Your Visit Ch. 01

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We met almost by accident, electronically at least, and quickly established a casual, friendly rapport, augmented by our mutual oral fixations. That is never a bad icebreaker when you think about it. Our conversations grew more steamy, more intimate, and more explorative. It was evident that we had a palpable chemistry electronically, intellectually, and emotionally. It was time to test the real thing, raw, uninhibited, marathon sex. We had agreed to meet in Washington, DC for 24 hours only, and I stood anxiously at Dulles International Airport, waiting for you to appear from the security exit.

I had secured a room at the Four Seasons in Georgetown, and the plan was to indulge in any and every fantasy during that period. You would depart at 6 P.M. the next day and it was now precisely 5:56 P.M., Saturday, 3 minutes after your flight touched ground.

You were also requested to dress in a manner that would let every man fortunate enough to cross your path know exactly what your intentions were for the weekend. You volunteered enthusiastically, promising a variety of outfits that would leave no ambiguity as to those intentions. You would be a slut. My slut. My cock already twitched in anticipation of seeing you for the first time, and I wondered if your cunt was simultaneously tingling.

The exact second I saw you come into my view is one of those moments that are etched indelibly into memory. If I had to describe a visual fantasy that I had wished for, it couldn’t have come any more true. You had chided me about how perhaps you would intimidate me, because you were almost twenty years younger than me. Although I’ll never confess to this in a court of law, for a fleeting second that was one of the myriad of thoughts and emotions I had during this first sighting of you. However, at the same time, I felt the girth rising beneath my suit trousers, and I smiled, sensing perhaps that parts of me would intimidate you, at least the part that would be inside of various parts of you for the next 24 hours.

I’ll also confess that as I gazed longingly at you, it was not your wardrobe that captured my immediate attention, though by no means did it completely escape my senses, either. It was your face. Your eyes glowed as you saw me and met my own. Your gorgeous face was flushed with excitement, your smile was wide and confident etlik escort and pleased. You were the walking, breathing epitome of a sophisticated slut. You oozed erotic sensuality, and crackled with blazing sexuality. I knew in an instant we would fuck wildly and knowingly, as well as laugh and share intimately.

Not a word was spoken as you approached me. You parted your lips to speak, and I held one finger up to my own in a ‘shushing’ motion. You grinned, understanding. We had discussed the importance of the very first kiss, how it served as a precursor of all the pleasures to follow. I took your lovely face into my one of my hands and tucked the other around your waist and pulled you towards me, as if in slow motion,and our lips parted hungrily.

Our mouths met softly, teasingly, then slightly more frenetically, our tongues now dancing each others while our bodies pressed closer. Our involuntary sighs became more audible, and we were completely unaware of the envious stares of both genders, all ages, that watched our fiery public greeting. Had we not been so distracted, our display no doubt would have only served to arouse us more, if that were indeed possible. I felt your body palpably heat up in response to my touch.

Our embrace broke finally and we separated ever so slightly and looked deep into each other’s eyes and smiled. Still not a word was spoken. We instinctively held hands as I led us to the moving walkway to the parking garage. As we hopped onto the mobile transportation unit, I lowered your hand to my crotch and let you feel my appreciation for your beauty, which was also to be one of your many gifts for the weekend, my steel hard cock. You gasped ever so softly as I felt your hand and palm now slide down the entire length. “Oh, my, jackpot,” you murmured. Those three little words, they were our first words.

The moving walkway was a few hundred yards long and would probably take two or three minutes to traverse. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed two businessmen coming towards us from the walkway moving in the opposite direction. As you eagerly fondled my bulge, I casually let my hand wander to the back of your thighs, and in one swift, subtle motion, lifted the hem of your dress to your waist, exposing you below the navel, and with the other hand reached over and slid your sheer ankara eve gelen escort panties down to your calves, letting your slick pussy visibly meet and greet our approaching, unwitting walkway neighbors.

Several reactions transpired at once, as if in a freeze frame movie. I felt your knees buckle. I saw the conversations immediately halt between the two men, now within feet of us. I cupped my hand beneath your ass and spread your legs far enough apart that the men could both see your glistening folds and smell your sweet scent. At the precise instant that we reached the epicenter of our respective walkways, I inserted a finger into your slit and wiggled it upwards. Your first explosive orgasm thrust from you suddenly, as the two amazed strangers watched from inches away. It would not be the last time this weekend you would cum while being watched.

I could hear you panting softly. The orgasm made your legs weak which caused you to lean into me. With little trouble I pulled your panties up where they belonged, but before tugging your skirt down over your hips, I looked back over my shoulder and ran my hand over your ass. Of course, the two men were still not believing what they had just seen but were smiling widely.

We made our way through the airport and found my car in the garage. You smiled when I walked over to open your door. I pushed you gently up against the car and slid my arms around your neck.

“I want to see your cock. That sample you gave me a few minutes ago is driving me wild,” you groaned. With that announcement, and encountering no argument, you knelt down on one knee and unbuckled my belt, quickly unzipping my pants. We heard someone approaching but you did not move, you were steadfast on a mission!

“Ooooooh,yaaaa, my God. It’s gorgeous!” Just as these words came out of your mouth I heard the footsteps stop near our car. I didn’t turn but knew, as our visitor got closer, that the clicking noises were the sounds of high heels.

“Suck it, suck my cock,” was the next thing you heard. Without touching it with your hands, your lips slid over my thick, engorged head and your tongue wrapped around my tip, swirling as you pumped just a few inches, over and over again. This lasted a few seconds and then, as you looked up into my eyes, you slowly let my entire eight ankara escort inches push deep inside your mouth. I could hear you moaning and hoped the woman hadn’t fainted who was watching us, as her eyes were now transfixed on the cock of the man who had parked beside her car, being sucked by the warm, wet, willing mouth of a beautiful slut.

You pulled off my cock and gave the swollen tip a last swirl with your tongue. As if nothing unusual had happened, you zipped up my pants, opened the door and then walked by the woman waiting to get to the driver’s side of her car. We laughed hysterically as she then pulled out of the parking lot like a bat out of hell.

As I climbed into the driver’s seat, our laughing suddenly abbreviated when I took your hands and pulled your face into my lap.

“That was intense, you have no idea how long I’ve waited to have your lips around me, and with someone watching, too,” I said, continuing to pull gently on the back of your neck with one hand and tugging my zipper down with the other. “Now, let’s continue our show.”

We approached the parking lot toll booth where an elderly man in the booth unwittingly was about to receive the visual highlight of his parking garage career. “Where were we? Right about here, I believe.”

I hiked your skirt up over your luscious ass, exposing you again and I rolled down the window to pay the fee as your head lowered onto my exposed, twitching cock. The surprised man was startled at first by the slurping sound from your mouth on my throbbing head, and his eyes widened quickly, not believing the view in front of him.

“Hi!” you greeted him cheerily, picking your head up to grin at him while ambitously stroking my cock right in front of him. “We’re on our first date! It’s going very well!” With that your head again disappeared downward as my cock disappeared into your throat.

The elderly man, now overcoming his initial surprise, smiled a knowing and grateful smile as I handed over the bill. He waved it off. “This one’s on me tonight, kids,” he uttered. “Save the money for some ice cream at the end of your date.”

We sped off, again giggling like naughty kids, my attention now distracted as I noticed you wriggling out of your skirt and bra, your large tits and perfect areaolas and rock-hard nipples now freed. Your manicured fingers were still wrapped tightly around my cock. “Might as well get comfortable for the ride,” you cooed seductively, as one of your own fingers pulled aside your thong and you began to rub the tip of your slit, your hood now peeking between the sopping lips.

To be continued.

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