That Damn Red Dress

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Author’s Note: Welcome to my Valentine’s Day contest story. I figure V-day stands for sweet clichés and Hallmark moments. So of course, I say, who says it has to be that way? A couple of disclaimers on this story. First, like much of my work, I tell a story, and there is a build up before the taboo encounter we read these stories for. Second and more importantly, be warned. This is not your typical incest tale of hot, taboo lust. This story is more about love and sacrifice than lust. It may not be for everyone. Having said that, I hope you choose to read on. LC68


“Happy early Valentine’s Day, Nicole.”

I opened my eyes to see Josh placing a small, red box in my outstretched hand.

“Thank you!” I exclaimed.

I opened it and smiled at the heart-shaped ruby earrings.

“They’re beautiful!” Immediately removing the plain, silver hoops I had in my ears, I eagerly replaced them with the hearts.

“So are you.” he said, watching me with a big smile. Leaning over, he gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Smooth,” I laughed, “but don’t worry, you were already going to get some tonight, and that was before this!”

“I’m hurt.” He put his hand over his heart. “You think I am only looking to get laid?”

“Nah, I’m sure you want head too,” I giggled.

“You got me,” he sighed.

“Well, you’ll get whatever you want.” I put the hoops in the box and placed it on the nightstand. “You sure your dumb roommate isn’t coming home early?”

“He’s working until midnight, and besides, it’s my room, and the doors locked.”

“Yeah, but I think he listens.”

“Close as he gets.” Josh rolled his eyes.

I nodded and let myself relax.

“Josh thanks again for doing this a couple of days early. I…I don’t want to leave my dad alone on Valentine’s Day and…”

“I know, and you know I’ll help any way you need me to. The only thing I asked for was you not to bring it up tonight. I want tonight to be for us.”

“I’m sorry.”

I looked down at the red robe I was wearing and tried to think happy thoughts, like what was under the robe. I had come to Josh’s right from my shift at Barnes and Noble. While he waited patiently on the bed, I showered and donned my naughty new Valentine’s lingerie. I planned on spending the whole night this time. My father was going to a Providence Bruins game with Uncle Rob and I didn’t anticipate any drama as Josh had correctly called it.

I looked up, and catching sight of us in the mirror over his bureau, I told myself to just let go and enjoy. Josh was looking good. His blond hair was styled with a little gel in it, and although I knew he hated that look, I loved it. He was dressed only in jeans, and his efforts at the gym the last few months were really beginning to show off. My eyes fell to his crotch, and I could tell two things. One, he wasn’t wearing any underwear, and two, that he was pretty damn happy to see me.

My nipples told me they were enjoying what they were seeing as they stiffened beneath my robe. I took a brief glance at myself and quickly regretted it. Since mom passed, it seemed half the time when I looked at myself, I saw her. I took after her to the point that we really did look more like sisters. I had the same long, straight, black hair, big, brown doe-eyes and porcelain skin tone. Even our body type was identical. We were both tall and slender and, much to my chagrin when I was in my teens, I had inherited her small breasts.

But I had also taken after her in the leg department. My legs seemed to go on forever, as one of the older guys at work had told me, and they were well shaped from the dance lessons I’d taken from mom at her studio. Mom had convinced me that smaller tits were an advantage because they would take much longer to sag and, when I got older and we talked real girl talk, she added that they were more sensitive.

Right now I definitely saw mom looking back at me. Looking at Josh, I imagined him as my father. I envisioned them as the young couple they were when they had met back in their freshman year of college. In fact they had met on Valentine’s Day at a college party. They had both come with a date, and after sharing a dance, left together and never looked…

“Hey, you doing the ‘mirror, mirror on the wall’ routine?”

“Oh, sorry.” I turned and smiled at him. “I was just looking at us.”

“You do make us a cute couple.” He grinned.

“You do okay.” I kissed him softly, then stood up and turned so I was in front of him.

Untying my robe I said, “Now you close your eyes.”

“Yes ma’am.” Josh closed his eyes, and the smile of anticipation on his face helped pulled me from the melancholy trail of thought I was heading down.

I pulled the robe open and let it fall to the floor. Beneath was the red lingerie set I had bought for tonight. Like I saw myself, it was plain, but cute. The top was a red-lace vest that was held together by the strings that I had tied into a bow instead of lacing them so it could be removed with one pull of the string.

The escort kartal vest only covered half my top, leaving my stomach bare. The bottom was a matching thong, tied at the hips with a heart shaped patch of lace between my thighs.


He opened his eyes, and I raised my arms up, taking my long wet hair and lifting it over my head.

“Ta-da!” I exclaimed. “You like your gift?”

“Wow.” Josh nodded approvingly. “Nicole, you look amazing.”

“Yeah?” I gave a quick spin to show off my ass, “Not bad for a skinny girl with little titties?”

Josh rolled his eyes, and I laughed. Just before he asked me out, one of my girlfriends had told me that was how he had described me to his best friend.

“I happen to love skinny girls and little titties,” he said. “It was a compliment.”

“Sure it was.” I sighed dramatically. “Well I think you should prove how much you like me.”

“Oh, I will.” Pulling me close, he began kissing my stomach. “I plan on showing you just how much you mean to me.”

That was an odd remark, but at the moment all I cared about was how good his arms felt around my waist and the way he began teasing his tongue along the top of the thong. He gave my ass a squeeze, and I began running my hands up and down his strong back. My entire body relaxed, and as his hands slid up my stomach to cup my breasts through the lace, I released a contented sigh; tonight was really going to be a good night.

Josh’s lips worked their way up my stomach until he reached my chest. After giving each of my now-aching nipples a lingering kiss through the top, he took the string between his teeth and, pulling his head back, untied the knot. The top fell off to the sides exposing my small, but perfectly round, perky tits. Josh stared at them with a look of desire that sent a wave of heat to flow between my legs.

“I do love them.” He started swirling the tip of his tongue across my left nipple, and with a moan, I grabbed the back of his head and shoved my chest into his face.

He laughed then sucked almost my entire tit into his mouth. I closed my eyes and ran my fingers through his hair, my hips rocking as he switched to the other nipple while rubbing my pussy through the thong.

“Hmm, feels like this is my gift too,” I purred when he slipped his fingers into the thong and through my soft, wet lips.

“You’re my gift.” he whispered and, putting his arm around my neck, pulled my head down to kiss me.

I moaned as our lips parted and our tongues met. His fingers were gently exploring the folds of my pussy, and he was still teasing my nipple. Oh, I so needed this night! More so I needed to start making sure we had more of them. I gasped when his finger eased inside me, and my hips started grinding. His thumb found my throbbing clit, and I moaned even louder. I swore if I let him continue, I would cum right there in front of him in less than a minute. I wanted to, but Josh had been so patient the last few months and was being so good to me, I wanted to take care of him first.

I stepped back from him, groaning as his finger slipped from inside me.

“What’s the matter?” he asked nervously.

I couldn’t blame him. The last couple of nights we had tried to spend together had been cut short, and half the time he had to deal with me being upset. But not this time.

“Nothing at all; I just think that since I got beautiful earrings I should say thank you before you give me a reason to say thanks again!”

I quickly dropped to my knees and unsnapping his jeans, pulled his zipper down.

“I…I like how you think.” He moaned as I reached in and grabbed his cock.

“Ohh, another present,” I cooed when I freed him from his jeans.

Josh moaned when I began pumping his hard cock, and I smiled at the sound. I licked my lips at the sight of my slender fingers wrapped around his shaft and kissed the dripping tip. I drew back, taking a thin trail of pre cum with me and made show of licking my lips, playing with the sticky fluid.

“Someone’s a bad girl tonight.” He breathed as I started jerking him off faster.

“No, just thanking a good boy.” I told him with a big smile.

“I like seeing you smile.”

“Really?” I winked. “You’d rather see me smile than see this?”

His reply turned into a long sigh of pleasure when I took his cock deep into my mouth. I wrapped my lips tightly around his shaft and bobbed my head slowly.

“Damn,” he moaned, “That Nickleback song is right; you do look cuter with something in your mouth.”

I paused and giggled around his cock. Grabbing his jeans, I tugged them to the floor while still gently sucking on him, thinking there was something to be said for a guy that could make you laugh during a blow job. There was a lot to be said for Josh, and his humor was only a small part of it. Good looking, attentive, and most of all, sweet and understanding, he was by far the best person I had ever been with, and the one I considered my first true boyfriend.

Because maltepe escort of that I wanted to be damn good to him tonight, and sucking him as deep into my mouth as I could, I started moving my head faster. I cupped his balls and started rubbing them. Wrapping my fingers around the base of his shaft, I jerked him off as I continued to blow him.

“Oh fuck, Nicole!” he groaned, beginning to run his fingers through my hair. “That feels damn good!”

Wanting to add to his pleasure, I fixed my big, brown eyes on his and looked him in the eye while working his cock down to the base. I shook my head back and forth, letting my tongue work back and forth across his shaft, and he moaned in appreciation. I slurped back up to the tip, took a deep breath and started blowing him for all I was worth. I bobbed my head rapidly, sucking him faster than I ever had before, and his thighs began trembling while he moaned my name over and over again.

His hands tightened in my wet hair, and I started rubbing his balls faster. He groaned, and I prepared myself to receive something hot and sticky in my mouth, but instead he gasped, “Stop!”

I paused with his cock still in my mouth, and he panted, “I…I don’t want to cum like this.” He grinned. “Well, not first time anyway.”

He placed his hands on my shoulders, and when I eased him from my mouth, he stood up and pulled me up with him. When we were face to face, he gave me a long, deep kiss that caused my knees to tremble. Then catching me off guard, he spun me around and pushed me onto the bed.

I laughed, and smiling down at me while kicking off his jeans, he said, “Tonight I will be a gentlemen and let the lady cum first.”

No sooner had he said it, and he was on his knees between my legs. Pulling my thong to the side, he plunged his tongue inside me. I squealed with delight as his tongue explored my wet pussy before he worked his way teasingly through my lips. I shuddered when his tongue found my clit, and with a long sigh, I let my head fall back onto the bed. Josh eased a finger inside me, and as he began slowly thrusting it into me, he sucked my clit into his mouth.

I released a long moan and cupping my tits, started stroking my nipples. Placing my feet on his shoulders, I closed my eyes and sighed as Josh’s tongue played my pussy to perfection. First he licked hard and fast to the point my back arched in anticipation of cumming, and then he slowed me down by leaving my clit and teasing through my wet lips.

I knew I was going to cum nice and hard. Speaking of nice and hard, Josh would be inside me soon, and how I looked forward to that! He began working my clit again, and thinking it couldn’t get much better than this, I began thrusting my hips, hinting at him that this time I didn’t want any teasing.

My eyes opened at the sound of my phone vibrating on the nightstand next to me.

Josh paused, and I felt his body tense between my thighs. Dad was with my uncle. I was with Josh, and anyone else could be damned.

“Ignore it,” I moaned, “You’re the only thing my mouth is going near tonight.”

Josh winked at me and resumed sucking my clit with a vengeance. I moaned, and arching my back, pushed hard on his shoulders with my feet. The phone beeped telling me I had a message, and then it immediately began vibrating again. This time Josh didn’t let up, and throwing my head back, I released a long, high-pitched squeal as a much-needed and deserved orgasm crashed through me.

Josh continued to lick as my hips bucked, grinding my wet quivering pink pussy into his face, and I could hear him moaning between my thighs as I came nice and hard for him. And damn I was cumming hard! My back cracked as I lifted it higher, and I cried out repeatedly as waves of pent-up pleasure crashed through me. When the last of the orgasm flowed through me, I let my legs fall from his shoulders and moaned, “Oh, baby, did I need that!”

Josh got onto the bed, and I forced my satisfied body to move around so that my head was on the pillow. Josh crawled up between my legs. I looked longingly at his cock pointing at my moist pussy, and putting my arms out, I said, “Come here, Valentine.”

Josh gave me an adorable, shy smile and lowered himself into my arms. I moaned when he sank into my warm, welcoming flesh at the same time he entered my embrace. Josh slid his arms beneath me and began moving in a slow rhythm. Wrapping my long legs around him, I groaned when he began kissing my neck and turned my head to give him better access. Okay, I was wrong, it could get better.

Josh was taking his time, and because I’d come so hard, I was in no hurry. We both moaned softly with each deep thrust, and although he had taken his time before, I swore it had never felt better. The phone went off again, and I felt a twinge of uneasiness, but refused to give in and answer. This was our night. I felt him tense and whispered, “Let it go, baby, I am all yours.”

“Mean that?”

“With all my heart,” I answered, ignoring the phone pendik escort bayan that was vibrating again.

“Good.” Placing his lips to my ear he said softly, “I love you, Nicole.”

Oh my God! I’d wanted to say it to him for weeks and had been afraid to. With everything going on, I hadn’t wanted to seem needy. I felt a wave of emotion flow through me, and as my eyes began to fill I whispered, “I love you too, Josh!”

“Say it again.”

Smiling so hard my cheeks started to hurt, I repeated it, “I so love you!” That came out in a moan as he began to move faster within me, and I felt his body tensing up.

Josh was breathing heavy, and I started moving my hips, meeting his thrusts.

“Nicole, you feel so good, you…”

The phone started again. As it continued, Josh’s went off on the other nightstand. I felt a stab of panic. Uncle Ron and my father both had Josh’s number and…

“Jesus Christ!” Josh snapped, and to my dismay, pulled away from me.

“No!” I cried out, “Let it go!”

“They just keep calling!”

Josh was about the most laid back guy I knew, and seeing him pissed off caused my tears of joy to change to tears of frustration. Even as I rolled over for my phone, I knew who it would be. Josh’s had stopped ringing. I heard him say, “It was your uncle Ron.”

I felt an all too familiar kick in my stomach and as I grabbed mine it started ringing again, “Uncle,” I answered. “What’s wrong?”

“Nicole. I’m so sorry. I know you had plans tonight and…”

“Is dad okay?”

“I…I’m on my way to pick him up. He’s at the police station.”

“The police!” I exclaimed. “He was supposed to be with you!”

“He blew me off, and I spent all night trying to find him.”

“Why didn’t you call me?”

“He did, twenty fucking times just now,” Josh muttered.

I looked over and frowned to see he had slipped his jeans back on and was leaning against the bureau with his arms crossed, his blue eyes dark.

“Because all you do is work and go to school and you need time with Josh.” Ron explained. “It’s important you have a life Nicole. Josh is a good kid and…”

“The police station?” I reminded him.

“I guess your dad went to the club where he and my sister used to go dancing. You know, the one she waitressed at?”

“The Strand,” I sighed and rubbed at my damp eyes.

I was watching Josh, who was deliberately avoiding my gaze. He looked angry, and I couldn’t blame him! A perfect moment ruined!

“So I guess he had a few drinks and started going on and on about where Laura was. The guys there kept telling him there was no Laura, and he got belligerent. They told him to leave, and he started carrying on, so they had to call the cops.”

“Is he okay?”

“Yeah, you know the routine; by the time they got there, he had gone from obnoxious to bawling so he went along with them. They said they didn’t want to bring him in, but they couldn’t get a hold of anyone in his phone right away.”

“I…had the ringer off. I probably missed them while I was in the shower. I’m sorry uncle. I should have…”

“No, you shouldn’t have.” That was said in unison by Josh across from me and Uncle in my ear.

“You need to try to let go a little, Nicole,” Uncle continued, “You can’t baby sit him all the time.”

“He’s my father, and I should be the one to be there.”

“Of course,” Josh said sarcastically.

“On that note, Nicole, I hate to ask, but can you meet me at your house? I’m going to bail him out, but I can’t stay with him tonight, I need to be at the ward at four A.M.; I have the first shift.”

“I…I’ll be there.” I said quietly. “Thank you, uncle.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, Nicole. Next time I’ll pick his stupid ass up at work so he can’t pull this shit.”

“He’ll find a way.” I ended the call and looked over at Josh.

I was sure my uncle could hang with dad for at least an hour or so, and taking a deep breath I said, “Hey, baby, where were we?”

“Where we were the last two times we got together. With your dad a mess, you upset and me alone.”

“My uncle doesn’t need me home this second, Josh. We can…”

“We can what, Nicole? I can fuck you, and then you can get up and leave?”

“Well, uh, we’ve had to do that…”

“We shouldn’t have had to tonight!” Josh shouted, startling me. “This was a big night, Nicole! I just told you I loved you!”

“And I love you and…”

“Then we have to stop in the middle of it so you can get caught back up in your father’s bullshit, and now I’m supposed to just hop back on?”

“You don’t have to be crude,” I said softly, feeling the tears starting to flow down my cheeks. “And my dad has a problem, and he…”

“Doesn’t want any fucking help!”

“He lost his wife!” I yelled back at him. “They were together since they were our age, and she was forty four when she died! That’s a long time, Josh, you can’t…”

“She died a year ago!” he continued shouting. “She was your mother, Nicole, and you moved on! You’re the kid, and he’s the parent, and it’s like you’re taking care of him!”

“I have too moved on!” Pissed off, I hopped off the bed, and going over to the chair in the corner, I picked up my panties and slid them on. “He took care of me my whole life.”

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