The Bar-B-Que

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Work was work. Karen had moved to full time, five days a week and I was doing the same. Thursday, after dinner we had gone together to pick up the things that we needed for the Bar-B-Que. We got the hamburgers and some nice-looking brats, potato salad and macaroni salad, Hamburger buns, a nice big red onion, a tube of JY jelly, a package of three white linen men’s handkerchiefs and some lettuce. Nobody at the supermarket seemed to notice the tube of lubricant in the shopping basket, not even the cashier.

We carted all the stuff home and put it away. I never saw where Karen stashed the JY and the linen handkerchiefs but I was certain that she would produce them as needed. The rest of the evening we spent with our parents in the family room until bed time. Friday was a work day for everyone so it was an early evening for all of us.

After showers, and all that, were done, I was watching the TV in my room when Karen drifted in. She was wearing her usual wife beater shirt and a snug pair of pink panties. I, as usual, was laying there in just my jockeys with my shoulders against the headboard. Karen put herself down onto my bed laying on her stomach with her head toward the TV. This gave me an excellent unobstructed view of her pert little ass and I was enjoying just looking at it.

Thinking that her position might be an invitation, I put the palm of my hand on her cute bubble butt. She pushed me off: “Can’t you wait one night?”

I apologized and moved my hand back to my chest. After a couple of minutes and nothing interesting on the TV she rotated herself so that we were essentially face to face: “Are you as anxious about tomorrow night as I am?”

Me: “I’m having trouble thinking of anything else. How about you?”

Karen: “I’m already a little bit wet just thinking about it.”

Me: “Now there you go, saying ‘that’ isn’t making it any easier on me.”

My sister extended her index finger and touched the tip of my cock: “I can see that you must have been giving it some thought.”

Me; “Hey, if I can’t touch, then, neither can you.”

Karen got herself up off the bed laughing, and moved toward the bathroom door. She stopped just long enough to get my attention. Once I was looking at her, she pulled her shirt up and off displaying her luscious tits: “I’ll have these with me tomorrow, I hope you can wait.” With that, she exited through our common bathroom into her own room. I had a little trouble getting to sleep that night but resisted rubbing one out so that I would have a full load for the planned Friday Nights activities.

The workday Friday really dragged along. The thought of the activities planned for that night kept nagging at me. I checked my watch every hour only to discover that only ten minutes had passed. Lunchtime came and I welcomed the break. While I was stuffing a convenience store sandwich down my neck, I received a text from Karen: “Bring you’re A-Game.” I sent one back: “Bring your Tits.”

I got no response to my last text. The afternoon was even worse. Three-thirty finally arrived and I was off to home. It only took about twenty minutes to get to my house and another five to get myself into the shower. The days’ work had left me a little funky and I really needed a shower. I shaved while in the shower and went through my usual activities. I put on my normal Jockeys, a pair of cut-off jeans and a plain grey t-shirt. Shower shoes would do for the informal evening,

Karen came through the front door as I was coming down the stairs. She greeted me at the bottom of the stairs with a smoldering kiss and whole-body contact. She held on after the kiss was broken and whispered: “It’s OK if you want to grab my ass, this one time.”

I did and remained convinced that she had the finest ass that I had ever grabbed. While enjoying the finer aspects of her posterior: “Last chance to chicken out on getting laid tonight.”

Karen: “You’re chickening out?”

Me: “Not me, I’m just being the kind brother giving you an honorable out, if you want it.”

Karen: “Thanks, but I really want to do this.” She headed upstairs to get changed while I went out to the back patio to check on the grill and make sure that the hot tub was ok. I thought about taking the cover off the hot tub but decided that the parents didn’t need to know that we intended to use it. So, the grill looked ok and all seemed in order.

Karen was in the kitchen when I came in. We started preparing for tonight’s meal. I got out the meat while my sister set the outside table. Our parents were due home in ten or fifteen minutes so we checked and rechecked until satisfied. Mom and Dad were soon there and I took up my position at the grill. The parents went into their bedroom and soon emerged with their suitcase and travel clothes. The suitcase went by the front door.

Dad pendik escort came out to where I was cooking the meat on the grill. He commented on how good everything smelled especially the brats. I agreed and kept cooking. Mom helped Karen bring out the other dishes and the meat was just about done. I served it up on a platter and turned the grill off. I’d clean the grill tomorrow.

We were soon sat around the table eating a fun dinner. Dad was telling stories about some of the funny things that happened on past conventions while Mom just rolled her eyes. As we were finishing up, Mom: “Now, we’ll be gone till Sunday afternoon, I want you two kids to take good care of each other, and stay out of trouble.”

Dad: “C’mon, they’re eighteen and nineteen they’ll be fine. Just no racing around in my car and be in by a decent hour. OK?”

I promised to ‘be in’ early while Karen gave me a funny look and started to giggle.’

It was soon time to go. Mom and Dad said their goodbyes to Karen while I put their suitcase into the trunk. We were soon on our way to where Dad works to get them on the bus for their fun but working weekend. Dad said that he would call me on Sunday when the bus was about a half-hour out so that I could come to pick them up. We didn’t forget the suitcase in the trunk. I twice caught myself over the speed limit on the way back home, not too anxious, was I?

Karen was just coming through the dining room as I came in the door from the garage. She was wearing her usual wife beater shirt and a snug pair of pale green panties. She looked really good and I told her that.

Karen: “How about a dip In the hot tub?”

Me: “Absolutely! I just have to take off the cover.”

As I walked through the kitchen, I could see that Karen had cleaned up the mess from our dinner and the place was looking good. I soon had the hot tub uncovered and started the pump for the jets. It seemed dark enough that none of the neighbors were likely to see us so a decision was made to get into the hot tub in our ‘natural state’.

My sister and I watched each other as we stripped off our clothing. As usual, she was staggeringly beautiful and I was half erect. She was the first to climb up and into the hot tub and I was quick to follow. The water was not too hot and felt really good. At first, we just sat there side by side enjoying the water and bubbles.

I put my arm around her shoulder and she leaned up against me. We sat that way for another few minutes before I said: “Second chance to chicken out if you want to.”

Karen: “Not a chance. Why are you offering me all these many chances? Do you want to chicken out?”

Me: “Not likely. I just want you to be sure that what we will be doing is exactly what you want and that you’ll have no regrets.”

Karen leaned up and kissed me. A sincere kiss after which: “I am more and more certain that I want to do this and absolutely certain that I want to do it with only you. “

Karen slid her butt across the seat until she was hip to hip with me. She got herself comfortable and then asked: “Well, when are you going to start seducing me?”

I told her that I decided to start with a little massage. I invited her to sit between my legs so that I would have access to her back and neck. She agreed only after I assured her that she would not be sitting on my balls. She moved into place and I started with her neck.

I could feel her relaxing as I kneaded her neck and shoulders. She leaned forward a little letting me get to her lower back before leaning back against my chest giving me access to her fine tits. I massaged them the best I could with an appropriate amount of attention to her stiff nipples. She liked when I did that and she soon had her head back on my shoulder sighing softly as I continued to make her tits feel as good as I could. They really felt good to me.

I was a little surprised when she reached down behind herself grasping my now fully erect cock in her soft wet hand. She gave me a tender squeeze and a couple of soft strokes before she said: “I think that it’s Showtime, let’s go!”

We climbed out of the hot tub. I turned the pump off and decided that I could put the cover back on in the morning. I followed a wet and dripping sister over to where the towels were stacked. We each took one and started to dry ourselves off; we did each other’s back. We collected up our clothing, wrapped the towels around our waists and headed toward Karen’s room.

Upon arrival I could tell that my sister had put a little time and effort into arranging her room for tonight’s main event. The bed covers were pulled off the end, bunched up on the floor leaving only the sheet and two pillows. There was a lone candle on her dresser, just in front of the mirror, which she lit right away. I put my clothes into maltepe escort a pile by the bathroom door while Karen put hers into her hamper. All that were left were the towels and the lights.

I switched off the light while Karen pulled her towel off. I took my towel off and tossed it onto my pile of clothes. We embraced while standing naked next to the bed. I kissed her gently and she responded in kind. Then she kissed me a bit more enthusiastically and with a little tongue. I was really displaying my enthusiasm by having my erect cock pressed against her tummy.

Karen: “Join with me in my bed.”

I nodded, kissed her one more time and watched as she took the two steps to the bed before laying herself down on her back. She held her arms up to me, inviting me to be with her. I put myself down next to her and held her to me for a few moments. But those tits were still there, still pointing straight out from her chest, still crowned by those pointy little nipples, still waiting for my promised visit.

So, visit them I did. First some light touching then some soft brushing of her nipples with my fingertips. Then some light squeezing that I know that she likes, followed by a gentle kiss on the apex of each one. Karen sighed deeply as I ran my tongue around her areola which encouraged me to greater things. A little pressure on her nipples between my lips and then a long gentle sucking. She reacted as was her normal by softly moaning and rubbing the back of my neck with her soft hand.

I kept up the attention on her upper body treasures for a while until the time seemed right to move further South. I kissed and licked my way down her body until I reached the familiar little strip of hair on her pubis. I kissed that, too. I moved by body around giving me better access to her lower half which had the added benefit of giving her room to spread her legs for me. I took the hint and moved myself to be between her legs with my face directly over her mound. This is one of the things that I was looking forward to. As soon as I nuzzled into her pussy lips she said: “When do I get to take you into my mouth?”

I hadn’t considered that. I thought about a nice sixty-nine event but decided that if we did that I would likely cum and ruin the evening. So, I opted for; “How would you like to do it?”

Karen: “The same as you’re doing now, let’s switch places.”

I moved myself off the bed while my sister moved down to where I had been. I put myself into the spot where she had been and opened my legs enough to accommodate her: “Now, don’t make me cum, ok?”

She nodded her head as she moved up grasping my cock in her soft hands. She applied a few gentle strokes which caused me to close my eyes and start to think of baseball or anything that would deflect my attention from flooding her mouth with my load.

“This isn’t going to work.”

Me: “What?”

Karen: “The angle is all wrong. You can do it this way for me; but I can’t lay down and do the same on you without bending you. Let me get on the side.”

I waited while she moved to first sitting next to me and then leaning over my lap where she could take my cock into her mouth. It felt like heaven and apparently, she liked it to. After a little sucking and a few up and down movements of her head she decided that she had met her commitment to suck my cock and released me. I was about half-way there when she stopped, thank goodness.

We quickly returned to our previous positions with my face in her crotch and her flat on her back. I started to nuzzle into her folds again, this time having the experience of knowing where to find her clit. I teased it with my tongue for a few moments and then rubbed it with my lips. By the time that I had it between my lips, her hips were rocking a little and she was moaning softly.

As usual, I slid my hands, palms up, under her butt cheeks to help her thrust against my face. As I did, I felt her moisture seeping out of her vagina with a little of it spreading down close to her asshole. So far, so good.

I kept at sucking and teasing her clit as her thrusting increased. I could tell that she was getting close as her breathing was now coming in gasps. It only took a few more minutes before she went over the edge and started cumming. As usual, she pulled my face hard against her crotch and squeezed her legs together covering my ears with her thighs. This was the deaf and blind part that I liked.

I continued to kiss and nuzzle her as she was enjoying the aftershocks. She was soon down to earth, so I asked: “Another?”

“No, I need to get on with the plan.” With that, I sat up on my haunches, still between her legs. She pulled one of the white handkerchiefs out from under her pillow and handed it to me: “Put this under me, please.”

I spread out the white kartal escort cloth and, as she lifted her butt, I placed it beneath her in what I hoped was the correct place. When it was in place, Karen spread her legs as far as I had ever seen them go, she lifted her arms toward me and said: “Come into me.”

I lowered my body down on top of hers making contact with my hips. I supported my upper body weight on my elbows. I kissed her and she kissed back. Then she looked at me with a ‘well, what are you waiting for’ look. I reached down and guided my stiff cock up and down through her very moist slit until I felt her opening. I aligned myself for entry and then stopped: “Last chance to say no.”

She didn’t speak. Instead, she put her hands onto my butt and pulled me into her. I went in about, I’d guess, half the length of the head and stopped. I looked at her again and she was wide eyed but apparently in no discomfort. I pushed a little more and I went in another little bit, still no reaction from her. I was just about to push again when she did; she lifted her pelvis up off the bed, lifting me a little, causing me to go into her about half-way.

I froze, awaiting her reaction. I looked into her eyes looking for any pain or sign of discomfort. She was still wide eyed but smiling at me: “Are you in all the way?”

Not knowing for sure, I put my hand down to my cock feeling about half of it still on the outside: Not yet, are you ok?”

“I’m just fine, give it all to me.”

I pushed a little, pulled a little and pushed a little more each time. I saw her expression change back to serious and then, during one push, she seemed to wince a little but made no effort to stop me. I’m not sure that I could have stopped at that point anyway. I checked again and it seemed that I was in about my full length.

She was warm, wet and snug. This felt wonderful and I couldn’t believe that I was finally inside a woman; my sister but, still a woman. Somewhat at her urging, I started to stroke my cock in and out of her hoping that it felt as good for her as it did for me. She responded by thrusting her mound against my pubic bone while I pushed in. We were fucking!

I kissed her again, before: “Are you OK? Am I hurting you?”

She just smiled and shook her head no while she increased the energy of her thrusts. I sincerely hoped that she would cum and cum soon as I could feel myself rapidly approaching my release point. We stroked on for a few more minutes when I felt her throbbing around my cock. Was she cumming?

I looked at her but she had her eyes closed. I kept stroking but lowered the force a little, she followed suit and after a couple of minutes she opened her eyes and looked at me. She broke out into a big smile: “I made it, I made it!”

Knowing that made my own orgasm all the more insistent. A few more strokes and I could feel it start: “I’m cumming! “

The rush was intense, more so than anything else that I had experienced. Karen pushed up harder than ever while my back arched with my thrust. The throbbing started and it felt like I pumped about a quart into her. She kept thrusting for a little while after I stopped. I was surprised at how fast my erection subsided after I came. I could soon feel myself sliding back out of her. I expected that a little of my cum probably dripped down onto that white cloth.

I kissed her deeply: “Thank you for letting me share that with you.”

“Thank you for letting me pop your cherry!”

I got the joke and said: “Likewise.”

I lifted myself up and over to her side facing her. Karen slowly slid her legs back together a little before saying: “I’m almost afraid to look, you look, is there any blood?”

I sat up and looked down at her pussy. She spread her legs slightly for me and I could see my cum oozing out of her pussy and dripping down onto the handkerchief. I looked closely at the white cloth and didn’t see anything that looked like blood. There were a few curly hairs that I assumed were mine but nothing other than a fairly big wet spot: “No, it doesn’t look like there is any blood.”

Karen: “I was worried about that. Good! Now, how about you, is there any blood on you?”

We both looked at my cock. It was wet, limp, shiny and free of blood.

Karen announced that she ‘needed to take a shower and that she felt so very good.

I asked her: “So, did you cum?”

She started to giggle: “Yes, twice. Once when you went down on me and the second time when I was rubbing my clit on your front. The cum when you were inside me was absolutely mind bending, not that the one with your mouth was bad. And you?”

“I guess so, what’s that stuff running out of your pussy?”

“Ha-Ha. But was it good for you?”

I leaned over and kissed her: “It will likely be the one that I remember forever.”

“Now I’m absolutely certain that I made the right decision. I’m happy to have given myself to you and even happier that you let me have you too.”

With that, she got up and went in for a shower while I dozed off waiting for her.

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