The Bet 02: Unmasked

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Sarah dropped her bag onto her bed and ventured to the kitchen in search of food. A groan muffled by her brother’s door stopped her. There was a muttered curse followed by a name. Her brow knitted together as she inched closer to the door.

“Damn it, Kat,” he hissed. The unmistakable sound of flesh moving over flesh mingled with the words falling carelessly from his lips. Taking a chance, she carefully opened the door to snoop. John’s arm was stroking his flesh of meat as he relaxed in the chair. His face was twisted in concentration. Her eyes drifted to his other hand and she gawked. A black lacy thong was gripped in his hand. Her black lacy thong. The one she had left behind for Zorro.

Shutting the door again, she backed away from her brother’s room. Thousands of questions swarmed her brain as she couldn’t help but listen to her brother’s big finish. As quickly as her brother had, she pieced the events of last night together. She should have felt disgusted. Her skin should be crawling with the need to be scrubbed clean. Instead, she was soaking wet and in need of relief.

When she entered her room, she realized something. He had said her fake name. There was a chance he had no idea it was her. Looking at her closet, a mischievous smile played at her lips. Her parents were out of town for the weekend. Meaning she had three days to toy with her brother. If it was a fluke, no one had to know. If it wasn’t…

Pulling on a mini denim skirt and a white crop top she stepped in front of her mirror. The top was snug and clung to her tits, leaving the top of them partially exposed. The skirt should have been a little longer had it not been for her ass forcing it to ride up. The air licking at her sensitive pussy felt good as she once again made her way to the kitchen. She made one stop on the way in John’s room.

John was leaning against the counters as he took a sip of water. He coughed as his sister entered the room. Her costume last night had been the most revealing thing he had seen her in, until now. The short skirt allowed for the bottom of her ass to be seen. Her hard nipples could be seen through any top, but not the color. The thin white material hid nothing.

“What are you wearing?”

“Clothes,” she tilted her head with a smirk. She fought the amused smile as he tried to discreetly adjust the tent in his pants. The poor boy had just gotten off and was still looking for more. John watched as she licked her lips, her eyes trained on his crotch.

“Are you feeling okay?”

“Truthfully, no.” She pouted and John had to fight off a groan. “I gave a guy my number last night and he never messaged me.”

“Maybe he lost it.”

“It’s kind of hard to lose something written on a body part.” John raised an eyebrow as she took a step forward. “You never told me about your night.”

“It was fine,” he stammered as she hopped onto the counter next to him. She crossed her ankles but let her knees fall apart. She knew with her skirt riding up and her knees spread he could see her goods from any spot in the room.

“Wow. Just fine? It was Halloween, Johnny. Anything can happen on Halloween.”

“Okay, it was a great night.”

“So, you did get laid,” she chirped leaning to rest her head against the cabinet behind her. “Was she a slutty witch? Or maybe it was a naughty vampire?”

John narrowed his eyes on his sister. Turning his back to her, he set the glass near the sink and leaned on the counters across from her. He wanted to put space between them. Only problem was he now saw what she was doing. Everything was on display. Her chest was pushed out from leaning back. Her skirt had ridden up just enough that he could see the sheen on her bare pussy.

“Neither,” he mumbled trying to look anywhere but at her.

“Well, it had to be someone wearing black,” she pulled the thong from her pocket. It dangled from her finger as a lump grew in John’s throat.

“You went into my istanbul escort room?”

“You kept my panties?”

“They aren’t yours,” he choked out as heat raced up his neck.

“Want to bet?” The evil grin she wore made him want to pace. “I bet you a blow job, they are mine.”

“Listen to yourself,” his confidence was returning. She knew. That was the only explanation for all of this boldness. Her outfit. The never-ending questions. The black lace swinging from her finger. He really could use a mouth wrapped around his throbbing cock. That was if he won the bet. If he lost… His eyes dropped down to her parted legs.

“Someone sounds worried they’ll lose.”

“There’s no way you can tell me that they are yours.” Yup, he was about to get the blow job he should have gotten this morning. Lust had replaced logic minutes ago and there was no undoing this now. They were both too far down the rabbit hole.

“We’ll see about that.” She adjusted the thong in her hands, raised them to her mouth and licked the thin dividing line. She moaned softly and John nearly came in his pants. Pinching the tag she held it out stretched between them. “Get on your knees big brother.”

“There is no way could you tell by licking them.” She crocked a finger at him, beckoning him closer. On shaky legs, he took the few steps only to stop between her legs. She wiggled the tag in his face. In pink thread were three letters; SIN. “Doesn’t mean they’re yours.”

“Sarah Iris Nunen.” John’s jaw went slack and a string of giggles left Sarah. “Now then, you going to pay up or back out?”

Even defeated, John slunk to his knees while keeping a brave face. Sarah pulled her feet up on the counter beside her. The cool breeze against her wet pussy sent a shiver through her. The moment her brother’s hot breath chased away the chill, Sarah closed her eyes. His rough hands weaved between her legs. He grabbed her ass roughly and pulled her closer to the edge of the counter.

Unlike Lily’s determined menstruations, John didn’t dive right in. He took his time, nipping the soft flesh of her thighs. His hands kneaded her ass as he licked the juices that had coated her puffy lower lips. His tongue flicked over her clit before dipping between her folds. Sarah moaned as one hand tangled in his dark hair. His hands slid the back of her thighs as he pushed forward.

There was no doubt the familiar tongue had plenty of practice over the years. With each trace through her, over the bundle of nerves, down her lips and back into her depths she felt every bit of pleasure. John smiled at the methodical way he was getting back at her. He was good at keeping girls on the edge of sanity this way. If she wanted him to bring her over to the side of bliss, she was going to beg for it.

His thumb brushed over her lips and she bucked her hips at the new feeling. His hands were rough from sports and the manual labor he had down over the summer. The combination of rough with the smooth glide of his tongue brought another moan.

“Fuck, Johnny,” she mumbled, “You sure you know what you’re doing?”

Her brother’s only response was a finger joining his tongue between the folds. His finger curled the slightest and she arched her back as he found the hidden button. She moaned again and John smiled. He nibbled her clit then took it into his mouth. Just as before, his tongue was painfully slow as it swirled around her. His finger curled again and this time her body jumped from the sudden pleasure.

Her walls tightened around him, and he added a second finger. He could feel she was closer. The unmistakable sweet juices from the night before were flowing faster. Her pussy was begging for more as they clenched around his slow sawing fingers. She squirmed, causing her hips to grind against his face.

“I need to cum, Johnny.” He slowed his fingers and his tongue. There was one, maybe two, words he needed to hear before he let her cebeci escort off the hook. “Oh god.”

Not quite, John thought as he sucked harder on her clit. The thumb of his other hand rubbed the bottom of her lips, gathering her juices.

“Shit,” she hissed, her fingers tightening their hold in his hair. They were no longer guiding him as much as needing something to hold on to while she teetered on the brink. “Please, Johnny. Please, I need to cum.”

She broke down and John was happy to help her out. That’s what brothers are for after all. His fingers moved faster in and out of her depths. The sucking and swirling of his tongue became more determined.

“Yes,” Sarah moaned. “Yes. That’s it. Oh, please, Johnny.”

Her body arched and her sight was slowly fading. Stars. Stars danced across the blackness as she neared her release. Seconds before she reached the finish line, John positioned his now lubed thumb near her dark hole. She cried out his name as she felt the unfamiliar pressure slipping into her ass.

His fingers slipped from their place between his gushing slit and his tongue replaced them to lick up every last drop. Licking her lips one last time, John got back to his feet. The sight of his sister spent, propped on the counter was being burned into his memory. He leaned against the counter between her legs and rested his hands on either side of her.

Sarah could feel the heat rolling off her brother as the rough material of jeans rubbed against her sensitive lips. She dared to look at him, her heart still racing. A wolfish grin played at his shiny lips. In a poor attempt to put space between them, her foot slipped off the counter and his hand grabbed her waist.

“Johnny,” she stuttered. Her mind was still lost in the clouds from the orgasm that she couldn’t think straight.

“Don’t play a game you have no chance of winning, little sister.” Taking a step back, he snatched the panties abandoned on the floor. “I think I’ve earned these.”

“Sure,” she sighed as his fingers traced over her still exposed pussy. He watched in satisfaction as she grinded against his hand. There was no doubt in his mind that things were changing in the house.

“Last night,” he stopped his hand until she nodded. “You left without a kiss goodbye.”

“I’m sorry,” she moaned as he grazed over her nub.

“It’s not me you have to apologize to.” Grasping her by the waist, he lifted her to shaky legs and couldn’t stop the laugh building in him. She looked at him with hooded lids and glazed eyes. “I think my friend would like an apology.”

With a subtle nudge, he pushed her to her knees. She looked up at him, awareness slowly filling those big, green eyes. She shook her head as he pulled the button on his jeans. Her protests slowed as his pants pooled around his feet with his boxers. She licked her lips as she gazed at the monstrosity.

“I’ll make you a bet,” John mocked causing her eyes to snap up at him. “I bet you one day of doing anything you want, if you can make my hard on disappear.”

Sarah looked back at the tool she admired the night before with hesitation. Considering she knew he got off earlier and was hard when she saw him minutes later, she had doubts.

“I should warn you, backing out counts as a forfeit and I win.”

“A bet implies I have a choice to accept.”

He pulled the panties from his pocket and dangled them over her head. “The girl last night was wild. Underaged drinking. Practically throwing herself to strangers. Allowing a stranger to enjoy that precious pussy.”

Sarah’s eyes narrowed on him before focusing back on slightly curved dick. Licking her lips, she gently wrapped her hand around his throbbing member. The delicate skin made him sigh as his head tilted back. “That’s a good sister.”

Licking the underside of his cock, her hand slowly followed before retreating back to the base. Her tongue lapped at the precum gathering ankara escort at his second head. She eased the bulbus beast into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the hot piece of meat. Inching her head farther down, she eased back when she had a little trouble breathing. Inching forward again, she was able to take more of him.

She revelled at taste of his precum as her tongue brushed over the head. John groaned as he watched her. Half of his dick was in her mouth and spit was gathering at the corner of her lips. Her hand used the spit to coat the remaining half as her hand found a rhythm. Her head bobbed in time with her hand, taking more and more with each pass.

“Keep it up,” John moaned as his fingers combed through her hair. This time it was all her. It killed him not to take control, but that could be his undoing and he knew better. An entire day of them doing whatever he wanted was on the line. His head dropped to the side and a throaty groan left him as the tip of his cock brushed the back of her throat. “Shit, Sarah. How big of a slut are you?”

With her mouth full all she could do was moan around him. The vibrations sending a shudder through his body. His cock twitched in her mouth and she moaned again. Her head bobbed faster in time with her hand. Looking down at her, John grinned. The hand once at her side was now out of sight and moving.

“Does sucking on your brother’s cock make you horny,” John moaned as her eyes met his through her lashes. “Fuck.”

Another twitch and Sarah doubled her efforts. They hadn’t spent that long together, but she knew when he was about to cum. The boy was easier to read then a Dr. Seuss book. His eyelids grew heavy as he watched her fight to take the last few inches into her needy mouth. A soft hand fondled his ball sack and he hissed.

Slowing her pace, Sarah gave her brother an innocent look that made him curse. She was the one teasing him now. A never-ending game of paybacks wasn’t what he had in mind. His hand cupped the back of her head.

“Nice try,” he groaned and thrust his hips forward. She gagged for a second and the sound sent a pleasing feeling through John. He thrust his hips again, this time not as deep. He kept the pattern going. Every two or three jerks of his hips he waited for the gurgle and her eyes to water. She squeezed his balls and moaned as her fingers continued to play with her own clit.

“You better swallow.” A few more thrusts and John grunted as a string of cum hit the back of her throat. He held her head in place on his dick before gently thrusting again to ensure every last drop filled her mouth.

He removed his dick and smiled at her. A dribble of white down her chin was licked away as she swallowed his seed. He stroked her cheek as his eyes held hers. The growing smile made her shift uncomfortably. Her eyes traveled from his face to his t-shirt then his cock. The semi-erect beast was fighting to regain its readiness.

“You gave it a good try.”

“But you’re not hard anymore.” Her voice broke as she struggled to her feet.

“Then it’s a tie.”

“How does that work?” Kicking his feet free from the clothes around them, John walked over to the counter. He picked up a quarter and held it up to his sister.

“Mom and Dad won’t be back until Monday. That gives us each a day. Heads you pick a day. Tails I pick one. Whichever is left the other gets.” With a heavy sigh and the crossing of her arms over her chest, Sarah nodded. He flipped the quarter, sending it into the air. Sarah held her breath as she watched the piece of metal rotated downwards to the floor. It hit the tile with a clatter as it rocked on its edges.

Once it settled, the siblings leaned down to examine the results. Sarah muttered a curse as she bolted up right. John picked up the coin and returned it to the counter. He gave his sister a once over before the wolfish smile returned. “Don’t make any plans for tomorrow, dear sister.”

John strolled out of the kitchen, an extra dash of ego peppering his steps. He plopped onto the couch in the living room with his bare ass and a stupid grin stretching from ear to ear. Who knew an accidental romp with his sister would lead to all of this?

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