White Lies

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She was leaning over his body, her breath and heartbeat returning to normal. The sheen of perspiration cooled her body as it evaporated. This was their fifth date, third time in bed and her sixth orgasm… but who’s counting.

She had lost her virginity the night of the school prom to her first crush. They dated part of their Junior and all their Senior year and had experimented with ‘everything but’. Loosing this barrier just seemed like a rite of passage. After the prom she dated him a few times but saw the relationship was going nowhere. He was content to get a job in the local hardware store and she wanted to go to college, get a degree and see more of the world.

Her grades earned her a partial scholarship at Penn State University where she majored in design and marketing. She graduated in the top ten percent of her class and had no trouble finding a job in Philadelphia where she met Frank.

She could count her lovers on one hand, but Frank was the best. He always made sure she came first and then she would come again with him inside her. She raised herself to an upright position and put her hands on his smooth chest. She could feel his penis beginning to shrink. She locked her eyes on his, started a slight undulation of her hips and felt him begin to grow again.

She was mentally checking off the characteristics she was looking for in a husband; handsome, well built, good job, sense of humor, good listener and a characteristic she had only discovered when she started dating him, a larger than average penis. These traits and her subconscious, with the help of thousands of years of evolution, were enabling her to evaluate this man as her permanent mate. Some would have thought her thinking was presumptuous as Frank had not even said the “L” word. That was a detail that would come later.

She continued rocking her hips and gazed into his eyes. “This is the man I’m going to marry.” Her tempo increased as their eyes remained locked. Frank reached up and massaged both her breasts, twirling and gently pulling her nipples. She felt a bolt of pleasure shoot directly to her vagina and her hips began to rock furiously. As she picked up the pace she felt that familiar warm feeling originating in her sex and spreading over her body. “Ungh! Ungh! Yes! Fuck me! Harder! There! There! Yes! Oohh Gaa! I’m coming! I’mm Coommiinngg! Ungh! Ungh!” she felt him thrusting from below and twitch inside her. “That was two for me and three for you.” he said catching his breath. She kissed him deeply their tongues intertwining. “I owe you one.”

Six months later Frank proposed and we were married within the year. It was a small affair with immediate family and a dozen or so of our closest friends.

Both of us had good jobs and had compatible ideas about the future. We would save a large part of my salary as down payment on a house, get settled then we would start a family in 4-5 years.

My job was stressful but I kept in shape and relieved my tension by doing yoga. Some of the positions were better at relieving tension than others when combined with controlled breathing. If I was pressed for time, my “go to” exercise was to lie on my back, filling my chest with air and doing deep abdominal breathing while slowly raising my hips using only my abdominal muscles. As the mind can concentrate on only one thing at a time, I found it helpful to have a mantra that lasted through the entire exhale such as “Ohmmmm” or “Yesssss”. This had the dual effect of relaxing my body and making me horny.

After 3 years of marriage I went off birth control. We decided that sex in my first fertile period would be a special occasion. We did not have sex for five days leading up to the day I was scheduled to ovulate. It was a Saturday and I spent the day preparing my body for the adventure of creating new life. In the afternoon I took a nap and then a hot bath, shaved my legs and trimmed my pubic hair in a heart shape leaving a short fluffy stubble.

For dinner I prepared a simple salmon salad with fruit for desert. I didn’t want a heavy meal leaving us lethargic. We had a couple of glasses of wine, knowing that this would be the last I would have until the baby was born.

In the bedroom I closed the shades to keep out ambient light and put three lighted candles on each the night stands beside the bed. I set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature as we would be making love nude. “I’ve never understood why having something on while making love is sexy. I want my entire body available for touching. To each her own.”

While Frank took his shower, she had took the spread and covers off the bed, lay down on the clean white sheets and she did her deep breathing and hip flexing exercises to relieve any tension in body. A vision of a virgin on an alter being sacrificed to the volcano god ran through her mind. In the past she had approached sex from a recreational viewpoint, but tonight it would have a more spiritual demetevler escort meaning. She would be fulfilling her role as a woman and bring new life into the world.

Frank came from the bath with a towel wrapped around his waist, removed it and laid down beside her. He too felt the gravity of the journey they would soon begin. They snuggled and exchanged small talk about how their lives would be changed when she got pregnant. She made him promise he would not make fun of her fat belly. He assured her he would love her more than ever and would massage her feet and legs when the got swollen.

The time between conversation became longer and was replaced by kisses and stroking one another. She lay passively as Frank ran the tips of his fingers up and down her legs inside her thighs, avoiding her pleasure center. When he took a nipple in his mouth and twirled it with his tongue goose bumps ran throughout her body. The hands and finger tips brushed over her flat stomach while she exhaled slowly spread her legs and raised her hips hoping he would put his hand in her “V” and bring her some relief.

Frank continued kissing and lightly stroking her body while avoiding her vulva. There was tension rising in her body, but this was good tension; sexual tension that would be released when he finely entered her. She could feel her vagina becoming engorged and wet. This was nature’s way of insuring a tight fit and smooth entry for the male.

After an eternity of kisses and foreplay her body felt like a live wire. Every touch sent jolts to her pleasure center. “Now Frank!… Fuck me… Give us a baby.” she whispered in his ear while grasping his penis and gently tugging it toward her vagina. Frank got on his knees and positioned himself between her bent legs. He teased her clitoris wiht his engorged penis gently and probed at the puffy lips of her vagina, .

He held this pose looking into the eyes of the one he loved. “I don’t think I’ve ever loved you more than I have at this minute.” A tear formed in her eye and ran own her cheek. “Nor I you.” He bent over and they kissed deeply while he eased himself forward. She let out a long sigh lifting her hips and opening herself to him. He sank his entire length in her and laid still while both enjoyed the feeling of closeness. He raised on his elbows, they looked into each other’s eyes which conveyed the love they felt for one another. Another deep kiss and Frank started to move out. She followed him a short way with her hips but he returned slowly gently pressing against her cervix and holding it there. Normally their sex was faster and rougher and hitting the cervix could be painful. This time the touch was so gentle that she felt a pleasurable tremor run through her body. She raised her hips slightly and found that this increased the pleasure. “Don’t move!… Stay there!” Frank stayed in position and she slightly rocked her hips to use the soft tip of his penis to massage her uterus. “God, this feels good!” After rocking her hips a few more times she felt an orgasm building. This was different from the ones she experienced from clitoral stimulation and seemed to engage her whole body. She wrapped her arms and legs around her husband pulling him to her with all her might. “I love you, Frank!” she screamed while the waves of pleasure washed throughout her body.

“God! That was different.” she said catching her breath between tremors of aftershock running through her body. Her contractions had been so intense she had pushed him out. He repositioned himself, kissed her deeply and again slid into the tight wet cavity surrounding his manhood. She spread her legs wide holding them high to give him complete access to her body and let him take the lead. Frank began a slow in and out movement until the feeling of the warm wet glove surrounding his cock began to intensify. He sped up his thrusts. pulling almost all the way out and plunging the full length back into his wife and lover. As his movements intensified he felt her legs drop and her heels lock behind his knees. This limited his outward stroke but he felt her use the new position as leverage to rock her hips up to meet his thrusts giving him maximum penetration. As their rhythm intensified he could feel the cum building up, She sensed the increased urgency of his movements. “Fuck me Frank! Give me your cum! Yes! Do it baby!” As Frank buried himself in her, she felt his cum blast against her uterus. Again she wrapped her legs around him thrust her hips upward and trying to pull his entire body inside her while an orgasm swept over her.

Afterward they laid still with Frank resting on his elbows, still inside her. They looked into each others eyes saying nothing, but reading that this was the real beginning of marriage and a life time of commitment.

Two weeks later she had her period.

Their sex life continued at the rate of 3-4 times per week. Each month she would give dikmen escort a little sigh of disappointment when her period started. After a year she was getting concerned but her OBGYN assured her that she was perfectly normal and sometimes it took a little longer if the man had a low sperm count. After six months, she convinced Frank to go for a checkup. Even though he could perform like a stud horse, his sperm count was far below normal.

Both were disappointed. They wanted a family but the odds of its happening naturally were slim. They considered adoption, but more single mothers were keeping their babies so the wait and screening process was horrendous. They investigated a fertility clinic which would match an anonymous sperm donor’s physical characteristics to those of the husband and try for a successful pregnancy. The problems were the cost, around $11,000.00 per treatment, and the atmosphere, which made her feel like a lab rat being probed with a turkey baster.

“Let’s take a couple of weeks off and go to a resort in Mexico or the Caribbean. Maybe without the stress of everyday life, we’ll have a better chance of getting pregnant.” she suggested. Frank agreed and she searched the internet for travel deals. She found a time share hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where owners who could not use their weeks would rent their unit at a discount. They reserved two weeks at the Costa Vida for the third and fourth week of October which ran from Thursday to Thursday. This was the end of the rainy season and just before the high season started in November.

Since she had to match their vacation to the times available, it wasn’t possible to optimize her fertility schedule to the days available. It turned out that she would be having her period when they arrived and her fertile days would be near the end of the two week vacation.

The 12 story hotel was built on the beach fronting a high cliff. The road chiseled out of the cliff ran behind it. The entrance was on the 5th floor and a slow elevator connected the floors. Their room was down on the first floor; level with the pool, dining room, bar and steps down to the beach. Their unit was at the end of the hall, furtherest away from the pool noise.

The staff was friendly and efficient; many had been there for years. They knew the names of the owners who returned year after year and made a point of remembering who was a friend with whom so they could direct late comers to the group’s table for happy hour. Matching spouses with one another was a given. Husbands would go fishing and the wife shopping so sometimes they did not arrive for dinner at the same time. The staff quickly learned to match them up and take the late arrival to the correct table.

We were beginning our second week of vacation, Frank was sill in the shower when I went out to the dining area for breakfast. The head waiter, Fernando, motioned me over “Right this way Senora.” I followed him over to a table at which a man was sitting. I did a double take, because the man at the table looked enough like Frank to be his brother. The man looked puzzled at the prospect of a strange woman almost being seated with him. “I’m sorry but this is not my husband. He looks like him, but he isn’t.” I told Fernando. “Lo siento, sorry, Senora.” He took me to an empty table.

Frank joined me shortly, I told him about almost being seated with a strange man who resembled him and pointed him out. About that time the stranger finished eating and was getting up to leave. He spotted me as his almost breakfast companion and then looked strangely at Frank. I motioned him over and made introductions. I commented on how much he and Frank resembled one another and allowed as to how easy it was for the waiter to be confused. At our invitation he sat with us and had coffee while we ate. His name was Bradley, Brad for short; he was from Cincinnati and had arrived last evening. He was traveling alone as he was recently divorced and had come to Mexico to clear his head.

“They say everyone has a twin in the world somewhere. It is just such a coincidence that the two of you would meet. I wonder if you have any common ancestors.” After some discussion he and Frank discovered that great grandfather Stein had a large family in Pittsburg. Two of the boys had moved their families to the mid-west in the early 1900’s and over the years everyone had lost touch. So Brad and Frank were distant cousins.

Brad and Frank hit it off like long lost brothers. They went fishing together Saturday, caught two medium sized fish. I prepared them for dinner in our efficiency kitchen. The three of us ate on the patio and enjoyed a bottle of wine while watching the ocean and the boats in the harbor. Sunday we all took a boat ride across the bay to a thatch roofed village that could only be reached by boat, mule or a trek through the jungle. We were met on the beach by women, who with only a wood stove ankara escort for cooking, were selling beautiful fruit pies with meringue four inches tall. We bought one and ate it while sitting at a table under an umbrella drinking bottled water and beer. While we were relaxing, I teased Brad about why couldn’t a good looking guy like him find a lady to bring on the trip? He said that he needed a special kind of woman who was hard to find.

A boy brought over a huge iguana that, for a price, he would set on our shoulder for a photo opportunity. “Es only wan dollar Senor!” Though harmless vegetarians, those things look horrible and can carry salmonella, so we compromised by having him stand with us holding the iguana while someone took a group picture.

When we returned from the boat trip Sunday afternoon, there was a message for Frank that a problem had come up at work. He tried to solve the situation over the phone but found he needed to catch the next plane home. At first I was going to fly back with him but the plane was full and he had to play extra to coax someone give up their seat. I went with him to the airport Monday and we had a tender good by. I reminded him that I should be ovulating any day and we wanted to use this as an opportunity to get pregnant one more time. “Look, it is only two days and a wakeup before your flight. We can try the night you get home.”

Monday night I went to dinner at the restaurant by the pool. I saw Brad come in and waved him over. I explained that Frank had to leave early on an emergency. We chatted for a couple of hours and had some wine while getting to know one another. His divorce had been amicable, but still traumatic. He had dated a few women, but none seemed to be interested in a long term relationship. Mexico was a diversion to clear his head. I discussed how happy Frank’s and my marriage was and hoped he could find someone. I mentioned our plans for a family without going into details.

We left the restaurant about 9:30 and he escorted me back to my room. Along the way he mentioned he was going snorkeling the next day and invited me to go with him. I had only snorkeled in the reefs around the hotel, so the chance of seeing some of the islands and rock formations out in the harbor sounded exciting.

The next day we arrived at the tour boat at 9:00 AM for a few hours of snorkeling. The water was murky that day so the tour was cut short so we got home around 1:30 PM. Brad invited me to lunch, but I was tired from the swimming and didn’t feel like going out. I wanted to take a nap and agreed we could have dinner at the hotel dining room. He said he would meet me there around 7:00. Like the preceding night we talked and got to know one another better. We ordered a bottle of wine and sat drinking until the restaurant closed at 10:00 PM.

I was feeling a little unsteady as Brad escorted me down the hall to my room. When we arrived at the door, he stood in front of me, put his hands on my waist and looked in my eyes, “I want you.” he said. I felt my pussy contract; a warm feeling emanated from it and spread over my body. “I… I… I can’t… I thought we were just being friends having dinner. Just because Frank isn’t here doesn’t mean I don’t take my marriage seriously.” He leaned over to kiss me and I lifted my head so our lips met. At first our lips just brushing together gently, then his tongue slipped between my lips and we were pressing harder with tongues twirling around one another. While we were kissing his right hand massaged my ass cheek and the left one cupped my breast. I felt myself loosing control. With a quick surge of will power, I put my hand on his chest and separated our bodies. “I… I have to go now… I’ll see you tomorrow!”

I quickly slid the card key in my door lock and slipped in. I closed the door and leaned against it breathing heavily. “That was intense!” I had forgotten about the time difference when I called Frank and woke him up. We made small talk and caught up on the day’s events. I told him that Brad and I had had dinner together. He must have heard something in my voice that prompted him to ask: “Oh? Did anything happen that I should know about?” “Well, he kissed me good night… and… I… I think he wants to fuck me?”… “Like that’s a news flash, every man that sees you would like to fuck you.”… “I wish you were here, I really miss you. Since I’m ovulating soon, we were going to use these last couple of days to try to get pregnant.” There was quiet on the line and a long sigh. “Honey, we have tried hundreds of times to get pregnant and I don’t think one more time would have done the trick. Since we were going to go to the clinic when we got back home, here is an alternative proposition… If you feel like it… go to bed with him … If you get pregnant, we’ll know the baby has DNA more similar to mine than we would get with a random donor at the sperm bank. If you don’t, we’ll go to plan B and spend the eleven grand.”

Luckily I was sitting down as my knees grew weak from processing the scenario my husband was laying out. “Are you sure? I don’t want to cheat on you. Since we’ve been married, you’re the only man I’ve been with…Are you pimping me out to save eleven thousand dollars?”

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