Sutton Family Stories 09

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Shit. Shit. Shit. I really wanted to be a good girl. I was settled down with my boyfriend, Jack in our own flat, with a baby and I had a feeling he was going to ask me to marry him soon. He was a sweet guy. But he was crap in bed. I mean really crap. His cock was small, and he’d just lie there and pump into me for a couple of minutes and it’d all be over. I was making him wear a condom since the baby was born, just to make him last a bit longer. It still wasn’t enough.

I wasn’t a good girl at all really. Not deep inside. I was a bad girl. A horny beast lurked inside, which is why during my pregnancy I’d ended up fucking both my brothers. It was sick but hot. I’d tried to control myself by avoiding my brothers for months but now George had come over while Jack was away and sucked my aching milk laden breasts so well I’d ended up giving him a tit wank and letting him spray his hot load all over me. I just about kept it together by not letting him touch my cunt but as soon as he left, I’d fingered myself to a shuddering orgasm before having the best night’s sleep for months.

Now Mum was messaging me saying that George would come over again this evening to help me out while Jack was still away. I tried to protest, to say I was fine, but she told me he was keen to help and she thought it was for the best. I bet he was. Little did she know. Oh, I tried to control it, but it was so horny the way he leered at me while I breast fed the baby. I liked being wanted by a hot young stud. And what harm did a tit wank cause? So, before I knew it, George was at my flat again and was sucking my tits again, and then I was topless and he had his rock hard dick between my enormous boobs, moaning how good it felt as he fucked my tits, coating the valley between the huge mounds liberally with his dripping precum.

I could have guessed it would happen again. What I hadn’t expected was to look up, while this was going on, and see my other brother, Aiden, at the doorway, wearing his rugby kit with an enormous tent in the front of his shorts. I found out later he’d come right from rugby practice and let himself in, having planned it all with George. I was pinned down on the sofa by the weight of George, who continued to slowly slide his dick between my tits while Aiden walked over towards us.

“Hey sis, been a while,” he said nonchalantly, before unceremoniously grabbing hold of my leggings and the panties underneath at the waist and yanking them off.

“Aiden, don’t, I’m trying not to cheat on Jack,” I weakly protested.

“By letting Georg fuck your tits?” he asked, while holding my thighs apart and moving his head between them.

“That just happened but I don’t want anything more, Jack’s a sweet guy.” It was a lie. I did want more, even if I didn’t want to admit it. Aiden knew me better than I knew myself. He reached up and slowly drew his index finger along my slit, spreading my lips slightly, my dampness coasting his fingertip, which he then used to trace a line up to my clit. I shuddered. It was a like a surge of pleasure straight from my dripping pussy to my brain. To have two hot studs wanting me like this definitely got me going.

“If you don’t want anything more, why is your pussy so fucking wet?” Aiden said confidently, while pushing his finger deep inside me. I felt my cunt clamping his finger. He leaned forward and started to run his tongue over my clit. George carried on holding my breasts and squeezing them round his cock, as he slowly slid it back and forth. I didn’t think I’d be able to stop these two even if I really wanted.

As Aiden lapped away, my cunt ached. Jack didn’t like going down on me and I hadn’t felt pleasure like this for too long. I surrendered to my fate. Aiden was clearly too horny to wait too long as after only a few minutes of licking me, he pulled back, and slid down his shorts. His beautiful throbbing penis was freed and he wasted no time in holding my legs apart and kneeling between them. I groaned as I felt the head of his cock rubbing up and down between my pussy lips. This couldn’t be happening. I’d resisted this for months, but I wanted his dick buried in me badly.

“You’ve missed my cock, haven’t you sis? That little dick Jack doesn’t fuck you like this does he?” Aiden said, and slid in to the hilt in one motion. It hurt, slightly, but it was a beautiful pain. My brother was balls deep in me again. “Shit, you’ve got the best pussy Sarah.”

I had one of my brothers thrusting his cock between my tits and the other fucking me, while I lay on my sofa literally dripping wet and moaning like a banshee.

“I think she likes it,” said George, winning the prize for observation.

“I guess we’ve all three got the same genes, and they’re horny genes. She’s a sex addict as much as the rest of us,” Aiden replied, while thrusting his spear in and out of me. Things had got hot fast ataşehir escort and no one was in the mood to hang round. I could feel my orgasm fast approaching as Aiden fucked me hard and fast. He wasn’t like meek old Jack, he really knew how to use a woman, holding my legs open and driving himself into me without mercy.

“Oh fuck, oh yeah, fuck you’re a hot bitch,” he groaned. “I’m getting close already.”

I wasn’t on the pill and I wasn’t pregnant anymore. I couldn’t risk it. “Pull out, pull out,” I shouted sternly at Aiden. I was actually surprised when he did, but it was only just in time as suddenly I felt ropes of hot cum land on my stomach. He must have really sprayed out as George yelped in surprise, I guess as some of Aiden’s load sprayed on his back. He looked a bit surprised but thrust his cock in between my tits even faster than before and within a few seconds he moaned then I had a clear view of his slit open and masses of cum sprayed out, splattering all over my neck and face. I had both my brother’s warm loads painted across my body. I couldn’t have felt more depraved, and it just made me cum myself.

We all lay on the sofa for a few minutes, catching our breath before Aiden spoke. “Come on Sarah, admit you liked it. I’ve missed you these last few months.”

He didn’t say sweet stuff that often. “Yeah, alright, it’s true, you’re just a better fuck than Jack,” I replied. “But now I need a shower.” I was a mess. There was cum on my face, in my hair, on my neck and tits and my stomach and around my pussy. Both brothers had literally splattered me with their huge loads. They came an impressive amount from their full young balls.

I wandered off to my bathroom. I hadn’t really thought about it, but I suppose I assumed they’d be gone when I came out of the shower, a towel wrapped round me. They weren’t. George and Aiden were both stark naked, sat on my bed, with their cocks pretty much erect again. Aiden looked like the rugby player Ali Price and George looked like the football player Connor Wickham. Aiden was solidly built, with thick thighs and a fat 7″ cock. George was lither, with a thinner but longer 8″ cock. They were both hot guys and apparently still horny for me.

“What are you guys still doing here?” I asked.

“Time for round two, sis,” replied Aiden. “George didn’t get to feel how much your cunt has tightened up again since you gave birth and so it’s his turn to fuck you now and I want a turn on those milk-swollen mammaries.”

I shouldn’t have been shocked, but I was. “Your turn? I’m not just a piece of meat for you to pass round,” I replied. I was angry.

“Yeah, you are, you’re our sister slut,” Aiden replied forcefully, then grabbed my towel and pulled it off. “Get on the bed and stop pretending your not a horny slut,” he told me while pushing me onto my double bed. I could feel an anger brewing inside me, but I also started to get wet again. What was it about my pussy that betrayed me like this?

“I’ve missed seeing you naked, you’re such a hot bitch with your little ginger pubes and your big breasts,” Aiden remarked. “I’ve texted Mum to say George and I are going to stay over here tonight and we’re going to make the most of it.”

I was gushing juice by now. I should have been mad at him, but he knew me too well. My brothers were going to use me as their cum bucket for the evening and I wanted them to. It was sweet relief to then feel Aiden clamp his teeth onto my right breast and start to suck. A spray of milk was soon jetting into his mouth. I noticed George watching and then he quickly put his mouth onto my left tit. I had a brother sitting either side of me, one at each breast, suckling me like I was a prize cow. I reached out and took a cock in each hand and started slowly wanking them up and down, feeling the skin move and the foreskin rub two cock heads both glistening with precum. I shuddered at how horny I felt, knowing these two men both wanted me so much, their rock-hard dicks told me my brothers shared the feeling of horniness with me.

After a while, Aiden took his suckling mouth off me. “Fuck, that’s horny, I’ve always wanted to drink milk direct from a girl’s tit. Now I want a tit wank like George had, and he deserves some pussy.” I was being treated like a whore and it was turning me on. Plus George looked so happy at this, there was no way I could deny my little brother.

I did have one rule though. “Wear a condom, please, there’s some in Jack’s bedside drawer,” I pleaded. I really didn’t want to get pregnant again. Like the good boy he’d always been, George reached over and was soon unfurling a johnny down his throbbing dick. It looked so obscene, so sexual, I needed it inside me. I lay back in the middle of bed and spread my legs.

Both boys giggled. “Mate, she wants it bad, she’s even more of a slut than I thought,” chuckled kadıköy escort Aiden as George moved in between my thighs and slowly started sliding inside me, inch by inch. It was like nothing else, feeling a hard dick spread my pussy lips and push deep into me. George’s dick was so long he really was filling my hungry twat.

George was moaning incoherently as he began to withdraw then push back into me. “Oh Sarah, oh you’re so wet for me, this feels so good, fuck yeah, I’d forgotten how amazing my sister’s cunt feels.”

Aiden wasn’t going to be left out. I thought we’d have a repeat of the sofa earlier, with one brother between his legs driving his cock in and out of my pussy while the other was straddling my chest to fuck my tits but Aiden went the other way round, basically sitting on my face and fucking my tits from the other direction. His arse was right over my face and I was smelling the sweaty scent of a real man. He knew what he wanted and just took it. He was a bit of a bastard really but in truth it turned me on so much more than Jack’s gentle approach to loving. I lapped up at his arse crack and ball sack, which mad him moan in delight.

We were all groaning as we took pleasure from each other, Aiden sliding his cock between my squeezed together breasts and George working his cock in out of my gripping pussy. “Don’t forget to touch her clit, bro,” Aiden instructed, and George followed the guidance. It was enough to send me over the edge and I had a screaming orgasm. My pussy was clutching at the invading intruder and George cried out before I felt his dick twitch inside me, as he filled the condom.

Aiden wasn’t far behind, thrusting between my tits with vigour before moaning himself and then I felt a spray of cum raining down on my chest, then a second more powerful jet flew out and some landed on my pussy and apparently some hit George, who was still between my legs, as I heard him complain and Aiden giggled “friendly fire twice in a night mate.”

I felt a warm glow of being properly fucked as I got up, fed the baby then we all drifted off to sleep, me and my brothers snuggled up naked in the double bed I normally shared with my boyfriend. The next morning, I woke up spooning Aiden and feeling his morning glory nestling against my pussy lips. “Aiden?” I whispered, remembering the erection poking me belonged to my brother and not my boyfriend.

He leaned close to my ear. “Yeah, I’m horny, I’ve got to go to work soon but I need a quickie before I do,” then he confidently thrust forward and slid right into me. He wasn’t wearing a condom. It felt so good, so warm feeling his hard flesh inside me, taking no prisoners. It wasn’t even worth protesting. I liked sex and I was going to let my brother shag me.

“Let’s not wake-up George, I haven’t got long,” Aiden continued to whisper. “I missed fucking you these past few months, you’re the best lay I ever had.” He then reached one arm round and was tracing a finger over my clit while thrusting in and out of me while we lay there spoon fucking. My pussy gripped his cock, not wanting it to leave me. He was the best lay I’d ever had too. No one could give me pleasure like my older brother, though my younger brother came close. “You’re a filthy bitch Sarah, you love getting fucked by a real man. Now you’ve given in again I reckon you’ll need this cock more often.”

I could only whimper as he took me and used my pussy for his pleasure. After a couple of minutes Aiden started driving his cock into me more forcefully, using his muscular rugby thighs to pile drive his dick in and out of hungry cunt and I noticed George’s eyes open and he looked at me. “Sorry, did we wake you?” I asked.

“Yeah, no one could sleep through the bed creaking and moving this much,” he replied.

“I’m fucking Sarah before I go to work,” Aiden said. “Have a look mate,” and threw the duvet off us. I was a bit surprised when George moved down the bed until his face was inches away from where his brother was sliding his cock in and out of me. “Looks hot doesn’t it?”

George seemed mesmerised. “I can see everything. Sarah’s little ginger pubes and her lips spread round your cock and her juices coating it as you fuck her, it’s so bloody hot,” George said.

“Go on mate, lick her clit,” Aiden commanded. I was even more surprised when George leant forward and ran his tongue over my clit while his brother continued his assault on my vagina. I’d never felt this good before. It was hot. It was like a lightning bolt right to my crotch.

“Yeah mate, she likes it, her pussy is getting even wetter,” Aiden groaned out as he started to really pound in and out of me. “You like one brother licking your clit while the other fucks your pussy, don’t you?”

“Yeah, oh God yeah,” I replied. An obscene noise was now coming from my drenched pussy as Aiden slid in and out of bostancı escort bayan it forcefully, his big balls bouncing and slapping against me while George’s warm tongue drew circles around my clit.

“You’re going to cum soon aren’t you? Cum for me Sarah.”

It wasn’t long before I did just that, screaming out as I felt my cunt grip Aiden’s thick dick. I should have told him to pull out but it was too much as he cried out and shot his load into me as he had his own mind blowing orgasm. We hadn’t used protection but the feeling of my own brother’s warm semen spraying the walls of my pussy was just too good. And a good orgasm is addictive. As soon as Aiden withdrew his dick from me, I was begging George to fuck me. He got between my legs like a rat up a drainpipe and slid right into my drenched cunt.

“Oh shit, you feel so hot, so wet, my sister has the best pussy,” George sighed, while fucking me with abandon. I felt pinned down to the mattress and the bed was squeaking like it would break. He wasn’t wasting any time.

I saw Aiden get up and put his rugby kit back on. “Have fun you two, I’ve got to get my suit from home then get to work,” as he left us rutting away. George seemed like a mad man, possessed. Last night he’d been quite slow and gentle but this morning he was really pounding me, while mauling my tits and snogging me. It was a hot fast fuck. I figured that I’d let Aiden cum inside me so I couldn’t complain when George did the same, adding a second large, potent load to my well used cunt.

That’s when reality hit and I started to worry about getting pregnant. “I’ve got to clean this cum out,” I told him, running to the shower. He followed and got into the shower with me.

“Let me help, please,” then got on his knees and fixed his mouth round my pussy, working his tongue between my lips and licking and sucking the large load of mixed sibling juices out of me. I came again before he was finished.

“You’re a dirty boy, but that was just what I needed,” I told him after the shower. “I don’t think you can get pregnant when breastfeeding but we can’t risk it, Jack always uses condoms these days.”

We got dressed, had breakfast and I was breastfeeding little John when I noticed George leering at me again and a tent forming in his jeans. “Not now George,” I told him sternly. “Jack is due home any minute.”

“Come on, why don’t you suck me off? I’m horny again,” he replied.

“You’re always horny.”

“Yeah, you make me horny.”

“We can’t get caught.”

“I think it’s better you drain me then Jack comes home to find me sat on his sofa with an erection while I’m looking at my sister.”

My already weak resistance gave me. I put the baby in his crib and got on my knees between George’s legs. “Alight but we don’t have much time,” I told him while unzipping his flies.

“Ah shit, you’re actually going to do it? I wish other women were this easy,” George told me as I worked my hand into his boxers and pulled his straining cock out through the flies. It wasn’t nice calling a woman easy but here I was, at the slightest request, on my knees between my brother’s legs, wrapping my little hand round his hard-on and stroking the shaft up and down, making him groan with pleasure, so maybe he had a point. I was a sex addict after my next hit.

I got to work fast, running my tongue over the head of his cock, lapping up the precum formed on his slit, before engulfing as much of it as I could in my willing mouth. I felt myself getting wet again. That would need to wait, this was about him. Before long I was pumping my mouth up and down, my lips wrapped round his shaft while he thrust up off the sofa.

“Yeah, suck me Sarah, my sister is horny for her brother’s cock isn’t she?” he asked. I couldn’t reply with a mouthful, but I liked the dirty chat. “Yeah, you suck it good, we’re going to do this a lot more when I’m back from uni next, you can be a cum bucket for me and Aiden, we’ll paint every hole with our loads over and over again.” He was thrusting harder then I felt his cock swell and spray after spray of cum was coating my throat. I had to swallow repeatedly. “Fuck yeah,” he hollered out, “drink it, drink you own brother’s load.”

That’s when we heard the key in the front door. I gulped down the last of the load coating my mouth while George pulled his cock out from my lips and put it back in his jeans, zipping up the fly. I got up and had literally just swallowed the last of my brother’s cum when my boyfriend walked into the room.

“Hey guys, I’m back,” he said and came over to kiss me. I was so horny at nearly getting caught sucking off my own brother than I couldn’t help but French kiss my boyfriend. He responded but then pulled away, giving me a look because my mouth tasted funny.

“Sorry, I didn’t brush my teeth yet this morning,” I told him. He nodded then started talking to George about football. I’d need to get him to fuck me once George left. Even if he wasn’t as good as my brothers, it might just get me off given how hot and bothered I felt.

My name is Sarah Sutton and I am a slut for my own brothers.

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