Spring Break Suzie

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“Okay, Suzie, that’s enough for today. My arm’s getting sore, and I want to get some jogging in before it gets too dark, ” Mark said while trying to catch his breath. He and his sister had been hitting volleyballs back and forth to each other for an hour in the Florida twilight. Sweat dripped off his bare chest, he had shed his soaking wet shirt long ago, as the humidity caused the shirt to be too much of a weight for his liking.

“Thanks for the work-out. Do you think that I’m improving?”

“Well, I’m not an expert on volleyball, but you certainly can dig anything I hit at you. Do you want to join me for my run?”

“Nah. I think I want to take a quick dip to cool off, and then I’m going to hit the shower,” said Suzie, as she pulled off her nylon sweat shorts, leaving her in a tight one-piece bathing suit.

“Alright then. I’ll catch you when I get back.”

Mark took off running along the beach. He started to think about the week that lay ahead of him. For the next week, he was to vacation with his family in a rented beachfront condominium on Marco Island. His friends from university had bolted for more glamorous places such as South Padre Island, Panama City, and Cancun. While he was jealous that his spring break would be more wholesome than a “Girls Gone Wild” video, at least it was free. He had to admit, Marco Island was a bit more temperate than East Lansing, Michigan.

His younger sister had hopes of walking on the volleyball team at Northern Illinois next year, and she wanted to spend time honing her game. At five feet four inches tall, she may be a little undersized, Mark thought. He would help her work on some defensive skills for the next week, and her service game. She would need to be a defensive specialist if her hopes were to be fulfilled.

Mark enjoyed running. Although he was not a great athlete, he understood sports, and he understood the mechanics of being a good athlete. He always envisioned himself as a coach or instructor someday. While he ran, he could coach himself, training his body to make the perfect stride with the perfect arm swing. Running also provided Mark with a means to keep his weight down, as a slow metabolism always haunted him. While he was not fat, be wasn’t blessed with six-pack abs either. He tried to take care of his body, but there was no desire to be a gym rat. The heat was starting to bother Mark, and the cold water lapping up the beach on his bare feet was not providing the relief he needed. As he turned around to head back to the condo, he thought he would join his sister in a quick swim.

He got back to the condo, and saw that his sister was not around. The volleyball, towels, and his shirt were gone as well. He saw the light coming from two patio doors of the condo. One door led to the living room, and the other led to the bedroom that his sister had claimed for the week. The door leading into the living room had the vertical blinds drawn shut, and closed. The bedroom door had the blinds drawn, but still open. Mark walked up to the bedroom door, and could see into his sister’s bedroom, leering between the blinds. He saw his sister sitting on the bed, as she was combing her shoulder-length brown hair. Her hair was wet, as she had just come out of the shower. A yellow bath towel was wrapped around her lithe body. Suzie finished combing her hair, stood up, and walked over to her dresser, producing a pair of white panties, and a white bra. Mark was mesmerized. His dick grew harder as he spied on his sister as she moved around her room. He hoped that as dusk passed and darkness took over that he would not be spotted outside.

Suzie sat down on the bed again, placing the undergarments next to her. She let her towel fall around her lap. Mark saw his sister’s breasts, and even though they were very small, Mark thought they fit her body beautifully. Her erect nipples called out, asking to be touched, caresses, and kissed. His little sister, who he always thought had a boyish figure, was certainly womanly, as he now saw. His sister reached over for her bra, and wrapped it around her chest, clasping it in back. Suzie then grabbed her panties and stood up, leaving the towel on the bed. Her slender, shaven, tanned legs all the way up to a small upside-down triangular patch of brown hair was now visible. As if she was showing off, Suzie stretched her body, extending every muscle in her body from her feet, to her hands upwards towards canlı bahis the ceiling. After letting out a big yawn, Suzie then reached down, and stepped into her panties, pulling them up her legs, until her pubic hair was no longer visible.

Mark was ready to explode with orgasm at any second. He had just watched his little sister get dressed before him, and he needed to get to his room to relieve the pressure building in his balls. As he was going to leave, his lingerie-clad sister turned around to enter the walk-in closet that was behind her. He was his sister had chosen a thong to wear, and two perfectly round cheeks were looking back at him. He had never seen an ass that tight before, an ass that just needed to be kneaded. His sister pulled on a pair of shorts, and a t-shirt, and walked into the living room.

The show was over. Mark was still fully erect, and he couldn’t walk into the living room like that. He ran around to the front door of the condo, and upon entering, made a beeline for the bathroom. He shut the door behind him, and threw off his shorts. He barely even noticed his sister’s toiletries, toothbrush, calcium pills, birth control pills, and Oil of Olay, lying on the counter. Turning on the water in the combination stand-up shower and bathtub, Mark jumped in, and started to masturbate furiously. With a few quick strokes of his prick, he was about to come. Suddenly, Suzie walked into the bathroom.

“Hey, Mark, you don’t mind if I brush my teeth while you shower, right?”

Mark tried to suppress his grunts, as the object of his masturbation session entered the room. “Ahh, no. I don’t mind.”

“Are you okay? You sound like you’re in some pain.”

“No, I’m fine!”

Mark’s orgasm hit, and his semen splattered against the shower tiles. His orgasm hit him like a Mack truck, and Mark lost his balance for a minute, and slipped. He was falling to the floor, and his first instinct was to grab anything he could. That turned out to be a bad decision, as he fell to the tub floor, bringing the shower curtain down with him. He lay on the floor, shower curtain draped over his chest, and his hard dick, covered in semen, protruded out in the open.

Mark was shocked. Suzie was shocked. Their mother knocked on the door. “Is everything alright in there? I heard a crash.”

Suzie answered, “We’re fine, Mom. Mark just slipped in the shower. Everything’s okay.”

Suzie, though, couldn’t stop looking at her naked brother. Looking at the six inches of hard manhood in front of her, she was shocked by her feelings of lust. At that moment, she forgot that this was her brother, and saw a sexual being in front of her. It took all the strength that she had to not touch her brother’s penis. She grabbed his hand, and said, “Are you okay, Mark?”

Mark, more embarrassed than injured, said, “I’m okay, Suzie. I just feel like an idiot.”

“Mark, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it.”

“You probably think that I am a pervert.”

“No, not at all. Anyway, I shouldn’t have come into the bathroom while you were in here anyway. Let me help you up,” Suzie said, as she turned off the water.

Mark placed the fallen shower curtain on the floor, and with Suzie’s help, stood up. Mark immediately grabbed a towel, and wrapped it around his waist. From embarrassment and a recent orgasm, his penis had retreated back to a flaccid state.

“Are you uncomfortable? Do you want to talk about this?”

“Suzie, I…I’m okay. I just want to go lay down,” Mark stammered.

Mark left the bathroom, retreating to his bedroom. He closed the door behind him, threw on a pair of shorts, and lay on the bed in silence. All the lights in the room were turned out save for a small lamp on the nightstand. He looked at the clock, which read 8:30 PM. He didn’t want to face his sister. He had just spied on her as she dressed, and then was caught masturbating while thinking of her. Nausea took over his stomach. His little sister, who he was to guide and protect, had become a sex object to him. His love for her was overtaken by a lust for her. Guilt was weighing heavily on Mark.

Looking at the clock after hearing a knock on his door, Mark saw that it was 10:00 PM.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Suzie. Can I talk to you?”

“I’m about to go to sleep. Can it wait until tomorrow?”

“Mark, please. I really need to talk to you.”

Mark could hear that his sister was on the verge bahis siteleri of tears.

“Okay, come in.”

Suzie, wearing a blue lightweight cotton bathrobe entered Mark’s room.

“I want to make sure that you are okay with what happened in the bathroom.”

“Suzie, I’m fine.”

“I cleaned up the shower, and was able to re-hang the shower curtain.”

“Thanks. I appreciate it,” Mark said curtly.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”


“Then why did you lock yourself in your room?”

Suzie sat down Indian style on the queen-sized bed next to Mark, who lay on his back.

“Wouldn’t you be embarrassed if I caught you pleasuring yourself?”

“Yes, of course I would be embarrassed. But that isn’t the point. It happened, Mark. We need to move on.”

“I just need some time.”

“We only have a week together. Than, you’ll be back at Michigan State, and I won’t see you for months. I want to take advantage of our time together. I miss you when you’re gone. Before you know it, I’ll be in university, and who knows how much we will see each other. I’m your sister, Mark. I’ll always be your sister, and I’ll always love you. I don’t want to waste what precious time we have together. Don’t you miss me when you’re at school?”

“Yeah, of course I do.”

“Do you love me?”

“Yeah, Suzie, you know I do.”

“Then, will you do me a favor, and talk about this with me?”

“Okay, Suzie. I will try.”

“Will you be honest with me?”


“Were you thinking of me in the shower?”

“Suzie! What in the world? Why would you ask me that? That’s sick!”

Suzie again had to start fighting off her tears.

“Oh it’s sick? Am I some heinous creature?”

“Suzie, that isn’t what I meant. You’re my sister. I don’t think of you that way.”

“Then how did you think of me when you watched me get dressed?”


“Mark, don’t play stupid. I knew you were there. It was hard to act like I was oblivious, because inside I was so flattered that you thought I was sexy.”

“Suzie, please don’t cry. I love you. And I am sorry that I spied on you.”

“Damn it, Mark. I don’t want you to be sorry for that. I want you to think I’m sexy. For years, you gave me more attention than any boy in the world, and then you went to university, and you were gone. I’ve missed you so much. Now, I wonder if you gave me so much attention because you liked me, or because you felt obligated to help your little sister. I want you to be my friend, not just my big brother.”

“Suzie, you know that I would do anything for you.”

“I’m not so sure.”

“How can I prove it to you?”

“Hug me.”

Mark sat up and draped his feet off the side of his bed, so he was sitting next to Suzie. He embraced her, and felt Suzie wrap her arms around his bare torso, and her head on his shoulder. He could feel drops of tears on his skin.

“It’s okay, Suzie,” he said, as he patted her back. He softly kissed her on the cheek.

Suzie looked up, and Mark could see some of the blueness amid the red of his sister’s eyes. To his shock, Suzie kissed Mark on the lips. Mark returned the kiss, amazed at how tender his sister kissed him. Suzie’s lips parted, and Mark could feel her tongue slipping into his mouth. Mark then broke the kiss.

“Suzie, what are we doing?”

“Mark, I love you. Please don’t stop.”

“Are you sure? Is this right?”

“It feels right to me,” Suzie replied as she shrugged off her robe, wearing nothing underneath. She now sat nude next to her brother. She lunged at him, wrapping her arms tightly around him. Suzie kissed her brother again, and Mark this time let her tongue into his mouth. He rubbed her naked back down to her ass. Suzie got on her knees on the bed, while keeping her mouth against her brother’s and her chest against his.

Mark had his chance to feel that wonderful ass he had seen hours before. He lay on his back, his feet still dangling off the bed, and Suzie lay on top of him. His hands roamed over her body, grabbing that little ass of hers every few seconds. Suzie worked her hands down the side of Mark’s torso, and then into the waistband of his shorts. She reached down, getting her fingers tangled in Mark’s pubic hair.

Suzie craned her neck up, as both of them were gasping for air. She hung above her brother, her legs straddling his waist. She scooted down his bahis şirketleri body, so that she was now sitting over his beefy thighs. She pulled down his shorts, exposing Mark’s erect-again penis. Suzie got the shorts below his knees, and then Mark kicked them off. This time, Suzie would not waste the opportunity. She grabbed his penis with her right hand, and stroked it gently. With her other hand, she cupped his balls, and ticked underneath his scrotum. Seeing a drop of lubricant escaping his penis, Suzie bent over and licked the head of Mark’s prick as if it were an ice cream cone. After a few minutes of teasing his penis with her tongue, Suzie made Mark beg.

“Do you love me, Mark?”

“Oh, Suzie, yes. I love you.”

“Do you want to make love to me?”

“Yes, more than anything!”

“Ask me.”

“Suzie, can I make love to you?”

“I don’t know. What is in it for me?” Suzie asked, as she kept tickling his genitals.

“I promise that I’ll love you forever.”

“You’re my brother. I already have your love.”

“I promise to be nice and sweet to you.”

“That’s a good start.”

“What do you want, Suzy? I promise I’ll give it to you,” Mark said, as he desperately wanted his sister to stop teasing him.

“I want you to last. I don’t want you to shoot in seconds, like you did in the bathroom. I want you to satisfy me, and to make me come. And I want you to fuck me like a woman, not like I’m you’re sister.”

“Yes, I promise!”

Suzie was surprised how much she had worked herself up with her dirty talk. She crawled up and started to kiss Mark again. Mark could feel his dick rub against the outside of his sister’s soaking pussy. Suzie bucked her hips up and down along Mark’s shaft, and let out a small moan. Mark grabbed Suzie’s hips, and held them as he thrust his penis inside of her. Mark then lowed his hips, and guided Suzie down with his penis. Suzie straightened her back, and supported herself with her hands on Mark’s chest.

Slowly, Suzie started to work up and down on Mark’s penis. Mark could feel the head of his penis reach her vaginal opening before slipping deep inside Suzie’s body again. As Suzie started to work faster and faster on his penis, Mark tried to hold out on his inevitable orgasm. He wanted to please his sister, and he had a promise to keep. Mark felt his orgasm nearing, so he rolled his sister off of his penis, so that she lay on her back. Rolling on top of her, he re-entered her pussy, and started to thrust inside of her. Deeper, harder, and faster he fucked his sister trying to fill her entire body up with his penis. He felt her legs wrap around his butt, trying to push him deeper inside.

Suzie felt her breath shortening, and her blood starting to heat. Her clitoris was throbbing, and aching for release. Her insides were writhing, as the orgasm built inside of her. She was fighting a futile battle inside, trying to keep her orgasm suppressed, so she could make the feelings inside last longer.

Then, with a gasp, Mark felt his sister clench her legs around his body. She gripped him, and held him inside of her. A painful smile came over her face, as the orgasm took over her body. As her vaginal muscles continued the vice grip on his penis, Mark let loose with a tsunami of semen into Suzie. There they were, both at their sexual peak, lost in a sexually transcendent moment together. Exhausted, Mark collapsed on top of his sister, his softening penis inside of her.

“Mark, I can’t breathe.”

“Sorry, Suzie.” Mark rolled off of his sister, allowing his penis to vacate her vagina.

Suzie rolled over, and sidled up to her brother. She threw her arm over his chest.

“Suzie, you’re shaking.”

“I’m still feeling it.”

“The orgasm?”

“Yeah, I’ve never felt one like that before. It was so strong.”

“I really love you, Suzie. Not because you’re my sister, but because you are a beautiful person. You’re smart and you’re caring. You are an amazing woman.”

“Oh Mark. That is so sweet. I love you with all of my heart.”

“I think I need another shower.”

“You are not going anywhere. Anyway, the shower is much too dangerous for you. You are staying here with me,” Said Suzie, as she reached over and turned out the lamp.

“Will you make sure that I don’t hurt myself in the shower tomorrow?”

“It’s a date.”

Suzie yawned and again said “I love you” to Mark. Cuddling next to him, she drifted off to sleep. Mark looked down and saw his naked little sister, sleeping right next to him. A smile came over his face.

“Screw Cancun,” he thought to himself. “I’ve got Suzie.”

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