Play Time with Sis Ch. 01

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I was sitting in my room early Saturday morning. Mom and Dad had left for work and would be gone the entire day. Waking up in the morning with a hard on has been a common occurrence as of late. I slowly pulled my shorts off and exposed my 10 inches of man meat. I slowly began to rub it thinking about, about my younger sister. She was four years younger than I making her about 19 years old. After several minutes of really beating my meat, I squirted a warm stream of cum all over my stomach.

I decided to finally get out of bed and go downstairs for a shower, my usual Saturday routine. As I got downstairs I noticed the shower room door just closed. Knowing that only my sister and I were home I knew she just got up and was taking her morning shower. Just the thought of her naked in the shower was getting me hard. I walked up to the shower door and tried looking through the crack to see if I could steal a peek at her. I couldn’t see anything. I was then struck with the idea to go and grab a flathead screwdriver and use it to pry away the door jab a bit so I could see into the bathroom a bit better.

I slowly pried the door jamb away and peeked in. My sister was standing in front of the mirror with the shower running. Her naked body glistened with moisture from the steamy shower. I was staring at my naked sister for the first time and I thought my cock was going to explode. I watched as she grabbed her tits and gave them a firm squeeze. Her hand then went down slowly to her young mound of dark public hair and she gently rubbed her clit a few times.

I thought to myself that she is probably as horny as I am. I watched her step into the steamy shower. Because of the steam I was unable to make anything out through the shower doors. The show was over. Then I thought, what if I was able to slowly and quietly open the bathroom door and get a little closer. Just the thought of being in the bathroom with my naked sister would probably make me explode. So without much more thinking I turned the door handle very slowly, hoping she didn’t lock the door. It wasn’t locked.

I opened the ataşehir escort door as slow as I could so it wouldn’t creek. I was in. I slowly moved closer and closer to the shower and was able to see my sister, although it still wasn’t clear through the steamy door. By the looks of it she was pleasuring herself vigorously. I started beating my meat hard – then I heard some moaning coming from the shower. I was on the verge of blowing my load. I looked around and saw her panties on the floor. I picked them up and blew my warm milk all over the inside of them.

I quickly left the bathroom and closed the door quietly behind me. I can’t believe I did that and got away with it.

My Saturday routine has now changed. Every Saturday morning I wake up and wait for my sister to go down to the shower room first. Then I go down and watch her through the door jamb. I haven’t had the nerve to go into the bathroom with her again, it was just too risky I thought. Until one Saturday, in the summer.

I did my usual routine. I than began my weekend chores. My sister usually stays in her bedroom and listens to music and surfs the Internet. One of my chores was to vacuum the entire house. I started vacuuming the house only wearing soccer shorts (no underwear). As I got up stairs, the only thing that was going through my mind was my naked sister. When I got to her room I noticed I had a full erection. I contemplated if I should wait to vacuum her room or fuck it and do it anyways. Well, I walked into her room with the vacuum running and my hard 10 inch erection pleading to be let out of my shorts. My sister turned around from her desk and looked at me. She usually yells at me to hurry up, but this time she just stood there staring. I pretended that I was concentrating on my chore and didn’t notice her.

Later that day my sister decided to go out in the backyard and kick her soccer ball around. She had a soccer game the next day so she wanted to work on her footwork. I went outside to practise with her. I told her to try and keep the ball away from me. I was on the attack trying kadıköy escort bayan to get the ball away from her, but she was good. After an hour of practising I started to get a little tired and became a little more physical with her. I started to push her shoulders a little to turn her body and expose the ball. A few times I missed her shoulder and actually put my hand right on her tit. She didn’t say a word and kept on playing. We played for another thirty minutes and both decided that we had enough. We were both sweating, hot, and tired. We went inside and made a quick sandwich for lunch.

As we were finishing our sandwiches, the phone rang. It was mom. She told me that her and Dad were invited to their friends cottage and would be coming home to pack and then leaving for the week. I told my sister, and she was happy – run of the house for a full week. She then told me she was going to take another shower, since she was sweaty and dirty from our lengthy soccer practise.

She disappeared downstairs. I cleaned up the dishes and went downstairs about 10 minutes later. To my surprise the bathroom door was wide open. I thought to myself that she must have went to the laundry room for a second. So I walked over to the bathroom and caught a quick glance of her naked leg as she had entered the shower. I instantly got a hard on again. I thought, she never takes a shower with the door wide open.

My heart was beating fast now, I was trying to rationalize her actions – but came up blank. I finally decided to venture into the bathroom, slowly. I walked up to the shower door. She must not have noticed me because she didn’t say anything. Then as I was turning around the shower door opened and she poked her head through.

“Hey bro, you want to jump in the shower with me and try and save mom and dad a few bucks on the water bill?”

My jaw almost hit the floor. My cock was already rock hard and very obvious. I hesitated a second and thought to myself, if I get in the shower with her and she see’s my rock hard cock, what will she say. I finally responded

“Sure, escort maltepe give me a second.”

I took off all my clothes and unleashed my monster hard on. Quivering with excitement I opened the shower door and proceeded to enter. My sister was completely naked and soak and wet. She had a big smile on her face as she looked down at my rock hard cock. She couldn’t stop staring at it. I finally asked her if she wanted to touch it. She replied, YES.

She slowly extended her wet hand and gently touched the head of my throbbing penis. I asked, “Is this the first time you see and touch a cock?”

She replied, “Yes, I noticed your hard on when you vacuumed my room earlier. Why do you have an erection right now?”

I explained, “Because you have a stunning body and I am in the shower with you naked”.

While talking I noticed her hand gripped the shaft of cock and was slowly stroking it. I asked if I could touch her now since I let her touch me. She agreed. I started with her tits, firmly grabbing one and then the other. My hands moved down to her neatly trimmed pussy. My fingers slide over her brown silky wet pubic hair until I felt flesh. I started to rub my fingers over her clit and then slowly between her pussy lips. She was very wet, and it wasn’t the water rushing on top of us. I started rubbing her pussy nice and slow. She reciprocated. As I sped up, so did she. Her eyes eventually closed and she started to moan a bit. You can tell she was getting closer and closer to climaxing. She eventually grabbed my hard cock with both hands and started pumping it vigorously as I was doing the same to her. I inserted two fingers into her super tight pussy and proceeded to finger fuck her to submission. She started to moan louder and louder and I could feel her tight pussy walls contract around my fingers. As she reached the height of her climax she let out a quick squeal and that did me in. I blew my load all over her stomach and hands. It was a bigger load than usual. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and licked her juices clean off my fingers.

After a few minutes of recuperating, we finished up washing and exited the shower. After getting dressed, I looked at the clock and noticed that mom and dad would be home in a couple of hours, and then they would be gone all weekend – and I have a feeling this is going to be a great weekend.

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