You, Myself and Her

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I’m sitting on a bar stool at a bar in the London hotel where I will be meeting you later. I am trying not to drink my large glass of white wine too fast, I want all my senses intact when you arrive. My meeting finished early and yours has overran. I could have entertained myself in many places, but I chose to come straight to the hotel, sit in the bar and read my book. I wanted to be here the moment you arrived. Our time together is precious and few and far between, I wasn’t wasting any of it. The first time we met in London was a complete coincidence. We had both shared a picture of our location on Social Media and were coincidentally a few minutes away from each other. We had a legitimate reason to meet up for a drink which turned into an incredible couple of hours in your hotel room before I had to leave to catch my train home. That meeting had been too good to resist not making it a more regular thing. We started co-ordinating our diaries, so we got nights like this together. Both where we should be, no questions to be asked.

Getting engrossed in my book helps pass the time and distract me from drinking to quickly. I contemplate a soft drink next, but it doesn’t seem right to sit at the bar drinking lime and soda. I subconsciously swirl the final mouthful of my wine around in the glass whilst I stare at my kindle the words not going in as I decide. Of course I’m going to order another wine, who am I kidding. It’s been a hot and sticky day in London, the type of day that drains you getting from A to B. I had chosen to walk the couple of miles to your hotel from my meeting rather than risk a sweaty armpit in my face on the tube. I was melting when I arrived and was extremely grateful for the hotel’s aircon and their perfectly chilled crisp sauvignon blanc. I also regretted my shoe choice, strappy sandals that I thought you’d appreciate that are perfectly comfy until you attempt to walk two miles across central London. I was sat bare foot, letting my feet cool, enjoying the feeling of cold metal against my arches.

I ordered another glass of wine and returned my attention to my book. I was a few chapters further in and firmly in my own world when I was abruptly pulled out of it.

‘Is this stool free?’ I heard the woman who had just patted my arm say. I must have reacted badly as she was suddenly apologising for interrupting me.

‘No, it’s fine, sorry, I was miles away,’ I say smiling at her. ‘Take it, it’s free.’

I expected her to take the stool and go join the rest of her group but instead she sat down next to me and ordered herself a drink. I returned my attention back to my book. I heard her sigh and looked up to see her taking a large gulp of the glass of wine that the barman had just placed in front of her.

‘I needed this,’ she said.

‘Long day?’ I asked.

The woman turned in her stool slightly to face me, ‘A very long day and it’s so muggy, heat like this I can only deal with on holiday, not when I’m working.’

I detected a slight Yorkshire accent under her well spoken voice.

‘I don’t know how people live here, I could never move here much rather commute even though it does become a drain sometimes…’ She continued rambling derisively about London then suddenly stopped mid-sentence, ‘I’m sorry, I’m interrupting you, I’ll let you get back to your book.’

‘No don’t worry, I don’t mind.’ I said, placing my Kindle down on the bar and adjusting myself on the stool to face her before I introduced myself.

‘Lizzie,’ she replied smiling and shaking my outstretched hand.

I swear I felt a frisson of energy between us but put it down to the butterflies I already had in anticipation of seeing you.

‘What are you reading? Sorry, were you reading till a stranger interrupted you,’ she smiled warmly as she spoke.

I felt slightly embarrassed telling her it was a book about female pleasure and sexuality, I hoped I hadn’t blushed. Rather than reacting as if she wished she hadn’t asked she responded with interest and began asking me questions. I relaxed and happily answered. She was surprisingly open and easy to talk to. Our tongues relaxed by wine we shared stories of personal experiences and discussed various ideas and theories in the book. I listened intently as she talked about experiences with other women. Considering my own in-experience in that area I was fascinated and took mental notes to add into my own writing at a later date. We talked about my writing and how reading the book was research to make me better able to write the female experience from other viewpoints rather than projecting my own interpretations and if it helped my sex-life along the way I wasn’t complaining.

As we talked and laughed, she would regularly let her hand drop to my knee or my thigh. I swear she was letting it rest there a moment too long. Each touch came with a small shiver across my skin. I shook it off but realised I too was touching her arm at times. Was it my imagination or had we moved closer together? It was getting louder in the bar and we quite often had to lean abidinpaşa escort into each other to hear what the other was saying.

At some point I glanced up at the clock behind the bar, you really should be hear by now I’d been sat at the bar for a couple of hours.

She noticed my expression and asked, ‘Is everything OK?’

‘I hope so,’ I replied, ‘My…’ I stumbled over what to call you. ‘I’m actually waiting for someone. I’ve just realised how late they are.’

I sensed a momentary look of disappointment cross her face. I picked my phone up off the bar to check for messages off you. I had a missed call and a message apologising. You had been forced to go for drinks with a couple of colleagues after your meeting, but you would get to me as quickly as you could. That had been an hour ago. I sent you a quick message saying I was fine and apologising for the fact I may be a bit pissed when you get here but I’d see you soon.

‘He’s running late,’ I said as way of explanation.

‘I’ll make sure I vacate this seat when he arrives.’

‘No, don’t be daft. We’ll probably go straight up to his room to be fair-‘

She raised an eyebrow, ‘Ah that kind of someone…’ She let the words hang and took a mouthful of her wine through a wry smile.

‘Definitely that kind of someone, yes.’ I replied shifting slightly on my stool.

‘The anonymity of the big city makes illicit encounters so easy,’ she said.

I didn’t want to deny it but I did suddenly feel a bit awkward, I never talk about you to anyone. This felt almost frightening, and how did she know?

I was silent too long.

She tapped my wedding rings on my finger.

I gave a knowing sigh.

‘You wouldn’t be smiling like that for meeting your husband,’ she laughed then added, ‘Well, I know I wouldn’t be.’

There was something about this woman that made me feel relaxed and like we could talk about anything.

‘I’m not waiting for my husband no,’ I admitted then out of a small pang of guilt I added, ‘But he can make me smile still.’

She placed her hand on my thigh again and this time left it there. Her touch felt strangely good against the bare skin of my thigh. I blamed the wine, the conversation and my eagerness and excitement at seeing you. I don’t usually react to the touch of a woman.

‘I know how to make you feel better,’ she said.

I looked at her, intrigued.

‘I have a confession of my own,’ she almost purred.

This time I raised my eyebrow, I was even more intrigued.

‘I am married too but that isn’t my confession,’

I looked down to her bare hand.

‘I took them off,’ she said by way of explanation.

‘OK…’ I drew out the word.

‘I travel a lot for work and it’s good to have a bit of excitement, a bit of time for me while I’m away.’

‘Oh shit and you met me, I’m sorry, I’ve been keeping you away from pulling some sexy businessman to spend the night with.’

She laughed, ‘I prefer hot businesswomen,’ she said with a smirk.

Fuck. This time I think I definitely blushed. Her hand was still on my thigh. I was momentarily frozen then, with the power of wine I snapped out of it. I smiled, I hoped flirtatiously and not like a crazed, frightened rabbit.

‘And our conversation, my book, my writing…I gave you the idea I was here alone for the night to.’

‘Well yes but I have to admit I chose to come sit by you before I knew about any of that. I guess I did think my luck would be in though.’ She smiled coyly and made a nervous laugh that I am sure was for effect because she oozed confidence.

‘I’m so sorry…’ I laughed and shook my head into my lap.

‘Don’t be, I’m enjoying your company. We can continue keeping each other company if you like?’

‘I would like that,’ I smiled and placed my hand on hers momentarily then realised what a mixed signal that was. Then wondered what the fuck I was doing continuing to flirt with this woman.

‘Can I buy you another glass of wine?’ she asked.

‘Love one,’ I replied.

You had tried calling me several times and kept getting no answer. You felt bad but there was nothing you could do. You were very late, not your fault but you were worried I was pissed off. Would I even still be at the hotel? Had I got sick of waiting and gone and booked my own room? The radio silence from my end was disconcerting. You had tried to leave so many times, but another drink kept being forced into your hands. Eventually, when they all decided it was time for food you feigned tiredness and got the first taxi you could back to the hotel.

You paid the taxi and tried calling me again, and again got no answer. Then as you looked up from your phone you saw me. You were instantly relieved I was still there. And I didn’t look pissed off, in fact I looked radiantly happy, laughing with a woman who was sat close next to me. You stood and watched for a moment or two, your eyes first focussing on my breasts as they so regularly do. You barely noticed the strappy summer dress I was wearing instead akay escort letting your eyes linger on my bare thighs. My legs were crossed, my dress creeping up my thigh, your eyes followed my leg down to my ankle and the strappy sandal hanging off my foot, where they remained for a short while. You let your eyes wander back up my leg to find the hand of the woman I was sat with placed gently on my thigh. You watched as her fingers lightly grazed under the hem of my dress. You felt your cock twitch slightly in your jeans and turned your attention to the woman. We were not far off silhouettes in the dull light of the bar and it was still daylight outside being midsummer. You could make out her long dark hair, that fell in loose curls over her shoulder. You noticed the curve of her hips and her thighs, her legs just grazing mine. Her body language was open and all focussed on me. You wondered what you were about to walk into. The sight was not one you’d have ever expected. We’d had lots of conversations about how I was just not into women but then you also knew I’d been trying to work out why and whether I could be, in terms of sexual experimentation.

You realised you had been stood quite mesmerised watching the two of us talking and laughing. You also realised your cock was enjoying watching us and it would very much prefer a closer view. You’d been looking forward to seeing me all day, your cock as always getting hard instantly just thinking about me. Your mind had wandered regularly throughout the day to images of me naked in your bed and all the things we were going to do. You realised you might have to wait a while now before you’d get to take me up to bed. But imagining me and this woman together would be good foreplay.

No sooner had you walked into the bar, I must have sensed you because I looked straight at you, a huge smile erupting on my face. I slid off my stool, you noticed my dress ride up further, you almost caught a glimpse of my bum, but it slid down easily once I’d cleared the seat. We embraced as soon as we were close enough and I kissed you properly on the lips. I still relish in the opportunity to do that when we meet alone.

I smiled a giddy smile up at you, half from wine, half from the fact I was so pleased to see you. We’ve been seeing each other a while yet I still get that intense rush of electricity when our bodies are close together. I often wonder if other’s around us can feel it.

‘You’ve been ignoring my calls,’ you said, smiling and then winking at me. You let your hands slide down my back to squeeze my bum and held me close to you.

‘I haven’t heard my phone and it’s on the bar as well. I’m sorry,’ I said.

‘I’m sorry I’m so late, I couldn’t get away.’

‘I’ve had good company,’ I say and pull away slightly from your hold to touch Lizzie’s shoulder as I introduced her. ‘Grab a stool, sit with us for a bit, at least while we finish our drinks. Can I get you a drink?’ I ask.

‘I’ll go sit somewhere else, leave you two alone,’ Lizzie said.

I didn’t want her to go, I suddenly realised, ‘No, don’t go, stay and have a drink with us. Meet the man who has put the stupid smile on my face you’ve been teasing me about half the night. You don’t mind, do you?’ I looked up at you as I spoke.

You looked at me and the beautiful, curvy woman leaning into me, ‘Sure, why not,’ you started, ‘but I’ll get the drinks and I need to go check in, get our key.’

‘Thank you,’ I squealed and elongated the words.

You looked at me and sniggered, I knew why. I was suddenly feeling a bit pissed.

You ordered the drinks before going to reception. As you were walking back you noticed we had resumed the close positions you had seen through the window. We were both leaning into each other, so close you couldn’t help but imagine us leaning that little bit closer, so our lips were touching. Your cock twitched again as you imagined us kissing.

You sat down next to us, I passed you your bottle of beer. We all clinked glasses and then somewhat awkwardly shared pleasantries for a while.

Maybe this wasn’t a good idea, I thought. Whatever that energy was between Lizzie and I it seemed to have gone now you were here. We were wasting valuable naked time sitting here. Maybe we should just say our goodbyes and head up to bed.

I had drifted off into thought I realised, I snapped out of it when I noticed Lizzie leaning into you, her hand on your arm. You were both looking at me. You had a goofy grin on your face.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘Lizzie was just saying how you haven’t shut up about me,’ you said smugly.

My jaw dropped, ‘Have I really been that boring?’ I laughed then playfully slapped your arm to take the pleased with yourself look off your face.

‘How much have you been saying about us?’ you asked a bit too sternly.

‘Relax, we don’t know each other, your secrets are safe with me,’ Lizzie said, I noticed her hand now stroking your thigh.

You looked at me, wide eyed.

I mimicked your look.

‘I have my own secrets ankara escort that I’ve been sharing,’ Lizzie said. ‘And I’m afraid I tried to pull your girlfriend.’

I looked at you, you looked amused.

‘Feel free to try again, I don’t mind watching,’ you smirked.

‘I’m not sure, I think she only has eyes for you,’ Lizzie purred.

‘It didn’t look like that when I walked in,’ you said.

The heat had returned, the chemistry felt good. I just sat, a slight smile on my lips, my wine glass lightly touching them. I had let my hand slide further up your thigh, I could feel you were enjoying this conversation.

Lizzie slid off her stool, she placed her other hand on my thigh then leaned in closer to me to speak. ‘I’m going to nip to the loo, I’ll let you both say a proper hello.’ She moved behind you and then came close to my side, she wrapped her hand around my waist tightly and spoke quietly and softly into my ear, ‘I’ll understand if you’re gone when I get back but I hope you’re both still here.’ As she walked away, she kept her touch on my back for as long as possible.

‘Fuck me,’ you said once Lizzie was out of ear shot, ‘What exactly have I walked in on and what have you been saying about us?’

I spun around a little on my stool, so my knees were between your legs, I leant into you and took your hand in mine.

‘She doesn’t know who we are, I’ve not said much, and it’s been nice talking about you, not being all top secret.’

‘Yes, but we need to be top secret,’ you leant toward me smiling and moved your hands to my hips.

‘But 007, we’re anonymous here.’

‘You never know who’s watching…’

‘Let them watch,’ I managed to say before you kissed me. I edged as close as I could toward you.

When we stopped kissing you asked me, ‘So is this the woman to turn you?’ Then you laughed uncontrollably…

‘Oi what’s funny?’

‘Sorry nothing, I should be late to meet you more often,’

‘If you’d have been any later, I might have given up on you and taken her up on her offer.’

‘Don’t say that,’

‘Why would you have missed me?’

‘No but I wouldn’t have wanted to miss you lezzing up.’

I playfully slapped you, ‘Would you seriously like to watch us together?’

‘Will you lick her pussy for me?’

‘Not here in the bar,’

You pulled a face at me, ‘Are you being serious right now, is this an option?’

‘I’m not sure about me licking her pussy but I think she’d be up for licking mine.’

I watched your face contort with delight and smiled. I stroked your thigh and rubbed over your cock, hard and straining against your jeans.

‘Have you and her talked about this?’ you asked.

‘We may have discussed the possibility…’

‘Then why the fuck are we wasting time sitting in a bar?’

We ordered a bottle of wine to take up to the room and invited Lizzie to join us up there. She hadn’t hesitated in saying yes. I will admit to being slightly nervous at this point, this was a first for me, but any nerves were soon overridden by feelings of excitement especially with the attention Lizzie was paying me.

Our flirty rapport continued effortlessly. As Lizzie and I sat on the edge of the bed sipping wine I didn’t really need to drink, you busied yourself around the room. Conversation flowed easily between the three of us, but a tangible air of expectation hung in the room. We were sat close together, our bodies mirroring, both with legs crossed inward, grazing each other, the hands that were not holding wine entwined and supporting our joint weight.

You pulled up a chair and sat down in front of us, glass of wine in hand, a glint in your eye and a huge grin on your face.

‘Happy there?’ I asked.

‘Waiting for the show,’ you replied.

Lizzie went to kick off her shoes.

‘Can you leave them on?’ you asked.

I noticed her give you a sultry look, ‘Of course,’ she purred.

At the same time we turned our gaze from you to face each other. My heart was suddenly pounding in my chest, but the acute ache between my legs counteracted it. I knew I wanted this, I wanted Lizzie, I wanted you, I wanted you both to share me. We edged our bodies closer until our lips were mere millimetres apart and then we started to kiss. Slowly and gently at first but it soon gained momentum.

I moved slightly to try to free my hand and wished I was not holding a glass of wine. My movement disrupted our kiss but only for a moment, long enough for me to say, ‘Take this,’ and nod my wine in your direction. I had not taken my eyes off Lizzie’s and we were kissing again instantly. I heard you quietly chuckle. I felt you take the glass of wine off me, I felt your hand purposefully graze my arm as you did it, felt that connection between us that makes my skin ignite.

I moved my hand tentatively to Lizzie’s face and drew my fingers into her hair. You had obviously taken her wine too as she moved her hand to my thigh. I gripped her hair tighter in my fingers as her hand crept up my thigh and under my dress. Kissing Lizzie was good and now we could touch but her touch, it was not as charged as yours. Knowing you were there, watching. I imagined you rubbing your hard cock through your jeans. The more I thought of your cock, straining under your touch the harder I kissed Lizzie.

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