the partying.”

“You’re right,” Tara sighed as they arrived at the point between their respective dorms. “Sleep well. We’ll talk again tomorrow after classes.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Hi!” Clara greeted them upon answering the door the next evening, this time wearing a tube dress that just covered her ass, it was so short, the top hugging the top of her breasts. “I’m so glad you came.”

“Hi, Clara,” Tara greeted the girl, unable to be unaffected by the sheer joy emanating from her.

“Did you sleep well?” Clara asked.

“Fitfully,” Tara admitted. “My brain wouldn’t shut down.”

“I know that feeling,” Clara said with a laugh as they entered the house. “I’m going to show you the house first,” she explained. “Nobody else is here right now, but they’ll be showing up shortly.”

“This is our common room,” Clara explained, showing them into a large living room with a fireplace at one end and sofas and large chairs and pillows scattered around. “We meet here every evening after dinner from 8:00 to 10:00. Dinner is always served from 7:00 to 8:00. You can eat your meals wherever you like.”

“This is bigger than my entire dorm room,” Tara observed when they were shown a bedroom with a king-sized bed and an en-suite bathroom and shower.

“It’s a really nice house to live in,” Clara said. “Let’s go to the library now. Chef should be ready to serve us in about 15 minutes.”

Brad was already in the library and they all got drinks and just caught up on their day, not unlike any other group of university students getting together at the end of a day of classes.

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