You Knew That Grin

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You expected to be a bit bored but actually found yourself entertained. Not knowing exactly what to expect you were pleasantly surprised by your sudden interest. You were struck by the duality of the sport. On one hand there was the physicality and violence of the game. The strength needed to play the sport, the aggressiveness it harnessed and the brutality it bred. On the other you were taken by the sensuality of the sport. The grace and agility of the participants. The game’s flow and constant motion. The way the players seemed to move without effort. You thought about the characteristics it shared with a delicious shag.

For some reason you couldn’t help but get turned on. Noticing that your nipples were getting hard you wondered if it was the chill in the air or your dirty mind at work. It was the shrill of the referee’s whistle signaling the end of the game that brought you back to the rink. With half a thought you started down the steps and watched the players make their way to the locker room. We made eye contact as I left the ice and I couldn’t help but notice the grin on your face. I knew that grin. It was almost surreal looking through the steam rising from my sweaty body as it mixed with my frozen breath. In passing I mentioned that I was going to shower in the locker room and that I’d be a few extra minutes. I figured since we were already late meeting your friends showering at the rink would buy us a bit of time.

I emerged from the locker room and found you standing right where I had left you. Propped against the banister directly in front of the locker room door. If I didn’t know better I would have thought you were trying to sneak a peek into the room. You mumbled something about a good game as you stood on your tiptoes to greet me with a kiss on the cheek. I noticed that you hovered around the corner of my mouth before kissing me, and how you trailed the tip of your nose down along my jawbone, drawing in a deep breath as you did.

We loaded into my truck and began the drive without uttering a word to each other. You teasingly ran your fingers up and down the back of my head and along my nape. Breaking the silence you mumbled something under your breath. “Hmm?” I asked. Without turning to look at me you repeated yourself, “I love the way you smell after a workout.” You began, “It’s musky. There’s something very masculine and sexy about that smell. Pheromones or something, I dunno.” You finally turned to me and grinned. There was that grin again. I didn’t turn to meet your gaze nor did I respond. Out of the corner of my eye I watched you kick off your shoes and slouch down in the seat as you put your feet up on the dashboard. As if trying to get me to notice you began to tap your feet. Unsatisfied with the results you were getting you readjusted in the seat and stretched out like a cat before settling back into the seat with your legs crossed at your slim ankles. Coyly you ran your foot up and down your calf and shin innocently letting the hem of your dress fall higher and higher up your thigh. As you wiggled and writhed in the seat you stretched your arms back over your head and arched your back. The material of your dress pulled up with your rising shoulders until finally your entire thigh up to the hip was visible. I knew exactly what you were doing and it took every ounce of my discipline to keep from stealing a glance or running my hand along your smooth thigh. You couldn’t tell but you were getting the response you were after. The curious thing was even though I didn’t show a bit of a reaction you knew exactly what you were doing to me and you loved it…

Another generic evening at another generic club. The only highlight was watching you wiggle around on the dance floor. Your cute stumble that comes with a few vodkas. That swagger you’d throw walking back and forth between our table and the bar. That night-club walk that made grown men feel under age. As you cut your way through the crowd you looked back at me over your shoulder and flashed the grin. That was all it took. Enough was enough. You had been teasing me all day and my mind had been racing just as long. As you stood at the bar I walked up behind you and pressed my hips against your ass. While I reached over your shoulder for my drink I let my other hand fall onto your hip. Rubbing the small of your back and the curve of your hip I noticed that you weren’t wearing anything beneath your dress. I tried to speak but couldn’t cebeci escort muster a sound. All I could do was nuzzle up behind your ear and bury my nose in your hair. Finally I was able to stutter, “Let’s head out.” Without a word or hesitation you finished your cocktail, took my hand from your hip, turned to face me, grinned that grin, and led me from the bar and out through the crowd. Stopping at the door you took the cocktail from my hand and placed it on an empty table. We left without a single goodbye.

We waited for the valet and again started the drive in silence. This time you sat facing me with one leg tucked under you. Even though neither of us said anything we both knew what the other was thinking.

I followed you up the steps to the apartment. While fumbling with the keys and the lock my cardigan that you were wearing slipped down your shoulder and flashed a bit of flesh. I leaned forward and laid my lips on your skin. I felt you shudder and wondered if I had startled you or if it was anticipation. With my mouth stalled above your shoulder I heard the latch on the lock release. You didn’t move toward the door. I sensed you were waiting for me to kiss you again so I held you by the arms and pulled you to me, leaned forward, and kissed you firmly on your smooth, pale skin. Only a whimper escaped your mouth followed by a sigh, but what struck me was your physical reaction. Not a twitch. Not a jerk. Not a word. Only a deep breath followed by second sigh.

I was surprised. After a full day of trying to get me to react to your advances, I finally did and not a single response from you. Tease. I figured that two could play at that game.

I followed you through the door, and as the door closed behind us I stood in darkness and silence and waited for you to turn toward me. Once you did I stepped toward you and while placing my hands firmly on your shoulders I leaned in and kissed you. I kissed you deeply on the mouth. Deeply and passionately. Sexually and intensely. It was the kind of kiss you had been waiting for all day. The kind that someone would see in a movie. Almost Over The Top and abundantly dramatic. As I kissed you I ran my hands under the sweater and down the length of your arms to your wrists. Rather than let the cardigan fall to the floor I caught it and held it and your wrists firmly, almost painfully, as my mouth explored yours. Stepping closer to you I pulled both of your arms up against the small of your back and with one hand held them there. You didn’t even try to resist. You let yourself get lost in the aggressiveness. I pressed my body against yours and forced you back against the door. Practically leaning my entire body weight against yours you could feel that my dick was already hard and that excited you. I let my mouth fall away from yours and it dropped to your neck. Intensely and devilishly I kissed your neck. I let my tongue and lips explore your bare shoulders, your collarbone, and your jaw-line; your cleavage. Feeling my breath on your tits you tried to push your nipples into my mouth by standing on your tiptoes and arching your back. Without you saying a word your body was telling me exactly what I wanted to hear. I’d let my tongue slip beneath the fabric and casually slash past your erect nipples. I wasn’t sure but I thought I might have heard you gasp, “Suck it.” With that I looked up at you to see you staring down at me. Mouth agape. Breath heavy. Beads of perspiration dotted your forehead.

Now it was my turn to grin.

I let go of your wrists and you felt the warmth of the blood rush back to your hands. As if still restrained, you kept them behind your back. Still holding your gaze I dropped to my knees and ran my hands along your hips, past your thighs, and down to your knees. I forcefully spread your legs, knocking you a bit off balance and nearly causing you to fall. You planted one hand against the door and the other on the back of my head and braced yourself for what was next. I shifted closer to you and moved my hands along the soft skin of your inner thighs. I was astonished, yet pleased, to find that you were so drunk with lust that your pussy juices had made their way down your legs a bit. Slowly I pushed your dress up around your waist and held it there, exposing your hips and a bit of your belly. Gently I kissed your legs and hungrily licked your wetness from shaking thighs. As the warmth of my mouth neared your çin çin escort clit I could feel your grip tighten on the back of my neck. I raised my mouth to your clit and placed a soft kiss on your button.

I could smell your pussy. I could hear your shallow breathing. I could feel your trembling legs. I could see the sweat on your brow. I could taste the juice from your cunt. I could sense your anticipation.

With that, I removed my hands, let the material fall, and sat back on my heels. Only the sound of your shallow breath broke the stillness as the light from the street lamp spilled in. My pause shocked you back to the dark entranceway. You opened your eyes and looked down at me with confusion and lust. Your wetness glistened on my cheeks and chin. I stood slowly and grinned. You knew that grin. I turned and casually made my way up the stairs. I left you against the door, flushed, alone, and wanting more. As I reached the top of the stairs I paused, looked back at you over my shoulder, wiped your wetness from my mouth, and grinned.

After I made my way into your bedroom I didn’t hear the rustling of movement nor your footsteps on the stairs. As I slipped out of my shoes all I heard was you bark, “Bitch!” I smiled to myself and wondered how long you’d stand there pouting before you stormed up the steps. It didn’t take as long as I thought. You were muttering something as you made your way to the bedroom but I couldn’t make it out over the stomping of your feet. By the time you made your way into the room I had already freed myself from my shoes, socks, and shirt. I stood there in my T-shirt and jeans giggling, feeling smug and pleased with myself. Much the way you must’ve felt for most of the day. You stood motionless in the door and didn’t say a word. You didn’t curse or demand an explanation; you just stood there. As I took the three steps toward you, I noticed that I could still see the beads on your forehead and that I could still hear the urgency in your breathing. I reached out and gathered a handful of your dress and pulled you to the edge of the bed. While I still held a fistful of the material, I leaned in and kissed your shoulders. I ran the tip of my nose along your jaw after I tasted your cheeks and chin, cleavage and neck. I was careful to avoid your mouth. Deliberately I let my mouth bait yours then when you’d turn your head to kiss my mouth I pulled away. Your anticipation was evident. Every time I pulled my face from your kiss I could feel your body tense. I could hear it in your breathing. The weight of each exhale. Was it anticipation or frustration? It didn’t matter. Even though I didn’t show a bit of a reaction, I knew exactly what I was doing to you and I loved it. You loved it.

I heard you growl, “You fucking tease.” I couldn’t help but feel satisfied. There was a feeling of empowerment. An unexpected reassurance of my sexuality. I felt my lips curl into another grin. With my hands on your hips I pushed you back onto the mattress. My stiff kiss pushed your head firmly against the linens. The more firmly I kissed you the harder your hands on my head pulled my lips into yours. You began to rock your hips against mine. Slowly at first but with increasing desire. The kisses became more demanding, the writhing more begging. Inch by inch I made my way from your mouth and down to your breasts. My warm breath tingling through the material. As I ran my lips over your tits I could feel your erect nipples through the fabric. I cupped your tits in my hands when I kissed your chest. I gently rolled the hard nipples between my fingers as I kissed your neck. Every pinch would send a quake through your body and your back would arch involuntarily.

You had surrendered control of your body to its natural reactions. Lost in lust you conceded all thought to pleasure and any sense of restraint to passion. Time seemed to stall. Every sensation was amplified. Completely aware of every touch. Just the feeling of your own wetness tickling past your asshole brought you to the edge of orgasm. Your head spun. Your body screamed.

I moved my hands from your bust and up to your shoulders. I pulled your dress down around your waist before I sucked a stiff nipple into my mouth. A throaty purr escaped your lips as I rolled it among my tongue and hot breath. You hoped the teasing was finally over. This is what you had been expecting. My warm saliva was soothing in the ankara escort cool air. The volume of your moaning surprised even you. Immediately becoming aware of how loud you were you wondered if you had been that loud during the course of the torture or if it was just a sudden release. I kissed the underside of one breast while softly massaging the other. Making my way along your ribs and up under your arm. Even that short refocus made you realize that it was the vigor of the evening that had been driving your arousal. With the gentle kisses your moans became shallow breaths. You were struck by the contrast of the moment. The duality. Your mind shot back to the hockey game. Lost in thoughts of the day’s events you didn’t notice that I had stopped kissing. My pause shocked you back to the dark bedroom. You opened your eyes to find me standing. As I stood frozen you took the opportunity to take stock of the dark figure before you. The physique beneath the white T-shirt accented by the diffused light and the shadows it cast. You caught the shadows evident in the tautened denim. Again you noticed the contrast.

I stood silent and still and you blushed. You couldn’t help but feel a bit exposed. That soon passed. I leaned forward and placed my hands beneath your hips. With one quick motion I pulled you to the edge of the bed and kneeled between your legs. Your breath left your body when you felt my mouth on your clit. There was no sublety. I didn’t caress your hips or kiss your thighs; I immediately licked at your clit. “God!” slipped past your lips. I felt you tilt your hips to meet my mouth. Your legs tensed. One hand clutched the back of my head and the other clawed at the bedding. My tongue slithered around and into your pussy. I sucked hungrily on your lips and button. I could taste your arousal. I could smell the want trapped in your pubes. Slow, circular motions lapped at your cunt. You squirmed. While I concentrated my mouth on your clit I rubbed your slit and ass with my fingers. Your juices dripped along your ass and dampened the sheets. Thinking of how turned on you were made me realize how hard my cock was. I could feel it against the material of my jeans. Just then I slipped two of my fingers into your pussy and fucked you as I mouthed your clit. I could feel you buck against my digits and face. With my fingers still pleasing you I pulled my mouth away to catch my breath. Even the briefest lull in stimulation was unbearable. Your fingers quickly replaced my mouth and they deftly rolled your slick, swollen clit. Under the touch your hips rocked to a familiar rhythm. A tempo intimate with your personal titillation. A tempo known only to you and your fantasies. Your head flooded with perversion. I removed my fingers from your sopping cunt. The sheets beneath were wet with you. Wet with my saliva. Your anus was lubed and beckoning. Cautiously I pressed a finger against your ass. As it slipped past your sphincter your body shivered and I heard you gasp. I held it there and waited for a reaction. Your breathing became an animalistic groan. A hedonistic grunt. Your rhythm never broken. I gently kissed the inside of your thigh and I felt the muscles relax around my finger. Your back arched. Sanity lost in the sensations. Eyes closed. Mouth slightly agape. Hair wet with perspiration. Cunt aching. Fist clutched around sweat soaked fabric. Head flooded with perversion. I pressed deeper. I felt myself become more aroused with your escalating orgasm. Wickedly, I lowered my mouth to your ass, the tip of my tongue tracing where your body sucked my finger. As if your body was waiting for that, I felt the muscles contract. Rhythmically. Spastically. Silently. That was my first indication of your orgasm. Your breathing stopped. Life stalled in your lungs. Blood hot in the ears. Head flooded with perversion. Your pussy flowed with the release. Waves of ecstasy washed over you. Rhythmically, spastically; silently.

You had surrendered control of your body to its natural reactions. Lost in lust you conceded all thought to pleasure and any sense of restraint to passion. Time seemed to stall. Every sensation was amplified. Your head spun. Your body screamed.

“Fuck,” you gasped as breath and consciousness returned to your body. You opened your eyes and laid blind as your sight adjusted to the dim light. You craned your neck to see where I was. The room was empty and still. The only sound came from your beating heart.

I sat alone and still in the next room. A breeze rustled the curtain as it invaded the space. The smell of fuck hung in the air. Only the sound of your breath slowly returning to normal crept through the darkness.

Now it was my turn to grin and I did.

You knew that grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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