Taboo Series Ch. 02

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Well, Only a day or so after Chapter 1 was accepted I had so many comments and such high votes I decided to get on the ball getting this one up!

As promise there is a bit more back story- and there will continue to be through all of the chapters.

Again, I hope you enjoy this installment of the Taboo Series!!!


David woke up beside Jamie for the third time that week, her naked body wrapped in his arms and her head on his shoulder. She had spent a lot of time on the beach during the days, but she had brought no boys home. Instead she was always waiting for him, ready to jump into his arms and offer her body to him. He had wondered time and again how long she had been attracted to him in such a way, and why, but he had not asked. He was afraid that speaking the words would drive her away, and he wasn’t ready to lose what he had only just gained.

He knew that is was wrong to want his niece, not only because she was 14 years his junior but because she was his blood. Because he had helped raise her when her father had spent time overseas in the military. He has been there to see her first ballet recital and her graduation from elementary school. He had cheered her on at uncountable soccer and volleyball games until he had moved from Colorado to California when she had turned eleven, just before she had left 5th grade. A year later she had begun the summer long visits, from the first of June to the last of august. This was the first year she had no real deadline to return home, and she had told him the night before that she was toying with a longer stay. Maybe a permanent stay. She didn’t know quite yet. She had told him that she was thinking about an extra year and then going home to start college.

He was seriously beginning to hope that she would decide to stay for the year. He had begun to realize how quiet the house was without a woman around. She had cousins around too, of course, but the only visited now and then, barely at all when she wasn’t there.

He watched as she began to stir under the covers, her legs tangled around his again. The night before had been a long, and late, one and he was glad that it was Saturday and he didn’t have to drag himself into work. He was toying with the idea of keeping her here in bed with him all day but he had made plans, and reservations, for that evening and he wasn’t about to let that go to waste. He began rubbing her side as she started to wake up, her lips parting. The unconscious invitation was too much for David to resist and he leaned down, running his tongue over her soft red lips, then in between them, teasing her tongue. She moaned a bit as she finally opened her eyes and began to suck on his tongue, rubbing hers against it before pressing up against him and letting her own tongue slide into his mouth. The did not break from the kiss for a long time, David’s hands running over her sides and over the curve of her breasts as she caressed his chest with one hand. When the kiss finally ended they were both a bit quick of breath and David nodded toward the shower.

“Shall we?” She smiled at her as she moved sleepily. She looked like her mother when she woke up. Her dark hair softened the edges of her face and her emerald eyes held a kind of far off light about them. He could see why his brother had fallen in love with the woman who had birthed his niece. Of course, he also knew that Jamie’s mother was almost as good of a fuck as Jamie was herself. It had been years since he had tested the girl’s mother, but she had always given him a good time. He watched as Jamie trudged across the room, her firm, heart shaped ass drifting from side to side, and he smiled. He’d have to spend some time waking her up before he started the questions.

When he heard her turn the shower on, the steady beat of the strong jets hitting the tile floor, he climbed out of bed and made his way into the bathroom. He picked up clean towels on the way in, Jamie had done laundry for him the day before and they smelled ‘springtime fresh’. As he stepped into the bathroom he couldn’t help but laugh. It looked like Jamie had fallen asleep with her head leaning against the outside glass of the shower door, one hand hanging limply at her side, the other lightly pressed against the glass by her face.

He laid the towels on the counter and moved over behind her, pressing his body against hers and tucking some of her hair behind her ear as he whispered into it, “If you want to continue sleeping we can return to the bed, but you’d be missing out on all the fun.” To emphasize his meaning his other hand slid over her waist and hip, then down between her legs to gently rub at her clit. She moaned and her eyes opened again. She looked up at him and he licked at her lips playfully, opening the shower door for her. She slipped in without a word and leaned back against the wall as he stepped in, closing the door behind him. The water was warm and soothing bostancı escort as it hit his shoulders and ran down his back. He reached forward and ran a hand down Jamie’s face and neck, then her breast, cupping it and rubbing her nipple. His other hand raised to match the first and soon she was moaning, both of her nipples standing erect, much like his cock was trying to do. She watched as she tilted her head a bit to the side against the wall and he smiled softly. He pulled her from the wall and turned her so her back was in the water. He watched as the water quickly soaked her hair and ran over her breasts, small streams running from her nipples to splash against his knees before making a trail down his shins to the floor.

He ran his hand down her body again and began to lightly and slowly rub her clit. She was soon moaning almost constantly. her breasts rising and falling a bit quicker. He was not rubbing to make her climax, only to let the sensations build and take over her body. As her clit began to swell her pressed closer to her. His cock was standing fully erect now and he let it rub against her leg as he sank two fingers deep inside of her.

Jamie’s eyes opened as she looked up at her uncle in pleased surprise. She studied his face, taking in the almond colored eyes, lit with amusement and determination, and the strong features. He had sloped nose, not too long or short but with a slightly flattened bridge. His eyebrows were long and narrow, dark like his hair, and his upper lip was only slightly more slim than the lower. He had strong cheek bones, like her father, like her, and she reached up to trace one. Half-awake, Half-asleep, she leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. This time it was her tongue that took the initiative, searching his lips and mouth, teasing and inviting as her uncles fingers slid in and out of her, his thumb still slowly teasing her clit. She reached forward to return the favor, slowly stroking his cock in a manner that would not take him to climax but would send a steady stream of pleasure throughout his body.

When she broke the kiss, Jamie pulled away from her uncle and turned, presenting him with her back as she reached for the bath puff and body soap. David studied the girls slender back, the way she held her shoulders back naturally- a military man’s daughter- the way she stood evenly on both feet when half awake, instead of her usual lazy stances. He watched her pour some of the vanilla body wash on the puff before turning. She moved forward again and began scrubbing her uncle. He moaned at the pleasure of something as simple as having his chest scrubbed by a beautiful woman, her slender fingers running over the side of his chest opposite the scrubbing.

When she looked up at him again, he smiled, “I wanted to ask you something.” He voice was quiet. A kind of peaceful mood had come over him this morning and he was afraid that if he spoke too loudly he would shatter it. She inclined her head some in reply, never one to waste words in the morning.

“How long have you been attracted to me?” He tried not to put too much emphasis on the word attracted, but the words sounded strange coming out of his mouth- at least when he was looking down at his 18 year old niece.

He was surprised to see Jamie smile a bit at his question, moving the puff up to scrub his shoulders and neck, then down his arms, “I wondered when you would ask me that.” She moved behind him and began scrubbing his back. The silence that followed almost made him uncomfortable, but he found that her caresses and the sensation of the bath puff moving over his back soothed him, the water running over his chest. So he waited patiently. When she was satisfied that she had throughly cleaned him she wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed herself against his back, her hard nipples poking against him.

“I’d almost have to say for as long as I can remember.” Her voice was soft and David was surprised at the answer, “Really, I don’t know when it started, but I’d been fantasizing about you since I was 14 or 15.” David heard his niece laugh a little behind him, “I used to listen at the door when your girlfriend’s came over. I remember the first time you took Denise anally and the way she had screamed at first, but then she liked it so much it seemed like that was all you ever did with her after that.” David was shocked to hear that the girl had been listening in on him for that long, Denise had been his finance 5 years ago. “I was actually really afraid that you would turn away my advances, to tell you the truth.”

Jamie was surprised, herself, when her uncle turned in her arms and took the bath puff from her, moving her hair over one of her shoulders so that he could scrub the neck and shoulder on the other side, watching the puff rather than looking at her. “I almost lost it when I saw you in the bathing suit.” He caught Jamie’s smile out of the corner of his eyes and he ümraniye escort bayan blushed. This only seemed to make her smile more, and him blushed more brightly. He wasn’t used to being embarrassed around women, but this was something completely different than he was used to. He was still reeling form the idea that the girl had been listening in on him all of those years, and- more importantly- that he had never known.

“I hadn’t expected you to be so . . . ” He looked her over before letting his eyes meet hers, it was her turn to be slightly, though not unkindly, amused, “Grown up.” He finished. “Last year you were gangly, more your father’s daughter than your mother’s. It seems that thing change quickly with you girls.” She laughed and nodded, giving a small moan as he ran the puff between her legs. It was a calculated move, playful retribution for laughing at him. “I had expected my niece, not a full grown woman.”

Jamie pouted at those words, her bottom lip sticking out, “So I’m not your niece anymore?”

David tried not to laugh, but he found himself questioning what that meant as well. Was she still that little girl he had always looked over so protectively, almost fatherly in intentions? No. But she was certainly still his niece. He still looked her and saw that girl, actually, that is what made the whole thing so much more arousing. She was not only a very attractive woman who gave herself to him multiple times a day, but she was his own flesh and blood. A child in so many ways, but an adult in all of them that mattered to a man.

“You will always be my little niece, Jamie.” He ran his hand over her cheek and she smiled, pressing her body against him. He could tell that she was fully awake now, and that her scheming and plotting was at work again, full force.

“Good,” she echoed his thoughts, “because that makes it all the hotter when I suck your cock, or take it in my pussy, or when you shoot your cum on me.” David groaned at her words as she teased him, pressing her body hard against him, her lips a breath away as she spoke. She was a little devil, that’s what she was. “Did you ever think you would fuck your niece, Uncle Dave?”

David laughed loudly this time, his chest rumbling beneath her hands, “No, but I am not complaining.”

Jamie gasped as she was pushed back against the shower wall, pinned between her uncle’s strong chest and the cold tile that ran up the wall. He held his lips less than an inch above hers before leaning the rest of the way down to taste her, kissing her harder and more passionately than he had in the entire three days they had been together. She moaned into the kiss, pressing agianst him as he grabbed her wrists, pinning them against the wall playfully. He felt her arch her back against him, struggling some, but she relaxed with another long, low moan as his cock rubbed against her clit. He thought about letting it slide deep inside of her, but instead he pulled back and let her go. He watched her lick her lips, wiping at her chin with the back of her hand as she looked at him with large, lustful eyes. She took a single step forward before she fell to her knees.

David gasped, his head falling back as his arm shot out to brace himself against teh back of the shower. Jamie has taken his entire cock into her mouth and throat in one deft thrust- and he had almost lost his footing and breath to the intense shock it sent through his cock and, consequently, his whole body. His other hand gripped her hair as she pulled back and repeated the move, though not quite so quickly or forcefully. Instead she moved her head at a slow, steady rhythm, teasing her cock as she attempted to close her throat around the head, the fingers of her right hand dancing across his scrotum. Just as he thought he was going to release himself in her mouth she pulled away, grinning and licking her lips. She has successfully repaid him for pinning her to the wall then leaving her standing there.

“Why you little brat!” He laughed as he watched her stand, grabbing her am, “I don’t think my brother spanked you enough when you were little, so I guess I’ll have to do it.” He laughed as Jamie squealed and squirmed, putting her across his knee as he propped his foot up on the shower wall, his back against the immobile half of the glass. He let his hand come down on her wet ass three times as she squealed and squeaked. When he let her stand up he saw that she had been laughing so hard that tears were streaming down her face. He kept a hold on the uppermost part of her arm and shut off the shower. Pulling her out of it he pulled her over to the sink, bending her over in front of the mirror. He kept one hand between her shoulders and released her arm. With his right hand now free he reached down and pressed his cock against her pussy. She moaned as he teased her clit with the head of his cock, her eyes locked with his in the mirror. He let her squirm a moment, pressing the tip of kartal escort his cock into her then pulling out. He repeated this a few times, getting her worked up as he grinned into the mirror. When finally she couldn’t take anymore, and quite frankly neither could he, he began to thrust forward.

“No wait!” He stopped, surprised at the exclamation. Was she going to tell him she didn’t want to do it anymore? No, her eyes said something different. That devious light was still there, that playful, taunting, teasing light. “I want it in my ass, like you gave it to Denise.”

One of David’s eyebrows raised as he looked at her in the mirror. For a minute Jamie thought he would tell her no, but the she felt him put the head of his cock against her asshole, “Have you ever taken a cock in your ass?”

“Once, a couple of years ago.” David looked at her as she replied. He shook his head.

“Give me that bottle there.” He nodded towards a bottle of facial cleanser, the closest thing he had to lubricant at the moment, and he was not going to take the time to run to the closest convenience store to buy a bottle of KY when he had her like this now. As she handed the bottle back to him he studied her face in the mirror, “It’s gonna hurt.”

“I know, but I’ll love it by the time your done.” She grinned, and somehow David didn’t doubt that was she said was true. He coated his cock with the makeshift lubricant, then fed a finger into her ass, twisting and pumping it some, letting it slide in and out of the tight hole as she moaned. She had at least been fingering her ass, even if she didn’t actively put anything larger in, and he could get a second finger in without too much trouble. She continued to moan as he fed more of the cleanser into her ass, adding a third finger. It was a tight fit but at least he knew she could take his cock. Denise’s problem was that she had never taken a cock in that way and she had failed to tell him so.

As he straitened back up David pressed his cock against his niece’s ass. He was afraid to hurt her, but she was already pressing back against him when he began slowly applying pressure. His cock moved in easily at first, but as it neared the ridge she began to cry out. He started to slow down, contemplating stopping but she shook her head.

“Don’t, I want it, Uncle Dave. Give it to me. Give me your cock. I know you want to.” She was right, he wanted her to take his cock in her as more than anything. When he hesitated again she forced herself back on his cock with a scream. She had successfully taken the rest of the mushroom-shaped head and had forced herself back with such momentum that she had propelled herself down another inch of the shaft to boot. He let her collapse on the sink for a moment, her ass adjusting as she took deep, quick breaths, and when she raised her head to meet the reflection of his eyes again he moved forward. He pushed his cock in inch by inch, not stopping but moving slowly. When finally he had buried it balls deep he began to pull back. He was not surprised that she was moaning sooner than he had expected, and he realized, as he had noticed the night before and had forgotten in the excitement of the morning, that her g-spot was on the wall between her vaginal canal and the matching anal one. As he began to thrust in and out, letting her hot ass grab at his cock even more tightly that her pussy had, he groaned.

Soon Jamie was thrusting back onto his cock, crying out, even beginning to scream with pleasure, “Oh GOD! Uncle Dave, it feels so good, don’t stop!” David grinned a kind of lopsided grin as she pumped her ass a bit harder and faster.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I am going to blow my load in your tight little ass, Jamie, then I am going to make you get in the shower and scrub my cock again like the naughty little niece you are.”

Jamie gave a cry of pleasure at his words and thrust herself back harder on his cock. As she screamed David reached around her, his fingertips finding her clit. He began to rub and pinch the swollen nub, causing her to buck back slightly more erratically but more roughly as well. It didn’t take long, this time, for him to cum. Her ass was hotter and tighter than any other woman he had been with, and the site of her breasts swinging before her, the thought of letting his seed loose inside his young niece’s ass- all of these things worked together to send him quickly careening into his climax.

With a loud groan he gave her clit a hard pinch, causing her to scream in the same instant that he slammed into her, releasing the first jet of his hot cum deep into her bowels. As she screamed her realized that she was as well cumming, the heat from his seed sending her over the edge- along with the slightly more aggressive than needed pinch. As they both came down he collapsed on top of her as she leaned over the sink. It took only a moment for them to catch their breath and then they returned to the shower, again taking turns in scrubbing each other. And, like the naughty little niece she was, Jamie happily scrubbed her uncle’s cock before falling to her knees and milking one more delicious load from it before they started their daily tasks.


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