Tales of the Sexual Healers Ch. 08.5

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I stood in shock as Faun’s verdant eyes locked into mine. With a gasp he ran towards me, crying out, “Mother!” and flung his arms around my neck. I staggered with the sheer physical force of him. To my surprise, his manhood sprung forth and stirred against the entrance to my womb as he cupped my head and kissed me passionately. Ahh, the sweet taste of his honeyed breath and tongue gave me an erotic shiver. I let out a soft moan as his full and well-developed lips gave me an instant orgasm. My beautiful flower immediately filled with blood and drops of dew formed on my nether lips. I caught my breath as spasms overtook me and the townspeople stared.

My son led me to a local café and we talked and talked. He spoke of Michelangelo, who had taken him under his wing as an apprentice. They were lovers. Faun spoke lovingly of the artist, recounting many nights he had knelt and served at the Master’s feet. He was his sexual slave, sometimes receiving Michelangelo’s spendings into his magnificent rectum, sometimes fellating the painter’s penis to madness. He said some nights bostancı escort bayan the floors ran with semen and was smeared into the paint like a benediction. His eyes never left mine as he told me of his life since I had left home. I felt the chemistry and strong Magick between us.

He took me by my shaking hand and led me to his bed chamber. The hearty smell and aura of his Sex Magick was strong in the air. The air fairly sparkled between us as we quickly shed our clothes. We faced the East and raised our arms to the Lord and Lady as we praised the Divine Union. “I come to Thee, my Lord and Consort,” I intoned, “Ye were born of my womb from the sacred seed of Pan. I kneel before Thee now to receive the lust of thy loins”

“Mother,” Faun’s voice reverberated in the air, “You gave birth to a Deity who has been blessed by the Gods. Let me enter the Cauldron and know True Ecstasy, to be born and re-born again, until the End of Time.”

We gazed in wonder as the Holy Grail appeared in front of us. We drank from the Water of Life and felt ümraniye escort the presence of the Horned God and the Goddess fill us. My limbs became heavy and I fell on the bed and felt him part my legs. Slowly and softly, Faun began to kiss my vagina, which was glowing with its characteristic pink glow. Groans of pure animal lust poured from his mouth as he licked my clitoris and sucked it into his hot mouth. He put his paint-splattered large finger inside of my cunt and quickly, rhythmically rubbed the inside of my vaginal walls, making my God-spot quiver and swell to impossible proportions. I was wailing and chanting ancient words of Love and I climaxed over and over into his wet and willing mouth. He fondled my breasts and sucked at them as if hoping I could nurse him again. He was insatiable for my body, he lifted me up from the bed and put me about his waist and carried me outside to a beautiful field of Flora and Fauna.

The lush surroundings of beautiful trees and flowers surrounded us as we heard the Faeries singing to us. I knelt before my Lord and escort kartal took his hot throbbing perfectly shaped manhood into my longing mouth. I began to lick and suck his engorged Staff of Life as he raised his arms to Father Sky. A bed of beautiful flowers and animal skins fluttered gently in the breeze as the Isis sent a sparkling Rainbow that shone upon our Love-spot. Wood-nymphs peeked shyly from the rustling trees; Sylphs whispered in our ears. Camenae, or water spirits frolicked in the bubbling brook as a salamander walked by.

My son gently lowered his beautiful muscular frame onto my lush body and gently entered me. I felt a burst of love from my Heart Chakra as lights exploded behind my eyelids. The longing for home was gone. THIS was home, this communion of twin souls. I met him thrust for thrust with abandon as he caressed and made love to my body and mind and soul. As he alternately fed me his cock and guided me in the Ancient Dance, I uttered the words, “I am the Chalice” as he murmured back that he was the Sword. I felt the heat of the God inside of me and hot splashes upon my Womb as he bellowed deep in his throat and deposited his copious seed into my pussy. We were One.

When I awoke under the Beltane Moon, he had quietly slipped away in the night. But I knew I would never be alone again.


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