The Apartment Ch. 02

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Part 2. Probably littered with errors, but, as for the first part, I wanted to get the story up. So, here it is pretty much as it fell out. Another to follow if you like it. GA.


Dejected and confused, Daniel lay on his bed as the sounds of revelry wafted in through the open window from the neighbouring villa. His stomach lurched in despair whenever he called to mind the events of the afternoon. What he’d done … With his sister …

The young man, covered only by a thin, cotton sheet envied the carefree, happy laughter that erupted periodically and punctuated his misery. The buzz of voices raised in happy inebriation told their own story — cheerful holiday-makers having fun around a pool barbecue.

Was Alex down at that poolside party too? Wasn’t the girl bothered by what they’d done together? And what about their parents? What if they found out about the illicit visit to the basement flat at the bottom of the villa? What if they knew about the things his sister had done to him?

Daniel groaned and rolled onto his side, his knees up to his chest as he curled into a foetal position.

His eyes flew open and his body tensed and the sound of the voice: “Daniel? Are you OK?” A tentative knock at the door preceded his mother’s face as she peered into the room. Seeing her son was awake, Helen Bingham entered. “Alex said you weren’t feeling too well. I thought I’d come and check.” The woman, dressed in pale safari shorts and a sleeveless vest sat on the edge of her son’s bed. Daniel rolled onto his opposite side and slid back to give his mother room. “Everyone’s at the party,” Helen continued and indicated the open window. “It’s going pretty well.”

Daniel grunted and nodded.

“You’re not really ill are you?” Helen stroked her son’s hair. “I think I know what’s bothering you.”

Daniel felt a pulse of shocked disbelief surge through his body. A burst of adrenalin caused his heart to thump; his breathing quickened. If he wasn’t stuck here in Portugal he’d be off and away now. His mother knew what they’d done …

“Mum …” he blurted.

“You’re disgusted with me; I know that’s what it is. You found the … You found the photos and you think I’m dirty.”

She knows about me being in the apartment, Daniel thought. But what about me and Alex? “I shouldn’t have gone in there, Mum. I’m sorry.”

The sound of glass breaking followed by a loud chorus of cheering and laughter told that the party was in full swing next door. Still in his bed, Daniel blinked up at his mother and hauled himself to a sitting position.

“Do you think I’m a wicked woman, Danny?” Helen asked and looked into her son’s eyes. “It must’ve been a terrible shock to see me … like that.”

“Well, yeah, it was a real surprise, but,” Daniel shrugged, “I suppose it’s yours and Dad’s business. I was shocked to be sure, but I was more worried about being found out than what I saw.”

Helen’s face relaxed with the relief. “I’m pleased about that, darling,” she murmured. “I mean you really had no right to go snooping, but I’m glad you’re OK with what your father and I do. We’ve always been the same. It isn’t as though we’re unfaithful or anything. It’s all consensual.” Helen’s eyebrows arched as she went on. “At least you can see that from the pictures.”

With no mention of any illicit going-on between his sister and himself, Daniel calmed slightly. He smiled. “It’s still a bit weird though, Mum. I mean I haven’t taken it all in yet. I’m kind of uncomfortable talking about it with you. I mean Dad and Aunt Susie too …”

“And you saw the ones of him and Susan, eh? Is that so very bad, Danny? I suppose it is a bit strange, but she’s always been part of it.” Helen shrugged. “Well, you know; you saw it; I don’t have to spell it out.”

What about Dad though? Is he mad at me and Alex?”

Helen smirked. If only you knew my baby boy, she thought. “He’s OK,” she said out loud. “Probably embarrassed, but he’ll be OK. It’s our own silly fault for having the albums anyway, but we thought that if we kept them private — locked away here in Portugal … Well, we hoped you’d never find out.” Helen regarded her son with a serious expression.

Daniel flushed with shame at sneaking into the flat with his sister and snooping through what was after all private property. That it was his parents’ dirty secret didn’t absolve him of any crime.

“I’m really sorry, Mum,” he mumbled, his eyes downcast.

“We’ll get over it,” Helen replied. “Now give me a hug. You’re not too big to give your mum a cuddle are you?”

Daniel moved into his mother’s outstretched arms. They stayed like that for several long moments. The young man squeezed his mother gently and then dimly realised that her hands were stroking his bare back. The feeling was deeply sensual and Daniel was appalled when his penis jerked under the cover. Confused, he pulled away from Helen’s embrace. As he did so the thin sheet pulled back.

Daniel had no way of knowing his mother had contrived pendik escort the revelation, all he saw was his penis, half-erect, lying thick and exposed against his belly.

“Oh my,” Helen gasped as Daniel scrabbled to regain his modesty. “You take after your father in more ways than hair colour.”

“Shit!” stammered Daniel. His knuckles were white as he gripped the sheet around his midriff. “I … It …”

“Darling, don’t worry,” Helen laughed. “I’ll tell you what; I’ll go down and get us a couple of drinks. Then I’ll tell you the history.”

“Ah, Mum, I don’t know. I’m OK with it all really. I’ll figure it out in my head and I’ll be fine.” Daniel was desperate to have his mother gone. He needed time to think, to get over his embarrassment.

“I’ll be back in a moment,” Helen said as she stood up. She’d ignored her son’s words completely.

“Well?” her husband, who wasn’t next door at all, asked while Helen mixed a strong drink for herself.

“Remarkably lucid given the shocks of today.” Helen glanced at her daughter who sat by her father’s side. “You’re a very bad girl,” she grinned.

“I do try, Mother,” Alexandra smirked.

“I think I’ll have him tonight,” Helen continued. “He’s fairly reconciled to discovering his mother’s an absolute slut, and the fact that his father and aunt have been fucking for years, but I’m going to make a move soon — Before he can make total sense of it all.”

“We’ll find something to amuse ourselves with, won’t we Alex?” Helen’s husband turned to their daughter.

“Oh yeah,” the girl nodded.

Helen carried her glass and a bottle of lager into Daniel’s room. The young man stared at her from his bed. He’d been feverishly analysing everything that had happened to him in the last few hours. Was it only eight hours ago that his life had been normal? Since then he’d seen pictures to make his hair curl; he’d allowed his sister to suck his cock — and he’d come all over her face; and now he’d gotten a semi on when his mother hugged him. Again, he considered up and running, but the moment passed. Too late, Helen was back.

“Here we are, darling,” she trilled. “No sign of your dad or sister. They must be having a good time at the Waring’s.” Daniel nodded dumbly. The party next door was going strong. “Cheers,” Helen said and raised her glass in salute. “Now, the beginning,” she continued after taking a modest sip.

Helen positioned herself on the bed; Daniel under the cover, she atop. “In our university days, that’s where I met your father as you know, there were a group of us who used to meet on certain evening. We called it chess club, but in reality it was an orgy.”

“Jesus, Mum,” Daniel spluttered. “Really, you don’t have to do this …”

“I think it’s best if I give you the story, Danny. Then you can decide for yourself. We’ve had this secret for too long.”

Daniel swigged at the bottle. Fuck it, he thought. He gave up resisting.

“At first it was just fun. We were young and free from the restrictions of home. Although we part of the chess club your dad and I had a closer connection than just sex. I took him home and introduced him to the family. Susan fancied him and I told her to have a go. She did — And they still do to this day.

“Anyway, we decided eventually that we were in love and wanted to get married but the sex part of our relationship was just too much fun to curtail … so we carried on as we’d started. To us it was normal; I can see that to outsiders it would be viewed as shocking and depraved, but that wasn’t our problem. We’re discreet, most of our activities are here, but I go next door at home to see Robert every now and again.”

“I know. I saw that album first,” Daniel croaked. “You looked so young. You were wearing your gardening hat.”

Helen laughed. “It was the hat that got us talking. I was gardening one summer afternoon years ago, Robert complimented me in it. He’d remarked about keeping the sun off such a delicate English rose or some such nonsense. I insisted on wearing it for one of our trysts.” Helen grinned slyly, “And what do you mean ‘looked so young’, am I an old dog now?”

Daniel blushed at the faux pas. “I didn’t mean … You’re beautiful, Mum … I just …”

“I’m only teasing you, darling.” Helen used her free hand to stroke Daniel’s cheek. She twisted on the bed, drained her glass, and looked into her son’s eyes. “Perhaps I shouldn’t tease you? You’ve had a confusing day.” She placed her empty glass on the bedside cabinet. “Do you really think I’m beautiful though?” she asked.

Daniel sensed a shift in the atmosphere in the bedroom. The sounds of raucous enjoyment still spilled in through the open window, but he noticed a definite swing towards seriousness in his mother’s demeanour.

He blinked at the question. “Uh …” he began. “Well, yeah, you’re beautiful, Mum.”

“Do you mean pretty, or is there something more, Danny? Something deeper?”

An image of his mother in her hat and with the maltepe escort neighbour’s thick cock stretching her lips sprang to mind. Daniel, shocked by the audacity of his own imagination, blushed.

“I’ve never thought about it before, Mum. It isn’t something people do. I mean, you’re my mum …”

“Am I as beautiful as your sister?”

The question, delivered in a quiet, silken voice, caught Daniel off guard.

“Alex?” he blustered.

“I know what you did. She told me.”

Stunned into silence by the revelation, Daniel stared at his mother’s face. She knew!

Giving the young man no time to think, Helen pressed her advantage. “It’s OK, Danny. I don’t mind. I’m not angry. Just tell me; am I as beautiful as her?”

Then, sensing her moment had arrived, Helen reached for the rumpled sheet at her son’s waist. The boy, in a haze of bewilderment, merely sat there. The bottle of lager angled dangerously close to tipping as his mother’s fingernails scraped gently over his stomach. Trapped in a place where reality hung suspended, Daniel watched as the sheet slowly pulled clear.

He heard her voice through a dream: “Am I beautiful, Danny? Do you love me?”

Daniel’s head moved imperceptibly. “I love you. Yes, you’re beautiful,” he mumbled as though through a mouthful of cotton wool.

Helen’s fingers moved slowly towards her son’s penis. She licked her lips in anticipation; her eyes gleamed. “You’re a lovely, big boy,” she whispered. “What a glorious cock.”

Daniel groaned softly as his mother scooped the length in her palm. The thing stiffened instantly at the pressure from the woman’s fingers. He gaped in disbelief and tore his gaze from where his erection jutted from his mother’s fist, and looked into the woman’s eyes.

“Mum …” he sighed. “Don’t …”

Despite the word, Helen knew her son was hers. She sighed deeply, keeping her stare locked with Daniel’s as she slowly stroked the shaft.

“I’m going to do it to you too. I’m going to do what your sister did.” Helen’s breathing sharpened as her own excitement grew. The size of his cock! Its stiffness; the speed of his arousal … Helen felt he slide of desire between her legs. “I’m going to do what she did and more.”

Spellbound, Daniel continued to stare. He watched her fist move slowly up and down, and then looked at her face. She is beautiful, he thought. I never noticed before, not like that, but she’s so sexy.

“Oh Jesus, Mum …”

“You do it for a little while, Danny. You show me how you like it.” Daniel submitted to his mother’s will and stroked his cock, Moving slowly, so as not to break the nebulous spell, Helen lifted the beer bottle from Daniel’s hand and placed it next to the glass. She stood and unbuttoned her shorts. Her son’s glazed expression of lust as he stroked his long cock thrilled Helen: “Look at me,” she murmured and pushed the garment down.

Daniel’s breathing quickened when he saw the shorts slide over his mother’s wide hips. He gasped at the shock of seeing her shaven mound. The speed of his fist increased. Helen smiled and congratulated herself. The boy’s increase in tempo told her all she needed to know. She had him.

“Mum … Fuck …” Daniel grunted when, after pulling the vest over her head, Helen loosened the knot at the nape of her neck, and her bikini top fell free.

“You like these?” Helen cupped her breasts in her palms.

Daniel gulped and nodded. “Yes,” he sighed.

Helen let teased her long nipples erect with her thumbs and then slowly advanced. When she reached the edge of the bed she stooped and pushed her son’s hand away from his penis.

“Feel me,” she said softly and took up a slow rhythm on Daniel’s erection. “Stroke my skin. Feel my breasts.”

Daniel groaned again as his hand slid over his mother’s body. His cock pulsed as his desire burned hotter. Her skin was so soft; her jugs so heavy in his palm.

Helen knelt beside her supine son. She licked her lips and then, following a long stare into his eyes, Helen lowered her face to the boy’s groin.

For a few minutes all that could be heard was the deep, resonating thud of bass music from the party next door and the groans and sighs from Daniel. Slurps and other wet noises punctuated the low moans as Helen fellated her son.

“How does Mum’s sucking cock compare to your sister’s?” the woman muttered during a brief lull.

“I … Not now, Mum, I can’t …” Daniel abandoned the effort and grunted loudly as his mother’s hand moved in a blur and she wanked his cock.

Helen threw her head back and gave a throaty laugh. Her eyes gleamed as she let the thing fall from her grip and she scrambled onto the bed next to Daniel.

“I’m going further than your filthy sister. I’m going to squat on your stalk, baby. It’s time for you to stick that thing into my cunt.”

The word hit Daniel like a slap. Shocked by the profanity from the unexpected source, he could only lie in mute awe as his mother positioned kartal escort herself above his body. He placed his hands on Helen’s taut thighs as the woman held herself over her son. She took hold of his cock and held it upright, aiming the blunt head at her opening.

“Shit,” Daniel cursed when he saw the slick arousal drip from his mother’s body as she held her labia apart. “I’ve never seen—”

The young man’s words broke off abruptly when, for the first time, his cock-head butted against his mother’s opening. Both of them groaned as Helen sank down in one delicious slide and took the length of Daniel’s cock.

“I’ve got you,” Helen murmured. “Kiss me.”

Her breasts squashed against the muscles of Daniel’s chest when Helen leaned forward to kiss her son. It was the most unnatural kiss the young man had ever experienced. To have his mother’s tongue sliding over his while she panted into his open mouth sent a surge of lust through the boy. The kiss went on and on as Helen squeezed herself around her son’s considerable girth and elicited several satisfying moans from deep in his throat.

Then, with Daniel holding her waist to balance her, Helen shifted position until she had the flat of her feet on the bed. Then she proceeded to fuck up and down so furiously that the slapping of her buttocks against the boy’s thighs could be heard downstairs.

Alexandra looked at her father and grinned broadly when the sound of rutting reached her. The smile grew even wider when Helen’s shout of delight pierced the Portuguese night.

“He’s fucking her,” the girl stated. “Dad, it’s worked. We seduced him!”

The man smiled at his daughter and reached for her thighs. “Open your legs,” he growled. “I’m going to lick your pussy and then bang you.”

The girl wriggled forward so her rump hung over the edge of the sofa. She lifted the scrap of material that doubled as a skirt to expose her sex.

“Lick it, Daddy,” she giggled and squirmed as the man’s hot breath wafted over her body.

Things upstairs were close to crisis point. Helen, sensing through the heat of her excitement that Daniel was close to orgasm, lifted herself off the glorious length.

“Take a moment,” she panted. “Let it ease a little, Danny. Don’t come too soon.” Helen lay on the bed on her back and opened her legs. “Why don’t you take a little taste? Lick me, baby. Make me squeal.”

With all moral objections forgotten, and dimly realising that even if they were discovered by his father or sister it wouldn’t matter, Daniel lapped at his mother’s sex eagerly.

Helen guided her son to her preferences. She instructed him with words, moans, and subtle shifts of her body so that, in very little time, the woman was on the verge of her climax.

“I’m going to do it,” Helen panted and bucked her hips to-and-fro on the bed. She pushed her son’s face harder against her oozing sex and, through gritted teeth, ordered him to curl his tongue into her as far as he could manage.

When the great wave washed over her, Helen hauled Daniel’s face up to hers. The boy thought, for a moment, that his mother was going to suck the tongue from his mouth as she kissed him deeply throughout the surge of her orgasm. As soon as Helen released him, Daniel scrambled to a kneeling position between her thighs. He held his cock in one hand and aimed it at the core of her.

“You’re beautiful, Mum,” he moaned when Helen’s eye flickered open and the realisation that her son was about to penetrate her again dawned. “I love you.”

Daniel groaned as he sank balls deep into his mother.

“I love you too,” Helen sighed and wrapped her arms and legs around the boy.

Frustrated by the prison of his mother’s limbs, Daniel wriggled and pushed Helen’s legs from around his waist.

“Open your legs wide,” he commanded. “I want to watch it go in.”

“Pound me with it,” Helen cried and obeyed. “Fuck me,” she snarled. “Nail me to the fucking bed.”

So began a battle of wills between mother and son. Daniel slammed in and out of his mother’s body. He was determined to see her writhe in orgasm beneath him. He’d brought her off with his tongue, now he needed to show her that, despite being his mother, he was in charge now.

Equally resolute, Helen, who, overflowing with lust, longed for her son to pump his climax into her body. She wanted to feel the great pulse of his cock inside her as his eruption fluttered against her cervix.

Their coupling bordered on violence as they kissed, scratched, bit, and swore at each other. Daniel arched his body away from his mother’s as he tried to push more of his length into her. He held her knees nearly flat against the bed and slammed against Helen’s upturned mound. Helen pushed up roughly at each thrust until, with a huge grunt from Daniel, she felt his body tense for one, interminable moment, and the gush of his climax burst inside her.

The sensation of being filled with her son’s seed sent Helen over the precipice, and she surrendered herself to the roar of white noise that filled her hearing. Her body convulsed and twitched with the jolt of her climax, until, finally, with Daniel draped heavily across her body, Helen’s senses returned.

“Mum,” Daniel mumbled. “What have we done?”

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