Sally’s Last Day Ch. 06

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(This is the conclusion of the series. The characters will flow over into a new series of stories. I hope you enjoy my fantasies, even if they are not well written or seem too contrived)

For Sally life in a quiet suburban practice was less hectic. Anything complex was referred to a specialist at a major practice. Sally was just doing vanilla legal work. Not very rewarding but it paid the bills. The severance pay from Hugo Simpson provided Sally with sufficient buffer to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Sally had more time off.

Sally paid her way through Law school by working part-time as a dancer in nightclubs. She had an erotic dance act with a college friend named Emma. They were a successful act but split up when Sally gave up dancing to concentrate on becoming a lawyer.

Emma enjoyed performing. She was a blonde cutie with a good voice and used that to build a career in entertainment. She was on a good streak of engagements and wanted to share her success with her friend. Emma had a residency as a vocalist at a Las Vegas nightclub, so she invited Sally to come to Vegas and see her show.

With the fall in her fortunes, Sally returned to doing an occasional strip/dance show for the extra cash. It was like being back in college. She wondered if Emma wanted them to pair up again.

Sally was looking forward to seeing Emma. Emma told her she was excited about the nightclub pianist she was working with and wanted Sally to meet him. Emma was a free spirit and had many lovers, which included a pianist or two. Sally was single, knowing Emma, she expected there would be options for sex over the weekend. Sally packed for a sexy weekend.

The nightclub Emma was performing in was a room in one of the casinos. It was summer, so the traffic from LA was heavy. Sally was caught in traffic and did not get to the nightclub until after Emma’s show had ended. Disappointed, Sally grabbed a drink from the bar and went looking for Emma. The security guy would not give Sally admittance to the dressing room area until he had checked her name against the list of guests.

The dressing room door was closed. Sally did not think to knock, she opened the door and entered the dressing room. She heard the sound of sex coming from the far end of the room. She immediately stepped behind a rack of stage costumes. The room was only lit by the lights from a couple of dressing tables. A guy was sitting on a chair facing away from the makeup mirror.

Sally was about to leave the room when she noticed Emma, looking very wholesome with her miniskirt hitched up, straddling the seated guy in a cowboy position. It looked like Emma had her tongue down his throat. She then got up and took his pants off. She would have torn the pants off if she could. Looked like Emma was going to maul him. “Is he one of her groupies” Sally wondered.

The guy leaned back to help Emma take off his pants. The light from the makeup mirror caught his face, it was Peter Hugo, musician.

Sally emptied her drink in a few gulps and watched transfixed.

Emma got back on Peter’s naked lap and was grinding her panty clad pussy on his cock. “Perhaps we should go to my hotel room. Someone could walk in on us.” He said when her tongue was not down his throat.

“We can just have a quick one before my friend arrives,” Emma answered breathlessly. She took his now hard cock in one hand and pulled aside her panty with the other. After rubbing her clit with the head a few times, she pressed down on the head. She could not get penetration. “My you have a big cock, said Little Red Riding Hood to the Big Bad Wolf.”

Sally rolled her eyes at the pun.

Emma got off Peter’s lap and started sucking his cock, while rubbing her pussy. She really wanted it bad.

Sally was absentmindedly rubbing her crotch. She had a vision of herself on the train riding Peter. Emma was doing the same thing. It made Sally jealous. She thought of interrupting them but she was also enjoying the pleasure of watching them have sex.

Once Emma had enough spit on his rod she lowered her vagina on it once more. She slowly eased his big cock into her. “Oh jeez…oh jeez…you feel so good in there” she bit her lip as she got it half in. She lifted her tee-shirt “suck my tits”. Peter grabbed her bouncing tits and covered her areola with his tongue and mouth. “Yes. That’s it.”

Emma now fully lowered herself on him and ground her clit on the hairy base of his cock. Emma soon had the measure of that dick and she was grinding it harder and faster.

Sally had now slipped her hand into her panty and was rubbing her wet cunt.

“Maybe I should take my panty off” Emma suggested.

“Don’t stop. Keep going.” Peter urged her.

Emma stood up a little so she could mash his face on her tits. “Come on, fuck me hard. Shove it up there. We have to make this quick”.

Peter started pistoning up into her. He had her bouncing on his dick.

Emma licked his mouth and looked innocently into gölbaşı escort his eyes as she fucked him. Emma was very oral. She wrapped her arms around his neck and lowered her head onto his shoulder, her hot breath panting in his ear. She pushed every part of her body against him.

Peter loved having that body pressing against him. The soft curves and mounds of Emma’s breast were intoxicating. He gave out a groan. His body tensed up. His body and legs straightened out. He pushed up with his hips, lifting Emma off her feet as he exploded into her pussy. He held himself rigid until his spasms had stopped.

She grabbed his mouth with hers and rode him until he had lowered himself back on the chair.

“You can put it in my ass later tonight. Would you like that?” Emma purred.

Sally quietly snuck out of the room before she heard the answer. She went to the bar and ordered another drink. A few minutes later Emma appeared leading Peter by the hand. Peter looked shocked when he saw Sally.

“Peter, this is my friend Sally. Sal this is Peter, the great pianist I told you about.” Emma said as she kissed and hugged Sally.

“Hi Peter. Peter was my boss at Hugo Simpson, Emma.” Sally said with a laugh.

“Wow! It’s a small world.” Emma wrapped her arm around Peter’s waist and branded his cheek with a kiss, marking him out as hers. “I bet Peter was a great boss.”

“He was fantastic. Looks like you’re doing well for yourself, both with work and women.” Sally said looking into Peter’s eyes.

“He is one of the best session players in town.” Emma declared as she tightened her grip around his waist.

“How long have you two been a couple?” Sally enquired.

“Only since I’ve been doing this residency, this is my second week here. Are we a couple? Is that long enough to become a couple? Let’s not put pressure on Peter, but I’m not seeing anyone else at the moment.” Emma declared, looking at Peter.

“I’ll go get us some drinks and a plate of nibblies.” Peter awkwardly suggested. He rose and went to the bar. Peter needed to get out of there to collect his thoughts.

“You’re a sly bitch Sally. I never knew you had a hot boss. How did you manage to keep him a secret? Did you do him?” Emma leaned in close to get some dirty details. “Is he your type? Do you mind if I go for him? I really like him you know. He is a great marriage prospect”.

“Oh Emma, you are hopeless. I hope it’s not just another backup you like to fuck. He is not a player.”

“I don’t want a player, I want a husband. I want a baby.” Emma sensed Sally’s irritation, maybe jealousy. She sat back with a sigh. “I think he’s a keeper.”

Peter returned with three beers and a bowl of French fries. Sally liked his new look. He no longer looked ‘middle of the road’. He was wearing a blue suit, white shirt and now had a soul patch. He had an edge to the way he carried himself, or maybe Sally was just seeing him differently. She wondered how it would feel like to rub that soul patch on her clit.

“You two have known each other for a while?” Peter asked as he sat down.

“We’ve been friends since we were in University…” Emma started to answer.

Sally butted in “…yes, we did the same course together. Emma could’ve been a lawyer if she stayed on to finish the degree. Emma liked to party too much.”

“Oh, and you didn’t party? No jock was safe from you. You were Vixen by name and vixen by nature.” Emma said with a giggle.

Emma was taking the lead in the conversation and it was annoying Sally. She wanted to lead the conversation. Peter was her workmate and she fucked him first.

“Sally and I had a cabaret dance act when we were going through college. Her stage name was Vixen. A vixen is a fox slut” Emma said with a laugh.

“I would’ve loved to have seen you two do a dance act. Emma does a great show, one of the few singers who know how to move on stage.” He smiled at Emma.

“Maybe I’ll do my dance act later, in your hotel room. Would you like that?” Sally had a sip of beer and looked Peter in the eye. She couldn’t understand why she was competing with Emma for Peter, and she could not stop herself.

Emma noticed Sally’s play. Emma had a gulp of her beer. She knew Sally’s tastes. She knew Sally went for beefcake men.

“How long were you and Peter working together? You two would’ve made a great couple, but Peter is not your type is he?” Emma asked Sally pointedly.

Sally looked at Peter. “I was engaged at the time and life was too complicated. It is all about timing. The timing was not right then. In life, it is all about place and time. Your last day at Hugo Simpson was the best place and time, but you missed your chance.” Sally said cryptically as she slumped back in her chair.

Emma did not look happy “I need to go to the washroom. Sal, you want to freshen up? We won’t be long Peter.”

As soon as they were in the washroom Emma turned on Sally “why are you doing this to me? keçiören escort You had your chance to have a shot at Peter but you didn’t take it. I like him and I’m having a shot and you’re pushing yourself in the way.”

“You’ll only break his heart Emm. Next time you go on tour you’ll want another man. I know what you’re like. This relationship is not for you Emm. I don’t want to see him hurt.”

“Sal, I know what you are like. You are afraid of having your heart broke. You have a revolving door of jocks because you know you will not cry over them.” Emma started laughing. “You saw me winning him and you got jealous. You want him because I want him. I’m not backing off.”

Emma went to the washbasin and washed her hands. “This is not your time Sally this is my time. I’ve already fucked him and he will be sleeping with me tonight.”

Sally calmly went to the basin and washed her hands next to Emma “I’ve already fucked Peter. I ravished him like he’ll never forget”.

“You sly bitch! You’ve been keeping this from me? I thought he’d be too short for you. You’re what, 5’10”? You tower over him. I’m only 5’4″ just perfect for him”. Emma stood up to her full height.

“I don’t tower over him. Everything is at the right height. Let’s just enjoy the night and let nature take care of itself.” Sally opened the door for Emma on the way out.

“Let nature take care of itself. Are we doing a threesome? I’ve never done one. Come on Sal, what if we both fuck him!” Emma asked excitedly.

The idea made Sally tingle. “You and I fucking someone together, that would be hot. We’ll give him the night of his life. I owe him that. Let’s do it.”

“On second thought, I’m not sure. I don’t see why I should share him.” Emma wanted to be a little contrary.

“Please Emma. I won’t take him from you. He has you, why would he want me?” The appeal to ego was a good ruse Sally realized.

“Okay but just this one time and only if he is into it.” Emma stated.

Peter was helping himself to the bowl of fries when the two gorgeous women returned. He knew he was the luckiest bastard in the room. Sally brushed her breast against the back of his head on the way to her seat. He had a flashback to when she brushed her tit against his arm in the subway.

“I think we should each have a plate of oysters, as a night cap” Sally suggested with a wicked smile.

Oysters and beer was scoffed down with fun conversation, and a lot of smiling and touching. Sally and Emma had never felt closer to each other in their lives. Peter just lapped the attention up. His life as musician just kept getting better.

As soon as the oysters and beer were finished, a bold Emma asked Peter “You don’t mind if we stop in your room for a coffee do you?”

“That’s not a problem. We can relax and have a chat there.” Peter and Emma collected their stage gear and took a walk to the elevator with Sally.

When they reached Peter’s room Emma walked straight to the bedroom.

“Nice bedroom, with balcony” Emma called out from the bedroom. Emma returned to the living room and switched off the ceiling lights, but left the table lamp on.

“I’ve had a great evening Peter.” Emma put her arms around Peter’s neck and kissed him gently a few times, opening her mouth with each kiss. She was inviting him to put his tongue in her mouth, but he was tentative. Emma slowly put her tongue in his mouth and licked his tongue. She pressed her body close against his.

Peter felt self conscious with Sally in the room.

“Peter, Sally wants to join us. You don’t mind do you?” Emma asked while pressing her groin against him.

“Are you sure? I thought we were going to have coffee. I was going to put the kettle on.” Peter asked in a low voice.

“Peter, you are innocent.” Sally said as she rose from the sofa and stood behind him. She ran a hand across his back, then pressed her body against him. From behind, Sally reached around Peter and held onto Emma’s waist. Pulling herself tight against him.

Peter was in a delicious sandwich. He was holding Emma’s tight butt in his hands. Her tits were pressed into his chest, her warm pussy was pressed his cock, her mouth was playing with his. He was getting into this threesome; he put his tongue deep into Emma pretty mouth.

Sally was rubbing her breast on his back and humping his bum. She then gave his bum a big hump, pushing his crotch against Emma’s pussy. Emma pushed back on his dick. They now took it is turns, pumping Peter from the back and the front. He let his body move with their rhythm.

With Peter locked between the two women, Emma stuck her tongue in Peter’s mouth. Her tongue played all around his mouth while the two hot pussies ground into his front and back. Pushing him forward and then pushing him back. The friction of the close bodies was like a beautiful, sexy dance. The three of them swayed back and forth.

Emma moved her hand to his crotch and rubbed the lump in his ankara escort trousers. Peter reached behind himself and Sally pressed her hot cunt into his hand. Emma removed her t-shirt and dropped her miniskirt. Emma then removed Peter’s shirt and dropped it on the floor. She undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants. He helped with the rest. He urgently kicked off his shoes and socks and pants and underwear. His dick now sprung out in semi-erection. Emma smiled.

Emma had wonderful pert breasts, which she rubbed. She also gave her clit a rub to get her juices flowing. She got on her knee and licked the tip of Peter’s dick. It immediately started to get fully erect. Soon Emma had to open her mouth wide so the head would fit. She wrapped her lipstick lips around the head and slid it along the pole. Peter slowly thrust his crotch forward to meet her mouth.

Sally stepped out of her jeans and tossed the top to the floor. She hooked her thumbs on her panty and slid the thongs off her hips. She pressed her erect nipples on Peter’s back, then she reached around and rubbed his chest and nipples. She pressed that hot, wet part of her against Peter’s bum cheeks.

That wonderful hot wetness made Peter’s cock twitch in Emma’s mouth. Sally slowly humped Peter’s back hole with her pussy. She loved the feel of his buns on her clit. Yes, Sally liked to feel a man’s butt. Those jocks had big muscular butts.

Emma stood up and looked at Sally. Sally knew what she wanted. Emma lifted her thigh and rested her leg on Peter’s waist. He cupped his hand to support the leg. He then cupped her other thigh and lifted her up, she immediately wrapped her legs around his waist, while she cupped the back of his head. Emma’s vagina was completely open to him.

Sally reached forward and held Peter’s cock. She rubbed his cock along the length of Emma’s wet pussy. Just as if the pussy was hers.

Emma felt the hot cock near her sex hole. She slowly lowered herself onto Peter’s dick.

“Ohhh..” she spread herself as wide as possible for that glorious penetration. Peter held her in place, not wanting to risk this pleasure. Emma now started to slowly slide herself along the length of his dick. Peter gently rocked her on his waist, as she swung her vagina to meet his thrusts.

“Suck my tits Pete” Emma wrapped her arms around Peter’s head and lifted herself so he could lick her nipples.

Sally got behind Emma and spat on her hand. She then spread the spit on Emma’s anus and rubbed the anus. The tip of her finger was then inserted into Emma’s rectum. Emma relaxed her muscles. Sally pushed the rest of her finger in.

Emma groaned with pleasure and lowered her rear. Sally finger fucked Emma’s bum. Saliva was dripping out of that hole. Emma locked her mouth on Peter’s tongue. Her lips were tingling. He put his tongue in her mouth, her saliva poured into him.

Peter saw Sally stand behind Emma. Sally was wearing a glistening strapon dildo. It was a realistic looking one. Peter had never seen one. He reached out to touch it. His hand slid over it, Sally had oiled it up. Sally gave him a short tongue kiss. Emma was breathing heavily.

Sally pressed the head of the strapon into Emma’s wrinkled bum hole and it quickly disappeared. Emma stuck her bum out to take some more. Sally grabbed Peter’s arms and leant backwards, pushing the dildo slowly up Emma’s back chute. She then put her arms around Peter and hugged him tight. Emma was in a sandwich with her sex holes filled to the hilt.

“Ohh fuck…yes…fuck me.” Emma pleaded.

Peter’s dick was in up to the base. Emma did not want to withdraw from it. Peter slowly ground forward against Emma.

Then Sally ground the strapon in Emma’s rectum. They slowly worked a rhythm, gently fucking Emma deep from both ends. Sally looked over Emma’s shoulder and caught Peter’s eye. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue for him to kiss. He leant forward and kissed her warmly. It was like they were fucking each other through Emma.

Peter and Sally swayed back and forth, with Emma penetrated between them. Emma closed her eyes and hung onto Peter. The rhythmic friction in both holes made Emma tingle from tits to toe. She sunk her tongue into Peter’s mouth. She very much liked oral stimulation.

“You’d make some lucky girl a good husband” Emma whispered and smiled.

Sally heard that. She held Emma’s hips and started fucking her ass viciously. There was no rhythm, just long hard strokes. “ugh…ugh…ugh..” Emma groaned with each stroke. Her face went red as she bit her lip. Emma leant forward on Peter, trying to attenuate the pounding of her ass.

Sally continued to assault that anus with the strapon. The room was filled with the sound of Sally slapping into Emma’s bum cheeks. Her cheeks jiggled with each stroke. Emma’s mouth now opened with the strain.

Emma pressed her hard nipples against Peter’s chest. “I’m cumming she moaned.” Emma arched her back as she came. She squirted out a whole lot of juice on Peter’s cock. She grabbed him and held him as tight as she could.

Sally pushed that dildo as far up her ass as she could. It strained Emma but she loved it. The three of them shared that orgasm. For a moment they breathlessly held each other in a group hug.

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