The Airport

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A woman sat in the airport’s arrival depot waiting for her daddy. This was a special day because it would be the first time she laid eyes on her daddy in years…the first time she would feel her daddy’s embrace. Mmmmmmm…she giggled to herself and kept thinking, ‘I wonder what these people would think if they knew the truth behind me and my daddy, would they be shocked if they knew how wet my tight little pussy was getting waiting and wanting my daddy to fuck me for the first time, or would they be turned on knowing that a daddy wanted to spill his baby-making seed (that same seed that made his baby girl) deep inside his daughter’s tight virginal cunny?’

She shifted in her seat and her plump, wet pussy lips grazed across her sweetly swollen clit making her grind her hips a bit in her seat. She blushed when the older man sitting across from her noticed her subtle grinding and smiled, adjusting his newspaper so he could watch her innocent sexual display. She had dressed according to her daddy’s wishes and hadn’t realized that the long winter coat covering her nakedness had parted revealing her naughty little secret, and her avid audience was treated to a view of her lusciously naked thighs almost up to her hairless mound. Her wanton display only made her imagination take flight as she closed her eyes to the onlookers around her and thought of her daddy.

‘Ooooo…what if this were a different kind of society where incest was encouraged and practiced out in the open. Mmmmm…daddy’s throughout the airport arriving pendik escort with huge hard cocks tenting their trousers and their daughters hugging, kissing, and grinding against them when they meet… What if I was sitting here (just like I am now with my eyes closed dreaming of daddy’s thick cock) and daddy snuck up on me? He would be watching me blushing and grinding my hips as I waited, and then he would become so hungry to fuck his baby girl that he would have to grab me up in his arms, making me gasp in surprise, and begin devouring me right then and there in front of all those people’.

Oh! The old man who was watching me before has now set his paper down and started rubbing his cock through his pants as he hears my daddy growl out the words “Hello my baby girl, daddy’s cock is very very hungry for your sweet cunt” and he watches daddy rip open my coat to get at my naked body.

“Oooohhhh!” Daddy’s mouth begins to suck and nibble my neck blazing a trail down to my breasts and nipples as I become weak and am forced to cling to daddy’s frame or fall over.

I breathlessly gasp “Daddy!” as he hooks his hand under my knee, pulling my thighs open. The older man remarks out loud that it is so good to see a daddy teaching his daughter how all good girls should greet their daddies after a long flight.

My daddy has pulled his trousers open and his thick hungry cock springs into view for all to see. The older man unzips, pulls his cock out, and begins to openly stroke while speaking directly to me… maltepe escort “Oooooo…you take your daddy’s cock like a good girl cause your sweet cunt was made just for your daddy’s cock…mmmmhhhhhhmmmmmmmm, and your daddy’s gonna show you just how much he loves his baby girl!”

With those words my daddy starts rubbing his slick cock head up and down my already drenched slit just before pushing his bloated head between my plump pussy lips and then slowly…oh-so-slowly he slides deep inside my wanton cunt until his balls are snuggled up against my wetness. “OH FUCK BABY GIRL!” he groans.

I am gasping and mewing, my head arched back, my checks flushed with passion and surprise! “Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh daddy!”

My daddy begins a steady rhythm, in and out, in and out, everyone around us can hear how wet I am and how hard my daddy is slamming into me, and all of a sudden I cry out as I squirt and squirt all over my daddy’s cock. The onlookers are all commenting and praising me for being such a good girl and creaming like that on my daddy’s cock. Daddy just keeps pounding into me as our mixed juices dribble down my thighs, and the old man continues to encourage my daddy to make me squirt again.

Other daddies are circling around us saying things like “Now that’s how a good baby girl should cream her daddy’s cock!” and “Mmmm…mmm…mmm, that baby girl sure does love gettin’ fucked by her daddy!” and “Look at that cunny squirt! Ram her hard…show her who her daddy is!” and “I bet she’s kartal escort a gusher when her daddy stretches open her tight little ass with that thick piece o’ daddy-cock!”

Daddy keeps pounding into his daughter’s cunt till he lets out an animalistic growl and shoots his incestuous baby-making seed deep in his daughter’s cunt again and again! My little cunny just squirts and squirts while I feel daddy’s hot cum fill my womb and he throbs and shudders, trying to push his swollen nuts inside me. A boom of applause erupts from around us and I notice one of the pilots smiling and winking at us, saying to my daddy, “I can see what you meant when you said you couldn’t wait to get a good taste of your juicy baby girl. It will be something to see once you get her pregnant and lactating. Mmmmm…the sight of a daddy feeding on his daughters swollen milky nipples makes all daddy’s crave to teach their baby girls what real fatherly love is all about!” he snickered as he lustfully gazed at our bodies locked together while I continued to shake and quiver and cum again and again on my daddy’s thick cock.

At that point my daddy just held me tight, buried deep inside me, throbbing, and still rock hard despite the creamy cum now leaking out around our joined flesh, panting, “Daddy came so big baby girl, but I’m not done with you yet.”

I was suddenly startled out of my hot naughty incestuous daydream by the announcement of daddy’s flight’s arrival. Mmmmmm…now I am wet and almost dripping, and the older man seated across from me is sporting a huge smile along with a huge bulge in his pants as I realize my obvious state of arousal can be seen if not smelled by anyone passing by. I blush all the more, and adjust my coat. I want daddy to be surprised when he sees me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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