The Blue Life Ch. 24: Dim Mak

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The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission and bisexuality and homo-erotica. If any of that offends you, just move on to the next story. All character is 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. This story picks up where Chapter 23 left off. Thanks to John and Jake for their help with suggestions, editing and proofreading. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are very much appreciated. Suggestions are often worked into future chapters.


My father got into my car. We had just left the Police Station. He had called me from there, asking me to come give him a ride. When I got there, Dad wouldn’t say why he was at the Police Station, or why he needed a ride. He just kept saying, “We can talk about this when we get into the car. So here we were in the car. I was looking at Dad, waiting for an explanation.

Dad said, “Start the car and drive.”

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Out of the parking lot, for now,” Dad said. So I started the car and pulled out of the lot. “Now, make a right, and go all the way around the block.”

“I don’t get it, Dad.”

“Just do it, Bobby.” So, I drove slowly around the block. Dad was looking out of the back window. When we got back to the parking lot, Dad said, “Now just drive straight for at least a half mile.”

“Dad, what’s going on? Why won’t you talk to me? Why were you at the Police Station?”

Dad looked forward out the front window. He was expressionless. He said, “I think I killed a man tonight.” I slammed on the brakes. “No. No. No! Bobby, just drive. Don’t draw attention to us.”

“Who do you THINK you killed, Dad?” I asked, trying to keep a calm tone to my voice. I wasn’t successful.

“Bill Stockton, Nancy Stockton’s husband. He’s not dead yet. But I think he will be in the next ten days, maybe two weeks.”

“What! Did you poison him, Dad?” I was having trouble focusing on the road and my driving.

“No, Bobby. We were in a fight. I hit him under the chin. I helped sit him down on his coffee table. It broke. And then, after he said that he was going to kill me and Nancy. I hit him in the ribs. And I think I probably killed him. At least, I was trying to kill him. But, I’ve never killed anyone before, so I can’t be positive. But it felt like he started dying. I just hope they keep him in jail until he’s dead.”

I was deeply and desperately confused. “Dad? Where am I driving?”

“I’m sorry. Take a left and go down to Lancet Avenue, then double back with another left.”


“I have to make sure we aren’t being followed. And I didn’t want to mention killing Bill Stockton in the Police Station for obvious reasons.”

“But you said he’s not dead yet.” I was very confused.

“No. He probably just feels a bit heavier than usual by now,” Dad said.

“And that’s going to kill him.”

“In just a few days. Maybe two weeks on the outside.”

“How?” I asked.

“Dim Mak. The Death Touch. It’s a Martial Arts technique. I’ve been studying the principles of it for about fifteen years. I’ve learned a few key strike points. But it’s not so much about where you strike, but the intention you maintain as you are striking. It’s a Chi Attack. True Masters can do it from a distance.”

I turned on Lancet Avenue. “Is this something you learned in Aikido Classes, Dad?” I asked.

“No. It’s not Aikido. It’s a darker, more secret martial art. But I made contacts with a man through my Sensei. He was a meditation Master, and became my Sifu. He tried to lead me in the Way of Chi Gung, a Golden Path. I am a good student. And I had guessed at many of the fundamentals. So, eventually, this Master mentored me toward a method for massaging and healing Chi, and then some ways to block Chi attacks in a fight. Finally, I believe he knew he was dying, and he wanted to pass on his knowledge to a worthy student. I don’t think I’m worthy. But he eventually taught me the key elements of Dim Mak, of bending and tearing Chi, and using my own Chi to form the basis of an attack.”

“The Death Touch.” I said.

“The Death Touch,” Dad sighed. “I twisted Bill Stockton’s Chi. I doubled it back and ripped it open. I tore a hole in his life force.”

“I don’t believe you, Dad.” I doubled back on East Riverside. The sun was just going down across the river.

“You don’t have to believe me, Bobby. He will either die or not die, no matter what either of us believe.”

“How is he going to die, Dad? What do you think will happen to him?”

“I don’t know. But he’s marked now. So Death will find him. It could be a heart attack or a stroke. Or he might kill himself. That’s why I want him locked up. If he dies while driving or something, other people could get hurt. Take a right here, Bobby. Go up to Bluffs Park.”

“Dad, Mom is going to be worried about you.”

“I called Marjorie already. I told her you would be driving me back to my car as soon as canlı bahis the Police were done questioning me.”

“Where is your car, Dad?”

“On the street behind Nancy Stockton’s house.”

“Why were you parked there?” I asked, as I pulled into the parking lot of Scenic Bluffs Park. It sits along the eastern side of the river. It’s a pretty spot to watch the Sun set. But the Sun had gone down a few minutes before. It was still twilight. The last time I had been up here at night, it was to make out in the car with a girlfriend when I was in High School.

Dad unbuckled his belt and turned to me in the car. He had a sad, worried look on his face. “That will take some explaining. Before we start, could I have a kiss, Sir?”

I unbuckled my belt and turned to my Dad. I could see this was serious. And I didn’t understand his crazy talk about “The Death Touch.” I reached with my hand to touch his head, and he closed his eyes. His head met my palm and he moved in slightly, like a kitten does to pet itself with your ‘fingers. It was both cute and a little disconcerting. I asked, “Do you need an, ‘I love you, Dad, and you can tell me anything,’ reassuring kind of kiss? Or are you looking for a, “Kitten, you are very cute and sexy, and I’m glad you’re my sweet, submissive, sissy-boi lover,’ sort of kiss?”

Dad smiled, a thin, pained smile. “I don’t know. A bit of both, please. More of the second, Bobby. I feel ugly. And Marjorie and I have been fighting recently and I’m afraid that telling her all this will drive another wedge between us.” Dad closed his eyes and leaned towards me. So I kissed him. I kissed him tenderly, with just a hint of passion. My tongue traced along his upper lip and my thumb traced along his high cheekbone.

Dad moaned a sigh into my mouth. Then our foreheads touched, and he broke the kiss but kept our foreheads touching. He whispered, “I love you, Daddy. Your Puppy has needed that kiss for several hours now. I was very nervous at the Police Station. Although I stayed professional.” He took a deep breath. “I probably should have called your mother to come get me. But…I’m very shaken up. And I just needed…” He kissed me again, lightly. “I just needed a kiss from my Master. I just need to know that whatever I say, I will still be your small puppy, Sir.”

“What’s going on with you and Mom?”

“Well, on Monday, when we were at Eugene’s office, some things happened.”

“A lot of things happened, Dad.”

“Yes. But some things you don’t know about.” Dad paused and swallowed, then licked his lips. He’s got nice lips. “After you and Mistress Sunny went in for your physicals, I told Blue to clean my cock. You remember, Mistress Nancy had just ordered me to masturbate and cum in her panties, right there in front of everyone! I was so shocked and humiliated. But Mistress Sunny had put me on edge, so that I just couldn’t hold back, even if I wanted to. So when Mistress Nancy told me what I had to do, it made me so excited. I just gushed into her panties. I felt so embarrassed and free at the same time. I can’t describe it right.”

“That was hot, Dad. There was nothing to be ashamed about. Nancy is an incredibly beautiful woman, and I’m glad you two made a connection,” I assured him.

Dad nodded. “Yes. But, it also made me feel weak, because I was on the floor, kneeling, uncontrollably jerking-off, I just felt very vulnerable. So, I commanded your Mother to clean my cock, and maybe I used too stern a tone with her. But, I needed to get back a sense of secure dominance, I guess. And Blue did it. She began licking, sucking and cleaning my cock in a tender, loving way. It was very nice. Then, Mistress Terri stood in front of me. She was naked, except for her knee-high socks and her blue, athletic shoes. God, she’s so young, and strong and powerful. And her tits…I don’t have to tell you, they’re so fucking big. And even without a bra, they hardly sag at all. She had her fists on her hips. And she just sort of scooted forward, until her pussy was right in front of my face. She had to straddle Marjorie to do that. Then she said, ‘Eat my fucking cunt, you dog!’ Just like that. So raw. So primal. So nasty. It was powerful.”

I didn’t mention that I had seen a bit of that scene from Dr. Shapiro’s security camera in the waiting room. I just agreed with my Dad, “Yeah, Terri is very special. Her blue hair and half-mohawk. Her piercings. It all makes her seem like a Jungle Warrior to me.”

“An Amazonian Fighter,” Dad agreed. “She’s very strong for her size too. Her legs and glutes are so powerful. Anyway, I couldn’t refuse my Mistress. So I tried to eat her with as much passion and enthusiasm as I could muster. But that meant ignoring Blue. And she finished cleaning my cock without it reviving for another round. Seriously, I had just spent my load. I don’t think I could have gotten it back up without one of my little blue pills.” Dad’s fingers trailed up and down my arm. It sent tingles down my spine. He said, bahis siteleri “I wish we were in the Cadillac, so I could snuggle up against you, Sir. Your car is too cramped.”

I looked around. “There’s a park bench. We can cuddle there. Nobody’s around. And if we hear a car come up the hill, we can just get back in the car and leave,” I suggested.

Dad gave me a peck on the lips and got out of the car. I got out, and Dad was reaching his hand for mine. So, I took his hand and we walked silently to the park bench, our fingers intertwined. It was twilight, just after sunset, but still light for a few more minutes. It was still. Romantic. I thought that I would like to bring my girlfriend, Sunny, up here some night. Then, I realized that I was enjoying being here with my Dad too. Dad wasn’t wearing his suit jacket. And he didn’t have on a sweater. He had his white dress shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows. So, I pulled him close to me, under my arm. His hand went inside my jacket and caressed my chest, over my polo shirt. And we kissed again, softly, affectionately, without any hurry or passion. Just a few tender, romantic kisses.

I said, “So what happened at the doctor’s office?”

Dad sighed. “OK. So Mistress Terri was making me eat her pussy. And your mother had kissed and licked my cock clean, but it wasn’t getting hard. I’m not twenty-two anymore.”

“Dad, You’re a stud,” I reassured him, “Don’t worry about it.”

“So Blue sat back on her heels and said something like, ‘Well.’ It was a sigh, as if she was finished and maybe frustrated. But I didn’t want us to be done. I wanted us to both share Terri. I wanted us both to make our Mistress and goddaughter cum. So I pulled Terri’s butt cheeks apart, and I commanded Blue. I said, ‘Eat my vixen’s ass, Blue; while I pleasure our Mistress’ pussy!'”

I had seen that moment, on the security camera, but it was exciting again hearing about it again from Dad. I reached down and adjusted my stiffening cock. I said, “Go on.”

“Well, Blue did it. She put her face right in there and began rimming Terri. And that seemed to set Terri on fire. She was moaning, and talking dirty. She was saying stuff like, ‘Eat my pussy, Puppy. Eat my cunt, you dirty dog! Eat my ass, you fucking, nasty Bitch!’ And then she came, really hard. Terri had me by the ears, pulling my head. It hurt, but it was exciting too. And as Terri was coming down from her peak, she said, ‘I’m going to love having my married Puppy and Kitten for submissives.’ Then she leaned down and kissed me with her pussy juices still all over my face. And while we were kissing, Blue quickly got dressed. By the time I looked up, she already had her bra on and was buttoning her blouse.”

“Was Mom angry?”

“She whispered at me, ‘Nobody asked me if I wanted my goddaughter for a Mistress!’ Then, when I tried to say I was her Master, she pointed a finger in my face and told me to stuff a Red Card in my pie hole, and walked out.”

I whistled like an incoming rocket, and made an explosion sound. “I’m sorry. That was my fault, Red,” I told him, and I kissed his forehead, trying to be reassuring. “I’m in too big of a rush to be able to fuck Sunny, Sally, and especially Terri without a condom, I rushed bringing us all together at the doctor’s office. Frankly, everything has become rushed. It’s only been a week since I met Jillian. And I’ve taken Sally, Terri, Sunny, and now, Nurse Nancy and Doctor Eugene as my submissives.”

Dad kissed my neck, his tongue flicked along my carotid artery. It made my heart beat faster. “Are you going to have Jillian as one of your Kittens too, Master?” My father has Dissociative Personality Disorder (or multiple personalities). Jillian is actually an alternate personality of my Dad’s that my mother and I only recently discovered.

I told my Dad, “Yes, I want Jillian. I want to be her lover. And I want to make her happy. If being my Kitten and joining our family would make her happy, that’s what I want for her.”

“I think I understand,” Dad said, while caressing my chest. He went on with his story. “So when you came out from your exam, Terri was showing off how flexible and strong she is.”

“Yeah, when we came into the Waiting Room, I saw her lower herself from a handstand to a headstand, do the splits in mid-air, and then press herself back to a handstand. It was like something from the Circus.”

Dad laughed, “From my angle, it was even better. Her beautiful breasts were hanging upside down. That reminds me, I want to get out the inversion table from the shed.”

“Is your back hurting again, Dad?” I asked.

“No. I want to use it as a sex toy, maybe as a bondage table for my vixens.”

“Get back to your story, Dad.” I kissed his forehead. “It’s getting dark.”

“Alright, Sir. So when you came out with Sunny and Nancy, you told us that you had taken both Nurse Stockton and Dr. Shapiro as your submissives and that they were part of the Family now. Terri jumped bahis şirketleri into your arms and kissed you, and then rushed to hug and congratulate Nancy. I was very pleased. Because I find Nancy very attractive. And I look forward to fucking her soon.”

“I haven’t had sex with her yet, Red. I think she’s reluctant to have intercourse. I think she’s worried about cheating on her husband. And I can respect that. I don’t want any of us to pressure her.”

Dad took a deep breath. “Well, she won’t have to worry about that soon.”

“Why is that, Dad?” I asked, then answered my own question, “Oh, right. Dim Mak, the Death Touch. I forgot. Go on.”

“So Nancy brought us back into the Exam Room. And Nancy introduced us to Eugene. She said, we should meet her new submissive Eugene Shapiro or ”Dr. Piggie.’ Terri walked right up to him and said that it would be nice having another Rooster in the Henhouse, and especially one that she wouldn’t have to get on tippytoes to kiss. Then she kissed him, right there, right like that. She really hugged him tight, mashing her breasts against his chest. Then, when she pulled away, she was still holding Eugene’s penis. It’s not very long, but it has this bar through it.”

“It’s called an ampallang,” I said.

“Did you think it was sexy, Bobby?”

“Dr. Eugene’s cock or his jewelry?”

“Both,” Dad clarified. He really seemed impressed and maybe turned on by Dr. Shapiro’s cock.

“I’m curious about it, Dad. Objectively, his cock isn’t as nice as yours. I didn’t want to suck him off or anything. But, I guess I owe him one, because he and Sondra doubled teamed my cock while I kissed Nancy, until I came down Piggie’s throat.”

Dad reached and caressed my hard cock through my pants. “God, that sounds exciting, Bobby. I like Dr. Piggie. I think he’s hot, especially for an older man. He’s not particularly handsome. He’s had too much plastic surgery. But he’s very smart. He’s charming. And I think his cock is very sexy, especially with that ampallang thing. I really enjoyed that.”

“How did you enjoy Dr. Shapiro, Puppy?” I asked.

“After Dr. Shapiro was done with his tests, and the procedures he did. Mistress Terri said that we should thank him by sucking his cock. So, I did it first. Then Terri. Then Terri said that she would like to see Dr. Piggie fuck her Kitten Nancy. They argued and said that Mistress Sunny had told them they couldn’t fuck at work. But Terri said that since our appointment was over, their work for the day was done. And that because she was both Piggie and Nancy’s Mistress they should do it. So, Nancy lay down on the exam table, and Terri had her put her feet in stirrups. Then, Terri and I got on either side of Nancy and started playing with her breasts. Dr. Shapiro got up on a stool and said that he had waited many years for this moment. But he also asked if Nancy was sure. Nancy said that her husband could never ever find out, but that Eugene should fuck her, because she loved him and had wanted to fuck him for years as well, and she didn’t want to chicken out. So, Terri and I started alternately kissing Nancy and sucking on her breasts. I was on her left side, so I got the tittie with the heart tattoo around the areola. And Dr. Shapiro started running the head of his cock up and down, along her slit and then he was playing with Nancy’s clit. We all had her on the edge of cumming. Terri said Nancy had to beg for permission to cum from her when she felt like she was ready to explode. And Nancy said she was already ready, even before Eugene put his cock in her. So Terri said, ‘Alright, as soon as your little piggie starts to fuck you, Sister, you can cum for me. Nancy said, ‘Thank you, Mistress.” Eugene put his cock inside her. And Nancy immediately had this giant orgasm. She said she hadn’t cum, except for masturbating for three years. Dr. Shapiro said that he knew the feeling and started begging his Mistress Nancy for permission to cum. I don’t think he had even fucked her for even a minute, maybe thirty seconds! Nancy could see the strain on his face from holding back his orgasm, and Dr. Shapiro is older than he looks. I think he might be older than my mother. So Nancy told him he could cum, and he did. He squirted a little load into Nancy, and then, he cleaned her. It was sexy and sweet. They both thanked us for sharing with them. And they both thanked Mistress Terri for demanding that they fuck.”

“Did Dr. Shapiro and Nancy use a condom?”

“No. And they really should have,” Dad said.

“Why do you say that, Red?” I asked.

“Because we found out today that Nancy has Chlamydia. Our test results came back. It’s what convinced her that her husband was cheating on her.”

“What the HELL!” I exclaimed.

“Don’t be mad at her, Master. Her husband gave it to her.” Dad was trying to protect Nancy.

“Look! You, Terri, Dr. Shapiro and Nurse Nancy are all going to get some correction. Sunny told Piggie and Nancy, ‘No Sex At Work!’ She made that very clear. And as soon as we leave, they fuck each other, and without a condom! Jesus! I need to be able to trust my subs.”

“I’m sorry, Sir. We got carried away, and it was very exciting.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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