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Big Dicks

To say that I’m one of the lucky ones is a considerable understatement — at least in my eyes. I’ll tell you why but first off and to kind-of ‘set the scene’, here’s a bit of background stuff to help describe things for you.

I’m Chris and I’m now 22. I’m pretty tall at 6′ 1″ (near enough 1.85 meters); I weigh a pretty steady 11.5 stone (161 pounds) and I’m fairly fit. Well, not ‘fighting fit’ as they might say but I go to the gym at least every week so while I’ve stayed trim I’ve added some decent muscles to my usual outline. Also while I’m describing myself, I have mousy brown hair which I keep fairly short and I have blue eyes — as does the rest of my family. My eyes are nicely wide-set; my cheekbones are high; I’ve got a good strong jaw-line and chin and a nice straight nose. My lips are fairly full and they say that my mouth is ‘decisive’, whatever they mean.

I’m bright (or at least I did pretty well at school and college); I’m usually cheerful and I’m always chatty — traits that seem to run in our family. I work as a junior manager in one of our local ‘megastores.’ We tend to work long hours but seem to get plenty of time off too — we work twelve hour shifts then get three days off but despite that, I’m not really one for spending all my spare time out there hunting pussy or socialising.

“Downstairs” I’m nicely hung (I’ll admit to having just over 7″) with full hanging balls. I don’t shave my pubes although I do keep them trimmed.

In other words I’m ok — in more ways than one.

Of course, and I’m not bragging, even at my age I’ve had more than my share of girls although I also notice that I get a fair bit of attention from somewhat older women — cougars, they call them, don’t they? Actually some of them are really pretty and are fucking good in bed too — better sometimes than younger girls, to be honest.

So overall I’m lucky and benefit from it too — but what’s been happening recently has blown everything else out the window!

It all seemed to kick off when Mum and I went to watch my sister performing at some sports event last summer. My sister, Bryony is now 19 and having left school (we’re in Britain) she soon found work and once she had an income she joined the local sports and fitness club that both Mum and I already frequent. She’s some kind of IT ‘expert’ — well, she knows a lot more than I do about the workings of a computer and the internet, so that’s what she does for a living.

Back to the fitness club — she also took a more active role in the club and used to compete at various athletic events. She’s so fast when she runs and has incredible stamina and will to succeed so she soon accumulated a collection of awards and cups.

My sister also has many of the traits that I’ve inherited. She’s tall and quite slim (except for her tits which seem a fair bit too big for her body — not that I’m complaining!) Her face is much the same shape as mine except that it’s softer of course; her arse is tight and cute and she’s got lovely long legs.

Yeah I know, I shouldn’t think of my sister like that but fuck me, I can hardly help it when there’s this delicious half-dressed girl wandering — or is it parading — around the house, or cavorting around in her sports shorts and top, can I? She also has a habit of not covering up at all when she crosses from her bedroom to the bathroom for example and she doesn’t seem to lock the door when she goes in to have a shower either. I’ve accidentally caught her several times between rooms or showering when I’ve needed to use the toilet and she hardly seems to care. She’ll carry on an easy conversation with me even while she’s naked in the shower (behind the semi-transparent curtain naturally) and I’m pissing — she’s amazing — and hot!

Fuck it — I’ve told you about me and my sister so I might as well fill you in completely.

Mum is Susan — Sue to her friends. She’s also into IT but on the sales side of things and she’s now single, having kicked Dad out a few years ago after she caught him cheating.

Mum is quite a bit more curvy than Bry — but that just adds to my pleasure because she too wanders around the house half dressed — it seems to be a female habit around here. Obviously my existence; the way my mouth hangs open and the way my eyes just have to follow her around doesn’t count apparently…!

Whatever, she’s brilliant. A super cook, a warm and seemingly happy person, an amazing housewife (ahhh, scrub the ‘wife’ bit since she’s divorced) and I just love her being my Mum. She’s 42 by the way — and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the size of her breasts too — they’re simply breathtaking to perve at as she walks past me! Like I said, call me a pervert if you wish, but what straight guy doesn’t kind of lust after amazing female bodies?

Anyway, as I said, it all seemed to kick off at that sports event and the very first race that involved my sister. Mum and I were watching from some three rows up in one of the stands — they’re not huge but they do help you get a better mobil porno overall view of things. There weren’t all that many people around though so Mum and I were as good as alone in our seats as we watched and chattered and cheered — then we upped our efforts as we saw Bry settling in her blocks. Then they were off, pelting round the track. We cheered even louder as Bry’s pounding legs pushed her to the front and then Mum actually screamed when Bry won her race before turning to me and hugging me tightly while bouncing up and down like mad.

I’ll be honest and say that as usual, I’d been watching as many girls as I could quite apart from Bry — not so much for their sporting prowess but simply because of all that delightfully fit flesh and it was enough to stir me from head to toe and especially just below the middle so when Mum grabbed me and began celebrating I really thought I’d blown it! I could feel my already stiff cock being squashed between us as Mum’s body rubbed against me and I was forced to push her away or possibly blow off! There was also the worry that she’d feel me but that didn’t seem to happen, thank heavens.

After a few moments of frantic celebration Mum released me and found my hand before pulling me down from the stand to the track side where my delighted sister was racing towards us — then she bounced into Mum’s arms and they hugged almost violently.

“Darling, you were wonderful!” I heard Mum saying as she kissed Bry’s cheek, “I’ve never seen anything so perfect as you — you’re such a marvellous girl!”

“I can’t believe it!” screamed Bry, pumping her fist in the air, “I so wanted to win that one — it was so important to me!”

While Mum and Bry were celebrating I was nonplussed. Sure, she won, but why was it important?

“Great stuff Bry,” I added calmly, “What was so special though?”

Bry disentangled herself from Mum and turned to me.

“Cos that was the fourth and last race for the points so that makes me the overall champion!” she yelled and then, with still more energy than I possessed she leapt into my arms, almost flattening me in the process.

I managed to keep on my feet while I supported Bry who now had her legs wrapped around me as well as her arms so I held her tightly too.

“Oh Chris, I’m so happy, so bloody happy!” she breathed into my face as her body, her hot and delicious body squirmed in my arms, “I’m almost delirious!”

I laughed happily with her but underneath I was almost screaming too — but not with delight. Bry’s wonderful body against my already aroused penis was more than enough for me and as her weight caused her to slowly slide downwards, so her parted legs made her groin began to press against my upraised and rigid cock. I didn’t dare to support her arse because I was entirely aware that I’d probably be pressing my hands against her pussy. I groaned as the pressure grew before Bry suddenly slipped down further, sliding against my hard cock as she did so, then regained her footing on the ground.

I saw her eyes flash downwards towards my bulging penis, then lift quickly again as a new smile formed on her face before she leaned in, kissed my lips — not my cheek as she might usually, then bounced away to greet some of her friends. It was all very frantic, breathless, sweaty and thoroughly arousing too.

“Wow, she was so good,” I said breathlessly to Mum who also reached out to hug me again and this time her hug was even firmer to the extent that I could even feel the warmth of her thighs against my legs — not to mention the pressure of her body on my cock.

A moment or two later Mum pushed me away with both hands and I was sure I knew why — she too had felt me against her and she was obviously horrified and yet I could see a wry twisted smile on her face too. I was lost for ideas about what to do — I’d let myself go uncontrollably and now I’d probably damaged my relationship with my mother and possibly my sister — for life.

“You’re a bit eager, aren’t you?” commented Mum as she smiled at me, “Calm down, young man — and just wait.”

There were more races to come and less than an hour later Bry was running again in a different race — but with the same outcome — she won again!

We were already pretty well trackside this time when Bry had finished consoling her fellow runners but this time it was me she came to first of all and this time she was somewhat less exuberant with her hugging. Nevertheless, as I stood there with her in my arms and with her arms around me too, I felt her groin pressing against me and this time the pressure of her body seemed even greater than before and my cock, which had obviously gone down from it’s earlier rampant state, it now began to strain upwards and outwards towards my loving sibling.

I hardly knew what to do or how to process the sexy actions today but Bry knew — of that I was now certain.

“Wow, it’s been a fabulous day!” she exclaimed as her hips ground against me, “It’s been so amazing — so thrilling mofos porno and so much fun!”

“It certainly has darling,” enthused Mum as she joined us in an exuberant three-way hug, “I’m so glad we came!”

Inside me my mind was whirling as it played with the words. I was so glad that I didn’t cum — it was a very near thing though…

Mum and I left Bryony to go and shower, clean up and change and after she’d rejoined us we had to loiter around for the awards ceremony. It wasn’t much but the sports centre had rounded up some local dignitaries and dragged out a little stage and now the assorted winners were paraded before us, one by one. Cue loads of clapping and cheering — and then we were away and heading home with Bry hugging several medals and a nice shiny cup. She sat beside me in the back as Mum drove us home with the conversation almost entirely about the way she’d run and how she felt but, to be honest, I hardly contributed anything. I was too busy processing the memories of Bry’s and then Mum’s body as they pressed so erotically against me.

It was around five in the afternoon when we got home so while Mum headed off to the kitchen to prepare our evening meal I went to my room where I changed into a pair of shorts and then settled to browse the internet. Bry had disappeared into her room too but perhaps ten minutes later I heard her calling out frantically.

“Hey Chris, come and help — I’m stuck!” she yelled.

In an instant I was at her door and throwing it open and there was Bry stretching up on tiptoes as she supported her trophy cabinet that was obviously about to topple forward. Her trophies, of which there were now quite a few were in a wood and glass display cabinet that Dad had bought her before he departed and, lacking other suitable space he’d put it on top of a three-quarter height wardrobe-cum-chest of drawers. Obviously Bry had added her latest metalwork to her collection but things had gone wrong.

It’s position meant that Bry could easily see her various awards but to access the inside of the cabinet meant that she really needed to clamber onto a chair — and she hadn’t. Instead she was now stretched up, holding the cabinet in place while yelling for my help.

But on top of that she was now stripped to her bra and knickers with all that delectable flesh on show!

Ignoring the fact that she was partially undressed I slammed up behind her, squashing her against the wardrobe/chest of drawers and was just about able to reach the cabinet with enough left to push it back into place… so long as Bry moved out of the way.

“I’ve got it, now get out from there and I’ll be able to push it back,” I gasped because as I spoke Bry’s panty-clad arse pressed back against me, causing an almost instant reaction.

I was rock hard in moments just as Bry’s firm posterior slid against my groin and to one side as she wriggled out and into safety and then I found myself pressed against the furniture as I pushed the cabinet back into place with my rampant cock once again under pressure.

With the danger from the furniture now over I was now in a dilemma. I knew damn well that I was still very stiff but Bry was still there watching me and if I turned around she’d see my condition for certain. The danger still existed — but in a very different form.

I must have loitered for a few seconds too long because the next thing I knew, Bry was shouting at me, asking me what on earth I was doing but now, to compound my problems she was facing me with her pussy all but exposed beneath the very flimsy material of her knickers.

“Chris, are you ok — what are you doing — did you strain something?” she asked loudly, obviously concerned.

Fuck, yes, I did, more or less — but nothing I could tell her about… so I quickly gave her a sob story.

“Yeah, my back hurts — ohhhh ouch!” I explained, “Hold on, let me stay here for a few moments then I’ll try to move.”

The horror of exposure caused my erection to subside quite quickly and it was only a little while before I felt it safe to relax and turn around.

“Phew — ouch!” I said, faking more pain, “Must have just stretched up too suddenly or something, I’m ok now.”

“Sorry Chris — that was silly of me,” answered Bry, “I’ll use the chair next time.”

“Yeah, so you should,” I commented before heading towards her door, “Everything ok now?”

“It’s great thanks,” she answered, “Thought I was in trouble there before you came to the rescue.”

“Glad I could help,” I said, “I’ll leave you in peace then.”

In all truthfulness I now needed to get away because all her delicious female flesh had raised pressure inside me substantially and I intended to head to my room to ease the pressure but it was not to be. I’d thought that was the end of it but no — Bryony had spotted something.

“Damn,” she said as she gazed upwards, “Look, that cup’s fallen over; could you fetch that chair and hold it for me please?”

“Yeah sure,” I said naughty america porno as I carried it across the room and a moment later Bry was standing on the seat while I held the chair steady, but once again there was a problem.

Now, thanks to her elevation, her arse was near enough at my eye level and as she reached to stand the cup upright so her tight little arse seemed to squirm and beckon me. All of a sudden I wanted to bury my face between her cheeks — and equally suddenly I felt rising pressure down below.

I found myself with no time to rearrange myself nor to escape as Bry suddenly shut the cabinet and jumped off the chair, spinning round to face me but this time she didn’t hug me or even approach me, but her eyes slid downwards before lifting once again — then a big smile crossed her face.

“You horny sod!” she said with a chuckle, “Look at you getting all excited over little ol’ me!”

“You’re not old,” I heard myself say “And as for being little…”

Whatever I was about to say was lost as Bry burst out laughing.

“And it doesn’t look as if you’re little either!” she laughed, “Go on, off you go and take care of that thing!”


“I can’t help it,” I spluttered as I turned and left the room, “You’re pretty and it just kind of happened.”

Whatever else she said was lost as I crept into my room and closed the door. I wanted to lock it too but the lock to my room wouldn’t work and never had since we’d lived there.

Once in my room I ended up lying on my bed with my laptop on a small bedside table and after silence had reigned for several minutes I opened up some porn and was soon immersed in some delicious online fucking. Soon my shorts and pants were at my ankles and my straining cock was in my hand as I watched the action on screen.

It took me no more than perhaps two minutes to blast my loads of cum into a towel that I had ready, then I ended the video and lay back, replete for now but with my brain full of memories and some wicked thoughts. I tried to analyse the problem she’d caused.

There was no denying that Bry looked amazing and as I’d pressed against her back the feeling had been really intense. I had no great interest in actually doing anything with her but I’m a guy; I have my needs so to speak and her body just set everything off. Suddenly I’d really, really wanted to fuck her but knowing that was very wrong I’d released some of the pressure by jerking off instead.

Of course, the memories were still there; the feeling of her warm firm body against my groin and chest; the close-up sight of her panty-clad arse and then her pussy — every action had set my mind and penis on edge and no sooner had those memories begun to fade than memories of Mum’s body grew instead.

I nearly had another wank but instead I must have drifted off because the next thing I knew was someone knocking on my door asking me if I was coming down for some supper. I stretched and rose, pulled on my t-shirt and trotted off downstairs, finding Mum and Bry chatting happily, their eyes immediately spotting my arrival and their smiles growing as soon as I neared.

“I hear you saved Bry from a disaster,” said Mum, “Well done darling — you must have been really helpful then!”

They laughed before Mum spoke again.

“See Bry, men do have their uses!” she said light-heartedly.

“And some other uses too,” added Bry softly, her eyes sparkling — a comment that caused Mum to snigger loudly.

“That’s true,” she said, “Some more than others of course!”

“Mmmmm,” agreed Bry, her eyes still sparkling and now looking straight at me, “We really ought to make more use of them, shouldn’t we.”

Mum didn’t answer but instead, having risen and headed into the kitchen, she now returned and handed me a can of lager then she popped back into the kitchen and came back with a bottle and two glasses, one of which she handed to Bry and then filled.

“Here’s to your wonderful day on track!” said Mum as she lifted her glass to Bry, “You really looked so good out there.”

“Thanks Mum — I felt good too — everything came together perfectly,” she said.

She bounced up and down on her chair as if to demonstrate her fit body but as she did so her boobs leapt up and down, causing me to actually inhale some lager which immediately set off a coughing fit. She obviously wasn’t wearing her sports bra, or possibly wasn’t wearing a bra at all.

“Fuck! Quit that!” I gasped, having cleared my throat.

I saw Mum glancing at me, before she turned back to Bry.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” she said with a giggle, “You got Chris all excited!”

“Hah — that doesn’t take much doing!” scoffed Bry as she shook her proud breasts, “I think he’s going through a kind of horny stage of life!”

“Men always do!” added Mum happily, “Sometimes it lasts for years and years, thank heavens!”

The somewhat oblique comments were lost on me because my mind was full of Bry’s bouncing breasts but I gleaned enough to realise that Bry had apparently noticed that I was constantly horny. I felt myself blushing and just as quickly I realised that my cock was on the rise once again. I glared at my groin as if to threaten it but all that did was to attract Mum’s attention.

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