The Sins of Aunt Susan Ch. 02

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Chapter 2:

When he awoke the next morning, Kurt couldn’t bring himself to get out of bed. All he could do was stare at the ceiling. The memory of his Aunt Susan down on her knees in front of him, sucking his cock played over and over in his head.

It was a situation so surreal, he couldn’t get his mind around it. Not only had his beloved auntie given him a blowjob, she had given him the blowjob of his life. And after she had sucked him dry, she looked into his eyes and made it clear that things wouldn’t go any further.

But that was her idea…not his.

He would spend one more night under her roof before heading back to Boulder to start classes. She’d be by soon to give him a lift into town for his next interview. He pulled himself out of bed and hit the shower. They would have a lot to discuss on that ride into Denver.

While he was getting dressed he heard the screen door to the main house slam shut. Shortly after that the beep-beep of the horn sounded from the driveway. He grabbed his wallet and headed out the door.

Aunt Susan leaned on the front fender on the driver’s side touching up her make-up. She was dressed for a day at the office– white silk blouse neatly tucked into a gray skirt, and hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. She gave him a friendly smile as approached.

“I didn’t expect to see you down so soon. I thought I’d have a few minutes to finish my coffee,” she said and glanced over at the steaming paper cup resting on the hood. .

“You can finish it while I do the driving,” he replied. “I can get into Denver from here; once we hit town, you can give me directions.”

“It’s a deal,” she chirped and tossed him the keys.

Kurt started the car and backed it out onto the street. Once Aunt Susan was settled, she switched on the radio.

“I hope you don’t mind country,” she said as he steered the car down the block.

For the first few minutes of the commute, she talked non-stop. Kurt was a little annoyed that she hadn’t brought up last night’s rather dramatic turn of events; she just prattled on about weather, traffic, and other insignificant bullshit. Evidently, she was making good on her promise to carry on as if nothing had happened.

He thought her little act was ridiculous. Was he supposed to pretend that she didn’t come up to his room last night and suck his cock? He didn’t give a shit how deep in denial she was, he wasn’t going to play along.

“Aunt Susan…about last night….”

He waited for her to speak up, but she remained silent.

“Don’t you think we should at least clear the air,” he continued.

“Kurt, would you please keep your mind on the road. I really don’t want you to be late for that interview.” Her tone was clipped and cool.

“Fuck the interview,” he snapped.

“Kurt!” She shrieked as he abruptly changed lanes and steered the car off the freeway. “This isn’t our exit – we’re at least twenty minutes outside of Denver! Kurt, stop the car this instant!”

She shrieked as he turned sharply into an alley and then came to a sudden screeching stop.


She srared at him in mute disbelief. Kurt leaned over, grabbed her by the shoulders and repeated the question. Her eyes closed tightly – she wouldn’t look at him. He repeated the question again– even louder this time.

“Alright,” she shouted with tears welling in her eyes “I sucked your cock! I went down on you in your room– and I enjoyed it! Is that what you wanted to hear?!” She turned away, buried her face in her hands and began to cry.

Kurt knew that he should have felt pity or shame as he sat listening to his aunt’s muffled sobs…but darker emotions were stirring.

For three days she had cockteased him, frustrated him, and messed with his head, but now he had the upper hand. She had started this twisted game—not him, and he would end it on his terms. He picked up her cell phone and handed it to her.

“I want you to call work,” he said sternly. “Tell them you won’t be in today.”

She stopped sobbing and looked up at him submissively.

“Okay…I’ll do what you want,” she said meekly and took the phone from his hand.

She left her message on someone’s voicemail; Kurt put the car in drive and stepped on the gas.

They didn’t have to go very far to find a hotel. Kurt only had to drive a couple of blocks before spotting a Days Inn. If Susan had any objections, she didn’t voice them. She remained silent as he steered the car into the lot and parked near the lobby entrance. He got out first, and she followed.

He paid for the room with the Visa card his father had given him last year before he left for college. He handed Susan the room key and told her to go up and wait for him while he settled up with the clerk.

“Enjoy your stay, sir,” the clerk said as he handed Kurt back his credit card a few minutes later.

“Thank you, I will,” he replied. He tucked the card into his wallet and headed pendik escort for the elevator.

He had butterflies in his stomach as he rode the elevator up to the third floor. However, all anxiety melted away when he opened the door and saw Susan sitting on the bed with her ponytail undone and her long brown hair spilling down over her shoulders.

He slammed the door, grabbed her by the hand and pulled her up from the bed. He looked into her eyes for a second and then kissed her hard on the mouth. To his surprise she reciprocated enthusiastically —kissing back hungrily.

He reached around and grabbed a nice handful of her ass. She grinded her hips into his crotch and licked her ear.

“I’ll do whatever you want,” she whispered.

He backed her into the wall and lustily grabbed her tits.

She let out a deep, breathy sigh as he tore open the blouse and yanked it down past her shoulders.

Her hardened nipples were prominent through the sheer, white fabric of her bra. Kurt undid the hasp on the front and buried his face in her heaving bosom.

“Ahhhh…. yeah…suck my tits…that’s it….that’s it,” Susan moaned and ran her fingers through his hair.

“I plan on doing a helluva lot more than that,” he snickered

Kurt was too fired up for foreplay and he sensed she was too. He backed up a step and hastily stripped off his clothes

The sight of his Aunt Susan grinning mischievously– her hair askew, her lipstick smeared, and her pert, perky breasts glistening with his saliva would be burned into his memory forever. Never had he wanted to fuck a woman as badly as he wanted to fuck her right now.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…” She licked her lips as Kurt stripped off his boxers revealing his thick, throbbing cock.

“Time to get what you’ve been aching for these last three days” he sneered as he spun her around and bent her over the bed.

“C’mon baby – I’m ready for you, hon,” she cooed.

He tossed her skirt up and yanked down her panties – the sweet, funky aroma of wet pussy filled his nostrils.

He grabbed her by the waist and penetrated her with one powerful thrust.


He lingered inside her for a moment, savoring the tight, warm comfort of his aunt’s cunt, before getting down to serious business.

“Oh yeah –you feel SOOOO GOOOOD,” she moaned.

He gave her a hard slap on the haunches and commenced fucking. She grunted lustily as he picked up the pace – slamming hard–slamming fast.


At he pounded away, Kurt was blissfully aware that he was fucking his beloved Aunt Susan– a woman who used to babysit him as a kid and dutifully sent him a birthday card every year. The fact that she was a great piece of ass was just icing on the cake.

He tightened his grip on her waist and rode her high and deep.


Her body twitched and jerked spastically and he knew she was very close. He reached forward and grabbed her hair like the reins of a horse and rode her to the finish line!


As she squealed in ecstasy, Kurt erupted into her tight, juicy box in hard violent spurts. His cock was still firing away when he pulled out – reams of cum doused her back and pooled in the crack of her ass.

Exhausted, spent, and satisfied, he collapsed onto her pale, quivering frame,

They remained tangled in a sweaty, sticky pile for several minutes before Susan got up and quietly walked to the bathroom.

The last thing Kurt remembered before drifting off to sleep was the sound of the shower.


Kurt awoke to the sight of his aunt perched at the edge of the bed. She had put her clothes back on and was drying her hair with a bath towel. She spoke without looking at him.

“I’ve got to get going…as much as I’d like to play hooky with you, I really can’t afford to miss a whole day of work.”

He caressed her back; she turned and smiled at him fondly.

“That was nice,” she said. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been fucked like that.”

Although, they had just finished a session of nasty, intense, incestuous sex, her blunt language still caught him off guard.

“Aunt Susan—such language,” he joked and pulled her toward him.

“Stop–I’ve gotta get to work!” Susan giggled as she fell on top of him.

They shared a long sensuous kiss. He was about ready to hop on for another ride, before she pulled away.

“You know, we can’t keep doing this,” she said wistfully.

“Why not,” Kurt asked half-seriously.

“Well…first of all, I’m your aunt. If this ever got out, both our lives would be ruined. C’mon Kurt, we’re not hillbillies – society frowns on this sort of thing.”

He wasn’t about to give in so easily. Incest or not, she was the best piece of ass he ever had– and he’d had more than his share in the last couple of years.

“Well, I’m not about to tell anyone about this…and maltepe escort I don’t think you are either,” he said and tenderly stroked her hair. “Besides, we can’t undo what we’ve already done”

She sat up and looked away from him. He touched her hand and she pulled away.

“Tomorrow you’ll be going back to college. I think the smart thing to do would be to end this right now.”

Kurt sat up and put his arms around her.

“Okay, so it’ll end when I go back to school. In the meantime, we’ve got one more day together.”

She buried herself in his chest. “Alright, come on over to the house tonight after Chuck goes to work. Jason said something about sleeping over a friend’s house, so he won’t be around. That should give us a few hours.”

“I’ll see you later.” She kissed him quickly, grabbed her bag and dashed out the door.


Kurt spent the rest of the day hanging around the hotel room watching cable and eating junk food. Late in the afternoon, he got dressed and caught a bus back to the house.

As he approached the house, he saw Uncle Chuck sitting on the porch sipping a can of Budweiser.

“Hey college boy, how did it go,” he called.

“Let’s just say that my morning went a lot better than I expected.”

“That’s good news. When you’re makin’ the big bucks, maybe you can get your auntie somethin’ nice!”

Kurt chuckled.

She’ll get something nice alright….as soon as you leave for work, he mused.

Once he was back in his room, Kurt felt a little pang of guilt. Even though his uncle was an asshole, he sure as hell didn’t deserve this. It was bad enough that the man was impotent, but to be cuckolded by his nephew was downright sad.

He decided to lay low until Aunt Susan gave him the green light. He picked up the sci-fi novel he was reading the previous evening and stretched out on the bed.

A little while later, he heard Susan’s car pull into the driveway. He knew Jason had already left for his sleepover; he would just bide his time until Uncle Chuck left for his pizza delivery job.

Another hour passed, and he hadn’t heard his uncle’s truck pull out of the driveway. He looked out the window and saw it hadn’t moved. He was wondering what was happening when his cell phone rang.

“Kurt,” his aunt whispered. “I’ve got some bad news — Chuck isn’t going to work tonight. We’re gonna have to call everything off!”

“Why isn’t he going to work?”

She paused for a moment before replying. When she spoke, her voice was dripping with disgust.

“The bastard started drinking beer early this afternoon and when that ran out, he started in on the vodka. The bottom line is, he’s too drunk to work—he can barely stand up!”

“Shit,” Kurt muttered.

“Look, it might be a good idea if you made other plans for dinner. He can be a real belligerent asshole when he gets like this!”

“I don’t give a shit — I really need to see you tonight!”

“Kurt please — don’t come over…please—”

He slammed the phone down, stomped downstairs and across the yard to the house. When he reached the back door, he took a few deep breaths before knocking.

His aunt greeted him with a petrified look.

“Who the hell is that,” he heard Uncle Chuck bellow from the front room.

“It’s just Kurt honey…he’s going to have dinner with us,” she replied nervously and ushered him in.

“Well ain’t that nice —another goddamn mouth to feed!”

Kurt entered just in time to see his uncle stagger in from the living room. His eyes were red and bleary and he reeked like a bar rag.

“Don’t mind me, college boy– I’m just messin’ with ya! Come on in…Susan just finished settin’ the table!”

Kurt followed them both into the dining room. Right before they sat down his uncle delivered a nice hard slap to Aunt Susan’s rear end. The sharp, loud THWACK filled the room.

“Chuck, please—try and be civilized,” she hissed.

“Alright…I’ll try to behave myself.”

For dinner, Aunt Susan had prepared baked ziti– an awful lot of which wound up on the front of his uncle’s shirt. While they ate, Uncle Chuck felt it necessary to pontificate at length on politics, the state of the world and other general complaints. Kurt tolerated him politely while Aunt Susan seethed quietly.

After they finished, Aunt Susan cleared the dishes as Uncle Chuck pushed back from the table and struggled to his feet.

“I’m gonna go watch some TV…you be a good boy and help your auntie with the woman’s work,” he barked at Kurt.

“Chuck!” Aunt Susan snapped.

“Oh take it easy honey—the boy knows I’m just funnin’, don’t ya boy?”

“Sure Uncle Chuck…no offense taken,” Kurt replied.

Chuck staggered into the living room and collapsed into his recliner.

Aunt Susan pulled Kurt aside.

“I’m so sorry hon – you really shouldn’t have to put up with that kind of crap!”

“That’s alright,” Kurt smirked. “You’ll make it up to me somehow.”

He kartal escort grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her close.

“Kurt,” she giggled. “be careful…he’s right in the next room.”

“So what…he’s drunk – besides he’s got the TV turned up so loud, I could probably fuck you right here on the kitchen table and he wouldn’t even notice.”

She glanced in at her husband sitting like a lump in front of some action movie.

“You go on back to your room and I’ll meet you there in a few minutes. I just wanna go upstairs and grab a few things.”

“Sounds like a plan!”

She kissed him quickly, trotted into the living room past her oblivious husband and bounded up the stairs to her bedroom.

Kurt was halfway out the door when the sound of the loud snores coming from the living room got his attention. Curious, he turned around and cautiously crept up on his uncle..

The old bastard was out for the count.

“Uncle Chuck,” he called.

Kurt nudged him. Chuck didn’t stir; he kept on snoring as the TV droned on in the background.

Kurt had an idea. He bounded up the stairs and into the master bedroom.

“Kurt!” Aunt Susan gasped. She was sitting at her vanity retouching her makeup. “What are you doing—I told you I’d meet you in your room?!”

“Change of plans—let’s fuck here!”

“Are you crazy—Chuck will kill us both!” She was angry but careful not to raise her voice.

“Don’t worry—he’s out for the count,” Kurt said and closed the door.

She jumped up and came toward him waving an angry finger.

“No…No…No…we are not going to do this here—”

“Shhhh!” Kurt cupped a palm over her mouth. “Yes, we are…trust me…Uncle Chuck is in no shape to do anything.”

He took his hand from her mouth.

“Okay,” she whispered. “We’ll do it here.”

Kurt smiled and sat down on the chair by the vanity.

“Get undressed,” he said.

Susan nervously undid her blouse and slipped off her skirt. Kurt knew she was inhibited with her husband right downstairs, but as far as he was concerned, that only added to the excitement. She was still trembling when she took off her bra and removed her panties.

Kurt rose from the chair and slowly got out of his clothes. Aunt Susan folded her arms over her bare breasts and fidgeted nervously. When he was done, he sat back down in the chair and pulled her over to him.

Susan needed no further instructions; she spread her legs and mounted him—biting her lip as she carefully eased herself onto his stiff prick.

He squeezed her tits as she slid slowly down his cock.

“That’s right…good girl,” he whispered.

She put her hands on his shoulders and grinded down on his crotch. He pinched her nipples and she started springing and bouncing like a little girl on a pogo stick.

“UNH-UNH-UNH,” she grunted.

Kurt was content to let her do all the work…he wanted to save his strength for something special.

Soon enough, Aunt Susan was jockeying to the finish line—whipping her head from side to side and bouncing and popping like a Mexican jumping bean.


Her face contorted into a grimace and her fingernails dug into his shoulders. Kurt’s cock was still rock-hard as she wriggled in his lap. She began bucking harder and bouncing higher in a frenzied effort to get him off.

“WAIT,” he shouted.

“What’s wrong,” she asked.

“Let’s try another way,” he said as he brushed the hair from her face.

“Sure hon, anything you want,” she replied.

She dismounted and slinked down between his thighs. “You want me to suck you off again, huh,” she drawled.

“No…I’ve got something else in mind,” he said and grabbed a small jar of Vaseline from the vanity. “Go get your vibrator!”

Susan looked baffled, but she scrambled to her feet, trotted over to the nightstand and retrieved her vibrator from the drawer.

“What’s the plan, hon…the suspense is killing me.”

Kurt smiled and snatched the vibrator from her. “Have you ever had it Greek-style?”

Her jawed fell open and she raised a hand to her mouth.

“Oh no…I won’t do that,” she protested.

“Trust me…just trust me on this, Aunt Susan.”

Reluctantly she got on all four atop the bed. Kurt opened the jar of Vaseline and lubed up the dildo.

“W-w-what are you gonna do with that’,” she stammered.

“Prepare you,” he replied as he lightly probed her pink, puckered asshole with the tip of the vibrator.

She squirmed as he slowly worked it in. He took his time, not wanting to panic her…gently caressing her butt-cheeks with his free hand. Minutes later, she was loose enough to take a couple of inches of it without freaking out.

“How does that feel,” he asked.

“It’s a little uncomfortable,” she answered.

Kurt grinned slyly and twisted the power knob. She yelped like a puppy and her body went rigid..


Kurt soldiered on, manipulating the vibrator like a master—working it around-and-around and back-and-forth. After overcoming the initial shock, Susan started getting into it—cooing like a dove, rubbing her pussy and generally embracing this brave new world.

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