Taboo: Generations Bk. 15

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Book XV: Kairi’s Story

“Now, about the ‘mommy/son’ thing.”

“I’m pretty sure you will blame it on role-playing since there is a discernable twenty-plus year age difference between the two of you,” I began, “but I recognized you the minute I walked in the door, Mrs. Saunders.”

“Mrs.—? What makes you think I’m Mrs. Saunders?” she asked.

“Oh, come on,” I said with an intolerable air. “I mean, this is the age of social media. There are pictures of you all over Dr. Saunders’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts where he has tagged you as ‘Ma,’ not to mention those he has posted on the campus website where you and your husband have attended one function or another.”

“If you knew she and I were mother and son, why, then, would you place yourself in the middle of … this?”

“It was hot,” I answered. “I was hot.” Looking at the woman, I said, “You saw how wet I was when I straddled your face.”

She looked at me intently before saying, “She’s either not telling us everything, or …” She just let the words hang in the air for a few seconds before saying, “Do I know you, Kairi? You look awfully familiar.”

“We have never met before today, ma’am,” I told her.

She studied me a few seconds with slitted eyes, then asked, “Who are your parents? Do I know them?”

“You know my father,” I answered, “but you never met my mother.”

“Who’s your father?” she asked, but I ignored her completely as I turned and said,

You, on the other hand, you know my mother very well.”

He shrugged.

“Come on. Really? After all this time, my name hasn’t sparked a single memory for you? Kairi Ramsus?”

“I’m sorry,” he told me with what seemed complete honesty. “What is it supposed to mean? Did your mother attend Brown as well?”

“Let me paint the picture for you,” I said as I straightened my posture. “About twenty years ago, you and your Aunt Linda were in Greenland filming a documentary. Linda met a local woman, and the three of you ended up having a threesome that night.”

“Well, this is my first time hearing of that,” Mrs. Saunders said a bit dejectedly. bostancı escort

He lightly furrowed his brow and waved her off as he seemed to search his memory bank for the third woman’s name. “P … Pippa? No, that’s not right. Pipa … Luk? Pipaluk?” I smiled and nodded my head. “Pipaluk Ramsus is your mother?”

“She is,” I affirmed, “but the story doesn’t end there. You see, you had just two orgasms that night, and both were in my mother. Suffice it to say, when you left Greenland, you unknowingly left something behind. Well, someone, as it were.”

Okay, so this is as good a place as any to state that Daddy said he wanted me to give my perspective on how the remainder of this discussion was conducted. Keep in mind that these events have already occurred, he just wants me to put them in writing. He says it is for a book he is putting together about incest within our family. I must admit, I am intrigued. He says mine will be the last entry, so I hope my offering does this book justice. Without further ado …

“Oh, my God,” he said as he threw his face into his hands.

“You’re … my Granddaughter?” Grandma asked me.

“Surprise,” I said with a weak laugh.

“You knew this,” Daddy began as he looked up at me, “and you still willingly entered into sex with us today?” and when I nodded, “Why?”

“You had sex with your Aunt Linda; you were having sex with your mother … Do you really get to question me on this?”

“We all knew of our relation to one another,” he replied.

“Okay, you got me there,” I said with a big sigh. “Look, like I said, when I saw you two, it was hot. Knowing what you did with your aunt, knowing that this was your mom … I don’t know. I guess a small part of me felt like I had to be initiated into the family. Hey, I’m not complaining, and neither should either of you, to be honest.”

Grandma looked at me, then said, “Done bun can’t be undone, I suppose,” then stretched out her arms and said, “Come here.” I did, and Grandma hugged me to her bosom. “I am so happy to meet you, and even happier to have you as a granddaughter.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” I responded as I hugged her back.

“Jason?” Ma prompted Daddy, but, ümraniye escort bayan

“I’m … trying to get used to this.” The expectant smile on my face faltered, and I could see that he felt bad about that. “No, Kairi. I simply meant that … I regret not knowing about you earlier. I would have been the father you deserved.”

“Oh, my mother was a wonderful parent,” I said as the smile returned to my lips. “She was very supportive of me in every way possible, and I never wanted for anything. From her, I received my tenacity and brashness, while from you, I obviously received my intellect.”

“Tenacity and intellect, the very two resources that would dictate how you were able to find me,” Daddy said to me with a smile. “Tell me that story.”

“My mother was always honest about how I came to be,” I began. “Well, to a point, anyway. She said that she had a one-night stand with a black American who was visiting while shooting a documentary, and that you left never knowing she had gotten pregnant. It wasn’t until I turned eighteen, however, that the complete truth had been revealed to me.”

“Which was?” Grandma asked.

“My mother threw me a big party for my birthday. All of my friends were in attendance, and we partied until about two in the morning. When the last of the guests left, Mom told me she had one more present for me, one that, because I was now of age, she could allow me to see.

“It seems that Linda—Aunt Linda? No, just Linda—had recorded the threesome that she, Mom, and … Daddy had taken part in, and had burned and given Mom a DVD as a souvenir of their time together. Mom told me that it was a sex tape and that my father’s identity would be revealed on it. She told me that his name was Jason and the woman’s name was Linda, and that was all she knew. She then told me I could watch it if I wanted, then she went to bed.

“After some time debating the issue, I watched it, and I burned the faces of the man and woman in the movie into my memory before going to bed. The next several days were spent trying to find out who he was …who you were,” I said to my dad. “Seeing as to how you were of college age, I thought it best to begin my search there.

“I decided kartal escort to begin in the Northern United States since the states were smaller—which meant fewer colleges—and I might have better luck that way, so I started with Maine and worked my way down until finally reaching Rhode Island, and sure enough I found you at Brown University. There were numerous pictures of you and your mother, father, and, yes, even Linda, but the one that stood out most was the one of your arrival to the campus that you had labeled ‘Today Brown, Tomorrow the World—Jason Saunders,’ because you were roughly the same age in it as you were in the movie.

“I immediately went to Facebook and found you, then Twitter, then Instagram … I cried as I saw picture after picture of you and your family, and when I finally told Mom that I had found you, she cried upon seeing you as well. I asked her if she thought I should contact you after all these years, and she told me that I had to follow my heart. I did, but only to an extent.

“I applied to and had received a full scholarship to Brown. My intention was to get to know you before telling you who I was—am, Daddy, but the more time I spent with you the harder it became. I guess I was hoping that my last name would somehow trigger something within you and you would make the connection. When that didn’t readily happen, I had relegated myself to just being Kairi the Assistant and nothing more. Then today happened.

“I knew you had committed incest with Linda, and catching you and Grandma in the act like I did? Like I said, I just felt like maybe this was some sort of weird initiation into the family or something. I don’t know, but I don’t regret it and I’m glad that we finally know each other for the family we are.”

Daddy was silent for several hard, palpable seconds, then said, “Like I told you earlier, Kairi, I wish I had known. I would have done anything and everything for you.”

“It’s not too late,” I told him.

“That’s right,” Grandma said. “You’re here now, and that’s all that matters. Even still … We have to find the right opportunity to tell James that he is a grandfather.”

“Spring Break is just a few weeks away,” Daddy said. “Why don’t we plan for then?”

“Yes,” Grandma said after a moment’s consideration. “That would work out fine. It would also give me time to contact Linda and have her come down. I’m sure she would love to meet you, Kairi.”

In that instant, I decided to let her plan the reveal. I, however, would be the one to initiate first contact.

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