Working With Rex Ch. 04

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“Still here?” Rex smiled, “I thought everyone had gone.”

“They have, I just wanted to get the last of the boards finished.” Becki said, gesturing to the sheets spread out in front of her.

Rex nodded and headed back into the office. Becki knew he had a conference call scheduled that he wasn’t looking forward to. ‘Another boring financial review’, he had sighed earlier in the day.

Becki returned to her work, checking through the last story boards and touching up areas she thought needed more work. Twenty minutes later she saw her phone light up from the corner of her eye.

U still here? Come keep me company? X

Bored already?

Becki chuckled and went to wash the ink from her hands. On her way back from the toilets she quietly pushed Rex’s door open. He put his finger to his lips to let her know the call was still going on and waved her akyurt escort over.

Becki tried to perch carefully on the arm of his chair, but Rex nudged her on to his lap instead. Silently he lifted her knees over the arms of the chair spreading her wide open. Becki looked at him shocked and tried to remove her legs, but she couldn’t. Rex had maneuvered her into such an awkward position, she wouldn’t be able to move without his help. Still without a word he flicked the button of her jeans undone and dropped the zip.

Becki stiffened as his left hand slipped deftly into the front of her jeans, while still making the occasional noise of agreement to others on the conference call. Gently he trailed his warm fingertips over her underwear.

“Relax,” he whispered in her ear. Becki tried to, but she was acutely aware of others on the ayaş escort call hearing what was going on. Rex increased the pressure of his fingers against her, still over her underwear. As her underwear began to dampen, Becki relaxed back against his chest and tried to ignore the drone of boring conversation.

She trembled a little as she felt his breath against her neck, “Good girl.” Becki melted a little at his words as she felt his fingers slip beneath the fabric of her underwear. At that moment, she stopped thinking about the call going on in the background and let herself focus on the pleasure building within her at every stroke of his skilled fingers.

As he slipped his fingers inside her, Becki’s inevitable moan was stifled by Rex’s hand over her mouth. Becki glanced at his face and saw him trying to stifle a laugh. He kept ankara escort his hand over her mouth as he continued fingering her steadily. Becki’s breathing quickened as he bought her closer to the edge.

Without warning he stopped, his fingers stilled within her as he answered a question that had been directed at him. Becki whimpered against the palm of his hand and tried to move her hips against him, but he was too focussed on the conversation he was having. Needing to release the pressure he had built up inside of her, she slipped her own hand into her underwear and stroked the back of his hand with her fingers.

She felt his fingers resume their previous rhythm, quickly bringing her back to the edge. Becki kept her hand over his and pressed the heel of his hand against her clit. She struggled to stay quiet as her orgasm pulsed through her, her hand pressing Rex’s against her until she was done.

Rex ran his tongue quickly across her neck, before unhooking her ankle from the chair. Becki slid off of his lap and straightened herself up, watching as Rex casually sucked his fingers clean as he continued listening to the call.

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