The Past Is Prologue Ch. 01

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Ginny’s hot South Pacific vacation is over, and she’s seeking therapy for her runaway libido. Read “Ginny’s Witnesses,” Chs. 4-6, for some lewd background, and please vote! This young lady needs all the support she can get!

Part 1

“Your father’s abuse of you as a young teen, then, drove you to your sexual obsessions?” asked Dr. Erica.

“I think so. All my life I’ve let men do what they wanted…just so they’d like me…or say that they loved me. And it’s gotten progressively worse…like a drug addiction. The more men – and now women – I take on, the better…sometimes all at once…especially when others are watching…or taking pictures or videos. I just seem to go crazy,” I said.

“Do you get the same thrills with women as you do with men?” she asked.

“Different kinds. Usually, I do women if it turns-on men I’m with at the time. Other times, I just do what my body tells me if I feel like…I don’t know…it’s like a switch flipping in my head that asks, what’re you waiting for? Then, before I know it, I’m fucking someone.”

“You have an interesting story,” she said, “but I can only accept you as a patient informally, Ginny,” she said. Erica was a beautiful, exotic, East Indian psychiatrist who practiced sex therapy in offices next door to my father-in-law JJ’s business.

“But I need advice desperately, and you seem to understand my deepest feelings. Why can’t we meet a few times and see how it works out?” I was terribly concerned about my increasingly lurid sexual behavior.

“I’ve known your father-in-law, Jay, for a long time. That’s my first reservation, Ginny. For another, he and I were…ummm…close a few years ago, when you and he started your affair. I was about the age you are now, and at that time I was jealous of your relationship after I saw you two making love in a car parked in the garage, downstairs.”

“But don’t you see? I fell in love with JJ because of my Daddy! I transferred all my early sexual feelings to him ‘cuz he made me feel safe…protected…and I didn’t want him to go away, like Daddy did.”

“Yes, your father died, but Jay is still very much alive, and you’ve tied him to yourself,” she said. “Three years ago you had a child by him – which you may have done as insurance to keep him from leaving you. His wife has died, allowing you to be more open about your relationship, and now you’re even working in his business. Though, you’re still insecure. In effect, you’re trying to bind him to yourself ever more closely to increase your power over him. Yet, that power – even having sex with multiple partners at his request – may be illusory. I think that’s what you fear most in your subconscious.”

“I’ve become a whore as a result. JJ even arranged for a girl we brought back from vacation – Luala, my daughter’s nanny – to sleep in our bed. What do you suggest I do?”

“The potential complications are much too great for me as a therapist, especially since he’s an attractive widower with whom I want to revive our dormant relationship. As a result, having you as a patient would be very unprofessional and unethical,” she said.

“Okay. But can’t we just talk every once in a while?” I asked. “As you put it…informally…as a friend, not a patient. I have no woman friends to share my thoughts with!” Erica looked to be about in her mid-thirties, I estimated – six to ten years my senior. Even though she was of East Indian descent, I felt close to her…like a cousin, maybe a sister. She also had a flawless, softly curved, tan body that must have driven her male patients wild…perhaps some of the female ones as well.

“All right, my dear,” she said, calmly, “…on one condition. You’ve told me about your swingers’ club that meets on Friday afternoons. I normally take Fridays off, so I’d be willing to join you and Jay as an observer and friend. Nothing ‘official’, though…agreed?”

“Fine. And thank you! I’ll see you on Friday!” I said, and left. I have two days, I thought, since JJ and I had invited a few members of our club to his photo studio on Friday afternoon to view pictures and videos taken during our Pacific island vacation. It was typical during such gatherings for members of “The Friendly Friday Society,” as we called it, to engage in partner swapping and group sex. JJ had already told me that Erica was a confirmed voyeur. So, she’ll feel right at home, I thought, yet my stomach did flip-flops because I knew she’d be seeing pornographic photos and videos of me. The shots captured me as an enthusiastic slut engaged in bizarre, interracial sex with a number of young native men I’d met while vacationing on the Pacific island of Pohnpei. I hoped that she’d understand and accept my lewd escapades.

JJ had prepared well for the swingers’ meeting. Aside from the immediate gratification, he wanted to sell his idea for a new porno film business to people whom he considered would provide honest, low risk opinions…and who perhaps might invest money in the enterprise. He’d divided the large studio into three bedroom-like enclosures, ataşehir escort two being small enough to contain double-bed-size futons for those requiring privacy, with the largest containing two king-sized beds plus cushy chairs and chaises. Each enclosure was equipped with video cameras and microphones, all controlled from a central console near one wall. A lengthy bar held wine, fruit, cheeses, chocolate, champagne and finger foods. Behind the bar were two large-screen TV monitors, blank and waiting for recordings of my naked, “vacationing” body to appear on them. On top of that, I’d never seen the studio so completely equipped for an orgy.

Erica was among the first to walk in on Friday, and nursed a glass of wine as the other guests arrived. She was soon a center of attention, partially because of her exotic beauty, dressed in a silk, Hindu sari, with members hoping she’d join in their sex play. But mostly it was because of her professional specialty. People automatically gravitated to her when she spoke of unusual sexual practices. One was an older, distinguished looking gentleman in a suit, who looked like a most unlikely guest at the gathering.

JJ beckoned to me after over a dozen guests had had a few drinks. I stood by his side, a trifle embarrassed at being in the spotlight.

“Friends!” he announced. “Welcome to those who are first-timers! To the rest of you, Ginny and I are pleased to be back among you from our South Pacific island vacation, where – as you’ll soon see – we enjoyed ourselves immensely!”

JJ had edited our island digital photos and transferred our video footage onto discs. He now activated those on the big screens by pushing a remote button that started with sixty-second still shots of me coupling in the canine position with the native Chief of the village where we’d stayed on the island of Pohnpei. A collective murmur rose from the guests as close-ups of my face showed my ecstatic pleasure. A few sat down, making themselves comfortable on the seats JJ had provided, as their attention was captured by the lascivious images.

I looked at one young blonde woman whom I hadn’t seen before – a girl who looked very young and was visibly blushing – and I wondered if she were even old enough to be here. She was about my size and height, and stood gracefully in the characteristic “first position,” indicating training as a dancer. She wore a maroon miniskirt that showed stunning, muscular hips and legs, and a loose, cotton top of the same color that draped over one creamy shoulder, revealing the other down to her upper arm. She reminded me a lot of myself at her young age. Moving behind the crowd to Dr. Erica, I asked, “Is she legal?”

“Just barely,” said my East Indian friend. “See the two men she came with? The older man is her uncle and the younger is her cousin. They’re from Greece but she was born here. Her uncle – Mr. Metropoulos – wants to draw her away from young American males, now that she’s turned 18, and train her in the art of loving more mature men…a traditional Greek custom. Her name is Phaedra, and she’s a ballerina.”

My heart rose in my throat and I almost gagged. I’d been told the same story about “mature” men by my Greek father, who’d taken my virginity as a high school teen. Later, as illicit drugs and alcohol gradually claimed his life, he’d used me incestuously day-after-day when my mother was at work until, after I’d graduated from high school, I’d escaped his clutches – ambivalently, since I’d become his willing, insatiable sex partner – to join the Ice Capades as a chorus skater. But, as I’d told Erica, the link between perverse sex and my need for fatherly affection had already been forged. Then Daddy had died, leaving me emotionally starved for love…and constantly looking for it in the only way I knew how…by indiscriminate fucking.

“What’s she going to do today?” I asked Erica in a whisper, struck by Phaedra’s almost childlike face.

“I assume she’ll join the festivities, Ginny,” she muttered back, obviously not as disturbed as I was by the girl’s presence. Damn it! I thought, You’re being a typical, non-judgmental shrink! I could just imagine what the girl’s perverse old uncle had in mind for her young, well-developed, athletic body, and wished that Erica could immediately see the parallel between Phaedra’s present situation and mine when I’d been a teen.

I looked at Phaedra’s male cousin – Dimitri was his name, according to Erica – with his typical, wavy black, jelled hair topping his intolerably handsome, Mediterranean features, and my pussy throbbed a few times. He was casually dressed and – at about 40 – he looked so much like my father had at that age. His short sleeved, form-fitting shirt showed hairy, muscular arms and made him look so…virile! His slacks hugged his hips tightly and showed a healthy bulge at his groin. He was eating up the lewd images of me fucking a dozen Polynesian guys on the two TVs. As I observed him raptly watching my sexual gymnastics, somewhere deep in my repressed memory I wondered if kadıköy escort bayan his naked body looked like what I remembered of my Daddy’s.

I then looked at Phaedra’s uncle, an older, senior version of her cousin, Dimitri – with gray in his hair and wearing an expensive suit – staring at my images attentively while I climaxed on one of the video screens…this time with Leiuanu, the village Chief’s son. His tinted, thickly framed glasses hid a sensual fire that was frightening in its potential. He looked very powerful, about 60, and accustomed to getting what he wanted. I sneaked glances at him without his knowing it until he pulled a hanky from his pocket and wiped his face free of perspiration…sweat that I knew my televised performance had caused. He then joined JJ, drawing him away from the other guests, to speak with him privately in a corner of the studio.

Then a couple arrived late whom I’d met on my first Friday with the club, and had had sex with several times thereafter. Kimberly and Doug were their names. They’d been married five years, were in their early thirties, and were full of energy. JJ couldn’t stand them, saying they were too phony for his taste, but I enjoyed them because they were so much fun. Kim was an investment banker and hubby Doug was in insurance. She was a wild, bisexual woman, though was very selective about her male sex partners. Her primary goal in life seemed to be to attract girls for her husband. Then, while he coupled with them in front of her, she’d satisfy her insatiable lesbian libido with his partners in the boldest and most imaginative of ways. The couple was also beautiful to look at…she petite, brunette and very shapely. He was tall, slim, sandy-haired, also insatiable…and hung very nicely. Their good humor was infectious, and I truly enjoyed being with them.

“Ginny!” she gushed, and hugged me when she saw me. “You look fabulous! That awesome tan! Mmmm, yummy…good enough to eat!”

“Wow, Gin!” said Doug, as he glanced at the TV screens rather deadpanned. “Looks like you had an awesome vacation!” he chuckled, which disturbed some people nearby who “shushed” us. They were trying to concentrate on my televised moaning and thrashing.

“C’mon in here,” I whispered, and pulled them into one of the enclosed cubicles where we wouldn’t disturb the others. “You guys know what I look like when I’m fucking. Besides, I haven’t seen you in ages and you can see those pictures later.”

“Yeah, but I just got a glimpse of you sucking a big, brown, uncircumcised prick. I’ve never seen you do that before!” said Kim saucily, giggling as I yanked her into the enclosure.

We flopped down on the large futon and Kim took off her rimless glasses, sticking them in her purse. She’d worn her business attire, a black, knee length skirt with a top whose neckline plunged to show the inner slopes of her breasts. Over it she wore a long, beautifully-tailored, black suit jacket ending at her thighs, which she removed. No sooner had we sat down than they both sandwiched me in a hug, she in front, Doug in back, and I moaned as she parted my legs with a knee and kissed me deeply, leaving me gasping, while Doug stuck his hands under my top and fondled my breasts.

“Mmm…sweetie, I’ve missed you,” she murmured. “Doug did too! Now, why don’t we have a quick fuck before we talk?” she asked, getting right down to business. Doug didn’t ask, but instead pulled one of my hands back behind my butt and placed my palm on the thick member growing in his pants. As he did this, Kim removed her suit jacket and unbuttoned her top to reveal her round, C-cup tits, clad in a lacy, black bra, which she unclasped in front. As was typical, they wasted no time in forcing their agenda.

“Can I talk…for a minute?” I giggled, pulling my hand back from Doug’s groin, still wanting to chat about myself. “We were gone for over two weeks and, with Andi along ‘n’ everything, I had every intention to behave. But, you know me…I ended up doing over thirty guys, anyway.” I confessed this since I’d been very open with Kim and Doug from the first day I’d met them.

“Jeezus,” said Doug. “Do you still look the same? Lemme see!” he begged, raising my skirt to look at my panty-less crotch. I’d worn only a short, green cotton skirt and green-flowered sleeveless top.

“Well, I shave myself now, as you can see,” I confessed, as his fingers softly stroked my newly-smooth, bald pussy, “…and, I’ve changed a little…in my head.”

“Whattayamean, honey?” Kim asked. “Dontcha wanta play with us anymore?” She regarded me with a hurt look.

“Oh, it’s not that,” I said, touching her full, bare bosom. “I love you guys! You’re so much fun! But I’m trying to get control of myself. I’m talking with a therapist who’s here today. I mean, the sheer numbers of men that I’ve…”. I let the sentence trail off as Doug had recaptured my hand and put it on his hard cock, which he’d fished out through his unzipped pants. “Ohhh…Doouug,” I moaned, unable to resist stroking him a few times. escort maltepe “I’m trying to taper off…” I said, looking down over my hip at his member and feeling a warm flush envelop me as my fingers closed around his glans. As had happened so many times before, that telltale switch had flipped inside my head and I knew that I was going to fuck them both.

“Whew! I was afraid you didn’t like us anymore!” said Kim, whose feathery touches between my legs made me gasp as I opened them slightly.

“Oh, no! I especially like you together!” I murmured. It was true. Oddly, I was hardly turned on at all when either of them were alone with me. But when I joined them in a threesome, I felt like I’d scored on a two-for-one sale!

At that moment I heard JJ introducing Erica to someone outside the enclosure as a psychiatrist who specialized in sexual disorders. I strained to hear what she was saying, but by this time Doug had splayed my legs and was coaxing warm fluid from inside me with his long cock, causing my labia to make little smacking sounds. I reached down between my legs and rubbed my juice over his corona, pushing it against my clit to feel those slow, numbing pulses in my crotch.

A few minutes later I heard the young, high-pitched voice of Phaedra explaining to someone that the reason for her fully developed thighs and legs was because she’d taken ballet lessons since she’d been five. Then she cooed, “Ooh, look at that!” apparently remarking about my sexual antics on screen.

The man to whom she was speaking was JJ, I realized, when he said, “Really! Ballet! Well, let’s have a look at some of your dance routines,” as he chuckled. Now I suspected what her uncle had earlier proposed to JJ in private, but I could hardly be jealous, given what I was doing. From further away I heard the unmistakable sounds of other people already deep in the throes of lovemaking. JJ’s videos of me had obviously begun to have their desired effect on the gathering.

Kim and Doug had also gotten me started. Though at first tentative, it felt good to be back with someone familiar, and I shivered as Kim unbuttoned my top and licked slowly around my hard nipples. I’d not resumed wearing underwear since returning from the islands, so I was ready to welcome their attention in typical Friendly Friday fashion. I was lying on my right side and Doug whispered in my ear, “Slip out of your top, baby,” as he nuzzled under my hair. “But leave on your skirt…it’s such a turn-on.” Kim bunched the garment up around my waist and – with a glint in her eyes – licked down my smooth mound just as Doug raised my upper leg even higher, bending it at the knee to open me to his pulsing glans. I was already very wet as he slipped into my vagina from behind, his balls meeting Kim’s tongue, which lapped at my spreading inner labia.

“Ooooohhhhh,” I moaned. While on vacation, I’d thought about getting away from the club…it’d seemed so shameful when I was away…decadent…but, I was glad JJ had arranged today’s meeting. “Oh, I’m so glad to see you two!” I exclaimed, immediately feeling at home and flushing at the increasing waves of pleasure that washed over me. Who was I kidding? I was an unconscionable slut – proven countless times when in the islands – but I’d refused to admit it openly! “Don’t think badly of me…please!” I begged, then realized again to whom I was speaking.

Swinging was what these two lived for! Kim and Doug required no apologies, no lame excuses for my hypocritical behavior. I was alone in my sexual schizophrenia. Or, I thought I was, until I saw the videocam on top of the enclosure sweeping its eye across the futon on which we were lying. I heard a few people outside, whispering lewdly as they witnessed the three of us joined in

the afternoon’s sensuous proceedings. I knew that a fresh DVD was being shot of us.

Doug’s right hand crept under me and cupped my breast, pulling gently at my right nipple each time he thrust into me. My left hand went to my other tit to do the same thing, with my fingers reaching down to pull on the back of Kim’s silky brown hair, encouraging her with rapid, gasping moans to lick more fervently at my swollen clit.

“Mmmmmnn…you still taste like our little Ginny, sweetie,” she mewled. “And you’re still as pink as a virgin. Even with a baby-smooth pussy, I can’t see a trace of damage from those dozens of guys you had on vacation,” she murmured, laughing in her throat. I opened my eyes and smiled at her, wishing she were undressed, too, so I could feel all of her succulent, silky body.

Then I looked up and saw the younger Greek guy standing in the doorway…Dimitri, I guess was his name. For a second I felt that he was intruding, then remembered that our club was open to all guests. His eyes were locked onto Kim’s ass, still clothed in her black skirt and sticking up in the air. He was disrobing, tossing his clothing everywhere, and was soon naked, showing his stocky, hairy body. Since Kim’s attention was focused solely on me as she laved and swallowed my juices, he surprised her completely when he reached down to unfasten her skirt at the waistband. She raised up on her knees quickly, leaving my pussy cold from her sudden departure, and spat, “Don’t you dare touch me without asking first, motherfucker, or I’ll cut off your balls!”

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