Taking His Daughter

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All characters are over eighteen and clearly written to be so, as in all of my stories.


“You look stunning…”

Ivy groaned, her back arching, her father’s nose questing between the cream of her breasts. She could have been the spitting image of him if not for her skunk-like tail and the slash of brunette hair atop her head, taking on her mother’s traits where his demonic influence could not dominate her genes completely and utterly. How he had come to be with her mother, all those years ago, was another question entirely, but she lusted and yearned for him, growling even as heat rushed to her cheeks.

Her tentacles matched her father’s, however, though she only had two instead of four, Ivy a hybrid of a skunk and a demon-cougar, embodying the best of both parents – at least in her opinion. But on her parents’ bed was the best place to fuck while her mom was out, even if it was something that Holly knew that her adult daughter engaged in. It was hard, after all, to restrain and tame a demon of lust like Ropes, so it was not right to ask him to be anything other than who he was.

Maybe mom will join me again next time…

Her father kissed her fiercely, tongues tangling, her hips rocking up to him. It was as if he knew exactly what she wanted from him, cock probing and questing for entrance. It brushed up in its uncut form to the soft pink of her folds and she growled fiercely into his muzzle, taking him deep, her hips pushing up urgently to meet his. For there was only one, so far, that could satisfy the lust of a demon, a half-demon, inside her, needing him as much as she had ever needed anyone ever. That was just why she kept returning to her parents’ home after moving out, yowling out his name even as her tail flicked up even higher against her back.

Ropes’ pale eyes gleamed as he pounded her, not caring to go softly and sweetly when it was the rough, crude, long strokes that his daughter craved the most. He knew what his darling daughter needed and he was there to give it to her, rocking and pounding into her body as if he was there to give her something far more carnally rough than even he was. He was only there to give her what she wanted, drinking in her lust, which was even more powerful than his own, though he didn’t feel quite as sated with her as he did her mother, Holly.

Maybe there was reasoning behind that…but it would take a lot more for the cougar to care when he was balls-deep in his daughter.

“Come on, dad,” Ivy bostancı escort bayan grunted, eyes alight with need, wicked glee flickering in the back. “Fuck me harder… I thought you could actually please a femfur?”

It was a tease and a mean one at that, though his claws digging into her shoulder gave her everything she needed. He snarled above her, showing a flash of white teeth, and she cried out his name in turn as her pussy clenched around him. Ivy could not hold back her orgasm and neither did she want to as pleasure coursed through her, driving and pounding, the slam of his barbed cock sending her into spirals of pleasure. Those barbs were just the right size to please her fully, raking through her pussy without causing any pain, though she did wonder, at times, if they set her off like a feline too to ovulate, as was expected of those of the feline persuasion.

He withdrew with a smirk, earning himself a yowl and a flip of the hybrid’s tail as he rolled her over, letting her bend over the edge of the bed with her hind paws flat on the ground. Her buttocks rolled up to meet his rampant thrusts as he took her deep and hard, grunting thickly as he powered into her again and again. His cock belonged deep inside her, the demon’s tentacles writhing and twisting, tangling with her own as they were bound together until the ultimate release.

Ivy had no words for her father, not then, not with his cock ploughing into her so hard. He was bare, that much she knew, but she didn’t have the will in her to tell him to put a condom on, growling deep in the back of her throat. All she wanted to do was to fuck and to be fucked, her need rising more and more with every rampant stroke of his cock.

“Yes… Yes, dad!”

She howled as orgasm took her, the small whiskers on her face quivering, tail lashing back against his stomach and chest, batting at him. Yet Ropes did not slow in his driving, powerful thrusts, slamming her hips into the bed with every stroke, mattress squeaking beneath the force of their passion. He may have been a demon of lust but his climax too was important, the taste of it as intoxicating as his favourite liquor – not that it was easy, of course, for a demon like him to get drunk. But he did so wonder whether his daughter was similarly inclined in the ways of feasting on the lust of pure mortals, growling as he leaned over her, his back rounded and eyes glowing with fierce intensity.

He rode her out through her climax, a paw pinning her shoulders, though it was not as if her tentacles would allow him to pull back at all anyway. Ropes snarled, showing his teeth, the cougar’s dark lips pulling back, but he lusted too terribly for her, cock hammering deep. Orgasm rose with the speed of a striking snake, his balls bouncing off her pussy ümraniye escort with every stroke, yet he could not and would not hold off, his head thrown back fiercely as his climax ripped through him.

And Ivy was there to feel every last drop of his cum pouring into her, her own climaxes rolling on and on. She couldn’t tell where one ended and another began, too caught up in her lust and passion to care, crying out her father’s name. Oh, how she needed him, the cougar-stud who was so very easy to goad into fucking her more roughly than ever. Maybe she should have just told him what she liked instead of teasing him to get to that point but, oh, it was too much fun to do so and, really, wasn’t that Ropes’ fault? If he didn’t make it so amusing to do so, maybe she wouldn’t have amused herself with him so much, though the cougar-skunk would never find out.

All that she cared about was the feel of his cock pumping and throbbing inside her, spilling load after load of cum. Dimly she was aware that he had started thrusting again and yet all she felt was the pound of his shaft, how he fit her so perfectly. Her tentacles tangled with his, drawing him down even closer, his paw heavy on the back of her shoulder again, pinning her down right where she wanted to be. It was not as if, of course, he had to hold her there and Ivy was sure she could have turned the tables at any point too, as erotic as it was in the present moment. Maybe that was all she needed, a delicious nip of a kind of power play that she lusted for. She was young still, in her early twenties, yet she craved experimentation with an older partner and, well, there was no one more experienced around than her dear own father.

Ropes snarled, powering into her as his tail lashed the air. He needed her, even after cumming once, his balls aching to spill yet another load, his passion high. There was not, as yet, enough lust in her for him to feed on in a truly demonic fashion, though he had to keep going, had to keep fucking her, drinking down all that he was given with evident enjoyment all the same. His whiskers quivered as her pussy tightened around him, his daughter trying to please him more, trying to get him to lose control, but what Ivy knew already was that he had had hundreds of years to hone his level of control.

Everything Ropes did was deliberate.

And that could come in gentleness and sweetness too, using his tentacles to trap her arms before her body, Ivy gasping as his paws roamed her body.

“I think you’ve been a bad girl for daddy…”

Ivy shivered and moaned, hips arching back.

“Mmm… Maybe.”

Something new? Well, she could only explore where it went. But what she did not expect was for his cock to slide out and present itself to the bud of her tail hole, pressing in escort kartal gentle, so gently that she could not help but relax around him, allowing him in. She moaned out loud, head spinning with delirious delight, yet she could not and would not stop him, allowing his slick length deep with only minimal resistance.

He did not fuck her as she wanted him to, however, his shaft sliding softly back and forth. She growled, frustrated: it wasn’t as if it was her very first time and he had to be gentle with her! But that was just how Ropes demonstrated a cheeky bit of control, getting her back in true fashion for the taunts and teases that she had thrown his way, his darling but cocky daughter who, sometimes, needed taking down a peg or two.

No matter how much she whined and murmured and begged, he didn’t give her the savage thrusts her heart yearned for. A tentacle stuffed her maw and she sucked on that instead, moaning helplessly around him as her hips tried to rock back against and again. Ropes had Ivy just where he wanted her, rolling his hips slowly and sensually, drinking in her sexual frustration as much as her lust as her need built and built.

“Easy there, darling,” he murmured, licking his lips. “All in good time.”

For it would come with a slower and sweeter build-up, showing her another way in eroticism. It didn’t have to be brutal to be savoured as he pumped her slowly and surely, the barbs on his cock stimulating her in a way that rougher thrusts simply would not have allowed. Sometimes, one had to take their time and she would learn that too as two tentacles of his wormed into her pussy, stretching her out softly, giving her that sensation of being doubly full while she growled and moaned out loud, however muffled her cries were by his thick length of tentacle.

Pleasure exploded and Ivy knew nothing else, hips working, pumping, seeing and knowing nothing more, nothing else. Nothing else at all… All she understood was the rippling throb of ecstasy as it poured over her again and again, the trickle of seed oozing out of her tail hole as her father filled her yet again. He was there for her, everything she needed, holding her tight in a moment of such pounding ecstasy that she may have spun out of control otherwise. His cock filled her perfectly even as climax took him to the land of ecstasy and fulfilment all over again, driving in repeatedly to take her and claim her, even though that was already something that went without saying.

“Mmm… Isn’t this better?”

Of course, it was the control, the tease and the play between them that was “better” even if it was not, per se, rougher in any way. Blinking through a daze of lust, Ivy nodded, slumping to the bed with a low groan in her throat.


He may have chuckled but he held her fast all the same, lapping the back of her neck, playing and teasing ever so lightly. She was his and always would be, but, oh, his daughter had so very much left to learn.

The door opened. The demon’s eyes glinted.

Both he and Holly would teach her well.

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