Winter Workout

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It had been a long two months with my wife gone playing army. She had been home for only three days over Christmas, and then she was gone again for another two months of training. It had only been three days since she left and I was already horny as hell again. Three days of sex can’t make up for two months when you’re used to getting it a couple times a week. My daughter had decided to go visit her boyfriend for two weeks before classes at college started again. It was getting late and I had just gotten back from dropping her at the airport and decided to take a shower, put on my pj’s and settle down for some TV.

I looked at myself in the mirror as I dried off. I wasn’t in bad shape for just turning fifty. I worked out several times a week and normally did a lot of outdoor activity, despite just getting over some broken ribs I hadn’t gotten too flabby. I finished drying off and pulled on my flannel PJ bottoms and furry slippers. I stepped out onto the front porch, but I didn’t stay outside in the cold very long, despite how beautiful it was with the snow flakes coming down like a soft curtain, gently floating onto the existing blanket of white. I carried a few pieces of wood into the house and stuffed them into the wood stove and then walked back and closed the front door. I liked it warm when it was cold outside, and today was no exception.

It must have been a good eighty five degrees in the living room where the wood stove was. I hadn’t had a chance to work out for weeks with the busted ribs, but the doc cleared me for most activities just before my wife came home, thankfully. I decided I might as well step onto my elliptical and work a few minutes, just to start getting a little exercise again. I walked down the hall to my workout room and flipped on the light. I stepped onto the machine and started working my legs and arms, driving the machine in its running type strides, but without the impact of a treadmill. I looked out the window at the falling snow as I worked, but my workout was frustrated by my flannel PJ bottoms trying to slide down all the time, so finally I just stopped the machine and stepped off.

No one was home, my wife and daughter both gone for weeks. I figured what the hell? I kicked off my slippers and let my bottoms fall to my ankles and stepped out. It was nothing I hadn’t done many times before. I had even tried to get my wife to work out naked with me, but she complained that all I wanted to do was have sex instead of work out. I always get horny working out and I could clearly see my dick wagging around in the reflection of the window as I started working the machine again. I turned on some tunes, put the ear buds into my ears and cranked the music up, listening to some love songs my wife had collected for me.

I was working along pretty well, thinking about a hike my wife and I had taken in the spring just after she got back from Iraq. I talked her into hiking naked with me, and both of us hadn’t had near enough sex in the preceding year. As we were hiking, both of us completely naked except for out hiking boots, she would stop to rest, and I would step behind her and slide my dick into her wet pussy, taking only enough strokes to get us both close. I intentionally frustrated us, building the tension and intensity each time we took a stop, which seemed to become more frequent. In my minds eye I could still picture her pussy as she bent over, exposing herself to me, waiting for me to slide my dick into her again. I even reached down and stroked my dick a few times, lubricated with both my sweat and a liberal amount of pre-cum as I thought about how she had finally had enough and practically threw me to the ground, mounting me and riding my stiff rod to a huge mutual climax. I was getting really turned on as I pictured in my mind how her tits moved and swayed while she rode me. I took my hand from my hard dick and held the handles of the elliptical again, afraid I was going to shoot my load all over the machine.

I only half noticed the first flash, my mind wondering about lightning during a snow storm. It wasn’t unheard of, but it was rare. My mind was still mostly concentrating on how my wife’s body had looked as she worked her pussy up and down my slickened dick when I saw the second flash. It took a few strides for my mind to change gears and process the situation when the third flash finally drove into my mind that it was a camera flash. No one was home but me, where would a camera flash come from? I turned my head and looked toward the door.

It’s surprising how the human mind works. In times of great stress or surprise, it can almost make time stand still while it processes its inputs. In the span of only one full revolution of the flywheel, two strides, my mind was able to process what I was looking at. Two girls, both of them familiar to me, were standing in the doorway, one of them aiming a camera again. I recognized both of them in an instant; they were friends of my daughter, a senior in college. I remembered that I had çankaya escort to go pick them up, along with my daughter, from some night club when the last of the three turned twenty one. They had been around a number of times, working on the computer editing photos for the class they took together. The one holding the camera was Candis, who liked to be called Candy, a very good looking young lady. Today, as usual, she was wearing a short skirt and a tight fitting top. Today she had on a pink form fitting turtle neck sweater to match her pink micro skirt. Her friend Lisa was wearing a pink sweat suit with their sorority name on it. They were both real hotties, but I really remembered Candy and the shape of her body best, having jacked off to my memory her tight outfits, and my one accidental glimpse of her practically bare bottom, many a lonely night. My mind, finally satisfied that there was no danger, processed the rest of the situation. Candy was raising the camera again to her face, preparing to take yet another photograph. I was standing in full view of both of them, my naked dick sticking out at an angle, glistening with my sweat and juices. I’ve flirted with the idea of exhibitionism, but have never quite gotten to where I could deal with the potential problems. This situation was a veritable minefield. Pictures of me naked, possibly with my hand stroking my dick, in the hands of sorority girls? Not good. The first step was to cover myself.

With my mind having finally processed the situation, decided on a course of action it was ready to act, all done in only a few quick steps of the machine. I immediately started to move from the machine, trying to anticipate the motion, since you didn’t just throw on the brakes on one of these, I had to time my step correctly to hit the ground while it was moving the right way. I started my move just as the flash of the camera went off, filling my vision with a huge blue ball. The flash disrupted my timing, and I missed the spot on the floor I was aiming for, instead landing my foot on the edge of the tread the same time I was pulling my other foot from its tread. While the mind may be able to slow down its perception of time, it doesn’t really change it, and my body pitched forward at the same speed that physics required. Instead of my planned graceful step off the machine and quick scoop of my PJ’s I ended up going headlong off the exerciser into the wall. All I saw for several seconds was black sky and bright flickering stars.

By the time my mind started to clear I found I was half sitting in Candy’s lap, my head held tightly to her soft chest. As my mind started slowly processing inputs again, it processed the soft cloth of her sweater against my face and the smell of her sweet perfume. I could feel her arm around my back, pulling my body against hers and her and stroking my head as she pulled it to her soft breasts. The input quickly accessed the combination and found the mental images I had built and jacked off to, and renewed the pressure within my softening dick. My mind finally began processing sound again, realizing that the I-pod had pulled free and I could hear the girls asking me if I was alright as my hand, almost with a mind of its own moved from my own chest to Candy’s cupping her other breast and squeezing it gently as I had done in my mind so many times, seeking relief after they had visited to work on their projects.

My mind finally processed that this was not a hormone induced dream and I was in fact laying in her lap, playing with one of her tits, my dick growing harder by the second. Reality finally asserted its place and I fantasy relinquished its hold reluctantly, allowing the thinking part of my brain to remove my hand from a breast it had no right holding. It began to process that Candy was asking once again if I was ok.

“I’m fine.” I said, trying to move my head from her chest to get up.

“Just hold still.” Candy said, pulling me tighter to her. “Just give yourself a minute, ok?”

“Ok.” I answered as my body relaxed back into her, realizing that I was not yet coherent enough to really stand up, even if my brain was telling me I should.

“That’s better.” She said softly. “I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Huh?” I asked as my mind struggled to put the pieces together. “Oh yeah.” I said after a long pause to allow to process and remember how I got here. I finally realized that I was sitting completely naked in my daughters friends arms. I looked around for my PJ’s and found them where they had landed when I tossed them aside, now behind Lisa. “Can I have my pants?” I half croaked in embarrassment, not only at being naked but at the fact that my dick had fully hardened and was bobbing and pulsing in expectation with my heartbeat.

“Huh?” Lisa asked, looking around, and then seeing my pajama bottoms, pulled them over and handed them to me, which I used to cover my once again hard dick.

“I’m sorry Mister C. We didn’t mean to hurt çayyolu escort you. We just came by to see Cari and saw you working out. I guess we kind of got carried away. Never seen a guy work out naked before.”

“You should try it some time. Really a turn on.” I said quietly as I pulled my head from Candy’s soft chest to sit a bit more on my own.

“I kind of saw that.” Lisa responded. “Looked to me like you were having a good time.” She giggled.

“OH, I was thinking about something else.” I mumbled even more embarrassed as I realized they were watching me stroke myself to near completion.

“Oh? Your wife?”

“Uh huh.” I nodded.

“She’s gone for a while again, isn’t she?” Lisa asked

“A couple more months.”

“So what were you thinking about?” Candy asked. “I mean it was pretty hot watching you like that.”

“Nothing in particular.” I responded, wanting to keep at least a little privacy.

“You’re not going to tell us?” She asked

“Not really.”

“Well, I think you should, I mean it’s not a good idea to refuse a girl who has pictures of you jacking off, they might end up posted…oh, I don’t know, maybe on the sorority bulletin board?”

“You wouldn’t!” I exclaimed, shock clearly evident in my voice.

“Why not? I mean it looked pretty hot, you stroking your big fat dick like that? I imagine the girls would enjoy that little photo.” Candy giggled.

I sat there shaking my head.

“Don’t worry.” Candy said, “We’re really not that mean… But I do want to know what you were thinking of that made you so hard.”

“I was thinking of some naked coed hiking I did with my wife.”

“Must have been pretty good sex.” She said stroking my head.

“It was.” I answered simply.

“So. You said we should try working out naked!” Candy said moving to a kneeling position. “We can’t do that at school, so how about I give it a try here?” she asked as she pulled her sweater up over her head and tossed it aside, revealing her lacy bra. I didn’t even have a chance to tell her that this wasn’t a good idea before she quickly reached behind her and undid her bra and let it slide down her arms , tossing it aside to reveal a pair of stunning C cup breasts, well tanned without a single hint of a tan line. Each breast was topped off with a bright pink areola that appeared to be slightly distended, each with a hard pink nipple dead center, looking just ready to be sucked on.

“I’m not so sure this is a really good idea.” I finally said as she stood up and pushed her tiny skirt down and stepped out of it, leaving her body covered only in a tiny pink thong.

“Why not?” she asked as she took her time pushing the thong down, revealing her completely shaved mound while she wiggled her legs to get it to her ankles. She stepped out of it with one foot, and then lifted the other leg and dropped the tiny slip of material on my lap. She lifted her leg to reach her shoe, and stood on one foot untying it, her pussy lips practically dripping juice inches from me. I could smell her aroma and it was all I could do to keep from grabbing her right there.

“You like what you see?” she asked as she stood and modeled her nude form for me.

“It’s a very sexy body.” I said simply.

“I wonder what it looks like if I’m working out?” she asked as she stepped away from me and onto the elliptical. I sat there and watched as she moved her legs back and forth on the machine, exposing and hiding her pussy with each step. I really needed to be thinking with my head instead of my dick, but I was way past that point.

“God your right!” she said. “It really is a turn on. I wonder if you can two people ride at once?”

“Don’t know.” I answered honestly.

“Why don’t we try it?” Candy called from the machine while she slowed it down. “Come on with me and let’s see.”

I stood up, letting my PJ bottoms fall off my lap and stepped behind her on the machine putting my feet just outside hers on the foot pads. My dick was trapped between us as we started to move, my hands on the moving handle bars with hers.

“Why don’t you hold my tits.” She said breathlessly as we worked together in the same stride. I let go of the handle with one hand and reached around, cupping and squeezing one of her perfect tits. I noticed that Lisa was busy with the camera, snapping shots left and right, but I was way past thinking rationally. I wanted more and I felt like Candy did too. I had to bend my knees a little to get the height right, but I stuck my dick between her legs so that the top of my dick slid along her pussy with each stride. Her breathing became more ragged, and not just from the exercise, both of our bodies sweating heavily now. She was leaned farther forward to get her clit to rub on my moving dick as it slid in and out between her legs only an inch or two with each stride. She moaned loudly, ignoring the flash from the camera as Lisa continued snapping pictures of us, everything from wide angles shots to ankara escort close-ups of Candy’s tits or my dick near her pussy. I felt Candy’s hand move down and press the head of my dick to her pussy, forcing it to enter her hole. I didn’t need any coaxing to begin stroking in and out of her as best I could as we worked the machine, our coordination not nearly as good as it had been a few moments before.

I wasn’t sure which of us came first, but I do remember both of us nearly falling off the machine as my dick began spurting its white hot load deep into her pussy, my body jerking and pumping while her own body jerked and spasmed around me. We allowed the machine to ease to a stop, both of us panting for breath while Lisa continued to snap pictures of us.

“God that was so fucking hot!” Lisa finally said as she lowered the camera. “You should have seen yourselves.”

“I think we will. You took enough pictures.” Candy replied as my softening dick slipped from her pussy, unleashing a small flood of our juices. I stepped off the machine and sat down on the exercise pad with my back to the wall, still trying to catch my breath.

“Ok…Your turn.” Candy said to Lisa as she took the camera.

“I’m not getting naked!” she cried surprised.

“Hell yes you are!” Candy replied as she handed me the camera and advanced on her friend. “You owe him a look at least.”

“No I don’t!”

“You can either strip or I’ll do it for you.” Candy said reaching out and pulling gently on her jersey top.

“Oh hell… You would wouldn’t you?” Lisa said in resignation, quickly pulling her top up and off, revealing a very large set of tits encased in a sports bra. She stripped the bra off unceremoniously, releasing a very sexy pair of D cup breasts, her nipples hard and standing at attention. I watched as she pushed her bottoms down, revealing a pair of tiny bikini panties. She worked the sweat suit bottom off over her shoes and then slipped her panties down her legs and off. Finally she struck a fashion pose for us while Candy began snapping pictures of her naked body.

“God I’m getting horny.” She said after dropping the pose and sitting on the large green exercise ball with her legs closed to conceal her pussy.

“I can fix that.” I said moving to my knees and crawling over to where she was, putting my hands on her legs.

“I’m not so sure. I mean, I’m not on the pill or anything.” She said with some obvious concern in her eyes.

“Not a problem. I won’t do anything you don’t ask me for.” I responded honestly.

“You mean it?”

“Yes. I mean it. Why would I lie to you? Last thing I need is someone trying to claim I raped them!”

“I suppose… I do like having my pussy licked.” She said, letting her legs move apart slightly.

“Well, that’s good. I like licking pussy.” I replied quietly as I pushed her legs apart farther. She leaned back using her arms on the ground to hold her upper body up, leaving her essentially laying down with her butt on the huge ball. “It’s a very pretty one too.” I whispered as I lowered my head between her legs and gently licked up her protruding lips with just the tip of my tongue. I moved lower and allowed my tongue to gently spread her lips and lick the next pass up between them, tasting more of her arousal.

“Ohhh that feels nice.” She practically purred. “You can just keep on doing that all you want.”

“Good!” I said as I went for a third pass, pressing more of my tongue deeper into her and dragging it along between her lips until I found her clit, where I let the flat of my tongue drag across it, causing her to take a quick intake of breath. I scooted in a bit so I could use one hand on her pussy and wrapped an arm around one of her legs to spread her lips. I pushed my tongue as deep into her as I could and then licked up until I found her clit and flicked it rapid fire with just the tip of my tongue.

“Oh god.” She groaned as she lifted her legs high in the air, spreading them as far as she could. I spent the next several minutes making the trip from penetration to clit, bringing her closer to climax. I knew she was getting close and concentrated on her clit, alternately sucking the hard nub into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue. “Oh god! I’m going to cum!” she cried just before she clamped her legs around my head, shudders running through her whole body. I continued to assault her clit as her body shook, little squeaks escaping her lips each time a huge spasm overtook her body. Finally her body started to relax, so I eased my attention and moved back to licking up her slit, tasting the copious amount of juice she had produced. “Ok… Put it in me. Please.” She pleaded as she looked down at me over her sweaty body.

“You’re sure?” I asked pulling my head from her pussy.

“Yes, just don’t cum inside me, ok?” she asked meekly.

“Ok.” I said, pretty much thinking with my raging hormones instead of my brain. I moved between her legs and pressed the head of my once again hard dick to her tunnel. I used my arms around her thighs to hold her from rolling away on the huge ball, allowing me to slide easily into her, the slick lubrication of her pussy allowing her tightness to stretch easily around me.”Ohhhhh man are you tight.” I said as I pushed slowly into her.

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