Sara on Spring Break Ch. 03

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It was the last full day of break on South Padre Island. Sara and Patsy were to fly home tomorrow, back to the school grind. Sara was more than ready. She had broken all her best laid plans in order to be laid best. She didn’t feel bad about it; she had a great time and now felt like sex was a normal thing for her to do. But, she was ready to get back to some kind of normalcy.

After all, she wasn’t a lesbian, although she had to admit she had enjoyed her experience with Tabby. She now understood girl-girl sex wasn’t completely abnormal.

Sara and Patsy were walking on the beach with Bob and Pete. They were talking and drinking some longnecks Bob had bought for them. They were to go home soon and they swapped phone numbers and addresses with them. They all hoped they would see each other again.

They came across Phil and Jack and Tabby who were swimming in the surf. Tabby looked at Sara and her face turned quite red, not from the sun. They exchanged smiles and hid their embarrassment from the guys.

As the afternoon wore on, they sat as a group trying to decide how to spend their last evening on Padre. Secretly, most of them hoped it would end up with sex. Not so secret with Tabby. She knew she would get fucked again that night, one way or another.

“Are you guys going to the Queue tonight?” Tabby asked them.

“What is that?” They chimed back to her.

“I went the first night I was here and it is wild. I met more people in one night than ever before.”

“So, explain.” Phil said, ever the leader.

“Well,” Tabby started, “They have a big tent set up way up the beach about a mile. Girls line up on one end and guys at the other. “That’s a queue.”

“You put your name in a box; actually one box for girls and one for guys, and then this guy draws names out of the boxes and then you go with that guy into a small tent. They have three or four small tents set up behind the big one. You have fifteen minutes in the tent to ‘get acquainted’ and then the next couple escort ataşehir comes in.” Tabby explained.

There was silence. “What do you mean, get acquainted?” Phil asked.

“That’s up to the couple.” Tabby replied.

“Sounds kinky to me.” Pete said. “What a crazy idea.” Bob said. “Not for me.” Said Jack

Patsy said, “Me neither.” Sara said nothing, but she was curious. Neither did Phil.

As they broke to go and have dinner, Sara asked Tabby where the tent was. Tabby said she would show her if she was interested. If so, she was to meet Tabby at the rally and they would go.

She met Tabby as agreed and they walked quite a distance to the tent. On the way, Sara kept wondering why she was doing this. It was a crazy thing to do, but she had already done some crazy things on this trip, like Tabby. She was as curious as anything else. There was no requirement to do anything once she met this guy, whoever he was. She could just spend the fifteen minutes and leave, right?

When they got there, there was already quite a line, on both ends of the tent. She and Tabby took their places and waited. As they were waiting, she saw Bob, Pete and Jack coming from the other side.

What a crock! They were there after belittling the whole idea. They didn’t see her and Tabby or at least didn’t acknowledge them. What a bunch of phonies.

When she looked around, Phil came up to her in the line. “Well, Sara, fancy meeting you here.”

“So, Phil, you decided to come and check it out, huh?” Sara asked. “Yeah, why not?” He said. “Who knows, it might be a kick.” She nodded and he walked over to the men’s line.

“Mind if I cut in?” She heard. There was Patsy. Her sister was getting kinkier by the day, she thought.

Sara and Patsy and Tabby moved slowly up the line until they were at the front. Tabby went first, got her number and moved to an unoccupied small tent. Sara was next. She was terrified, if curious. She knew she could opt out if she wanted to, but she kadıköy escort bayan wanted to see the guy first. She took her number and was directed to another small tent. Patsy watched her go.

Sara waited, anxious and nervous. Suddenly, the tent flap was pulled back and a good looking guy entered. He looked at her and said, “Sara? Is it really you?”

OMG, Sara thought! “Jim? What are you doing here?” Jim was a guy she had met at the movie theatre when she was with Patsy nearly a year ago. He and his buddy, Jerry had taken them out to a make-out parking spot and they had sex. Then they went back to Patsy and Sara’s apartment and did a switcheroo. She had fucked him once and sucked him off twice and not seen him since.

“Why haven’t you called me?” She asked him. “I really wanted to, Sara. I have thought about it so many times. Our time together that night was the most exciting thing I have ever done.”

“I remember.” She answered. “I’ve thought about you often as well. I’m very glad to see you.”

“Me too.” He said. “What a way to meet again.”

“So, what do we do now? ” Sara asked. “I don’t know, but fifteen minutes is not long enough to spend with you.” He replied.

He put his arms around her and kissed her sweetly. She looked up at him and said, “Come on, let’s split and go to my place.” He kissed her again and followed her out.

They avoided seeing anyone else and were soon opening the door to Sara and Patsy’s condo. She led him into the bedroom knowing Patsy would not be back for awhile. They kissed and sat on the edge of the bed. “I’m so glad you’re here, Jim.” She really was glad to see him. She had liked him very much when they were together and wanted to see him again, but what a surprise.

“What do you say we stop wasting time, Sara?” She gave in instantly knowing they both wanted to recapture their previous time together. What better way is there? He pulled her down on the bed and removed her top. He cupped one breast and sucked and escort bostancı licked the nipple as she giggled happily. “Just as I remembered them.” He said, switching to the other tit. She let him suckle her for awhile, then swung around and pulled his bathing suit down. She grasped his hard cock.

“What are you doing, Sara?” he gasped. “What I remember you like best, Jim.” She licked his cock like a lollipop and closed her mouth on him. After a moment, she released him and asked, “Do you want to talk some more, or do you want me to do this?”

He didn’t answer, just skinned down her suit bottom and swung her leg over his head. His lips closed on her clit as she returned to her pleasant task. She remembered sucking him off twice that night and how much she enjoyed him.

They worked each other smoothly until she felt him tense and jerk. He pulsed twice and she was rewarded with hot come shooting down her throat. It was so erotic that she went over the edge as well and was lost in the sensation. He tapered her off slowly and she sucked him until he grew soft.

They turned and hugged and kissed not minding the taste. She held him close and he stroked her body gently. “I think I love you, Sara. Will you marry me?”

She laughed and said, “Well, not yet Jim, but promise me you will call me when we get back home.”

They were sleeping when Patsy came back to the condo. She barged into the room, not knowing they were there, and they awoke. Patsy was alone.

“Look who I found, big sister.” Sara greeted her. “Jim! I can’t believe it. Where did you come from?”

“He was in the queue. I drew him.” Sara said as Jim grinned sheepishly.

Patsy replied. “Well, I’ll be damned. I drew a total jerk. Just the type you’d expect in such a low class situation.”

“So you didn’t get any then, huh?” “Oh yeah, I did, but not from him. Phil and Jack took good care of me.”

“What happened to Tabby?” Sara asked. “Last I saw of her, she came out of the tent with a big guy, biker type, and then left with Bob, Pete AND Jack heading down the beach.” Patsy replied with a giggle.

“What a girl!” Sara and Patsy said together.

“Yeah, ain’t she ever!” Jim said.

Sara just stared at him and said. “OMG!”

Spring Break was over.

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