You’re Wearing My Shirt

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It’s late afternoon and you ask me to go to the market to pick up a specific beer to go with dinner. You don’t really need the beer, but you need to know when to expect me to arrive at your door.

As soon as you know I’ve left you find the button-down shirt I left on a chair, and close the curtains. The sun hitting the shade provides just the right light to accentuate your hair. You also don’t want anyone getting a free show (at least not today).

You slip out of your clothes, and into my shirt. As you slide your arm into the sleeve, the front of the shirt brushes against your nipple. Your nipples were already hard just thinking about what’s to come, and the friction gives you a shiver of pleasure.

You arrange the throw pillows to provide just the right support as you recline facing the door.

You can’t resist a light caress of your sensitive breasts as you wait to give me my surprise.

You hear me approach.

You fix your eyes on the door.

At the sound of my knock, you say “Come in”

Suddenly, there are butterflies in your stomach. What if it’s not him at the door?

You panic briefly, and start to close your shirt.

The door opens, and akyurt escort I walk in.


I open the door, and begin to tell you about the strange experience I had during checkout. I barely get two words out when I see you. Your bare legs are crossed at the knee. My eyes roam up your legs, over your torso, and I see your beautiful breasts topped with rock hard nipples framed by my favorite shirt. Glancing further I see your hair shines auburn in the light from the window. Peaking out from beneath a stray curl I see your eyes bright with excitement. Locking eyes with you, all thoughts but one flee from my mind. I must have you. Now.

I say the only words my frazzled mind is able to string together, “You’re wearing my shirt”


In your panic you had lowered your head. You tilt your head upward and lift your eyes, looking at me through hooded eyelids. Our eyes meet across the room, and the butterflies are back. This time from excitement.

You see me staring as I stand in the doorway, one hand still on the handle, the beginning of a smile forming on my lips.

You move as if to get up.

“Wait ” you hear me say in ayaş escort my low voice. “Lie back. I want to see you. All of you.”

You straighten, and then lean back into the pillows. Your hands, which only moments before were ready to pull the shirt closed, instead move slightly outward, away from your chest.

“If he wants to see all of me,” you think “let’s give him what he wants.”

You raise your arms, stretching them out over your head as you straighten your legs toward me. Twisting slightly, you provide what is from my perspective a spectacular view of your curves as you continue your feline-like stretch for my enjoyment. Your eyes never leaving mine.

Slowly, I stride across the room, obviously enjoying the view. You watch me as I finally break eye contact, seemingly giving myself permission to savor a scene only reserved for those you deem worthy.

I’m leaning over you now. My hands grasp your wrists as I lean toward you. You arch your back and raise your chin as I lower my lips to yours.

Our kiss starts gently, but soon burns hot as the desire that’s been simmering between us for days finally rages free of confinement.

You ankara escort feel my hand sliding down your arm. Past your shoulder to your neck, grazing your collar bone as I move just a bit lower to cup your breast in my hand. You feel my thumb on your nipple, stimulating it as my lips move to your neck.

I trail a line of kisses to your bare breast, taking your nipple in my mouth, alternating between sucking and gentle biting while my fingers continue to tease your other nipple applying just the right smith of pressure in a soft but firm pinch.

Right when you don’t think you can take much more of the exquisite stimulation you feel my lips kissing lower as both of my hands are now on your shoulders pulling the shirt down, exposing the tops of your arms and trapping them ever so slightly to yours sides.

My hands are on your thighs. You look down and see me looking up at you Somehow I had lowered myself to my knees, and my hands are pulling your legs apart. Still looking at you I lower my mouth to taste you.

Not knowing exactly what you like, I take my time. Applying kisses and licks along your lips I let your sighs and moans guide me to your most sensitive spots.

I reach my hands up to play with your nipples as my tongue works up to your clit, increasing the pace and pressure until you hear yourself saying “just like that…”

I continue at the desired pace, my fingers flicking lightly across your nipples as your orgasm builds…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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