Private, Don’t Look Ch. 06

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Author’s Notes: This story involves elements of incest (step-siblings), lesbianism, group sex, and exhibitionism/voyeurism.


My step-sister Kim, her lesbian lover Erica, and I had settled into our new living arrangements. The girls stayed on or near campus from Sunday night until Saturday working on their college educations. Saturday nights were spent at my home in what was usually a wild 3-some sex orgy. Even though the two girls had been professed lesbian lovers since high school, they were enjoying their newly discovered bisexuality with a male cock, my cock. What had been intended to be a one-time experience with a male cock for the two lesbians, had become a regular weekly event once they discovered how the addition of another lover improved their experiences. Yet I could tell that it was still a fluid, evolving relationship between the three of us.

I was long past any concerns about having sex with my step-sister. I enjoyed her as a lover. We were very good together. And sex with Erica was equally as good. The two girls were similar, but different in their sexual techniques. Kim was more physical and vocal. Erica was more tender and romantic. While different, I considered neither of them to be better than the other. Which was a good thing as I had sworn to treat them both the same way. Whatever sex I had with one, I had to have with the other. It made for very busy Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. Not that I was complaining.

On a Sunday in early November, about two months into these new living arrangements, Erica, Kim, and I were sitting at the breakfast table about mid-day enjoying coffee and brunch. The slow, sensual, Sunday morning sex between the three of us earlier that day had once again been very pleasurable. I had some news to share with them. I was watching them waiting for a good moment to begin a new discussion. I noticed that both girls appeared to not be their usual cheerful selves, but had concern on their faces. I was about to speak when Kim spoke first.

“Charlie, we have something we want to discuss with you.” Kim said in a slow, patient voice.

“And I have some news to share with you as well.” I interjected.

“Please, you go first.” chimed in Erica.

I was a bit embarrassed by interrupting Kim. So I looked back and forth between their faces looking for approval. Both girls smiled and nodded their heads, so I continued.

“Sorry to interrupt you, but I wanted to tell you that I have been offered a full partnership at my company. It is a big step up for me.”

Both girls jumped up from their seats and gave me a big hug. “How wonderful!” and “So happy for you.” They said as they held me in a tight embrace.

“Tell us the details.” Added Kim. Both girls appeared very excited and interested in my news.

“I think you both know that I have worked at the firm for the 10 years since I graduated from college. They have offered me a full partnership position.” I was very excited about the promotion and quickly continued “The buy-in is expensive but I have my share of our inheritance from our parents which I have saved just for this. I will develop my own clients, run my own team, and fully share in the company’s profits. It should be very lucrative. A big pay raise. I am even thinking about selling this house and having a new home built.”

This last piece of news was a bit of a shock to the girls, a pleasant shock. Kim immediately took up the conversation.

“Funny you should mention this house. Sort of what we wanted to discuss with you.” Kim paused as if considering how to proceed. “But Charlie, you also mentioned our inheritances. This brought to mind another question I have. After paying for my college expenses, how much of my inheritance is left?”

I turned to directly face my step-sister. “Kim, as you know, I was the executor of the wills for both our parents. And I was appointed guardian of your inheritance to ensure that you completed college. Only a fraction of your inheritance has been spent on your college education expenses. You will receive the remainder upon your college graduation. I know that you have done well in school and I am very proud of you.”

Kim replied, “You know I graduate next month, don’t you? We both graduate next month.” As Kim added this last part she wrapped her arm around Erica, her friend and lover.

This took me a bit by surprise. I assumed that she would be a typical spring semester graduate. Then I realized that both Kim and Erica had attended college year round, including summer semesters, and indeed they would have enough credit hours to graduate early.

“Congratulations to both of you! The change in our weekend activities has resulted in far fewer discussions about how your school work was coming along. I hadn’t expected a fall graduation. This is great news for both of you, isn’t it? What are your plans?”

“That is what we wanted to discuss with you, actually.” Kim replied. She ataşehir escort bayan gave a loving hug to Erica as if to encourage her to join in the conversation.

“Charlie, we have both been accepted to graduate school.” Erica said. “We will continue our educations, maybe even work to achieve a PhD.”

“That is great news!” I exclaimed as I gave a big hug back to both girls.

“But that is still not what we needed to discuss.” Kim calmed down the excitement. “We have a problem.” At this, I turned to look at Kim with a little concern. Kim continued.

“Last year when our apartment lease came up for renewal, we anticipated a December graduation, so we only extended our lease until next month. Now that we both are staying in school, we tried to extend our lease again, but the landlord says they can’t extend us. Our apartment has already been pre-leased to some other students effective January first. We won’t have a place to live.”

I immediately recognized their predicament and jumped in to help. “You both can stay here with me while looking for a new place. You will be given control of your inheritance, you can pay for graduate school, and even afford to buy a home or a condo.”

The moment the words came out of my mouth, I could see by the expressions on both their faces that I had said something wrong. I stopped and stared at the girls.

Erica gathered the courage to speak. Staring directly into my eyes she spoke in a soft, deliberate voice. “Charlie, we were hoping to stay with you. We weren’t planning on looking anyplace else to live. We want to live with you. May we?”

Her question, as simple as it appeared, hit me like a brick wall. First, I never saw it coming. And second, while it was a simple question, it held profound implications for all of us. But, of course, there really was only one answer I could give.

“Yes! Absolutely I would love to have my two lovers move in with me.” I responded with a full load of enthusiasm.

We all immediately embraced in another 3-way hug. I could see the tears of joy in the eyes of both the ladies. This was an important milestone in all their lives. And I knew it.

But I had a question that I had to ask. “Kim, all those years ago when you were heading to college, I offered for you to live with me and you declined as you wanted to live on or near campus. What about the long commute from here to school?”

“Charlie, we have had a wonderful college experience. Wouldn’t change it for the world. But grad school is more like a job, and commuting is part of that job.”

Erica picked up from there. “Also, it is likely that both of us will only have classes on Monday-Wednesday-Friday and we will commute together on those days. Living here with you, we can save a lot of money on our cost of living while still helping you out with some of the household expenses.”

I turned towards Erica as I had a question for her. “There is something we haven’t spoken about. Maybe now is the time. I grew up living next door to your family. I know your parents fairly well. What do they know or think about you and Kim? And what do they know now about me?”

Erica stood side-by-side with Kim, wrapped an arm around Kim’s waist and pulled her in close. “Mom and Dad have known about Kim and me since our freshman year in college. They are comfortable with us being together as they know we are both so happy together. They know we share a bed together and all that represents.”

Kim continued, which surprised me a bit. “Erica’s parents know we spend time out here with you. We told them about our Sunday dinners together, and how we come out on Saturdays to do laundry. We haven’t told them any details beyond that.”

“Charlie,” Erica continued “Mom and Dad know you and trust you. As they know that Kim and I are lovers, they do not suspect anything sexual involving you. They know we sleep over here and assume that we share the guest bedroom.”

That fairly much answered my questions. The girls were prepared for this next step and had thought through the issues.


In mid-December the girls finished their exams and participated in their college graduation. I sat in the arena stands with Erica’s parents while watching the ceremonies. We even discussed the girls moving into my home full time while attending graduate school. And Erica’s parents were thrilled that their daughter had a safe place to live. I knew they thought of me as a big brother to both girls, a very safe, protecting big brother. Little did they really know about our 3-some sexual escapades. And I wasn’t going to tell them.

Just before Christmas I helped the girls move out of their apartment and into ‘our’ home. As their apartment had been a furnished unit, they did not have much furniture to move. I assumed that closet space would become an issue, but again, the girls already had that figured out. They had decided that Erica should take the ‘wife’s escort kadıköy closet’ in the master bedroom and Kim would move all her stuff into the guest bedroom closet. Both were large, spacious closets. It was just a bit weird that one was using the closet normally for the wife and the other the closet for the guest.

We decided that sometime during the holiday break, before their spring semester began, we would again go shopping for bedroom furniture for the large guest bedroom. Kim and Erica could no longer share one dresser and would each need their own. As the girls loved what we had previously bought for the master bedroom, our love nest, we decided to buy matching furniture for the second bedroom, except the bed would be more just a normal headboard and footboard and not an overhead canopy with mirror. The store clerks were very surprised to see the three of us return together to buy even more bedroom furniture. We got some very interesting looks and more winks.

And so the new year began with us settling into yet another new living arrangement. The girls wanted 3-way sex every night. The only pause was that 4-5 day ‘Time of the Month’ which provided a break. The limits of my stamina were being sorely tested. But the sex was great fun, often erotic, and just fucking wonderful.


But not all was a bed of roses. Problems did arise. For instance, over time there began some bickering over our sexual activities, specifically who got to fuck me first, or more importantly, who got to fuck me second.

The events one Saturday evening went like this:

After dinner we watched some porn in the great room on the big screen TV. All of us were getting rather aroused but it became like a blinking contest to see who could hold out the longest.

Finally Erica stood up and proclaimed “I’ve got to get fucked.” and proceed to head towards our love nest while stripping out of her clothes. As soon as I rose to follow her, Kim joined me in a race to the bedroom, clothes flying off our bodies as we went. Very quickly we were all naked on the bed, kissing and caressing one another. The arousal meter was definitely climbing for all of us. The foreplay got very intense with a lot of oral sucking and licking, finger fucking, breast squeezes, and sensual touches. I became aware that neither of the girls was making a move to initiate actual intercourse.

At one point Kim was between Erica’s legs eagerly eating her pussy. Kim’s ass was up in the air, so I assumed a position behind her to take her doggie, her favorite position. And she swatted me away!

“What the Fuck!?!?” I exclaimed. I was startled to have been rejected.

Kim moved out of the way, pointed to Erica’s pussy and said “Fuck her first. Do her, now.”

To which Erica protested by saying “Kim it’s your turn to go first. I get second fuck tonight.”

I sat back on my ankles and stared at them. “What is going on here? No one is getting first fuck or second fuck until I know what is going on.”

Kim and Erica looked at each other a bit sheepishly, as if they had been busted for something terrible.

Finally Kim spoke. “We are sorry Charlie. We make you fuck both of us every night and twice on Saturday and Sunday. For a pair of lesbians, we have become addicted to your cock. And you are a fantastic lover. We have become aware, and I am certain that you are aware, that your performance is different between first fuck and second fuck.”

Erica joined in and continued. “We are not saying one is always better than the other, but they are different.”

“Explain.” I said, knowing what they meant, but I wanted to hear how they described the differences.

Kim began “First fuck your cock is harder, larger, and your cum eruptions are incredibly powerful. That first hard spurt always pushes me over the edge. The way your cock pulsates inside me is incredible. You always make me orgasm, hard.”

“But.” said Erica “Your cock is more sensitive and you have, let’s say, a quicker trigger the first fuck.”

“After your recovery time, your second fuck is different.”

“Your cock is not as hard, but also not as sensitive. You have amazing lasting abilities the second fuck.”

“So what we are saying is that you deliver two very different, but both fantastic styles of fuck and orgasms. The first is hard, explosive, a big powerful orgasm. The second is a long lasting, very pleasurable slow loving fuck that often leads to a series of orgasms.”

“And tonight I am very horny and I want the second fuck. I want you to fuck me all night long if possible.” finished Erica, stating her case.

In a quiet, wistful voice Kim added “We need two of you.”

I didn’t respond to Kim’s comment, but I made a mental note of what she said about needing two of me.

We sat in silence for a few moments and then I spoke again. “So what are we to do? And don’t suggest that you split my cock in two so you both can maltepe escort have me at the same time.” This comment elicited some laughter, but quickly the mood became serious again.

Kim and Erica looked at each other and shared more of their unspoken communications. They gently hugged each other and kissed each other with tender, loving kisses. When they separated Kim turned to me and said “Charlie, will you make love to me first? I want Erica to have second fuck tonight.”

My heart swelled with love for both these ladies. I leaned over to Kim and began kissing her. Initially our kisses were soft and tender. She pushed me down onto my back and continued kissing me. Kim was stroking my cock to a hard erection while I was gently squeezing her breast. Soon she rolled over on top of me, straddling me. She rose up on her knees and while pointing my cock at her entrance, she lowered herself down upon me.

“I thought you preferred doggie.” I said softly to Kim.

“Tonight, Lover, I want to drive things at my pace.” she replied in a romantic voice.

I smiled at her and kissed her more while she slowly began grinding on my cock. Her warm, wet pussy wrapped around my cock felt so wonderful. I was truly blessed to have two such wonderful lovers.

Kim sat up, resting on her knees while she continued a slow leisurely fuck of my cock. Her eyes were locked on my eyes and she had a broad smile on her face. I really loved her and I felt she really loved me. I reached up with both hands and began to fondle her breasts. Her nipples were quite pronounced and my fingers would graze against them, sometimes pinching them. I could see her pleasure within her facial expressions.

All this while, Erica was just a foot away to my side. She would occasionally lean over to kiss me, a slow, deeply loving kiss. Then she would sit upright and kiss Kim. It felt so good that we could love each other, share each other and be totally comfortable with our love. I truly felt there was no jealousy between any of us.

Kim was slowly picking up the pace of our fuck. I could feel my cock throbbing and realized that what the girls said about my first fuck and second fuck was indeed true. As much as I tried to hold back my orgasm, deep inside I could feel that it was slowly coming.

“You are right that I have trouble holding back my first orgasm.” I said while staring into Kim’s eyes. “Even as you try to keep a slow pace, it just feels so good that I know my orgasm is coming.”

Kim replied “I can feel your cock throbbing inside of me. I love that feeling and I am also very horny. I am very close to my own orgasm, and I’m trying to hold back. I love the feeling of your eruption inside me and how that triggers my own orgasm.”

Kim continued to pump up and down on my cock with slow deliberate strokes. She took several short breaths and said in a sultry voice “Charlie, make me cum. Make me cum with your cum erupting inside my cunt.”

As she said that word ‘cunt’ her vaginal muscles squeezed my cock and immediately triggered my orgasm. All my nerve ending tingled as if switched on by some electrical switch. My ejaculate raced from my balls up though my cock and exploded inside Kim, just as she wished. My cock pulsed strongly, pumping more of my cum into her. And just as she had requested, my orgasm triggered her orgasm. She grabbed my arms, pumped her body up and down on me twice, all the while her cunt gripped my cock and squeezed in her own pulsating way. All of our muscles locked and we stayed frozen in place, only feeling the pulsating contractions of her cunt tightly gripping my throbbing cock.

As our orgasms subsided, our bodies began to relax. Kim leaned down and kissed me tenderly and very lovingly. Then she rolled off of me, away from Erica, and lay on her back resting in her afterglow.

Erica was watching with great interest as Kim pulled off of me and my cock pulled out of Kim’s sodden pussy. Erica stared at my cock which was glistening in a thick coating of our cum fluids. Then she leaned over and started licking my cock clean. My cock was losing its erection and sensitivity, but her tongue felt wonderful. Soon she pulled my cock into her mouth and was slowly sucking me clean. Once my cock was clean, she let it fall from her mouth. Erica looked and me and licked her lips as if catching all of our fluids. She then moved over between Kim’s legs which she spread further apart. She lowered her head and began cleaning Kim’s sodden pussy with her tongue. Kim was enjoying the gentle touch just as I had enjoyed the cleaning. Soon Erica was using her fingers to scoop our love cum our of Kim’s pussy and was slurping it down.

While I greatly enjoyed watching my two lovers pleasuring each other, I was feeling parched so I got up and fetched some bottles of water from the kitchen. Upon returning to our bedroom, I set bottles down on the nightstand for each girl and consumed most of one bottle myself. By the time I climbed back onto the bed, Erica had shifted positions so that she and Kim were now in a “69” position with Erica on top. Both girls were actively pleasuring each other with tongues, lips, and fingers. I could hear moans from each and a fair amount of licking and sucking.

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