Taming My Twin Stepdaughters Ch. 04

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Despite the time of year, Sunday was shaping up to be a scorcher. It seemed we were being struck by one of those freak autumn heat waves that only occur once in a blue moon. It was so warm and sunny it felt as if we were in mid-summer.

Someone suggested that it would be a perfect day for the girls to wash the cars, giving the vehicles a nice wax job before the serious winter weather arrived.

A few minutes later, Jenna and Evie appeared before Mary and me in matching jet black, skimpy, preposterously designed swimsuits.

I was taken aback. Who the hell had designed these things? Had Mary approved of their purchase?

The one-piece suits had an insanely high cut at the crotch, going far beyond the sort of swimsuit whose vee rises up to the hips or even the waist. Instead, the vee of the crotch went all the way up nearly to the armpits. The low-cut collar displayed the girls’ massive breasts in a breathtaking display of cleavage. And in the middle of the chest was a zipper that seemed to invite a person to unzip the swimsuit from the front. Though I’d seen similar outfits in things like Sports Illustrated, I couldn’t imagine encountering one in real life: I mean, having a zipper like that, especially for such well-endowed girls like Jenna and Evie, seemed like an invitation to what we euphemistically call a “wardrobe malfunction”. One incorrect jostle and the zipper would undo itself.

Where do people even buy things like this?

The sight of the twin teens, one a sultry black haired beauty and the other a sunny blonde, both with piercing gray eyes, was incredible. My eyes darted from one buxom teen to the other, looking first at the incredible valley of titflesh on display, then back up to their gorgeous faces, then down at the plunging vee of the black swimsuits that was like an arrow pointing to their pussies.

I felt that to keep my credibility with Mary I had to say something.

“Uh, Mary,” I began tentatively, “where did these swimsuits come from?”

“Jenna picked them out when we were in New York,” Mary said brightly, as if she were talking about an ordinary summer frock. “I thought they were a little . . . well, you know . . . but she seemed to have her heart set on it. So I bought one for each girl. We can’t play favorites, can we?”

For the millionth time – no, make that the ten millionth time – I thought again that my wife must be from another planet. Who would allow their teenage daughters to wear such outfits, especially daughters whose busts were as huge as these girls’?

Jenna and Evie saw my look of incredulity. They exchanged smirks and then looked back at me, smiling.

I shook my head in disbelief at the situation, then said tentatively, “I’m a little concerned about the zippers. How secure are they?”

“Oh Daddy, it’s not a problem,” said Evie, with a characteristically innocent lilt to her voice. Her light grey eyes were so gorgeous, and combined with her bright blonde hair she looked like a sunny day personified. A sunny day with huge tits, that is. When she pulled her “I’m-so-innocent” routine, I felt like I could dive into her eyes and be lost in them. “See?” she continued, “There’s a little hook on the inside of the suit that would have to be unclasped before the zipper can be undone.” She then demonstrated by unhooking the hidden clasp, suddenly unveiling several more inches of cleavage.

My mouth dropped open. The view was incredible. I felt like I could plunge into a valley of delicious cleavage and never want to climb out.

“But look, Daddy,” continued Jenna. “The suit has a failsafe second clasp lower down, just in case the first one comes undone or you decide to wear the suit a little looser. The second clasp prevents the zipper from coming all the way undone – like this!” Jenna deftly unhooked a second hidden clasp, then pulled the zipper all the way down.

The swimsuit was transformed. With the zipper undone down to the crotch, the stretchy fabric shrank to little more than two strips, and the black one-piece morphed into a gigantic thong, whose suspenders reached from the vee covering Jenna’s pussy all the way up to a halter top tied around her neck. In between, the suspenders stretched over my stepdaughter’s humongous breasts, barely covering her areolas. The “suit”, if you could even call it that anymore, was stretched so taut over her prominent breasts that it stretched outward away from her body entirely in the space between Jenna’s crotch and her huge, jutting tits.

Jenna smiled at me. “Do you like it, Daddy?” she asked. Without waiting for a reply, she turned to her sister and said, “Let’s show him the back, Evie.”

The two girls turned in unison, showing me that in the back, the swimsuits were nothing but gigantic thongs, with a single strip of cloth coming out of their crotches and rising all the way up to their upper backs, where the fabric branched into two strips that went on either side of the girls’ necks. Around escort bostancı the side, under the armpits, were small strips that connected the halter of the back to the sexy suspenders in front.

Their bare asses were on magnificent display.

I felt an almost overwhelming urge to reach out and start fondling both girls, despite the fact that my wife was standing next to me. To contain myself, I put one arm around Mary’s shoulder and drew her next to me. I put my other, slightly trembling hand on Mary’s stomach and rubbed her tummy as a way of beating back the urge to grab both of the little vixens and bury my face in the incredible titflesh that they were displaying for me. “It’s certainly unexpected,” I managed to stammer.

“I realize it’s a little risque,” said Mary, in a massive understatement. “But Jenna promised me she and her sister would only wear it around the house.”

“It’s only for you, Daddy,” Evie said brightly, as she unzipped the lower part of her suit so that it now matched the extreme exposure of her sister’s outfit. Then she bent her head down and, under the guise of adjusting the straps, began hefting and massaging her breasts. While she had her head bent toward her breast, she looked up at me coyly and pinched one of her nipples when she was sure she’d caught my eye. She smiled at me with an expression that would have been appropriate for a ten year old proudly displaying her latest fingerpainting creation. But such an innocent-seeming smile was bizarrely out of place for a nineteen year old girl cupping and showing off her 32F tits.

“Only for you,” she repeated, smiling and biting her lower lip. She hefted her breasts up and down as if she were giving them to me.

I looked back at my wife, staring into her eyes. I was dumbfounded. Mary seemed completely oblivious to what was going on two feet in front of her. Was her eyesight really that bad when she wasn’t wearing contacts, or could she possibly be this clueless?

Jenna grabbed the car keys from the counter top. Quickly zipping the swimsuits back up, both girls dashed out to the street to move the cars into the long driveway that wrapped around our house and led to the back yard where they would wash the cars.

I watched through the living room window. When they got to the sidewalk, they encountered a couple of men who were walking their dogs together. Both girls stopped and chatted with the two men for a moment.

The men seemed to struggle to maintain eye contact with the two teens, but I could see that each man was drawn to ogle the girls’ incredible bodies. After all, it was like hitting a fantasy jackpot: two busty twin teenagers, identical except for the color of their hair – same beautiful lips, same gorgeous grey eyes, same incredible legs, same round asses, same huge tits. And all of that packaged in matching sexy black swimsuits that were practically emblazoned with a logo saying, “Unzip Me! Fuck Me!”

Evie crouched down to ground level to pet the dogs, and I watched one of the men stare down at Evie’s nearly bare thong-clad ass as she squatted in front of him, her head at his crotch’s level as she played with his dog.

Jenna giggled as she spoke to both men. Then, evidently in response to a compliment about her bathing suit, she pirouetted, displaying the incredible cleavage in the front coupled with her bare ass viewed from behind. When she twirled back around to face one of the men, she looked down at her own cleavage and giggled embarrassedly. Obviously, I thought to myself, she had ignored all that nonsense about zipper safety, and had deliberately refrained from fastening the safety clasps. I watched as Jenna smiled at the man, then tugged the zipper up and down a few times, clearly teasing that he might get an even better view while supposedly merely testing the zipper to make sure it was working. Then she smirked and shrugged her shoulders in a “Show’s over, boys” gesture. She zipped the suit back up. When she gave him one of her typical evil smiles, he grinned back at her.

The man put his hand gently on Jenna’s arm and said something to her. Jenna nodded, and the man eagerly pulled out a pen and paper and wrote something on it, evidently his phone number.

The other man continued to stare downward at Evie while she crouched at the man’s feet nuzzling his dog,. With her face at crotch level, Evie looked up at the man and grinned happily as both dogs began pawing at her chest and lapping at her face. The man licked his lips hungrily, obviously wishing he could take the dogs’ place licking her luscious young body. Then one of the dogs’ paws brushed against Evie’s zipper and the suit gave way, exposing the middle of Evie’s torso down to the middle of her chest. Evie laughed as the dogs continued to paw at her, pulling the zipper down even further. The swimsuit was almost ready to shift over to full thong mode.

The man reached his hand down and caressed the top of ümraniye escort Evie’s blonde head. There was something in his gesture that made me think a part of him wanted to push Evie’s face into his waiting crotch.

But Evie simply looked up at him as if she couldn’t read his desires. She smiled upward while he stared down at her nearly exposed breasts. Then, Evie casually rose up to her full height, zipped the zipper back up and laughed as if her exposure were nothing but a funny joke.

The guy’s eyes were practically bugging out of his head.

Mary, standing next to me at the window, smiled. “Isn’t that nice!” she said. “I’m so glad the girls are starting to make friends in the neighborhood!”

I turned and looked at my wife as if she was out of her mind.

As for me, I was practically livid. Those swimsuits are for ME! I wanted to scream. No one but ME should be allowed to see them! Who are these scumbags talking to my girls? Those little bitches need to come back inside and stay with their Daddy!

Naturally, I had the good sense not to say any of those things. Mary and I continued to watch as Evie and Jenna said their goodbyes and moved toward the cars. As they walked away, the men obviously spoke back and forth about the girls. Several times before they reached the street corner, one or both of them turned and looked back at my stepdaughters. Jenna and Evie smiled and waved.

Once the men had turned the corner and were out of sight, Jenna laughed and crumpled up the small piece of paper the man had given her. She threw the crumpled wad in the gutter. Despite the fact that I was glad she wasn’t going to see the guy again, I couldn’t help but shake my head at her actions. The little prick tease.

The two girls drove the cars down the driveway and into our back yard.

Mary and I moved into the living room, where a big picture window gave a full view of the back yard. To protect against glare and to save energy during the summer time, the windows had been treated with a reflective coating which reduced the sunlight coming in and prevented anyone outside from seeing the house interior. Now that meant that Mary and I could see the twins, but they would be oblivious to what we were doing inside.

“What do you say to a couple of drinks?” said Mary. “With this warm weather, I’d like a gin and tonic.”

“I don’t know, Mary,” I answered. “I’m a little worried about the combination of alcohol with your medication. Remember how even one glass of bourbon affected you a couple of weeks ago?”

Mary laughed. “That was a pretty wild experience,” she said. “I loved the way you got into our role play that night – I was so dazed and suggestible that when we were fantasizing about Jenna, I felt like she was right there in the room with us!”

In fact, Jenna WAS right there in the room with us. But Mary accidentally got so doped up that evening on the combination of a single drink of alcohol combined with her medication that it was as if I had pumped her full of drugs. “It was like you were hypnotized,” I said. I gave a small, nervous laugh.

Mary laughed. “Yeah! So let’s do it again!” She went to the kitchen, pulled out the gin and limes, and started opening a couple of small bottles of tonic water.

“Are you crazy?” I asked. As much fun as that accidental episode was, I didn’t like the idea of deliberately drugging my wife.

“Oh, come on, Danny. It’s just the two of us. It was kind of fun letting go like that, and anyway I trust you completely. Besides, I’m not taking such high doses of medication anymore, so I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

She handed me a glass and took a long sip from her own drink. We settled down on the couch looking out over the back yard.

Outside, the girls were gathering buckets, sponges and a couple of hoses. Evie set up a mini-speaker and through the glass, I could faintly hear a driving trance beat playing while they began to wash the cars.

Mary finished her drink before I’d even taken more than a couple of sips of mine. “So refreshing on such a hot day!” she said.

“Hey, watch it!” I said. “Remember last time?” I was trying – I swear to god I was trying – to be responsible.

“Actually, Danny, I barely remember it.” She giggled. “I just remember enjoying myself. A lot.”

“You really don’t remember what happened after you took that drink?”

She shrugged. “It’s sort of a blur. But so what? It’s not as if anything bad happened. It’s just another temporary side effect of the meds.”

I shook my head in wonderment. The last time Mary had taken a single drink of alcohol while on this medication regime, she’d drifted into a sexy, suggestible state. And now it seemed that her trust in me was so absolute that she didn’t mind going there again.

In the yard beyond our picture window, Jenna and Evie began sudsing up the cars – and themselves. Jenna in particular seemed to be squeezing more sudsy kartal escort bayan water over her ample breasts than she was on the car. After a couple of minutes of Jenna’s display, Evie looked at her sister, then looked over at the opaque picture window, then back at her sister.

Finally Evie put two and two together. She started squeezing suds all over her own body as well. The girls began to compete to see who could put on the best show while seeming to clean the cars.

Mary, as usual, was oblivious to what was developing outside. At one point, a minute or so after she rapidly finished her drink, I noticed what seemed like a wave of dizziness come over her. “Oh, god. It’s just like before!” she said. “The alcohol is interacting with all my hormone supplements!”

“Are you sure you’re alright?” I asked.

“Sure. In fact, I feel energized! Look at the girls outside. Don’t you think it’d be fun to join them?”

“Washing the cars?”

“Do they look like they’re washing the cars?”

I turned and looked. Outside, Jenna was pointing the hose at her sister, who was giggling and squirming under the spray. Her tits were jiggling like crazy under the inadequate swimsuit. In response, Evie grabbed her own hose and started chasing Jenna around the yard. Watching Jenna’s ass as she ran was like watching a symphony of sexiness.

“You want to join them?” I asked.

“Sure. Why not?”

“Well, we’d better change into some clothes that we don’t mind getting wet.”

Mary walked toward our bedroom to find her swimsuit, and as I followed her I noted how unsteady she seemed on her feet. Just as before, her heavy medications, mixed with vitamins and hormones, was magnifying the effect of the alcohol.

Once in our bedroom, I quickly rifled through my drawers, grabbing every pair of shorts I could find. After stuffing them in a dirty clothes hamper, I pulled out a skimpy pair of boxer underwear. “It looks like this is the only thing I can wear,” I announced as Mary came back dressed in a bikini. As she walked across the bedroom, Mary staggered under the combined effect of the alcohol, hormonal supplements and other medications.

Mary looked down at the boxers, whose lower hem was barely below the lower tip of my slowly engorging cock. She giggled, partly, I think, at her own drunken clumsiness and partly at the sight of my barely hidden cock. She didn’t say anything as I took her hand to steady her and started toward the door to the back yard.

When we exited the house I was surprised by how much louder the music was coming from the sound system Jenna and Evie had set up. They’d programmed the music to be a mix of trance music with a heavy beat. Jenna’s and Evie’s faces both turned toward us when we emerged from the house. Or rather, I should say they turned toward ME.

“Look, Evie!” cried Jenna, her eyes riveted on my thin, short boxers, boxers from which a long and lengthening cock was beginning to emerge. “It’s Horsecock! Horsecock’s coming out to play!”

The girls pointed both their hoses and Mary and me, and within seconds we were as soaked as Jenna and Evie already were. The three girls were wearing swimsuits that were meant to be worn wet, but my boxers were simply light cotton underwear. When they got wet, they clung to my skin and made my growing erection even more apparent.

“You little vixens!” I yelled in mock anger. “How dare you get your mother and me all wet!”

The girls and their mother all laughed. “If you want us to stop, you’ll have to catch us!” cried Evie. She sprayed her hose directly at me, prancing just outside my reach. “C’mon, Daddy! Make me stop!”

Mary went over to the water spigot and hooked up a third hose. Now all three women were running circles around me, spraying me with water. My flimsy boxers clung to my skin, revealing the complete outline of my throbbing erection. An inch or two of my cock was visible sticking out of the bottom hem of the briefs.

I have to say at this point that Mary’s eyesight was less than it used to be. After the first couple of weeks of intense doses of hormones and nutritional supplements, the doctor had eased up on Mary’s medications. As the dosage, lowered, so had the side effects. There were no more spells of near blindness after taking the meds.

What remained, however, was an extreme sensitivity to bright light, and Mary’s eyesight had degraded. The doctor assured us that this, too, was temporary, and in the meantime Mary would have to wear hard contact lenses in order to maintain normal vision. Mary complained that the contacts irritated her eyes, so she always took them off as soon as she came home from work each evening. Around the house, she said, she was willing to get by with blurry vision for a few weeks if it meant that her eyes didn’t ache so much. And whenever she was outside, she wore dark glasses.

So now we were outside, with Mary wearing dark glasses and no hard contact lenses. Her eyesight was blurry. She could see the general shapes all around her, but her vision lacked a lot of detail. She could see me, for example, but was unable to detect the outline of my rampant erection sticking mostly out of the end of my briefs.

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