Policewomen Ep. 06: Cindy and Son

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Author’s Note: This is the final Policewomen story. This is Cindy’s second story in the series. She’s a woman unable to orgasm. You don’t have to read her first story – where she tries women – but this one is her final attempt to cum. As with the other incest stories in this series, this one is violent. There aren’t any explosions or gunfire like the others, but this babe of brutality gets quite physical.


Ronnie sat alone in his apartment, naked, jacking off. He wasn’t horny, he was angry. Thoughts of the countless white women he and his brother have had coursed through his mind. In the past year or so, things changed. The amount of women throwing themselves at him decreased; these women seemed to prefer someone else.

Ever since he moved to Charleston, he noticed more and more strange occurrences. All the women that lived near him, who he saw regularly on the beach, didn’t notice him much. They were hanging around younger, not as buff, and not as gigantically muscular as Ronnie, men – their sons.

He was confused at first when he was turned down at a club. He thought it was odd, but kept trying. Woman after woman politely declined, instead opting to dance with another guy. Ronnie saw the resemblance; he figured it out.

Sitting there jacking off, pleasuring himself for the first time in years, Ronnie thought about the near constant stream of sex he had daily. He thought about the last woman he had sex with – Stephanie.

It was several weeks ago. The blonde was walking with another woman and her son along the beach. Ronnie watched her hug the woman and kiss her son goodbye. They departed and Stephanie continued her walk alone.

Ronnie couldn’t remember what he said to her. Something about the weather, something about her bikini, maybe he introduced himself at that first meeting. He couldn’t recall. He remembered that evening though. They went to dinner then went to bed. Ronnie struggled not to cum, he struggled to maintain his stamina for the night – it’d been quite a while since he had pussy. Not knowing when or if he’d get any again, he barely managed to successfully fuck her all night long.

Sucking on her tits, as his orgasm subsided; Stephanie thanked him and stated she had to go. She informed Ronnie her son would be home soon from a short, out-of-town trip. She didn’t say she was her son’s lover, but the way she said it, made Ronnie realize she was using him just like she’d use a dildo as a masturbation technique. This woman wasn’t becoming addicted to him, she wasn’t going to leave anyone for him; she wasn’t going to show up the next night begging for his black cock like so many women before. She was already devoted and addicted to someone – her son.

Ronnie nodded and watched her leave. It wasn’t the nail in the coffin. The death of his brother was.

His brother Rodney was experiencing a similar phenomenon in Miami – his stable of women was drying up, moving away, showing no real interest in him.

Rodney and Ronnie were teammates. They worked together obtaining and fucking as many women as possible. When they both lived in Miami, their apartments were filled with interchangeable women. That, too, decreased. Rodney died in a car wreck attempting to abduct one of the women he enjoyed most.

Ronnie continued masturbating, thinking of his plans. He looked to his left seeing several newly ordered Tasers, still in their box. He was going to do this right. There’d be no mistakes, no car wrecks. He would look for women and take them from their sons.


In Tampa, Cindy lost count of how many punches to the kickboxing bag she did. When her left arm tired, she switched to her right, punching until exhaustion. Next were her legs. First the left then right, kicking over and over until she couldn’t stand.

“Cindy,” her kickboxing instructor interrupted her, over an hour after class ended. “Go home,” he looked upward at the near six-foot-tall brunette.

“Don’t feel like it,” She kept kicking.

“Please. I’m afraid you won’t have any legs to kick with at my next class,” he joked. “Is everything ok? You’ve been staying late for a few months now.”

“Fine. Just need to relieve stress,” Cindy told a half truth.

Her instructor shrugged and greeted a few students for the next class. A few moments later, Cindy stopped her kicks, caught her breath, grabbed her bag, and left.

On the way home, after a long day on her patrol route, then her kickboxing class, Cindy thought about how good a shower would feel. Afterward, she’d begin her near nightly masturbation ritual. She would choose from her vast collection of anal beads, dildos, and vibrators – all varying sizes from small to massive.

Arriving home, she peeped in on her 18-year-old son. Collin waved and nodded to his mother. Cindy smiled and headed to her shower.

She felt Collin was integral to an issue she was having. In the shower, she rinsed off and lathered up her tired muscles, moaning slightly when she held her breasts, running her thumb over her ataşehir escort bayan erect nipples.

Cindy rubbed her clit thinking of the last orgasm she had – 18 years ago.

It was a rare, but possible, phenomena; having an orgasm during childbirth. Cindy moaned a little louder thinking about it in the hot shower. She was pushing her baby out, her mother and nurses cheering her on. She felt something building, tingling, and burning, possibly due to her vagina being stretched out. She didn’t know or care; she simply recalled how good it felt, approaching two decades ago.

She gave birth, crying of joy and pleasure, her body radiating orgasmic waves after she delivered Collin. It was her first and last orgasm.

Her marriage fell apart, psychiatrists didn’t help, and doctors didn’t help as nothing physically wrong with her was found.

The moment passed in the shower. Cindy’s thoughts returned to her upcoming month. She rinsed her hair thinking of her and Collin traveling to Charleston, South Carolina for two reasons. One was a family reunion she agreed to go to. She hardly ever saw those cousins, rarely ever sending cards or visiting during the holidays, but something inside her made her say “sure, why not,” when invited to the reunion. She put in her time off request at the precinct and looked forward to this trip – not to see her relatives, but to see her second reason.

Several minutes later, Cindy was on the phone with her second reason.

“Rub that pussy,” her best friend, Bea, ordered. “Think of me licking it, eating it. Come on!”

“Mmm, yeah,” Cindy moaned into the phone.

“I can’t wait to see you, when you get here,” The fiery redhead, Bea said, having just moved to the same area as Cindy’s relatives. “I can’t wait to worship your body.”

“Mmm,” Cindy rubbed her clit faster. It felt great, but she knew how this would end – no orgasms.

Bea was helpful, or tried to be. A few years ago she suggested Cindy try sex with women, hoping an orgasm would come from it. Bea offered herself to her friend. Sadly, that didn’t work either. Since then, they’ve been roommates, moved across the country together, having daily sex up until Bea moved to Charleston earlier in the year. Bea tried everything, new toys, new techniques, suggesting all types of people to experiment with. Nothing and no one cased Cindy to climax.

“Anything?” Bea asked.

“Nope,” Cindy stopped playing with herself.

“Diana, I’m so sorry,” Bea said, using her nickname with Cindy. Bea once told Cindy she reminded her of Wonder Woman in general appearance – Diana being the superhero’s first name.

“It’s fine, Bea. This is how it is. I’m not designed to have an orgasm,” Cindy said, sadness of that fact washing over her.

“Have you met anyone down there?”

“No. Stopped dating, stopped trying, when you moved up there. I just do these phone sex calls with you, because well, you’re my friend.”

“What do you think about when you masturbate?” Bea asked.

“I think about the one orgasm I had. Try to remember how it felt, what it was like. It ends up with me recalling giving birth to Collin,” Cindy said.

There was a pause on the other line; Cindy heard Bea’s muffled voice, talking to someone in the room. There was giggling, Cindy assumed it was Bea’s sister.

“What about Collin?” Bea asked.

“What about him?”

“Well, his birth caused you to climax. What if you had sex with him? Maybe you would climax again,” Bea blurted out quickly before Cindy could interrupt or say no.

“Really? That’s your next suggestion?” Cindy rolled her eyes.

“Think about it. You had one giving birth to him, maybe it’s not just his birth that’s key, maybe he himself is the key.”

“Bea, that’s – “

“Dumb I know. I’m just thinking outside the box. Technically his birth gave you an orgasm; maybe that was a sign that he is the only one that could.”

“That’s illegal, crazy – “

“Just think about it. I need to go. Can’t wait to see you later this month,” Bea said.

“Fine,” Cindy humored her. They ended their call.

In Bea’s bedroom, she smiled at her naked sister, Bella. “I told her. Maybe she’ll try it,” Bea said.

“Good,” Bella said. She climbed on top of Bea, kissing her passionately. Bea rolled over on top of her, their thighs resting against one another’s pussies – almost nightly sisterly incest would ensue.

Cindy picked a large dildo to use. Normally she’d ride it, using it for a few hours, but Bea’s suggestion caused her to pause before pushing the fat tip inside her. She sighed, actually entertaining the idea of sex with Collin.

“No,” she rolled over, hugging the dildo like a teddy bear. As she drifted off to sleep, an image of Collin, shirtless flashed in her head. She heard herself let out an orgasmic cry. She shook herself and sat up in bed. She rubbed her eyes and left her bedroom, tiptoeing naked to Collin’s room.

“She’s crazy,” Cindy thought, referring to Bea. She opened his door, escort kadıköy peeping in on her sleeping son. “I could never hurt you like that.”

Cindy, on her way back to her bedroom, couldn’t help but think Bea might be on to something – something wrong and perverse, but something indeed. Maybe not only was Collin’s birth key, but he himself was.

She licked all over the dildo, ready to shove it inside her, but stopped. “What if – no!” she tossed the dildo away.

Restless, light sleep eventually found Cindy. Bea’s suggestion echoed in her mind.


The next day Cindy responded to a domestic disturbance call at a trailer park. She followed protocol and called for backup, waiting patiently for it to arrive. It happened to be the Captain of the precinct. When he arrived, they nodded to one another and walked toward the trailer in question.

“We ain’t hurtin’ nobody!” a large, overweight woman, wearing only a nightgown yelled at Cindy a few minutes later.

When she answered the door, it was easy for the officers to smell the smoke of marijuana. They asked if they could enter the home, a short, small man only wearing boxers told his wife to “let them in, we ain’t got nothing to hide.”

As they entered, Cindy saw him frantically attempt to hide his marijuana bags.

Cindy pointed it out and an argument followed. The Captain handcuffed the woman. Her little husband charged at Cindy. She squatted, caught, and then slammed him to his back, knocking the air out of him.

“You be careful with him!” his huge wife yelled. Cindy cuffed him and helped him to his feet.

“This is the privacy of our home! So what if we smoke some! We’re mindin’ our own business, we ain’t hurtin’ anyone!” she continued to yell all the way to the Captain’s patrol car.

She broke free of his grip and ran off, Cindy was close enough to extend her foot and trip the large piece of trailer park trash. “Oops,” Cindy grinned, receiving a thank you from her Captain.


That night Cindy pulled a large dildo out of her, once again thinking of her last orgasm during Collin’s birth. She was on the phone with Bea who just came off an orgasm herself. Cindy waited for Bea to catch her breath.

“Whew, that was good. Thank you,” Bea said.

“Sure,” Cindy licked the tip of the dildo of her pussy juices and tossed it.

“Aww, I’m sorry,” Bea apologized. “Have you thought anymore of my newest suggestion?”

“No. I mean, yes, I have. And no, I’m not committing incest.”

“Big D, can’t you think about it more?”

“Big D?”

“Yeah, Diana. You’re large,” Bea giggled on the other end.

“You’re silly. Insane too,” Cindy stroked another dildo sticking on top of the bedside table with its suction cup base.

“I know it’s not normal, but it’d be consensual. You two wouldn’t be hurting anyone,” Bea said. Cindy’s eyes widened, words from the redneck at the trailer park call that day rang in her ears.

“You know? It’d be in private, just you and him, enjoying it. A victimless crime,” Bea continued.

“Like pot.”


“We arrested a couple today. They were smoking pot in their trailer. The wife said something similar about smoking.”

“Right. See? They weren’t hurting anyone, just enjoying themselves. Shame it’s illegal in your state still,” Bea said.


“But you and Collin wouldn’t be hurting anyone either.”

“It’d be psychological pain. We’d be hurting each other that way – guilt, shame over what we did.”

“Not unless you talk to him first, tell him your situation, ask if he can help. Who knows? He may be interested. If not, well, at least you tried,” Bea encouraged her friend.

They ended their call a few moments later, Cindy cutting Bea off, thanking her, telling her she needs sleep. Cindy rolled over, once again holding a huge dildo like a teddy bear. She wondered about Collin’s openness to incest. She assumed he’d be sickened by it. Moving to her back, Cindy couldn’t help but think that she herself wouldn’t be sickened by it. It’d be wrong, horrible, trashy, but she wouldn’t be grossed out by him.

After their call, Bea entered the shower, joining her sister, grabbing and squeezing a breast.

“Any luck?” Bella asked.

“Nope. It’ll take time I suppose.”

“Maybe when they come up here for that family reunion, things will happen,” Bella said.

“Maybe. They’ll be staying with us though.”

“Mmm,” Bella deeply kissed her sister. “Can’t wait to get her in bed with us again.”

“One-on-one sessions, first. Remember? I wished I could make her cum.”

“Maybe her son will,” Bella said. The two sisters kissed, steam from the shower enveloping them.


Ronnie unlocked and slid open a large door to an abandoned warehouse. He was able to make a deal with the property owners, lying about his intentions for renovating it for them to sell. He was surprised he pulled it off. He’d been eyeing the building for a while, driving by it, peeking maltepe escort in some of the office windows that weren’t boarded up. The warehouse itself was just outside of town, not far from creeks and marshlands.

He tugged at his black dick, walking around the complex, taking note of its insides. He walked up a steel staircase to the second floor. Ronnie surmised warehouse managers sat up there, overlooking the facility, long, long ago.

There was a large hole in the roof. Ronnie could see where rain poured in. There was water damage on the floor of the second story overlook. He could see floor boards rotting away. Ronnie looked up through a hole in the ceiling next, fluffy, white clouds visible against the blue sky. He saw a bird’s nest near the hole situated on a beam.

He whipped his cock out and casually stroked himself, thinking of his plans. He decided to bring the women to this second floor overlook area. The office is where their cages would be. Ronnie thought about setting up a simple table in the middle of the overlook. This would be where he would rape them. Standing against the railing, looking over the empty warehouse, Ronnie decided when he was done, this would be where he would hang them, one-by-one, with his belt.


The next night, Cindy’s bed was slamming against the wall. She was riding the biggest dildo she owned. “Come on!” she closed her eyes, grit her teeth, fucking the dildo as hard as she could.

She didn’t care if she woke Collin. “Come on!” she thought of an orgasm traveling through her body. Nothing happened.

Cindy went to her back, grabbing the base of the dildo, plunging it in and out of her “Come on!” She thought of Collin being born, the pleasure radiating through her. Nothing happened.

That led to single thought. Collin on top of her; his cock plunging in and out of her instead of the dildo. Cindy’s eye’s shot open, she stopped fucking herself. For a split second she thought she felt something – something incredible brought on by thoughts of her son.

“No,” she whispered, pulling the dildo out, tossing it aside. Her hands traveled up her stomach, over her breasts, tweaking her nipples. She thought of Collin again, sucking her tits then kissing her.

“No!” she shook the image from her head and climbed under the covers, angry at herself.


“Well?” Bea asked on the phone the next night. “How are things progressing? You’ll be here soon for your family reunion. Think you and Collin will be a couple by then?”

“Ha! A couple? First it was just sleeping with him, now you’re suggesting we’d be a couple?” Cindy laughed, sitting up naked in bed.

“Well, yeah. I mean why wouldn’t you be? He’s your son and you’d be crossing that line with him. I don’t see how it could be a one-time thing. If I had to guess, he’s the key to making you cum again, therefore, you’ll be his woman.”

“Bea,” Cindy shook her head on the other end of the call.

“Just imagine him inside you, making you climax so very good, then he says he loves you, and then – “

“That’s enough. I need to go. We’ll talk later.”

“Wait! I’ve failed you two times. Both of my suggestions for things to try have failed. This is my third and final suggestion. I feel that if you and Collin become lovers, not just mom and son, you will have an orgasm every time you two make love. He gave you one when he was born.”

There was a long pause on Cindy’s end. “Alright, like I said, that’s enough. I need to go. Talk to you later.”

“Yes. And we’ll see you soon,” Bea hung up.

“That sounded good,” a naked Bella entered the room, after stepping out of the shower, crawling onto the bed. “But you and I aren’t a couple.”

“You and I aren’t mom and son. We’re sisters who have sex with one another. Now shut up and give me that pussy, bitch,” Bea said.

“Ooh, so rude,” Bella grinned, turning around, getting into a 69-position with Bea.

Cindy paced back and forth in her room. This entire idea from Bea had been swimming in her mind since she brought it up. “What if it was consensual? No one would know. No one would be hurt. What if we eased into it slowly? We could get used to one another sexually before going all the way. What if Bea is right? What if Collin gives me an orgasm from sex for the first time?”

Cindy sat on the edge of her bed, “What if we became lovers? No. This is stupid. I’m desperate, that’s all.”

She paced around a bit more. “I could at least tell him of my problem. See what he says.”


Cindy went a couple days without calling Bea. She texted her friend a simple “can’t talk. thinking.”

Collin noticed his mom seemed distracted. On her day off Cindy didn’t go to the gym. She cleaned the house, appearing to keep herself busy.

She was busy at the kitchen sink scrubbing dishes frantically later in the day when Collin approached. Cindy heard a soft “hey” followed by a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“Oh, hi,” Cindy glanced over her shoulder to her son, a couple inches shorter than her.

“Mom, you ok? You’ve been really busy on your day off,” Collin asked.

“I’m fine,” Cindy lied, not turning to face her son.

“Alright, well, I don’t have anything going on tonight. If you want to hang out, I’ll be around,” Collin offered.

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